Think Before You Speak, Mitch

As you know, I get paid to be suspicious when I’ve got nothing to be suspicious about. So tell me: Is this sweater here made of angora, Mitch?

The Firm is cracking down, Jodi M.



  1. Yes!! I get to be the first commenter! YES!!!

    Maybe you think he should say “alphalfa?”


  2. Aww so very cute I want one. Just hurt my hand trying to pet the bunny :>)

  3. What a pretty cinnabun–s/he looks good enough to eat!

  4. 260Oakley says:

    That’s not a sweater, it’s a hareshirt.

  5. Wrinkly bunny nose!

  6. Hare today, gone tomorrow.

  7. Dang! 260Okley beat me to it.
    I guess I’m the tortus and she’s the hare 😉

  8. 1knittinkitten says:

    That is a disapproving leettle bun there! Too cute

  9. i love bunneh noses

  10. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    It’s Disapproval Weekend here on Cuteoverload!!!

  11. MamaLana says:

    So sweet!

  12. Shygrrl74 says:

    The disapprovals… butter pecan flavored disapprovinks …***headdesk***

  13. BStrange says:

    Bunneh disapproves of your camera not being a carrot.

  14. janet2buns says:

    Yeah, yeah, this agent from The Firm has heard it all before. “It’s synthetic!” you claim. “No bunnies were exploited in the making of this sweater, honest!” Huh. This bunster is disapproving so hard your family won’t even know where to look for the body.

  15. Birdcage says:

    who needs a beer? it’s Friday – I’m buying.

  16. @Birdcage – Hare of the dog?

  17. Cholmondeley says:

    @Birdcage, you’re my BFF.

  18. Rachael says:

    The seethingk disapproval is killingk me.

  19. Oh my gosh, this is the most adorable face! That nose is just begging for a beep. And this little lop looks so soft and sweet. Cute cute cute.

  20. What pretty colors!

  21. that’s a very accusatory look indeed from a sweet lopsy bunrab

  22. I call the dewlap!

  23. That’s one bun to be feared.

  24. I love how rabbits always look like they’re frowning. So cute.

  25. kibblenibble says:

    Bunneh has such pretty eyelashes! 🙂

  26. My name is Captain Longshanks and I disapprove of this post.*

    *Captain Longshanks views do not represent the views of Metz which are currently limited (but NOT disapproving) as she has her face buried in bunneh’s fur.

  27. *nosetwitch* *nosetwitch* ….well, is it mitch??!?

  28. that is the cutest bunny I have ever seen!

  29. HanksMom says:

    Mitch, mitch, mitch. You can get out of this. You’re young and you’re not in too deep YET. I can help you but you have to want my help, Mitch. Tell me how to open the fridge so I can access the veggies and you and your sweater can walk away from this.

    It’s all up to you Mitch.

  30. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    ok, here’s my naive qwershtyun for this week.

    “Mitch”?? Who (in the Sam Hill) is “Mitch”????

    Hopelessly out of the Cool Crowd


  31. Mr, Wilfred Brimley, as Bill DeVasher, talking to Mr. Gene Hackman as Avery Toler, in “The Firm.” Nice reference, Prongs. (Oh … Mitch is Mr. Tom Cruise.)

  32. Oh, good heavens, the leeps … the ankles … the dewlap …

    Best ankles ever.

  33. beaufolo says:

    Sure, there are angora rabbits…but there are angora goats too. Just sayin’ 🙂

  34. Lula Mae says:

    Mo’ hare!

  35. tough guy =)

  36. Matahari says:

    *slobbering all over laptopscreen, trying to keees floppy eersies and nose *

  37. AWW~

  38. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Thanks, Lars — I would NEVER have known that reference. I feel grounded again!!!

  39. Erm, question about bunnies… I live in the country and obv someone has either released a bunny or it has escaped on its own.

    It is white with black ears, black fur around its eyes and a few other black spots. Very cute. Medium size.

    I want to catch it and find its owner, or take it to SPCA (really, I want to keep it and let it sit beside me on the couch so I can feed it treats and pet it, but realistically….).

    What is the best way to catch this bunny? BTW, I have a large enthusiastic dog that chases bunnies.


  40. knittinkitten says:

    @Susanova – check on line and see if there is a local House Rabbit Society near you. They, or another animal rescue society, would be the best people to contact. Also, try your vet, they may have some suggestions or know someone who can help. Probably best to keep bunny and big dod separate.

  41. Susanova – I’m a veteran of a couple of bunny roundups (they get dumped with alarming frequency)
    You want a bunch of people if possible. Call your local shelter or get a couple of friends. Some large sheets of cardboard are the best tool. You want to “herd” the bun as best you can into a somewhat confined space so that you can nab them. Then the tackle-er should use a large towel or blanket to catch the bun with a minimum of struggling – rabbits can actually break their own backs in a panicked struggle.
    Leaving out some food (greens or the occasional carrot) would be helpful in the meantime to keep bunbun around the area while you gather the troops.
    Best of luck to you!

  42. This bunny-face forces me to confess… yes, I admit it… I am someone to wrinkle your nose at… I once had an angora sweater.
    *hangs head in shame, unable to face bun’s accusing eyes*

  43. @knittinkitten @wendy
    thanks… will try!

  44. Ali-baba says:

    “Yeah, I’m going to need you to come in on Bunday.”

  45. Hon Glad says:

    I this sweater Angora, surely you jest? Let’s just say a few acrilics were kiled to make it.

  46. Lerrinus says:

    *kisses bun on fuzzy nose* 🙂

  47. danielie says:

    Looove the disapproval and the nose. ❤

  48. Always love the bunnies 🙂 Need to send in some pictures of mine!