Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Owner?

You mean to tell me that you’re not going to punish that peeg who dropped the water balloon on me? Unacceptable!

Someone’s wearing some wet cranky pants, Josh N.



  1. I’m gonna steeeeeaaaaaaal the little orangey kitteh!!!!!!! And will promise to punish all that throw water balloons at him! What a cutie pie!

  2. Ohhh…Josh! May I steal this image?? Pwease??

  3. That peeg has bad aim, btw. If yer gonna dew it, dew it rite. Git tha head, too! NOT that I want that for the li’l kitteh!!! Look how innocent its eyez are!!! :’}

  4. BeckyMonster says:

    Put the %&$#*@ kitten in the basket!

  5. TRUE STORY: I would not be here, but for a water balloon. Or rather a paper bag filled with water. I don’t know if water-fighting technology had advanced to balloon by then.

    Scene: Brooklyn, New York. Time: Mid-1930s, a Sunday morning. Mischievous Eye-talian boy, Joe, is on top of his tenement. Pretty Irish gal, Lillian, is passing by below, on her way to church. Joe looks down, and drops paper bag, or balloon, on Lillian. Lillian looks up and hollers, “Come down here and try that, you stupid !@##$%#$%#$!!!!”

    Joe and Lillian were my grandpa and grandma!!! And this orange kitty does look a bit like Lil. 😉

  6. *sound of Metz’s hed esploding*…

  7. marthava says:

    @Theresa – awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! What a great story!!!!!!!

    What a painfully adorable orange kitteh!!

  8. ViolaDeLesseps says:

    scariest hovertext ever!!!! i never recovered from that movie– **whimper**

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Label says “dry clean only”
    Kitten will now go for a Wet Nap

  10. Silence of the Lambs! You have a fantastic movie dialog repertoire and an even better imagination for connecting Buffalo Bill with that poor drowned kitteh! I lurve Prongs!

  11. TrixandSam says:

    This gives the impression of an impossibly large head on a teeny body. What rule of cuteness covers that?

    Oh, and BEEEEP!

  12. Anyone who could look at that sweet kitten and then go to Silence of the Lambs is one sick puppy (in a good way, of course! I too lurve Prongs!)

  13. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Awww… I’m a wet puddle

  14. Shygrrl74 says:

    ***Thinks Theresas’ tale is as sweet as the kitteh!***

  15. StormCat says:

    I think the poor little Marmie Kitten looks confused… Kinda like “Wha happened?”

  16. Queen of Squee says:

    That’s such a great story, Theresa! I love such stories!!

    I swear I have a picture of my little 5-month-old daughter that’s kinda like this kitten: the big, innocent “Um, I’m not sure if I like what’s going on” face during bathtime and all. Very sweet and cute 🙂

  17. Leslie K says:


    That water baloon story is cute, and memorable. My folks say that they thank a cockroach for their firstborn (me) Mom and Dad had just gotten married, June1958. They flew to Florida, Mom was in the bathroom getting all primped up for ‘the big night’ , she drew back the shower curtain, and bingo out jumped a gigantic cockroach. Mom screamed, Dad ran into the bathroom as any knight in shining armour would do; to rescue Mom… killed the roach and well… the rest is history… needless to say, she did not even need that floofy lacy bridal peignoir, formalities be darned, nine months later came me!!! conception due to a random roach???
    My kids roll on the floor with that story.

  18. skippymom says:

    I think this little guy is hoping Theo will come to his rescue.

  19. I love the whittle wet kitty and Theresa’s story, you could make a movie out of a story like that.

    Leslie K, I think you’re very lucky your mother wasn’t as scared as I am of bugs, finding a big cockroach in the shower would have sent me into hysterics for the rest of the night!

  20. Aww. Tiiiiiiiny babeldins!

  21. Snarfff says:

    The little one doesn’t look so much irritated at the failure to apply punishment for the current state of wetness as much as resigned to whatever comes next… but I expect that resignation won’t last long!

  22. i’m imagining theo in a top secret training class deep in the core of the earth and suddenly sitting up straight, “what’s this? a marmie in distress?!







    feeling. weak….”

  23. Madame X says:

    Lurvely Kitteh!

    Another “How I met your (grand)mother” story – when her father died, my grandmother went to live with her aunt (her mother had died when she was a baby). Whereupon the old battleaxe decided to take an European tour, and packed up her niece to go with her. While in Barcelona, an Argentinian lady who had befriended Grandma told her that another American family had just checked in. “The parents are gauchos (hillbillies),” she told Grandma, “but the son is good-looking.”

