It’s Winter in July!

As we swelter and simmer in triple-digit despair, let’s cool off with this video of a pup engaged in a spirited game of Fetch the Sled.



  1. LOL!!

  2. hahaha

    and thanks ’cause i really do need to remind myself that though i feel sticky, sweaty and gross, it’s much better than freezing my ‘tocks off!!

  3. “Me want the pink one, no wait, me want the blue one….oh, no, I want this one too….I want them alllllll!”

  4. silentk says:

    What an awesome dog- and so lucky to have such fun humans to play with!

  5. Fantastic idea for a post. Let’s do X-mas in July next!

    Exactly how heavy was that sled? Either is is extremely light, or that is one strong puppy!

    Also loving the music.


  6. Reminds me of
    Not the same dog though

  7. Natalie says:

    Whoohoo! Lets play Keep Away!!

  8. That is one happy puppy. 🙂

  9. Fis-kissen says:

    Just like the Grinch, except instead of stealing christmas ornaments he steals anything that has to do with winter! 😛

  10. That’s a really COOL video for this steamy hot day!

  11. kibblenibble says:

    Love the teeth marks on the sled. Doggie and humans are clearly having fun and getting lots of exercise!

  12. They need to teach the dog to bring the sled back up the hill for them!

  13. Ack! saddest thing ever. The little ad that popped up on my video was for in home pet euthenasia (I don’t think I spelled that right.)
    Damn you google ads, damn you!

    That puppy is darn cute though

  14. Sara-bell says:

    All your sleds are mine!

  15. cellarmouse says:

    happy, happy, happy …

  16. I bet puppy and humans slept well that night. I love the moment he turns around and decides – no I want that sled instead.

  17. hahaha that dog wins

  18. GREAT video!! I love the part where he zips by the camera with a glove in his mouth. So much fun.

  19. I used to have a stereo with a tape cassette recorder and the option to record what’s on the radio. One summer, when Floridian guests were visiting, I played a cassette of a radio show I had recorded in the winter, including a weather forecast. They thought it was live radio. I live up north.
    Shoulda seen their faces.

  20. This vid makes me so happy.

  21. OMG coffee with chou chou theme song!

  22. Biscuit Tin says:

    For the dog, this is like, a million, trillion times better than “fetch,” because he can make the kids chase him. BWAHAHA! I GOT UR SLEDZ!11! It makes me happy to see everybody’s joy in this video.

  23. I remember seeing this a while back (probably on I Has a Hot Dog) and it still makes me laugh so hard. What a cutie.

  24. @NTMTOM and CO, this was the PERFECT, PERFECTISSIMO posting for today. I am like a limp dishrag. Thank you!

  25. That dog is gonna be one tuckered out dog by the end of the day!

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    Nothing better than kids and dogs. And at the end when the dog tries to get on the sled him/herself! LOL

  27. They need to teach that doggy how to actually ride the sled STAT.

  28. Scout C says:

    I agree Mary (the first): nothing is cuter than kids and dogs having fun playing together in the snow!

  29. BStrange says:

    Hey, he almost had it, there at the end!

    That was such a riot to watch. 😀

  30. What kind of dog is he?

  31. fatgrammafinn says:

    @katie… he’s ovby a sled dog..(titters shamelessly)

  32. @Katie, clearly an awesome one!

  33. fatgrammafinn says:

    hellowwww dollinks…i got an odd message, are @comments being vetted for appropriateness or did mom put me on restriction without telling me?
    it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”

  34. Heather and the Boston Terriers says:

    An ode to winter and a prosh puppy all in one post – NTMTOM, you’ve made me very happy that there’s hope for a nice cold winter and deep snow. 🙂

    Dogs and snow – two of my favorite things…
    Raindrops on rose, whiskers on kittens…OK, I won’t go there.

