Shouldn’t He be Riding on a Banana Seat?

The pink bike, the music, the basket full of awesome…

Winston needs a driving cap, Rich.



  1. chanpon says:

    Winston’s (not-so) happy face! I love eet!

    xoxo – have a banana Winstooooon!

  2. The tats! You forgot to mention them.

  3. Scigirl says:

    I really did think at about 0:50 or so, Winston was going to start doing the royal wave…

  4. Andi from NC says:

    LOVE the dramatic editing!!!! Weeeeeenston!!!! I got tickled when the chauffer made sure Winston was all strapped in and tidy…

  5. A white smoosh-face kitteh should come standard with every pink bicycle.

  6. Katiedid says:

    I’ll get you my pretty, and your little… erm… cat too!

  7. Winston is the cutest, crankiest kitty evar! Yay Winston. I kees his cranky face!

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Queasy Rider

  9. Now THIS was the sequel that PeeWee’s Big Adventure SHOULD have had!

  10. Not to be a party pooper, but Winston should have a harness on, if he tries to jump he could hang himself….

  11. Weenston looking at homes in the neighborhood and thinking “Are there bananas in that house?…what about that one…or this one?”

  12. Hon Glad says:

    All I had left was my dignity and now you’ve robbed me of that, you scoundrel.

  13. yeah, he could seriously hang himself if he jumps. I had a cat that almost choked himself to death when we had his leash tied to a tree in the backyard. If we hadn’t noticed what was happening, he would have died (he kept going around the tree until he was being choked).

    Not to be a party pooper. Othewise, cute vid!

  14. I love it when Winston (at :42) suddenly realizes that he is no longer on the kitchen counter and starts looking around…so cute. And exceptional hovertext! 🙂

  15. toborzgrrl says:

    Is it just me, or does Winston in sunlight look an awful lot like the Monopoly man? (I forget his name – J.P. Moneybags or something)

  16. Love this and to concerned peeps… Human Bean riding bike …. I doubt they are going to allow their pampered owner … Winston … make any wrong moves… note the reassuring hand at the end…. and remember this is Winston.
    Not your average Kitty.

  17. @10 & 13, I thought the same thing, glad someone else brought it up! Never thought of a harness… in the past with dogs in the car, I’ve tied the leash so its too short for the dogs to actually jump out the window/climb into the front, keeping them from choking themselves. A harness is WAY nicer, I’ll bear that in mind!

    Also, that bike is BOSS! Haha.

  18. Winston! Why aren’t you making the bike fly? Oh, I guess a nap sounds good too.

  19. Ok that cinches it, when I get my bike for my birthday (shhh it’s a secret I’m trying to surprise myself) I’m going to have to put a basket on for my kittehs to ride along.

  20. I’m sorry, but I disagree with the harness suggestions. Even if we could strap Winston down, what happens if the bike tips over? Or the rider gets into a car accident? That’s right, peeps–little Winston gets splooshed all over de sidewalk.

    And I sort of feel the same way for people who ride their bikes w/babies on board (BOB’s).


  21. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ Metz: no worries, I won’t tell you about your surprise!!!!

    It’s entirely safe. (ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh)

  22. It takes a brave man to ride down the street on a pink bicycle.

  23. @ Metz okay and we won’t tell you about the kitty basket you are attaching t o your birthday bike eaither

    Winky winky.

  24. I was concerned for Winston’s safety too. If someting on the street like a siren frightened him, it could go very wrong.

  25. lol at the “Cats ‘n’ Racks” tag!

  26. Heather and the Boston Terriers says:

    Winston and owner are getting touch with their feminine side…Pink bike and pink leash…

    (PS. As someone already said, this is NOT a safe endeavor. A little fun could have tragic results.)

  27. Lillith says:

    I love his look of imperious disapproval as he takes in his surroundings!

    As far as safety goes I think in this case they were doing it just to film, the bike was going very slowly on a quiet street for a short time. Now if they were on some busy road etc. I’d have been much more concerned while watching this.

  28. *EEEEEEEEE* Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure music and a little chunklet of Winston’s butt-fluff sticking out from the basket!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  29. That guy must be totally secure in his masculinity.

    In nearby Takoma Park MD there was a cat called MotorCat who would ride on his guy’s motorcycle, hanging on to a piece of carpet glued to the bike, as I recall. He had his own little helmet too, with his ears folded over to fit. Apparently he loved it, and died of cancer in old age. But it gives me the jeebies to think about it.

