Lift From the Knees, Boys

I think it’s safe to say that when the forklift lifts him from the inexplicable leopard-print duvét, a motorized scooter will be waiting on the floor.

The adorable Hefty McSinch Sack forwarded by Julie B.



  1. mamabear says:

    I want to shrink myself down and go sleepy sleep on his cushy bellies. I can snack on the crumb leavings and then waller in the coziness!

  2. Vegas Vickie says:

    How can you not love this! The sounds of him eating is not unlike that of my hubby eating sunflower seeds.

  3. Ooowh… it’s actually a bit….sad… 😦

  4. I love the look at :30! Loud cruncher, idn’t he?

  5. It’s not fat it’s relaxed contractile tissue!

  6. Lorel J says:

    At first I thought that was me, then I realized that the biscuit was not chocolate-covered.

  7. Emmberrann says:

    Do marmots make good pets? Only place I saw a marmot was in Alaska, and they were all wild. I know that summer is the time when marmots are supposed to put on weight for the winter, but this…. This is redonkulous!

  8. You know, I bet Jerry Springer is on somewhere in the room… next thing you know that marmot will be chanting “Steve! Steve!”

  9. MoonCatty says:

    We just saw Yoda the Pug, and here we have Marmot the Hutt. 😉

    But waaaaaaay more adorabuhls….

    Love this furry roly poly bean bag critter happily munching on his/her deelish biscuit, and stopping every now and then to look around for the remote…

  10. Katrina says:

    Twice, at least, he is dum-dum-dummmmmmmm “Dramatic Marmot!” Might he be porky onaccountabecasue graham crackers are not, necessarily, IN a marmot’s diet? Hmmm? Great loud crunching, though….love the hind feets stickin’ up!

  11. Rachael says:

    See “blorpitude” in your Funk & Wagnall’s.

    He is defo Dramatic Marmot at :30. 😀

    I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for eating crackers, no matter how loud he crunches. What an adorable chunk-o-qte!!

  12. Discordia says:

    I like the blorpiness, the tiny munching, and the two-splaying action. And the occasional shifty “I’ve still got my eye on you…..!” glances. *pokes his belly*

  13. Discordia says:

    *TOE-splaying action, sorry

  14. earlybird1 says:

    “Does this cracker make my butt look big?”

  15. earlybird1 says:

    BAAAHAHAHAHA! I just saw “Marmot the Hutt” above. FTW, MoonCatty! XD

  16. mandy_Reeves says:

    so…Marmot’s…are an off shoot of ground hogs? Like a relative of some type? They look awfully identical.

  17. Mathasuarus Rex says:

    @ Bean: I am so glad I am not the only one who has seen those BBC mini-video thingies! “Steve! Steve! No, wait. That’s not Steve. It’s Alan. Alan! ALAN!”

    Seriously, though. Everyone needs to check out the BBC “Walk on the Wild Side” vids on YouTube.

  18. Hon Glad says:

    These crackers are slimming,right?

  19. 260Oakley says:

    Mmmm, Mallomarmots!

  20. cellarmouse says:

    i thot comments couldn’t get any funnier than “contractile tissue” at Gigi and then i read Lorel J and L’d OL. Then along comes MoonCatty with Marmot the Hutt!

    i declare this the wittiest of commentating in a long time … or maybe i’m just in a jollier mood…

    “hubby eating sunflowers” hahahaha …. “cracker…make…butt loook big?”hahahahahaha

  21. Katrina says:

    Yes, “toe-splaying action”, too, now how much would you pay?

  22. Hey, don’t call me fat! I’m storing up energy to help me survive through the long, cold winter. In fact, as soon as I finish this cracker, I’m going to hibernate right here on this soft, warm be…, er…, cave.

  23. One Eyed Daruma says:

    The blinking! It slays me!

  24. That is the most content-looking animal I’ve ever seen.

  25. i found this super depressing…

  26. How is this cute? The poor thing is clearly overfed and should be taken away from whoever owns it.

  27. “relaxed contractile tisssue”, “marmot the hut”, “thought it was me …but the biscuit is not chocolate covered”, “does this cracker make my butt look big?”

