The Overlook Hotel’s Other Sinister Presence

Forget the Twins, this ghastly beast will kill you softly.

Heeeeeere’s Feline, Ane B.



  1. Just tooooo adorable!

  2. Who’s a little fuzz demon?
    Who’s a little fuzz demon?

    Don’t taunt the fuzz demon!

  3. knittinkitten says:

    This little kitteh certainly knows how to get his way! I wonder what happened to the family that lived in the dollhouse before he got there? Kitteh!

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Catman Crothers
    (as directed by Stanley Mewbrick)

  5. i want to know the backstory behind the pictures. did the kitty usurp the doll bed on its own? or did the kitty’s mommy put the kitty there for a photo op? i need to know!

  6. fatgrammafinn says:

    looks like when my daughters appropriated their younger brother’s Castle Greyskull to keep their strawberry shortcake and my little ponies sequestered.

  7. skippymom says:

    knittinkitten, I see one family member facedown in front of the bed, and another squashed up against the kitty’s backside. Two more in the foreground, I think. They all seem to be wearing satin gowns.
    Why is there a bed in the dining room?

  8. chanpon says:

    Is this the dangerous spirit residing in room 277?

  9. chanpon says:

    Dang it…217. Stupid fingers.

  10. Heeeeeeeeeere’s Kitty!

  11. Submit a pic of your pooch and win a $1000 prize pack to pamper YOU and your DOG!

  12. knittinkitten says:

    skippymon, thanks, I didn’t see them, was too distracted by how bad that little kitteh is! Maybe it’s of those loft-type dollhouses and that’s why the bed is in the dining room.

    If this kitteh is anything like mine he did this all by himself!

  13. Queen Zola says:

    He doesn’t scare me! He’s just a little floof ball! What could he possibly do….THUNK! (Damn, cuted to death!)

  14. Azaleablue says:

    Redrum, indeed.

  15. Stressfactor says:

    …and Goldilocks laid down on Papa Bears bed but it was too hard. And she went to Mama Bear’s bed but it was too soft. But when she laid down on Baby Bear’s bed it was just right!

    I’d say ‘Sootylocks’ the kitten here has found Baby Bear’s bed.

  16. MamaLana says:

    What a Kitty!

  17. RED WEM

  18. @Skippymom, what, you don’t have one? 😛

  19. skippymom says:

    A bed in the dining room, you mean? Not right now. I did once live in a house that had a hospital bed in the dining room for a year, but I don’t think we’ll go there right now.

  20. Why, Kar? Can it hurt me? O.O

  21. Whoz a cute wittle fuzz demon?

  22. Thistle, it’s just tacky.

  23. Gadzooks! I ran right over when my peeps informed me that teh kitten on CO looked like Bella, but alas! Tis nawt my Bellieboo. AH well. Still slain by the cuteness.
    Considering the general disarray I’d say that kitteh had a fierce battle with teh dollies and furniture before falling prey to the Nap Monster.

    Reminds me of that Sesame Street song…where’s the other kitteh?
    What’s that? Small Pitter Pat…? something like that right?
    Mebbe someone spiked the tea?

  24. Hon Glad says:

    I of course have a day bed in the lounge, where I tastefuly recline wearing my smoking jacket, puffing on my hookah pipe, while the servants peel me a grape and my harpist plucks delicate airs, life can be cruel sometims darlings, I don’t know how I cope.

  25. kibblenibble says:

    Hon Glad: Poor dear! 🙄

  26. victoreia says:

    @skippymom: (adjusting magnifying glass) examining the evidence, those look like the remains of sofa cushions…. (taking off forensics lab coat) I’ll just take the kitten ….. ‘s prints! I’ll take the kitten’s prints!

  27. @ Metz… too bad it was not Bella Boo she is just as cute as this little morsel.. and I just love that the kitten is lounging on the bed… HEheheheh!

  28. brooklyngirl says:

    Aw, I’m reminded of this from “old school” Sesame Street:

  29. I’m not scared. What’s it gonna do–cuddle me to death?

  30. My cat used to squish his way into the stable of the nativity scene under the Christmas tree. Poor Holy Family! There was not only no room at the inn, there was no room in the stable after monster kitty bulldozed his way in.

  31. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    @ Linda: When I set up the manger the first year I was with my ex and his cat, I was woefully naive of how anything on the floor (or not) becomes a cat toy. When we got home from work we had to search the living room after kitty played her game of “Bat the baby Jesus.” Ever see the bumper sticker that says, “I found Jesus, He was behind the couch the whole time?” Well, He WAS!

  32. @Kar: *high five*

  33. Nanette says:

    That’s a dollhouse? Oh, I thought it was just a really huge kitten!

  34. victoreia says:

    @i_wuvs_puttins: And that’s why I never buy anything with fringe on it! Instant cat toy! Even the time I bought a pair of black slacks, I had to take the beaded fringe off the cuffs……

  35. I R SLEEPY

  36. BStrange says:

    @Trixie: Great minds think almost alike, mine was:



    Kitteh looks so squooshy…. waaaaaaaaaannntttt.