    AWESOME. Plus I want the dog. OK, I’ll take the sled too -in case the dog wants it. For sledding of course, not chomping…

  35. Heather and the Boston Terriers says:

    I’m being moderated, hold on ….

    I got the same message.

    PS. to katie: I do believe he is a Dalmatian mix. I had a Lab/Dalmatian mix that looked somewhat similar. Plus the spots are a good hint. 🙂

  36. BeardofPants says:

    It’s winter here down under. 😦

    That dog is so cute! ❤

  37. Ohy My I Love this…. so much fun for everyone… that dog clearly is having the best time of all.. one of my favorite parts is when he is draging the sled around just ahead of the kid and keeps looking back to make sure they are still chasing him.

  38. fatgrammafinn says:

    hi heather nice to meet you – well, according to my husband, my comments are the only moderate thing i’ve got going on (snicker)

    i had a matched set of male adult bassett hounds, wilbur and elmer, of course,
    anyway, during one of our infrequent snows we took the kids to slide down the neighborhood hill- thereafter, wilbur bumped the kids aside, totally hogged the waxed lettuce box we were using, whereas elmer hightailed it home where he waited dejectedly on the front porch

  39. Alan Bloom says:

    Wonderful! Terrific editing. Brilliant dog. Such joy!

  40. Aww, how cute! I love his floppy ears!

  41. @Stella, I thought the same thing! I had to go to the YouTube page to see if it was Bailey or not. They look a lot alike!

  42. ADD is great, isn’t it, puppy?

    0:35: “Om nom nom, i haz a sled”
    0:40: “Oh look! Another sled!”
    0:42: *runs off after other sled*

  43. Copperbat says:

    What a wonderful video! ❤

  44. That was fantastic to watch! So cute/funny! 🙂

  45. I love that the humans know how to play the game properly! Thank you for this, from a sweltering Texas.

  46. NTMTOM, so sorry to have to point this out, but “dispair” in the caption should be “despair.” (I edit for a living and can’t leave misspelled words alone.)

  47. Yes, NOMTOM, it’s “i” before “e”, as in P”i”t of D”e”spair!

  48. I really stopped by because, I have this pressing fancy to mention that my dog’s name is Snowball. 🙂

  49. That is so cute and funny.

  50. I admit that’s a charming video; however, it is NOT a good idea to let one’s pet dog engage in that type of play with one’s children. Allowing a dog to take something away from the children, even in play, in the dog’s mind equals a status/hierarchy establishment over the children. I suspect that this dog is troublesome in other ways in terms of behavior and training problems. Of course one has a family pet for fun, and wants things to remain free and relaxed; but other more suitable play styles, such as having the dog fetch and retrieve, are better.

  51. Hap – you clearly know this dog and family personally, so thank you for sharing your training tips.

  52. Hon Glad says:

    I’ve got the pink one, hey a blue one, a blue one, I am having that as wel!

  53. MamaLana says:

    Fun, fun, fun!!! Also cute.

  54. that dog was just having lots of fun playing with the kids and the kids where having just as much fun playing with the dog if you watch it no one was not laughing they all where just playing and having a good time the dog was not hurting the kids he was just playing like a good family dog should. know how to play and not hurt people is a very special kind of family dog

  55. This is for PYRIT… that sounds like such fun. I will have to try that.
    I love doing stuff like that.

  56. Oh, almost forgot..l.that dog is too cute. Dogs love the snow. When my two dachsies (Ricky & Lucy) are out in the snow…they look like two little snow plows.

  57. But it’s winter here….

  58. fatgrammafinn says:

    on further viewing, i think this is a case of the dog letting his littermates borrow his toys, dogs are great that way, so sharing and giving (snork)

  59. I had a dog like that, only instead of stealing the sled she’d tackle you off it and then ride it to the bottom of the hill. 😀

  60. trumanrabbit says:

    Are peeps sure this isn’t Bailey the snow-jumping reindeer dog? The resemblance is uncanny, both in appearance and in dorkitude.