    I love it!

    ps poor judy, why do you find this “super depressing”? Are you having a bad day? If so (((hugs)))

  28. @ mandy_Reeves: Groundhogs are in the genus Marmota (pretend I wrote that in italics), so, yeah, closely related.

  29. I hope that’s a diet biscuit. Crunch crunch crunch crunch

  30. Roooooooly-poooooly! With feets!!!!

  31. ugh, my boyfriend actually has to lift morbidly obese people from their beds/ the floor/ out of bathtubs etc. for his job and I am sure he would LOVE it if he had to life one of these guys instead.

  32. @judy weird. i found it on*

    * “the most fun website at the internet!”

  33. Fat animals eating inappropriate food is not cute or funny.

  34. kibblenibble says:

    Teh Qte! It burns! That said, I don’t think he is all that …pudgy. I am not overweight, but if I sat that way, my tummy would look all blorpy, too. I think he’s just cuddly. 🙂

  35. @Gaby

    really? you should have seen him 6 months ago!

    GROWWW... oof

  36. Oh no. Definitely in the cute or sad? category. He’s adorable (especially the dramatic marmot bits) but we all now it’s wrong to overfeed animals. Not fun when they get backaches and joint pain, people!

  37. Bunnyfluffs says:

    Totally adorables.

    For all of you folks that are stamping their feet about overfed marmots, I highly recommend you google them and take a glance at wild ones. They are all built fairly hefty in the middle.. this guy just happens to use his tummeh for a dinner table. Stop the crying! 🙂

  38. In the immortal words of the Dude, “Hey, nice marmot.”

  39. It’s the Bastille Day Marmot!

  40. Trez4500 says:

    Love the Steve, Steve no that’s Alan, Alan reference! My neice and I do that all the time.

  41. Trez4500 says:

    He looks a bit like a Prairre Dog. I for one think he’s very cute and would gladly take him home with me and feed him all the biscuts he wanted.

  42. Is it bad that I was sorta hoping he’d (gently) fall backward when he leaned back there, I just wanted easier access to snorgle his belleh, is that so wrong? 😉

  43. Holy Sh**! That is the fattest whatever-that-thing-is that I’ve ever seen!

    I do agree, however, with one of the comments above that being overweight is less cute for animals than it is physically dangerous. We may all need to start moving away from this misconception if we truly want the best for our furry friends.


  44. Scout C says:

    While I agree that people should not overfeed pets, what really bothers me about this is that someone has a non-domesticated animal as a pet. Leave the wild animals (even if portly and not ferocious) in the wild. Adopt one of the millions of animals waiting in shelters, please, rather than buying an “exotic” pet to have as a status symbol just so that you can have something no one else does. That’s my rant and I’m sticking with it!

  45. NeoCleo says:

    That is not a marmot, it is some kind of ground hog or prairie dog. I’m a poet and don’t know it!

  46. earlybird1 says:

    Also… “Hefty McCinch Sak”?!?! ROTFL *wiping tears of laughter from eyes*

  47. Hon Glad says:

    Since Theresa hasn’t said it I will. Marmoset there’d be days like these, there’d be days like these Marmoset.

  48. maralisil says:

    I guess “fat hatred” is the last “socially acceptable” prejudice out there. That groundhog/critter looks pretty happy to me, and very tame! I think woodchucks are adorable, anyway!

  49. knittinkitten says:

    I think he is cute! I like when he looks arouns while going cronsche, cronsche, cronsche to see if another biscuit is ready. Too cut Mr. McCinch sac!

    Maybe he’s a rescue marmot who can’t go back into the wild? He looks purty happy where he is!

  50. Naturalady says:

    Even as Naturalady I’m not immune to the cuteness of this darling little fellow posing and greedily-happily munching, but golly people. Our culture used to view smokers as glamorous, but now they are glared at and jeered. So how is an obese creature (or human) indulging itself in its life-shortening eating addiction cute? This video is certainly cute to most of us cute overloaders. Are we addicted to cute to the point of turning a blind eye to good health for all creatures?

  51. Claire Z says:

    My husband says he wants a marmot just like this, so we can get rid of the TV and just watch him do this all the time.

