Crazy Rocky’s House of Used Carpet!

Yes, friends, come on down to Crazy Rocky’s House of Used Carpet! Choose from acres of styles, cut pile, dog pile, even gomer pile, at prices so low, they’re a steal!



  1. paulajeanne says:

    It was the lifting, the careful lifting of the flap that killed me! Talk about casing the joint!

  2. schnell says:

    This made me snort with laughter! Somewhere this raccoon is using that welcome mat as a kingly robe!

  3. That would really freak me out the next morning. “Now what in the world happened to the door mat?”

  4. Love the Gomer Pyle reference, NTMTOM!

  5. I love that he was just TOO smart to just push through the pet door. Had to *lift* it, as any civilized individual would.

    I luff racoons.

  6. Just when I was thinking I might install a doggie door in my office… Looks like the junkyard dog will still have to sleep outside.

  7. I used to live in a place where raccoons would visit almost every night in summer. They’d bring their families (raccoon babies! squee!) and steal bags of cat food. They were fearless too… they would come in even when there was somebody sitting in a nearby room, and if someone interrupted them during a burglary, they would reluctantly slink toward the back door and retreat down the stairs into the darkness. They would then wait there for the person to leave and come right back.

  8. I love this video, and I usually hate raccoons (I had one chase my dog and me into our house once). Think we can sign him on for Ocean’s Fourteen?

  9. i thought the same thing! i thought the raccoon wasn’t yet educated in the ways of dog doors. but the raccoon was smart. s/he knew that holding the flap up would be the best way to pull something OUT.

    and hello?! little paws FTW?

  10. This is a classic. AWESOME.

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Some raccoons will do anything for a shag.

  12. This is a classic. AWESOME. And yes, those little feet, the daintiness, the careful operation of the flap!

  13. Hon Glad says:

    He’ll be round next morning to sell it back to you. 🙂

  14. Maybe it’s a female, who’s fixin to make a cosy nest for her babies? I saw a thing about a neighbourhood where people were puzzled because their newspapers kept disappearing. Someone finally rigged a camera, and it turned out to be a fox who was stealing the rolled-up newspapers – to make a nest for her babies. Awwn…

  15. brinnann says:

    What the…? *rubs eyes* Is it RCF already? *checks calendar*

  16. brinnann says:

    Speaking of calendars, am I the only one who followed the instructions on today’s CO daily calendar?

  17. If only I had a raccoon to steal the throw rug my tabbeh barfed on this morning. …would have saved me clean-up time.

  18. I saw the text before I saw the poster – but I knew it was NTMTOM as soon as I read “gomer pile”.

  19. Rocky wants to be one of the Rugrats.

  20. Gael Buhlert says:

    I had a raccoon make a hole in my screen door and pull the rug out through the hole. what’s up?

  21. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    …, Editors?

    Might I suggest a little touch of a “Naughtiness” Tag with this selection, hmmmm???

    Helpful Hannah

  22. the bug man says:

    Sure, when it’s just a doormat, it’s cute.

    But if they’d left the car keys anywhere near the front door, it’d be a different story.

  23. cellarmouse says:

    clearly, this has happened before … thus the camera at the ready (of which, the bandit seems perfectly aware and couldn’t care less) …she probly thinks they leave her a new rug every day cause they’re really good folks …

  24. Hi cellarmouse! Maybe it’s a game of tug o’ rug.

  25. nicefrenchgurl says:

    that’s exactly what i was thinking lol

  26. Am I the only one who got the Bugs Bunny reference? Gomer must have thrown everybody off.

  27. LOL Pyrit In the house!!!!!

    Th queen of puns

  28. Katiedid says:

    “I’m just ganna.. take … this … right here…”

  29. @brinnann
    No you’re not the only one who followed the directions on the daily calendar. I did it, too!

  30. FannieMae's Mom says:

    I want to know what Brinnann has sitting on her fingertips?

  31. And the music–don’t forget the music. Perfect!

  32. Me three, Brinnann.

    This is really cute. My favorite were the stories on the This Is A Stick Up post from 2008, though.

  33. brinnann says:

    @FannieMae’s Mom: It’s a wee tiny dragon! Okay, so they’re not really my fingers…and he’s not really my wee tiny dragon…but I thought he was cute!

