The Dazzlers Find What’s Missing from Their Synchronized Swimming Routine

Chaz knew it was a gamble, but he decided it was time for the team to go big or go home. And, as it turns out, spraying each other in a 40-60 mixture of coconut oil and glitter is not only moisturizing but it also leaves a lovely iridescent sheen in their wakes.

They could also work on the synchronization, Peter G.



  1. OMG, how shweet!!

  2. Lerrinus says:


  3. skippymom says:

    DUCKLING ‘TOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chetchez says:


  5. tracylee says:

    I think Chaz is going for the gold…

  6. shannon says:

    So… much… cuteness…

  7. I give them a 10! I love me some baby duckling ‘tocks, especially if said ‘tocks have gold leaf on them.

  8. victoreia says:

    Make way! Make way!

  9. Hon Glad says:

    Glitter and be gay.

  10. Teee heee Bling and Sparkles.!

  11. 260Oakley says:

    The corps from the Nutquacker Suite. Next up, Dance of the Sugar Pond Fairy.
    (Love the little prima ballerina in the last pic showing off her honk shoes.)

  12. beautiful

  13. darkshines says:

    Love it, I love the bottom picture with the fuzzticle “catching” some glitter in his beak ^_^

  14. Nope. Their routine is quite perfect. No embellishment required.

  15. O NO He/She/it DI-unt!!!! says:

    hovertexts= A+

  16. (Really, no one has said it yet?)


    /twilight nerdom

  17. cellarmouse says:

    i like that in the last shot, chaz’ li’l bill looks like fish lips …

  18. knittinkitten says:

    Too cute!

  19. Unbelievably gorgeous, as well as cute, photos. And love the hilarious hovertext!


  20. Queen of Squee says:

    Those are amazing photos in and of themselves, especially the last one. Duck tail waggles are super cute, especially on bebeh ducks. I am now imagining said ducklings waggling their tales…. Pardon me while my head explodes.

  21. fish eye no miko says:

    I’m beginning to question your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

  22. Too…. freakin’ …. cute… for …. words….

    *head asplodes into gold leaf and sparkle glitter*

    qwestion… will a Swiffer pick that up??

  23. Johnny Fisherman says:

    Lizzy, vampires do not sparkle. Should you claim otherwise, I will strap you to a chair and make you watch Salem’s Lot and read Hellsing and Stephen King’s “One for the Road”.

    Back on topic, I luvs me some ducky butts.

  24. chanpon says:

    *twinkle twinkle*

  25. the remind me of sparkly stickers!

  26. omg baby ducks. what I would give to snuggle one!

  27. Hovertext: “Dammit, Carl!” Words that figured in who knows how many “Far Side” cartoons. 😉

  28. Sparkly.

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    @Lizzie and Johnny F–NO! Vampires should NOT sparkle. (Please read JR Ward for manly vampires!) Duckeh butts on the hand should sparkle as much as possible!

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    oops–on the OTHER hand (although I would love some duckeh butts in my hand)

  31. wannadance says:


  32. tracylee says:

    bottoms up, fellas!

  33. Shannon says:

    Gold on my nether regions! Why didn’t I think of that!!!!

  34. i want those as wallpapers. where can i get full resolution pictures?

  35. Sparkly, cute, and just being ducklings … splendid 🙂

  36. thanks for the compliments, everyone. if you’re in new england, please come see my raptors exhibit in september:

  37. Paunchie says:

    oh wow pretty pretty pretty

  38. Coconut oil and glitter! As if you could make these adorabuhls any more adorable! 🙂 Very shiny, sparkly and pretty, though!

  39. thanks for the compliments, everyone – and thanks, CO!

  40. Lucy Loup-Garou says:

    Even their droppings sparkle!

    This is gorgeous, I’d pay for a wall hanging of this!

  41. @Lucy Loup-Garou: please email me thru my website and we’ll get you a print 🙂

  42. Queen of Dork says:

    At work, I have that last shot as my background scene on my computer and everybody loves it and asks me about it! These are beautiful pictures which cause people to smile and I love the caption as well.

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. – And now I also have a desire to go swimming.

  44. I can’t believe there’s only one reference to Sparkle Motion in here!

  45. i love the one where the 2 cats are in a circle 🙂 (K)
    P.S I love the white cat :)(K)

  46. amybabe says:

    I Love The One Where The 2 Kittens Are Makin A Circle With There Bodies 🙂 (K)

  47. It is so cute

  48. I mean they are so cute.