  52. julie b says:

    Wow! My first time ever submitting to CO and it was posted!

    I don’t know the backstory but have a feeling this is a rescue critter. As for his blorpitude, marmots are naturally rotund and the way he’s sitting just exaggerates it. His coat is in good condition, his eyes are bright and shiny, and he’s alert and aware. All in all, a healthy animal enjoying a treat.

  53. Chill peeps

    Picture of a wild marmot

  54. Rats Hang on I will see if I can get it to show on here.

  55. Boy, Dramatic Prairie Dog has really let himself go…

    That being said, he is adorable in his squishyness, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a nice solid marmot enjoying a snack.

  56. okay maybe this one will work

    Found on the Wikipedia site

  57. C’mon, folks… These critters aren’t exactly on the skinny side to begin with, and the video above is also compressed vertically a bit, which exaggerates his blorpiness. Heck, this little guy isn’t exactly on the skinny side either, nor are any of his brethren shown at

  58. Sadly my links did not work. But he is the essence of blorpitude..

    And totally cute is when they are baby marmots and they are frolicking.

  59. CoconuCheez says:

    @Brian: c’mon, how compressed does the video have to be to make a normal marmot look like this? I hafta say I feel a little sad when i look at this video. Don’t find it cute at all 😦

  60. Copperbat says:

    Naturalady, smokers aren’t “glared at” because smoking is unhealthy for the smoker. And while we’re being honest, fatty-haters don’t jeer because fatties are shortening their lives, either.

  61. He’s not realy fat guys, as said above a few times, marmots are usualy shaped like this 😉

  62. Maybe CO should implement a “no body-snark” rule. Poor marmot is going to get a complex; he’ll be posting sad poetry on MySpace for days.

  63. Colonel Jenna says:

    What I find particularly amusing is visible at :27-33. The way he’s holding his arms, and the way the fur is laying, makes Marmot the Hutt look like he has man-boobs!

  64. That’s not adorable at all to my mind. I have seen lots of marmots on youtube and they aren’t anything like as fat. That is an abused animal, and for me shouldn’t really be shown on CO.

  65. CoconuCheez says:

    @Colonel Jenna

    i totally noticed that too!! O.o

  66. hamster5000 says:

    i agree with Gigi!

  67. Chill people. I can never understand why people get on their high horses before knowing the back-story. A friend of mine has a cat who you can see its ribcage. If you didn’t know any better you would think that someone was starving the poor creature, but no the cat has hyperthyroidism that they’re having a very hard time getting under control.

  68. Before throwing the tantrums about poor overfed animals it would be good to learn something about these animals first. Marmots spend from 6 till 7 months in the sleep and if they don’t have enough fat on them they just can starve to death while sleepiing. Actually, this is the main cause of death for the young animals, who don’t have enough time to gain weight for the winter. And, oh, depending from the time of the year marmots’ weight varies from 3 till 6 kg for the males.

    Marmots are very easy domesticated and love their owners. In Germany there is even a folks song about the poor organ grinder and his marmot.

  69. The marmot looks ludicrously contented.

  70. Is that an actual woodchuck chucking wood?

  71. may i give it a try?

    blorp free, as free as the blorp blows...

  72. shyvixen says:

    The marmot is fine. He looks like marmots are supposed to look. The digs about fat people AND the disabled are not. I come here to get away from human cruelty, not to read unkind remarks about people who need motorized scooters. Real classy C.O.

  73. MamaLana says:

    Cronsche, cronsche, cronsche.

  74. 260Oakley says:

    That picture makes me want to sing:
    On top of old Smokey
    All covered with fleas
    I lost my poor marmot
    When somebody sneezed

  75. Fleurdamour says:

    Is he eating a graham cracker?

  76. Scout C (#44), I couldn’t agree more.

    To those who think it’s ok to keep a marmot (or any other exotic as a pet), there’s a difference between “tame” and “domesticated”. Domestication involves generations of genetic change, usually resulting from an already existing symbiotic relationship – there’s evidence that the wild ancestors of dogs and cats both were in part responsible for choosing to live in close proximity and profiting from human presence – while taming involves taking an essentially wild animal and trying to suppress its natural instincts in order to make it an “acceptable” pet. Just because marmots are easy to tame doesn’t make them domesticated. They’re still wild animals and they don’t belong in homes.