  34. @sharpy “holding the flap up would be the best way to pull something OUT.” keen observation. why did i not think of that? You AND the raccoon are way smarter than me.

  35. FannieMae's Mom says:

    adorable! I want a dragon!!

  36. That would really freak me out the next morning. “Now what in the world happened to the door mat?” Btw love this site!

  37. I always wondered how Tom Nook got hold of all those carpets.

  38. KittyAdventures – Hellooo!
    Puns is a very nice little kingdom, but I am not the Queen of it. Court jester more like.

    And Rocky is the wizard, about to go on a magic carpet ride …

  39. Adorable. Clearly they have lost carpets to this crafty guy in the past, or they wouldn’t be there waiting with a camera to catch the action. I wonder how many carpets have disappeared?! So funny.

  40. jeannie b says:

    Man, that rug really tied the room together.

  41. Stressfactor says:

    Lazer guided racoon stealing your rugs for nefarious purposes.

  42. Hi Nikki!

    They caught him rug-handed! (ouch.)

  43. 260Oakley says:

    They tried to arrest him, but he’d done a runner.

  44. Props to jeannie b for the Big Lebowski reference. The Dude would be proud.

  45. YOINK!

  46. Put your hands up against the wall-to-wall!!!

  47. *snerk* Nothing more to add, still snorting at “Gomer Pile”. Gooollleeee I loved that show! That reference brought up a memory, when I was a wee one my parents dragged my bother and I to a show at the county fair to see some guy named Jim Neighbors. We didn’t want to go, we were like, “we don’t wanna see this Jim Neighbors guy!” Still remember my parents’ smirks as we cried, complained, and carried on en route. Then seated in the stands, they announce this nobody, “Jim Neighbors” he walks onstage, and we screamed in unison, “It’s Gomer Pyle!!!” He laughed. Yes, he heard us above the applause. 🙂

  48. Uh, you do know that this video is ancient in the internet world, right? What’s next, Lazy Sunday?

  49. Poohbear says:

    The hilariousness !!! 😀 The deft little hands ! The laser beam eyes ! The bandito mask !
    And Pyrit and Oakley outdoing each other in the comments section. *sigh of utter satisfaction*

  50. 260Oakley says:

    Pesky carpetbaggers, always getting a foot in the door

    (I’ll stop now.)

  51. Snerk!
    What is it that makes a raccoon say to himself “Doormat! I must have eet!!!” LOL

  52. no, please don’t stop, 260O! and you too, pyrit!

  53. BStrange says:

    Punfest! I love it. Also love Metz’s typo, speaking as a sibling: was he a little bother or a big bother? (Awesome story, too. I bet your parents loved telling it later!)

    Rug Bandit Strikes Again! Raccoons are smart little things. Such pains in the butt if you have to live around them, but it’s hard not to admire their smarts….. even when they’ve figured out how to turn on the garden hose and your basement winds up flooded. 🙄 There was a bucket of water RIGHT THERE, too.

    It took us two weeks of blaming each other to catch the actual faucet culprit red-pawed, and almost a month (and two failures) to come up with a Club-like kludge which successfully secured the faucet against future raccoonings. Eesh.

  54. 1. Those laser beam eyes would really freak me out. If I saw him, I would tend to say, “Oh yes sir, the doormat? You like? By all means.” 😯

    2. Reminded me of this, though without the bassoon music :

  55. BStrange says:

    STOP THIEF! *cracking up* Ferrets moving in reverse are funny enough, but the little “seeya” flip of its tail as it goes down the hole with its prize is priceless.

  56. @B, little bother, lol. I’ll admit to seeing my typo before I submitted, shrugging and saying, “meh, bother/brother same thing.” 😉
    Yes my Mom STILL some 30+ years later still delights in telling that story.
    I still remember, as young as I was, the shock in hearing THAT voice come out of Gomer’s mouth though. WOW!

    Rocky down @ teh pokey drunk tank later, “Honesssh occifffer, I wuz jush tryink to get hhhome, I slefft ash shoon ash I relished I wush in teh wrong hhoush….Carphet? Naw I no shtheel teh carphet, mussa-mussa shtuck to mah pawsh. Ish inno-inno-I din’t du nuffin.”