    They met. They fell in love. After a long courtship, they got married.

    The kicker? It turns out that before their trip, my grandfather’s parents had bought a house… two blocks from Grandma’s.

    They were neighbors, but had to travel halfway around the world to meet.

  24. MARMIE!

  25. @Madame X, you gotta ring them bells!

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    This little charmer could turn me into a marmie fan! He looks more puzzled than unhappy.

  27. skippymom says:

    On the first day of first grade, my great-grandmother Ina May looked at a classmate, William Patrick, and said, “That’s the boy I’m going to marry.” Some years later, she did.

  28. brinnann says:

    Question for teh peeps:

    I have a cat who just got over a urinary tract infection. One of the vet assistants told me it was probably her food. The dry food my kittehs eat is very good (Halo/Spots Stew), but they eat canned Fancy Feast, which is what she suggested I change. Before I decide to buy the vet’s prescription food, I’m trying some of the higher-quality ones from the pet store. What she needs is cranberries in her food, right?

  29. Fishy98 says:

    This picture belongs in the Cute or Sad? category.

  30. skippymom says:

    @brinnann, when Francesco had his urinary blockage, the doctor told me no more dry food for him. (I give him a few little pieces once in a while, though, just don’t give unlimited access.) She also said most “mainstream” canned foods are bad for their overall health (they’d been eating Friskies, which she said is one of the worst). He now gets prescription canned food and hasn’t had any more problems. I was also feeding IAMS until it was recalled. Right now they’re eating this Paul Newman food, which they like but it’s damned expensive. I’m frustrated by the limited options for kitty “health food” at this point. I hope you find something that works for you. As far as cranberries, I know that helps with human pee issues, haven’t heard of it relative to cats.

  31. Theadosia says:

    My parents met through mutual friends, but what really cemented the relationship was when my mother was literally running away from another guy who had been harassing her, she dived into a coffee shop, saw my father, grabbed his arm and hissed ‘Pretend to be my boyfriend!’.

  32. brinnann says:

    skippymom – I noticed cranberry was an ingredient in a lot of the higher-end foods, so I assumed that was why.

  33. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Brinnann: A cat one of my sister’s had would get urinary tract infections; she would add cranberry juice to his water and sometimes on his food. He never had another problem. I’m pretty sure my cats wouldn’t go for that (even the ones that are peegish). Sometimes you just have to go with the vet prescribed stuff to do what’s best for Francesco.

    Skippymom, my vet says Friskies is bad too. One of my cats has a liver problem and when I use to feed him Friskies he’d have a terrible time (not to mention all of the yak-cleaning/patrol I’d have to do).
    Good kitty food is hard to find in general. One of my other cats (four cats and they all have something wrong) has a skin sensitivity issue (she breaks out if she is touched) and therefore must avoid beef (it’ll make her breakout as well). I can’t even find kitty treats that don’t have beef in it, even if it does say “chicken” or “salmon”. If it isn’t beef then it’s ‘animal by-products’, which is the same as beef.

  34. brinnann says:
  35. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    @brinnann, my Ratsy had a bad urinary infection (kitty boys are prone to this) and my vet said to push water. She liked my idea of adding warm water to the canned kitty food to make cat food stew. Science Diet and Iams are good… just add warm water and stir. Smells like heck, but both my cats love it, and I’ve had to put up a baby gate to keep my husky out of it.

  36. victoreia says:

    “But….but….I thought you loved me!” [shivering]

    Baby marmie, I stand ready with the big, nice warm towels…….

  37. brinnann says:

    Beth c.i.c.h., my pet store has freeze-dried and jerky treats that are all-natural. You may want to check those, unless they have beef added as well.

  38. Hon Glad says:

    “I’ll marmelize the mashugana what did this.”

  39. brinnan – Listen to your vet!!!! ‘Prescription Diet c/d’ turned out to be a life saver for 3 of my 11 cats. It’s no more expensive that other high quality cat foods. And, they loved it!

  40. No water balloons but there was rain…My parents met at a campground in their teens. My Dad and a buddy had dived into their car to escape the rain that had started up. My Mom and her sisters were walking around the campground and enjoying the rain, spying the boys they couldn’t resist the urge to tease them that they should come out in the rain too, that they weren’t “made of sugar and gonna melt”, and the rest as they say….