    We don’t know the backstory here and maybe it is a rescue/rehab situation (although having worked in wildlife rehab, I find it hard to imagine any rehabber worth their salt would have one of their patients sitting on the bed eating graham crackers). But if it’s not, just because they’re easily “domesticated” (sic) doesn’t mean they should be.

  77. Thanks Sharpy Yay For you!

    I tried 3 different ways and my code just did not work LOL.

  78. I’m not upset with the overfed marmot, or the fact that he’s living indoors. Nor does eating in bed bother me.

    However, I highly disprove of skinning leopards for bed clothes!

  79. WHAT THE….??? You mean somebody would WANT to keep a whistle pig?? That’s what they call marmots where we have a cabin. They make a high-pitched whistle when they are startled. They usually MUCH prefer to eat plywood in my experience. And they are VERY poor housekeepers. They stink, not to put it too delicately. Absolutely not my first choice as a pet.

  80. freetomato says:

    @Vicki You beat me to it! (shaking fist!)

  81. Oh relax people, he’s not overweight or overfed. Marmots always look chunky when they sit like this. Believe me, I know from experience. 🙂

  82. lol

  83. i aims to please 🙂

  84. I have decided to reword my previous comment (#79). I’ll boil it down to —

    “EEEEWWWWW! Wheeestle Peeeegs!”

  85. @ Kar That’s not leopard’s skin its Wild synthetic Nylonpolyester !!!!

  86. Lerrinus says:

    Um, can we get a “Blorp” tag for this vid? 😉

  87. AuroraD says:

    I would love to know the story of how this blorpitudinous cutie-pie ended up as a pet! He is adorable, for sure. Also, in case anybody is still interested, pretty much every species of marmot necessarily puts on a HUGE amount of weight every summer, in order to have reserves during the winter hibernation period. When they come out in the spring, they are model-slim (well, sorta). Provided this guy’s human(s) have a cool dark place for him to sleep out the winter, his blorpaciousness is perfectly healthy and species-appropriate for July.

  88. oh for goodness sake, he’s not fat, he just “fluffy”

  89. nom
    that is all.

  90. ybmagpye says:

    You people are missing the most important bit of this story – that Marmot is GETTING CRUMBS ON THE BED!

    Sheesh! I mean, that is a crime against linen, in progress. He should be haulded in on a COL (Crumbs on Linen) charges. HARUMPH!

  91. beefcake!BEFFCAKE! “cartman voice”

  92. Poor thing… humans entertainment, laziness makes even animals fat… 😦

  93. futuramafan89 says:

    yeah… i agree… this is actually kinda sad. He is soo… fat. Kinda like that one star wars character

  94. barkbark says:

    I think we can agree that he is on the blorpy side. But nowhere near as bad as it may seem, as his kin are natural fatsos.

  95. jazmella says:

    Ha! HA! HA!! HA!!!

    I want to stick my face on his or her belly and go, “PPPFFFTTLLBBT!”

  96. Shaylin says:

    YES!! Peony said it!! “Whistle Pig”instead of ground hog. I was hoping someone would speak up for the south. We grow them HUGE down here.. WIld ones that is. This guy is kinda puny compare to some I’ve seen munching and scrunching along the side of the road (alive thank goodness) Considering how much trash humans leave as the drive about, this one munching on a clean graham cracker would seem like a delicacy to those who munch on road side garbage. Give the owner a break!

  97. It looks like after every Thanksgiving meal when you are sitting on the couch, leaning back and going “I am sooo stuffed, I will NEVER eat again…oh, is that a turkey leg? Bring it to me! Nom nom nom.”

  98. fatgrammafinn says:

    my long lost twin crunchcrunchswallowchokedipinpeanutbuttermmmmmboogers
    (the grossinator)

  99. @260Oakley

    He rolled off the mountain
    And into a bog,
    Cried “who am I kidding?
    I’m just a ground hog.”

