Tomatoes: That’s How it Always Starts…

Oh, sure, it seems like innocent fun at first; just a few strategically-placed tomatoes, what could it hurt? But soon you’re on to the harder stuff: Eggplant, lemon-peel sculptures, lettuce, mini-yous. Then someone makes a blog of it!

Emily M. shared more pics at this link, and wants you to know they satisfy Rules of Cuteness 2, 6, 11, 12, 20, 22, 26, 41, and 44, plus 100% of your daily requirement of Niacin, Theramin, Unobtanium, and <jerrylewis>Ribo-FLAY-vin!</jerrylewis>.



  1. I LOVE hydrangeas– so beautiful. The ones in my nabe are having a hard time this very hot summer.

    TANGENT: How come my sweet little harmless geraniums are curling up in the sun, but these BIG NASTY WEEDS keep pushing straight up, saying “Yo yo yo, wassup?” 😡

  2. Whoop!
    Just when you thought cherry tomatoes couldn’t get any cuter, along comes a long-lost Kid in the Hall with a cabbage for a head, a portrait of a friend’s stoner boyfriend with (lemon-peel) mushrooms/dreadlocks growing out of his skull, a hydrangea! which earned an exclamation mark, and then le chat de la resistance: a beanie in a basket!! which earned two, then an infinity pic of a cat in a basket with a cat in a basket on it head.
    And then I saw the identical bells!!!
    (dons beret and kisses thumb and fingertips) Magnifique!!!!

  3. The lettuce hat…killer!

    I want this cat!!!!!! >^.^<

  4. Cabbage hat. OMG.

  5. marthava says:

    I believe this kitteh aptly demonstrates the biblical term “longsuffering.”

  6. tracylee says:

    they reaaally need to make a html thingimabob. I’d use it ALL the freakin time. Hey Lay-dy!

    plus, mushroomkitty made me srsly lol.

  7. Does he take requests? I think a propeller beanie would be awesome. 😉

  8. LOL! I love the last one

  9. One patient cute cat

  10. tracylee says:

    also, it’s like the Daily Chuck on dooce… he’s a master at balancing things on his head too.

    World’s most peaceful dog, meet world’s most peacefull kitty. Serves us all right if they don’t get along, eh?

  11. skippymom says:

    Oh, gee, thank you, Mike. You know, I had a lot of stuff to get done this weekend, and now I will be completely useless because my brain just burst into little tiny bits. Thanks, pal.

  12. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Theresa: I think the second-from-bottom shot looks enough like a propeller beanie to satisfy that request. 🙂

  13. Katiedid says:

    *squints* That’s not a cat.. pshttttttttttttt.. Cats don’t let you degrade them like that. That right there is a dog.

  14. Kelloli says:

    That kitty has a nice tail. >:

  15. Hon Glad says:

    Nothing can break my kharma, well I’m calmer than you.

  16. kibblenibble says:

    In most of the pictures, he/she is smilingk! 🙂

  17. comanche_black says:

    That is so random and almost mean.

  18. hot tams says:

    awww, killy just wants to nap.

  19. Whaaaat? I have so many questions about this fab cat. What’s his name? What kind of cat is he? Why is his head so adorably large? Why is he is so tolerant and squinty? Did you see the pic of him licking his nose on the blog? Oh my! He has a book?!?!

  20. t.s.f.p.s.o.t.o.k.h would like to invite everyone (and their cats) to your local chapter of t.s.f.p.s.o.t.o.k.h where you’ll find many entertaining and unusual ways of contributing to the degradation and humiliation of your pet.

    Band-aids will be available at all meetings.

    Tom (Three-fingers) Brown
    t.s.f.p.s.o.t.o.k.h West Regional Vice President

    (The Society For Putting Stuff On Top Of Your Kitty’s Head)

  21. Tigress says:

    Is this Japan and/or China’s version of Stuff on my Cat (dot com)? I’d have to say that this cat seems somehow more dignified/serene that most of the SomC pictures. Must be the Asian factor.

  22. knittinkitten says:

    The mushroom hat is my favourite! That’s one patient kitteh you have there!