  30. Library Lady says:

    Sidecar! Sidecar! I need to see Winston in a sidecar!

  31. MamaLana says:

    Weenston, I love you!

  32. Copperbat says:

    Winston, I love you. I love your awesome pepto-pink chauffered bike, too.

  33. the owl* and the pussycat went to sea
    on a beautiful pink girls’ bike…

    * – tat

    p.s. there’s a tiny 🙂 at the bottom of this page.

    p.p.s i have good eyes. when i’m wearing my specs.

  34. Cats ‘n’ racks tag? LOVE EET (and love Winston, and the fact that a guy is riding a pink bike with a rack of Winston on it…).

  35. Huh. Wonder who lost a bet? 😉

  36. And did you notice how Winston is giving his opinion along the way..LOL .. HE is all and Turn right here and watch out for that spider Rich.

  37. I love Winston and Rich. They are so cool.

    On another tangent, I think Meg needs to make a nuffers beware tag. I haven’t seen this much whining since April Fool’s Day.

  38. Teenygozer says:

    Ooh, that music simply *screamed* “Frederico Fellini” to me!

    Ciao, Winston! Or should that be, “Meow, Winston!”

  39. Auntie Meme says:

    Never noticed Weenston’s Weeskers before. Like a Sea Captain at the bow.

  40. mommycat says:

    I don’t think Winston liked his ride! He deserves a limo!

  41. The exact opposite of the Wizard of Oz – no evil, pedal-pushing witch here with Toto held hostage in a basket! One this one is much gayer, erm…happier. Beyond fabulous!!!

  42. Wilford Brimley in a basket. Who knew?

    I’m sure Winston’s hooman would let no harm come to his adorable, cranky boy.

  43. Ekajati says:

    What a hilariously DISAPPROVING kitteh! He wants his BROUGHAM not this two-wheeled pish-tosh….

  44. Just look at his face, Winston is not amused!
    How DARE Rich carry him around on a PINK BIKE!
    Winston deserves at LEAST a pink LIMO!

  45. So cute, and the music is perfect. Winston is too cool for school.

  46. PeeWee!!! Extra Rich and Winston love.

  47. Rooanne says:

    Oh wow. Winston never ceases to amaze & delight. I think I saw him crack a smile!

  48. brinnann says:

    *sigh* I haz another kitteh question to ask the peeps…

    Has anyone ever used Ovaban/Megestrol for cat behaviour correction?

  49. Winston is the best cat in the world and RIch is the best man in the world… love love them!!

  50. Vanessa says:

    That cat looks like Wilford Brimley.

  51. I was thinking of Terry Thomas for Weenston’s on-the-handlebars handlebar moustachios.
    Only missing the ambient meowsound @1:04

  52. Melinda says:

    I am sure Winston is well taken care of on his bicycle rides- look how slowly his man is riding the bike? And it’s on a quiet suburban street, and I suppose the boyfriend is holding the camera? Two people to jump to Winston’s aid should anything happen. Yes, I think Winston is fine.

  53. haha nice title 😀 yay rich and winston!

  54. kibblenibble says:


    I love him so much!

  55. Flutterbye says:

    Weeenston’s wheeeskers are magnificent!

  56. Flutterbye says:

    kibble, jinx!

  57. I’ve never seen a cat that looked more like a Winston. Home, Jeeves…

  58. BStrange says:

    1:03… “Wait! Stop! We left the bananas at home! Go back, go back!” 😀

  59. The best part was teh tattooed guy riding a PINK bicycle with a fluffeh kitteh in a basket, on a pink leash, no less. The neighbors have to be scratching their heads. It was teh awesome. I could totally see myself dating a guy like that.

  60. he’s a basket case…

  61. Does Rich have a tatoo of Winston on his L thigh?

  62. DanielT says:

    This is stupid, pointless and dangerous and I can’t believe Cute Overload is supporting it. Why don’t you repost the smiling dog while you’re at it?

  63. 😆 Looks like Winston is enjoying going for a nice slow ride up and down the street where he lives 😆

  64. I cried I laughed so hard. Rich is just too farking awesome.

  65. jennifer says:

    Okay, was Winston wearing sunscreen with his fair complexion?

  66. JuliaJellicoe says:

    toborzgrrl: Rich Uncle Pennybags. But now called Mr. Monopoly.