  41. @Brinn we were using IAMS until it was recalled but Petco has a pretty good selection of higher end quality cat foods. At least the ones out here do. Their own brand, Nutro is good too, it’s the only dog food Remington can eat with his major allergies. http://www.petco.com/petco_Page_PC_productlist_Nav_1241_N_23+92+4294958406+30+536.aspx?CoreCat=LN_Shopping_CatFood_CannedFood If you go to their website they have a breakdown of products for specific “reasons”. I got this when I clicked “urinary tract health” http://www.petco.com/petco_Page_PC_productlist_Nav_1234_N_23+92+4294958303.aspx?CoreCat=CatFlink_UrinaryTractHealth
    This for “Natural food” http://www.petco.com/petco_Page_PC_productlist_Nav_1399_N_23+92+30+4294958166.aspx?CoreCat=LN_Shopping_CatFood_Natural
    and this for “Holistic” http://www.petco.com/petco_Page_PC_productlist_Nav_1401_N_23+92+30+4294958167.aspx?CoreCat=LN_Shopping_CatFood_Holistic
    (I apologize for the huge links I’ve never quite figured out how to embed a link and I figured if anyone else is like me they’d rather see what they’re clicking to from the link rather than the anonymous tiny url thingey.)

  42. Yay — sorry to the marmie but it’s too cute not to post/share.

  43. cellarmouse says:

    i almost didn’t read the comments cause i was sure they had deteriorated into nuffiness by now … but thanks to theresa (annd other people smart enough tlisten to family tales) it’s one the specially good commentations …

    ‘n’ this is why i keep comin’ back to CO for more

    wish i could add a good remembery ( but i wasn’t smart enough to listen) …

  44. knittinkitten says:

    I see a tinee tabbiee tantrum in five….four……three…….two………MEOW!

    At least that was what happen the first time my kitteh took a bath!

  45. My grandparents met at the University of Iowa, when my grandfather arrived at my grandmother’s sorority house to pick up one of my grandmother’s roommates for a date. My grandmother took one look at my dashing grandfather, told him that her friend was on another date with a different young man, and told him that she would happily accompany him instead. He agreed. They fell in love that night. On their second date, they went to a Lily Pons concert, my grandfather turned beet red and proposed to my grandmother. They were blissfully married until his death in 1976. No clue what happened to the poor sorority sister!

  46. And P.S., that is the most adorable little marmie!! 🙂

  47. What the hell did they DO to that poor thing? If they were giving him a baf, den dey should bathe ALL a’him!


  48. JannieWolf says:

    My great-grandfather was a butler from Nova Scotia, great -grandmother was a maid from Ireland. Both ended up working for the same home in Maine and eloped. 🙂

  49. My parents met in a snowball fight after the Blizzard of ’78. Actually, my mother had SEEN my father before- but he always was asleep on his parents couch when she had gone over there with my future aunt, her nursing school friend. (My dad was a night grocery clerk at the time.) Then the big blizzard happened and everyone was stranded and my dad and some of his buddies thought they’d go for a walk and try to find a store with beer and check in on the girls at the nursing school. The perky nursing girls were digging out and playing in the snow and they all had a big snowball fight and my parents hit it off and for their first real date went out to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind the next week.

    I guess that makes me a real young’en.

  50. chanpon says:

    Um, help, pwease?

  51. @katey

    awwww… you’re the result of a close encounter of the best kind!

  52. @Nikki– Lily Pons!!!! Wow, there’s a name I never thought I’d see on CO.

    Here she is, doing her thing in a Hollywood movie from the mid-40s.

  53. Scout C says:

    So cute, so pathetic, so funny all at the same time. Somebody deserves extra pets.

  54. @ Theresa, Wow! Of course YOU would have a Lily Pons video at your fingertips! 🙂 It’s amazing what passed as romantic back in the 30s when my grandparents were in college!

  55. @JennyKW 😈 I would be more than happy to help you steal that cute little orange tabby kitty and water bomb those who soaked that little kitty 😈

  56. We feed our three kitties Friskies up here in Canada. I wonder if the Friskies in Canada is made differently than the ones in the U.S.

  57. My cats eat Royal Canin feline SO. Expensive, but when one cat had a problem with urinary crystals, and the other hasn’t, it works well for both of them.