  23. HopeGrows247 says:

    That is the CHILLEST kat I’ve ever seen!!! *begin’s singing Queen’s “Cool Cat” “…’Cause you’re a cool cat, tappin’ on the toe with the big hat. Oooohhh, you’re alright. Hangin’ out an’ stealin’ all the limelight, feeling the beat of my heaaarrrttt.” ;}

  24. Jennifer says:

    From the instant I saw that first picture I knew that was a Japaneses cat.

  25. bellasmom says:

    Arsehole. This IS NOT CUTE> here we go again, CO encouraging morons to torture animals in the name of ….WHAT exactly. Whoever took these photos should have this cat taken away from them. I am going to alert the Humane Society.

    Cruel Idiots

  26. Alice Shortcake says:

    Oh God, call the WHAAAAAAAAmbulance – we have a nuffer. I’m sure this cat was traumatized for life by having fruit, flowers and toys placed on its head for long enough to take a photo, because as we all know it’s no different to soaking animals in petrol and setting them alight.

  27. victoreia says:

    [sigh] I’d never be allowed to put stuff on either of my cats’ heads……

  28. 260Oakley says:

    This is a Broadway mash-up: Cats meet the Producers

  29. Patricia says:

    Is this cat alive? Are you sure he’s not a “former” cat that’s been stuffed?

  30. Omg…cutest…kitteh….EVARRRR!!!!!!

  31. I recall stumbling across this cat’s blog a while ago, but I had completely forgotten how hilarious these photos are! And the Jerry Lewis reference cracked me up. Thanks NTMTOM for a fun Friday!

  32. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    He has the sweetest look on his face! I want him (and the bell too). Very patient kitty without a hint of rage to be seen.

  33. The owner has three other gorgeous kitties who all participate to varying degrees in these photo shoots. They look so happy and loved! And this veg-hat kitten has the most stunning ginger tailio! Amazing.

  34. (the original) Mel says:

    That’s the reclining kitty tomato Buddha. Ooohhhhhmmmm.

  35. zelaine says:

    This cat has no eyes! Or else he’s like my aunt and manages to close his eyes just as the flash goes off every. single. time.

  36. I am amazed by the patience of that cat.
    He must be a Zen Buddhist because he follows their teaching to the letter.

    Don’t just do something.
    Sit there.

  37. I like the little stuffed version of himself on the last one.

  38. squee! neko koneko ❤

  39. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    can we get a side-by-side with the Crab Hat Kitty, pweeeeeeeeeeze????

  40. Unbelievable! Each pic is actually CUTER THAN THE LAST ONE!! That cat must be up for sainthood or something, the way she sits there so patiently. I get irritated just waiting for computer to come on.


  41. Very large cat. Itty bitty little basket.

  42. Lindsay says:

    He is long-suffering! I love it. He’s so patient with his silly human. 🙂

  43. 🙂 The relaxed |-) just does me in!

  44. edmundh says:

    Buddha kitteh is one with everything.

    Last pic: Neco Coneco!

  45. oh my god, look at the blog!!!!!!!!! this kitty and it’s friends are clearly well loved and live with someone who is not only a great photographer, but is also creative in head wear!

  46. Clover cat. *dies*

  47. That cat is so laid back!

  48. or perhaps sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

  49. CoffeeCup says:

    Could this be the cat version of Oolong the bunny with the pancake on his head? RIP Oolong. We may have found a worthy successor.

  50. happypiano says:

    after i saw this on ichcb, i totally subscribed to this baby’s blog!

  51. That poor, poor cat! (Although I do think the lettuce is hilarious!)

  52. Martha in Washington says:

    I wanna know what kinda drugs this cat’s on…Can I have some?

  53. I keep coming back to look some more. I think the clover one is my favorite.

  54. Elisha B. says:

    @260Oakley….too funny!!

    My first reaction….ohh my! Only one thing to say…HAPPY KITTY!!!!

  55. OMG!!!!!! Cuuuuuuuuuutttteeeeee!!!!! love love love…

  56. Lol, that is one happy little kitty cat. Love the one w/ the lettuce leaf on his/her head.

  57. I wish *I* could attain such a state of Zen!! “Me-ommmm….”

  58. I guess Anne Geddes can suck it now.

  59. be ye kidding or be ye trolling, ye are bumming us out.