  67. I used to try this with my cat when I was kid. Strong emphasis on the word ‘try.’

  68. HRHQueenCat says:

    it’s too hazardous to ride a pushbike here so my kits go furr walks in their pink stroller;
    loves it as does little Angel; they go together and unknowledgeable peeps ask, Oh, is it a boy or a girl & I say Twins; they take a closer look & back off verry, verrry s-l-o-w-l-y

  69. HRHQueenCat says:

    ack – I left out Merlin’s name and his pic *blush* wish I could do links

  70. BStrange says:

    Also, nuffers are hysterical. Both definitions of “hysterical”. Nuffer @62, having pets in our homes is “stupid and dangerous”. Ever trip over a cat who wasn’t there a second ago and fall on a tile floor? Broken wrists! Skulls cracked on the countertop! Boiling stuff everywhere! The horror!

    Obviously, we should all just get houseplants instead.Or wear bodysuits of bubble wrap (and bundle our pets in the same). 🙄 Not.

    I can’t imagine what these people think of those pet owners who take their pets surfing or skydiving with them! They probably faint. 😀 But while they’re cowering in their plastic bubbles, I’ll go on enjoying watching Weeeens-ton’s almost rabbitlike permanent disapproval. And I admire the guys who made sure his ratty little kitten-butt survived to grow up and have adventures, too. 🙂

  71. BStrange says:

    *ahem* Lost the first half of my post somehow. As I was sayin’: @HRHQueenCat, I used to know a lady with a rescued pug who’d lost most of his hair, apparently permanently, in his former life. He loved to lie on his back and go for rides in a baby buggy. Sunscreen and a blankie helped protect him from the elements, and one day she added a bonnet for kicks.

    She has never once managed to tell that story without having to stop to catch her breath from laughing, because ome stranger saw them and went up to cootchy-cooooo-whosagoodboy at the “baby” and froze in horror…. Then struggled to be polite while he lied through his teeth about what a lovely son she had! He turned beet red and left in a rush when she finally took pity and said “Sir, Sammie’s a dog”. 😀

  72. @BStrange – I use a baby buggy to take my cats to the vet (I don’t have a car) although they are in a cat box. The buggy can actually take 2 cat boxes – one on the bottom tray and the other fitting in the frame where the seat should be. Luckily I live in one of those small towns where it’s acceptable to be a bit eccentric but I have had the odd comment on the lines of “that’s an ugly baby you’ve got there!” – I live in Yorkshire, UK where people say what they think.

    There are moments in this video where Winston reminds me of Peter Ustinov playing Hercule Poirot – I think it’s the whiskers!

  73. @HRHQueenCat: You almost got the image right but you need to change your Photobucket settings to public, at least on that picture.

  74. So disapproving! “Ummm…I don’t think I like the wind in my face. Home, I say!”
    Do you think they could clone Winston so we could all have one?

  75. Oh, Winston, your smooshy face and disapproving scowl always make me smile!! Such a spoiled kitty!! To those of you gnashing your teeth over Winston’s safety, you obviously are not privy to the level of spoilitude this cat gets from his owner – Rich would never let anything bad happen to his baby!!

  76. A cat with a chauffeur – how cute!

  77. This is hilarious! I love all the Winston videos, too funny!

  78. BStrange says:

    @Renee’s “spoilitude”:

    Spoilitude. Def. 1 “the state of being spoiled rotten”, def. 2 “cattitude squared”, def. 3 “(insert photo of Winston whininks here)” ….Seriously. I’m not sure what horror movie the nuffers are watching in their heads as they view this, but I wish they’d shut it off and see what’s actually there. 🙄

  79. Can’t laugh at dumbasses who endanger their pets. If he’s going to tie a noose around the poor cat’s neck, it should be attached to an under-the-armpits-harness.
    Idiot. If the bike tumbles, the cat is hanged.

  80. BStrange says:

    If the bike tumbles going at that crawling pace down an empty street, it means there was a sudden, localized tornado. Welcome to the nuffer club!

  81. HRHQueenCat says:

    ahhhhh, Sharpy, thank you; hope this works now;

    here's Merlin in the pink strollerhere’s Merlin in the pink stroller

    and Mason meeting Merlin just after the Great White Shark was adoptedand Mason meeting Merlin just after the Great White Shark was adopted

  82. Eleanor says:

    Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket? (my husband’s reaction)

  83. That poor cat…..although, he did look alot like a winston.

  84. Winston reminds of an old man

  85. Might want to get Winston’s teeth checked. The drool stains usually indicate tooth pain and inflammation. That happened to my cat, he got a tooth pulled and was like a different cat after, he was so much happier.