  58. Emmberrann says:

    Mawmawade saying: “We aw not amused. In fact, we aw disappointed and disappwove of your juvenile antics in this wegawd. I’m going to go and sulk now, even if I am a juvenile.”

  59. Emmberrann says:

    Lily Pons sure had a difficult task this time. “The Bell Song” is tough enough to sing, but she had to sing it on camera in a very risky (risque?) dorky costume! Just sayin’….

  60. TrixandSam says:

    Since we’re telling “how i met your mother” stories: my parents were in eastern Poland in the early 1950’s. My dad was in a sanitarium (an institution for the preservation or recovery of health, esp. for convalescence) recovering from a broken leg and my mom was the equivalent of a candy-striper, making rounds. Now my mom had a steady boyfriend, Walter, who was a nice, if not boring, guy from a good family. My dad, who also happens to be a Walter, decided she was too good for the other Walter and set about with wooing her. At one point he chased her around his room (well, hobbled around on crutches) and cornered her in a closet (!!!) where he snuck his first kiss.
    Since I’m writing this now, you can tell how it turned out: Feisty Walter beat out Dull Walter!

  61. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    brinnann, thanks for the tip I’ll check it out!

  62. Colonel Jenna says:

    How my parents met isn’t quite as good as Theresa’s grandparents but I think it’s rather romantic: Mom went to Daddys’ office to find a divorce lawyer. Being an ethical man he handed her case to his partner because he had a conflict of intrest — he really wanted this lady to be single! Mom had no clue until she was free and legal and Daddy came a’courtin’. They were happy together to the day he died, and she’s still wearing her wedding ring 7 years into widowhood.

    *sniff* I miss my Daddy.

  63. BStrange says:

    Busy busy busy…. AHH mini-marm! *hits brakes* Busy can wait! It looks like the CO Marmie Army has a new recruit. Possibly a Navy SQUEEL-in-training?

    I love the stories here, Theresa’s water bag/balloon story had me laughing out loud! One of the odder “how soandso met soandso” stories in my own family goes like this:

    A widower (I’m going to simplify things and call him my second cousin, it’s close enough) and a divorced woman had one kid each, both boys. The boys have the same first and last name, and middle names with the same initial. Gal moved to guy’s town with her son, and the boys ended up in the same school. Gal’s boy got in trouble at school (over spitballs, if memory serves), and the school called my second cousin for a conference in the principal’s office by mistake. The school realized the mistake and called the other boy’s mom, but forgot to tell my second cousin not to come in.

    So they both showed up at the principal’s door, had a good laugh, and the rest is history!

    I still can’t imagine having two middle-school boys under one roof with the same name. The boys apparently complained about being called by First name-Middle Name to avoid confusion, too, “because it feels like I’m always in trouble!!” 😀

  64. Cute kitten, I wonder what happend for him to be drenched only under the head… Maybe he did like my Valium and tried to jump in the full shower stall…

    Well, for the “how I met your etc etc”, I have the grand parents story. Actually, They knew each other for a long time… Papy knew mamie from start, because she was ten years younger than him and one of his sister neighbour. Papy went to the army when she was eight or nine, was away for ten years, and when he came back, discover than the cute little Denise from next door became a beautifull young lady.
    Three months later, they were married.

  65. Noelegy says:

    We had to bathe my fluffy Siamese mix, Niko (he looks a lot like Charlene Butterbean, except without the white chin and socks) the other night. He had neglected his back fur to the point that he had “dreadlocks,” and there were some poop issues with his cataloons as well. Oh fellow COers, you should have seen the eyes. THE EYES. Hardly any blue was visible. The black had swallowed it up.

    I admirably restrained myself from taking photos. Afterward, I wrapped him up in three towels and held him like a baby so he would not get chilled, and he got a through brushing afterward.

    Amazing how slender he is under all that floof, though. He looked like this poor kitty: big head, little body.

  66. TheFiller says:

    Aw! That reminds me of one of my cats. She LOVED getting wet. Well, getting everything but her head wet! The minute water splashed the top of her head it was full-force zoom time!

  67. brinnann says:

    Thanks everyone for the help! I’m going to my vet’s office today to pick up some kitty-anti-crazy pills (there are other issues right now besides the UT infection), and I’ll get some of the Prescription Diet c/d food from them. Just cross your bendy-bits that they’ll like it!!!!