  60. LOL! isn’t the official mating call of the nuffer: ha-RUMPH!

  61. That is the mellowest cat in the universe.

  62. Oh I want what that cat is taking . . .

  63. hydrangea hat FTW

  64. I believe the kitty would of knocked said stuff off his/her head if he/she wanted to 😀

  65. Mikeyfur says:

    Do we know the name of this incredible kitteh? Thank you CO for bringing us Maru, Winston, and now this adorable little fellow with his adorable little smile.

  66. Bad Christy says:

    I was so buying it until the “ham” showed up with the same markings… I’m hollering photoshop foul!

  67. Heavenly says:

    My bunnies agree that this is NOT CUTE. They do not approve of a cat trying to move in on bunneh territory.

  68. That is one PATIENT kitteh.

  69. I like how it looks like “Bellasmom’s” comment is actually signed “Cruel Idiots.”

    TEH TORTURZ!! I bet this will be on the next episode of Animal Precinct, it’s just so vicious!

  70. That must be the most patient cat in the universe. My kitties would not put up with any of this. I love the little basket with matching toy kitty. P.S.: an eggplant is not torture. A watermelon might be crossing the line.

  71. Wait. No “salad dressing” jokes?

  72. HopeGrows247 says:

    What I wanna know is why they even have to put a bell on this cat. I don’t know if it’s going anywhere real fast.

  73. Yo, dude, I’m veggin’ out here.

  74. I’ll plead guilty to staging more than a few photos with Bella. But hey, when you’ve got Bella sized kids’ toys on hand, a super cute kitten who doesn’t mind, then how can you resist?

  75. Hi Pyrit!! Long time no see. How are you? 🙂

  76. trinlayk says:

    Pretty sure I’m not getting enough Theremin or Unobtainium

  77. BStrange says:

    Guys, a “Soich” on “bellasmom” reveals… More slime-spraying on CO! And nothing else. Ignore it, perhaps it will starve.

    Meanwhile, back at the happy: The mushroom-head photo is cute’n’eerie, like he escaped from some Lewis Carroll-like universe. And the mini-me one made me AWWWW! so loud heads turned. 😀

  78. HRHQueenCat says:

    I LUV this patient, photogenic puss; my 3 would’ve shredded the fruit, veggies & flowers in milliseconds 😦

  79. if it wasnt for the different foot positions, I’d swear this cat was stuffed.
    sorry, Puss!

  80. Looks like the last one represents Rule 7 as well…

  81. violetgreen says:

    Maneki Neko smiles:

  82. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!!! says:

    ……and, since nobody else has done it yet,


  83. marthava says:
  84. Kris and Mikeyfur: His name appears to be Shironeko, which I believe just means “white cat”.

    CoffeeCup: I myself have wondered whether Shironeko might be Oolong reincarnated. Perhaps if we knew his age…

  85. cellarmouse says:

    i want whoever does these to be my guru but i fear i am not worthy … the patience, the gentle humor, the skill, it’s like (silly) calligraphy … or maybe serious art … it’s just so zen …

    and yeah, hi, Pyrit; you must have gotten a real life – you’ve been missed …

  86. The second one looks very painful. What’s your problem?

  87. Kris: He has indeed not only one book, but a whole series of books.
    I bought one of it when I was in japan, it’s just too cute.

    Not sure whether you can get it outside of Japan though:

    If the links don’t work go to and search for “Shironeko”, that’s the pseudonym of the author, not sure whether it’s the name of the cat itself as it simply means “white cat” in Japanese.

  88. The veg-hat loving cat is a Turkish Van. We have one, and patience might be a trait of the breed – he is super tolerant of our spaniel puppy Honey:

  89. The interweb has become nothing more that cute pix of kitties. As well it should! Awesomely funny! Nice work!

  90. Nice foot action on the second to last one!

  91. chanpon says:

    I loves me the clover head, in loaf-mode. FTW!

  92. just went to the blog. so many cuuuutttee pics. how does the blogger manager to have 4 cats all have such tranquil manner and cuteness is beyond me.

  93. This wonderful kitty reminds me of the Happy Cat you see in Japanese restaurants. You know, the ceramic cat who sits by the cash register and holds up one paw?