  57. Bleh, I hate raccoons :/ They’re gross, ugly and scary! Oh well. *shivers at their glowing eyes and human-y hands*

  58. @BStrange, I love that little clip– so many funny things packed into a few secs: the little back and forth cha-cha, the closeup of ferret underside as you say to yourself WTF is he doing? Then the “Oh” as he swooshes down the hole with his prize. 😀

  59. I LOVED the music! It was perfect for the video! Although the pink panther theme wouldn’t have been out of place either…(“shifty eyes”)…

  60. This is the cutest thing ever, but it makes you wonder…why didn’t the person videotaping stop the raccoon from coming into their home and stealing their floor mat? Oh well, we wouldn’t hvae this adorable video if they had stopped it! 🙂

  61. Hey, I think I bought a watch off this guy once. For some reason, though, the watch didn’t work.

  62. I’m guessing the coon is now a member of a club. In order to join, you have to go into a house and bring back a souvenir. (Whenever a bird, squirrel, and other critter zips across the road and JUST misses getting smashed by the car, we say, “That one’s in the club!”)

  63. Rooanne says:

    What I want to know is, what is Mr/Ms Raccoon doing with the rugs?

  64. Oh those tiny hands and fingers!! Want Coon!!!!

  65. skippymom says:

    The ‘coon has Little Orphan Annie eyes! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

  66. chanpon says:

    Mrs. Raccoon: “Honey, this clashes with the new throw pillows! I told you to grab one that was teal or aquamarine to match the decor!”

  67. @ Sara #60: I also wondered how it was the filmer(s) were prepared to let the racoon come right into their house – could be trouble if s/he didn’t want to leave!

  68. BStrange says:

    I’m guessing once they found out who’d been swiping their stuff, it was worth the loss of a mat to get that on film so people would believe them when they told this story!

  69. Awww, you can come and steal from my home any time you want, you cute little masked bandit, you.

  70. Jerilyn says:

    By Jove, I think CO has just solved the long-standing mystery of what happens to all those MISSING SOCKS!!!

  71. Mary (the first) says:

    I used to have raccoons come in the kitty door and take cat food (after washing it in the water bowl, of course.) They’re cute but I didn’t really like them in the house. I also wonder what he/she is going to do with that rug! And the ferret video cracked me up!!

  72. I love his Zorro mask. 🙂

  73. I luff the mask too! Who was that masked intruder who took my carpet square?

  74. Why??

    Reminded me of this clip:

  75. snorglepup says:

    Night-time intruder with opposable thumbs. That explains a lot around here!
    Do you know how many single-socks we have? Rocky has been busy indeed!

  76. Clawed Monet says:

    ROFL!! I love how calm and collected the raccoon was. He’s all like “Carpet Inspector! Ma’am I’m afraid I’ll have to take this carpet back to the office for inspection, Thank you for your cooperation”

  77. Nancy Tompkins says:

    So cute, and the ready -made bandit mask makes it even better!

  78. mandy_Reeves says:

    YES Someone else here’s an ANimal Crossing fan! hahahah I was gonna make a Tom Nook joke of my own…but alas…

  79. Yes! I grant you the title of Junior Caption Fantastic for the day!

  80. maijasservant says:

    Obvy the lost (and over-zealous) production assistant from Junk Raiders!

  81. How cute! I love raccoons!

  82. The Nakes says:

    Lol! I just caught part of the Big L. on cable. It was thoughtfully edited for tender ears:
    They [peed] on the [valued] rug, man!”
    “They [peed] on the [valued] rug?”
    “They [peed] on the [valued] rug!”

  83. No [emphasis] way!

  84. I like his cute little hands!

  85. I like them too! It looks like he is wearing black leather gloves to hide his finger prints

  86. AAAlllliii!!! says:

    i dont like racoons i think they’re super cute but they freak me out :(. when i was a kid i walked past a tree w/ a racoon in it that i didnt see and it startedmovin around n such things. Scared the life out of me and ive never gotten over it.

  87. AAAlllliii!!! says:

    o n i watched the deer vid like 5 times its sooooo cutsie!!!!!

  88. kristy_cao says:

    lol so funny i love it