  100. barkbark says:

    Cronch cronch cronch
    get fat
    for winter!
    (oh noes – huff – I’m sweating – hope I’m not…)
    (…losing precious fatty bits)
    cronch cronch

  101. Are we sure the aspect ratio isn’t wonky? Vid looks stretched sideways, for some reason.

  102. Mr. CinchSak IS on a diet … the cracker is way too crunchy-sounding for a graham; it looks like a Rye Crisp or a Wasa cracker. Healthy whole grains!

    And while we’re singing songs, put your How to Succeed In Business beanies on and chant along with me:

    “Ground hogs! Ground hogs! Ground hogs!”

  103. Nanette says:

    Oh my God!! I recognize him from the gang of Marmots who chloroformed our dog and forced their way into our home two years ago!! They made us pack up all our Crackerjack and Lunchabuhls into snack size Ziplock bags, which they loaded into their Ford Fiesta (probably stolen) and drove off, leaving us shaken, but luckily unharmed! I’ll never forget the eerie song this one kept singing to himself…”I like big butts and I can not lie..”

  104. fatgrammafinn says:

    @browngrl – i jes made the “ur not fat, u jes fluffy” kitten from lolcatz wallpaper on my work computer- i’m jes a late bloomer-hope my boss took his anti-conniption pills today

  105. fatgrammafinn says:

    is this a “hoary” marmot? i understand their incessant whistling at night has driven hikers and campers in Mt. Rainier and Olympic National parks to the brink of suicide- this one probably just wheezes- too cute!

  106. Can I just say? You are so brave to share that with us? I hope that reading the post brought you some closure.

  107. fatgrammafinn says:

    (hanging head in chagrineous attitude) jes’ sayin’, seasoned hikers know to bring earplugs if they expect to get any sleep
    the notion that i find despairing hikers cute can be chalked up to misplaced dash marks
    properly chastised, i am

  108. Okay, Marmot “Hefty McSinch Sack” is too fat and needs to slim down. However, this little guy is so darn cute with his cracker and his looks at the camera I couldn’t help but smile! (Agree that we need the additional tag of “Blorp”)

  109. It makes me really angry when people start chanting to take away people’s pets. What if someone took away your pet? Gentle prodding of the owner for the animal’s well being is probably in order. Other than him being overweight his coat and eyes look healthy. The owner is probably pretty good about taking care of him and probably need some dietary information to actively help it drop weight. Some owners just need a little prodding.

    If you took away every animal that was a bit portly from their owners you’d take away a LARGE amount of pets. Most of these owners really love their animals and don’t realize all the spoiling they’re doing isn’t good for them. Before you start going on a crusade to remove pets from people’s homes, talk to their owners first. Kindly passed on information goes a lot farther to fix things.

  110. one time i went to a buddhist meeting and a lady told me she was chanting “for a chocolate brown porsche.”

    i chanted for her porsche to turn purple.

    now where were we?

    oh yeah, prodding the parents of portly pets.

    i’ll be over here.

  111. Dickie Twinkles says:

    The Marmie is overweight but I doubt it is obese for a marmoset. There could be many reasons for its high weight, including the time of year. Don’t judge without knowing the backstory.
    My dog has a digestive disorder and has been underweight all his life, I’ve had to deal with accusations from ignorant people all the time.
    In technical terms, this would be ‘neglect’ rather than ‘abuse’. They’re not hitting the marmoset or torturing it, he’s simply overweight like 6/10 domestic pets in the USA.
    Also, the ASPCA would not remove the pet for being overweight, they would call round, check for underlying medical conditions and then advise on nutrition.

  112. It is healthy for marmosets to get so fat IF they are going to hibernate. However, I am willing to bet that the person who belongs to this adorable animal is NOT going to deprive it of food for the winter. I agree this is more sad than cute.

  113. maureen says:

    scout c and cheesybird, i’m with you guys

  114. FFS people!! Please… get over yourselves. Just enjoy this for what it is… is not effin animal abuse. If the owners were not feeding it – THAT would be animal abuse. Clearly this is not the case. If you think this is animal abuse, you truly need to go volunteer for a shelter, or animal rescue society to see what real abuse is… Remember the last time one of your “omg animal abuse – not cute” comment on here saved an abused animal’s life? Oh… thats right… it never has… sheesh.