  94. fatgrammafinn says:

    this kitty sat behind me at boddhisatva summer school

  95. fatgrammafinn says:

    i flunked but keep tryin’

  96. I don’t know about y’all, but after the first pic, I started hearing the William Tell Overture in my head… :O

  97. Nope, I heard temple bells, thumb cymbals and Nommmmmmmmanipadmenommmmm to the first one,
    then for some reason, Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

  98. astridjane says:

    When cats tip their faces up at you and close their eyes like that, it means they’re smiling at you. Eye contact followed by a slow blink is a way of communicating affection/contentedness.

    Kitty is smiling at his owners, he probably likes the handling and the attention…even if it does mean wearing zucchini.

  99. Noelegy says:

    I’m pretty sure nobody gets enough Theramin.

  100. marthava says:

    @lins – that is an ADORKABUHLS vid. Made me laugh!!! “I shall chomp you verrrrrrry slooooooowly.” LOL “Killing Me Softly” is going thru my mind now!!

  101. The big blue flower thing is quite the Easter Day parade hat!

  102. What is this cat’s name? He/she is my favorite cat!!!

  103. @Noelegy, and of course there was:

  104. The hydrangea photo cracked me up!

    The blog is wonderful too. Here’s a photo of all four cats:

    Not only is Squinty McSquintersons very tolerant of his owner placing things on his head, he also appears to spend his spare time hanging out in a basket suspended from a tree.

    All I can say to the (few) nuffers is, this cat must be spoiled rotten and very happy, in order to be willing to tolerate such injustices as having FLOWERS put on his HEAD.

  105. Queen of Dork says:

    Perhaps someone should start a Blog/website called, “Interesting things on cat’s heads” Or is that what this is? Or maybe, “Really Patient Cats.” I used to want to start a club called, “People Who Refuse To Wear Uncomfortable Shoes” ie: PWRTWUS. We could all get together and refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes. We would wear slippers or socks to our conventions. Or just be bare foot

  106. Queen of Dork says:

    Uh-oh. It must be late. I have come to the point where I (in the words of Talking Heads) stop making sense. Off to bed.

  107. Queen of Dork says:

    Sort of like this:

  108. Ginger: His name is Shironeko, meaning “white cat”. Very straightforward.

  109. That cat is the most serene animal I’ve seen in a very long time. Do his eyes even open?

  110. Malle Babbe says:

    In that one picture, it looks like the cat was thinking really hard about Hydrangeas…

  111. Queen of Dork says:

    I love the picture with the green thing on his head and his back foot poking out of the basket. He’s so serene and lazy like a cat should be. (Ommmmmmmmmmmm).

  112. BStrange says:

    @lins – That vid is so aww my awws had awws. SUPER patient cat. 😀

    I’m beginning to wonder whether my Boo had some Turkish Van in her, there’s definitely a resemblance. In more ways than appearance: One night when I was up late and exhausted, I set down my half-empty mug of tea without looking. A few minutes later I reached for it and got a handful of cat. I looked down and there was Boo, curled up half-awake on the table with my mug of cold tea perched on her side, looking blissfully unconcerned about having accidentally been used as a coaster!

  113. Don’t get me wrong – I love putting stuff on my cat as much as the next crazy cat lady but why are this cat’s eyes so squinty?
    ps put a cabbage leaf on my cat’s head just now and tried to get a picture but he started eating(!) the leaf and then the dog came over to investigate and then the other cat came over – disapproved and smacked the cat with the leaf and the whole thing degenerated

  114. Sunday once again
    Been too long away from home
    Where’s my marmalade?

  115. Queen of Dork says:

    browngrl: I don’t know why the cat’s eyes are so squinty except that I think maybe because he is lazy and sleeping? I like your story, there! 🙂

    *goes to kitchen to place assorted pieces of vegetables and other items on head to see if this is safe and okay. And to see what it feels like to meditate with stuff on my head. I think I’ll start with a cast iron frying pan full of broccoli on my head. And butter. Ouch. That’s kind of heavy. And hot. Ouch.*

  116. Might I suggest starting with a fabulous hat, instead? 😉

  117. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo! I was wondering when you would be back from training! Yay! How are you! How is your wife? Yay! Yay and Yay some more! 🙂

    [Still in training, actually. My real training only began Friday. Hooah! – SPC Ed.]

    […oh — and Teh Schmoop is all good. 😀 Thanks for asking!]

  118. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay!!!! Theo is back home! I’m sure his family is loving it! Yay! Theo, I’m so glad that you are back in the arms of your family and that you are safe and sound. I can’t begin to express how happy I am to hear from you and that you are here again and that you are so wonderful to serve the U.S.! I’m glad you are you! Thanks!

    [You’re welcome, no problem… but again, I’m not home, and the real training (for the super-secret super-cool career path) has only just begun. 4 months to go, and then I’ll be off to my permanent duty station, wherever that may be. Barring the unforeseen and/or unexpected opportunity. 🙂 – Specialist Ed. 😛 ]

  119. BStrange says:

    @browngrl: I’m guessing that probably started with the discovery that some cats sleep like logs unless startled by a sudden bump or loud noise. They can be scooted down the sofa, posed, sometimes even picked up and moved, or have stuff set on them (magazines, coats… my tea cup…) and they barely twitch a toe. Or at most, squint a bit to see who’s there and then doze right off again.

  120. BStrange says:

    Wow, and the Van only has marmish blots… but I guess that was enough! *waves hi to Theo* Hey there! That training must be paying off already. I never saw you sneaking up while I was typing that post. 😀

  121. Secret, a-gent man! Secret, a-gent man!
    Sittin’ down here in the desert with my mocha from a can… 😉

  122. kibblenibble says:

    Hi Theo! 🙂 If you click on the link above, there are more pics of this kitty. His tail is PURE MARMIE, and it’s awesome. His eyes are open, too, and he’s jumping and strayching. Check it!

  123. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, fabulous luck, the best of wishes, and good things to you, Theo, wished and prayed from me to you and your family. 🙂

  124. fatgrammafinn says:

    @katey and all-photo of the 4 cats together, so serene, and amused, and tolerant

    may i suggest “the cat who went to heaven” by elizabeth coatsworth

  125. just today, as I was scrolling through cute overload I wondered “how is Theo doing?” and ta da here are his comments! Nice to hear from you Theo!

  126. Theresa: Much better link!

    Queen of Dork: That video used to scare the pants off me when it first came out. I think it was David Byrne’s giant head projected on the house.

  127. It’s nice to hear from you, Mr. Teho. I hope that basic training is surviving you and that they are managing to serve your gagh live.

    [Basic can bite me; I’m at AIT now. 😈 Life is actually pretty good here, as long as we stay focused & squared away, which I’m all in favor of. Hooah! – Ed.]

  128. slightly off topic — didn’t there used to be links to email these listings? Or is it just not up yet? These are just too good not to share. Thx, bye.


  130. PS, I should have preceded that with “(banshee-like screech).” 😀

  131. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I love your banshee-like screech! 🙂

  132. Melissa says:

    lol. i love how the photographer waited until the cat was in a deep sleep in all of the pictures. or at least i assume that’s what happened, i can’t picture a fully awake cat allowing all those objects on it’s head!

  133. @Theo 😀 Nice hear that you are back safe and sound with your loving family 😀

  134. name: Shiro; not Shironeko (used as kind of a handle or pen name of the owner), male, age: 8 yrs old, weight: 4.5kg , chubby face, tranquil, relaxed and gentle-natured farmer cat.
    @Tammy. – yep I agree, it’s obvious their kitties also love back to the soft-hearted masters, who are really quiet, reserved in public.

  135. snorglepup says:

    Ahh, the fauna and flora of still life composition…
    I like how he uses the camera angle to make kitty look like just a head in a basket.
    Can we try : whipped cream and a cherry on top?

  136. wow, look at the scenery! no wonder kitteh is blissful and serene! where is this gorgeous place?

  137. Noelegy says:

    Aww, I used to have a ferret named Shiro. And Shiro kitteh is obviously a happy (and very tolerant) fellow. And by the way, good to hear from you, Theo!

  138. This kitty is so funny. Everytime I see these pictures I laugh!!!!!

  139. Cashew: seems they live in Iwate, northern Japan. somewhere rural.
    btw, SMS of TH is one of the best live music recordings ever made.

  140. bobthesortofgreat says:

    this looks like the work of… THE SOCIETY OF PUTTING STUFF ON TOP OF OTHER STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. worth the price of admision