  37. Giant kitteh!

  38. Perhaps once you’ve completed your afternoon nap you might join me for tea?

    (I will hotly deny all claims that I “borrowed” my daughter’s doll set to set up this 100% in-no-cent photo shoot with Bella.) 😉

  39. Biscuit Tin says:

    Prongs – are you 50? Because I just turned 50 last week, and your recently stated affection for the Bobbsey Twins, Night Court and early Steven King novels really resonates with me. Just curious. So far, 50 ROCKS!

  40. Fee Fi Fo Fum.!…..ahhhhh, You had me at Fee!

  41. chocolatedonut20 says:

    sooooo cute! loooooooove it. just like in dragon tails. haha. my bro used to watch that.

  42. You should be scared seeing a cat the size of a bed.


  44. Hah Bstrange, I think you win. Purrder is cuter than Mewder.

  45. doxie lover says:

    We love this cute kitteh This one is adorable! Vote for our mini doxie in the cutest puppy contest, she is Lucy the smooth red!

  46. @Biscuit Tin – Nope, but Happy Birthday!

  47. DillPig says:

    Oooh! A silver tabby – a FLOOFY silver tabby BABY! …If you want good feline lovin’, they’re the best!

  48. All play and no work makes Fluffy a sleepeh kitteh!

    @ 31 i_wuvs_puttins That is hilarious! I’m just imagining you and your ex saying “Honey! I found Jesus…he was behind the toilet/under the tv/wedged between the microwave and coffee pot.” Lol!

  49. BStrange says:

    @Trixie: I will consent to a tie. 🙂

    And Fallon & i_wuvs_puttins, you’re cracking me up! Leave it to a cat… Hee.

  50. I shot the photo. She walked in there and fell asleep on the bed, after messing up the entire house. So when she was sleeping I tidied up the house an shot some photos of here 🙂 She looks like a giant cat!

  51. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Hee hee! Well, I have two of my own felines now and am more careful as to where I put my manger (and anything else, for that matter).

  52. Rachael says:

    260Oakley FTW! I read your comments and I think, “Well, that was obvious. I could’ve thought of that.” But who am I kidding?? There’s no way I’d have thought of it in a gazillion years. You are the Princess of Punnage!

  53. After picking up decorations all over the place, even in my bed the first year I had a cat. I gave up decorating for Christmas; I haven’t had a Christmas tree in 30 years!

  54. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    @ Gigi – I stopped putting up a tree too, but I missed it so I bought a smaller tabletop pre-lit artificial one. Thing is, it’s white and my cats are black and it must feel good when they rub against it because I’m always picking tufts of fur from the branch tips. Deck the halls with little black fuzz balls, fa la la la la….

  55. I guess the captions would make more sense to me if I’d seen the movie, but it does remind me of the times my sister and I would put the hamster in the dollhouse.

    Now when we dressed him up in her Barbie clothes, THAT was another story…


  56. Damn, that cat has a better house than mine!

    I want o call tinee tabbee, but obviously his is some sort of TITANIC TABBEE. So confused!

    I wish I could find the pictures of my dear departed Toby sitting in the attic of the dollhouse, calmly chewing on the roof and looking like like The Cat That Ate Tokyo.

  57. “Honey, I’m hooome.”

  58. @Metz: loved your kitteh tea party photos; I was almost expecting the Mad Hatter & the Alyss Iyn Wunnerland crowd to show up….. 😆 😆
    I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see a kitteh sitting in a dollhouse on doll furniture, it always strikes me as so hysterical…….! (especially if the kitteh is napping) 😉

  59. Buscuit tin Happy Birthday from a fellow 50 year old.

  60. Lol @ Kar and Thistle! 😆

  61. Ane, thanks for the explanation. I guess the first picture with the fallen chairs and the second picture with the kitty’s contented expression kind of hints at teh fact the kitty did it himself. SO CUTE.

  62. ScoutsMom says:

    Are we really sure that it was the kitty who disrupted the doll’s house? Maybe it is really the kitty’s house and the dolls were the trespassers? Maybe they deserved to be pummeled? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty, huh???

  63. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    So sweet! And I loved being reminded of that cute Sesame Street clip–thanks brooklyngirl! YouTube says it’s from 1970, but they must’ve reused a lot of their videos, because I watched Sesame Street in the 80s and I remember that one.

  64. @Ane B. 😀 AWW 😀 What a cutie 😀 What is the kitty’s name?

    @i_wuvs_puttins 😆 You should leave the little black fuzz balls on your Christmas tree 😆 I am sure your kitties will love it 😆

  65. I have a comfy bed that this sweet baby could sleep in. And I wouldn’t mind the midnight crazies!

  66. @Teresa Her name is Feline, and she lives in Oslo, Norway 😉

  67. Fleurdamour says:

    The purring alone…EGADS!

  68. Oh no, they say he’s got to go,
    Go go Catzilla
    Oh no, there goes Tokyo,
    Go go Catzilla

  69. @Ane B. 😀 AWW 😀 Feline is such a cutie 😀 I hope you live a long and happy life in Oslo, Norway, dear sweet little Feline 😀

  70. HEAVENP11 says: