The Fur Comes with an Elastic Waistband

Betty! Fetch my muumuu! I gotta roll myself to the TV to catch “Judge Judy”!

Moo, Tina K.



  1. Martha in Washington says:

    She’s just retaining water is all. And maybe retaining that plateful of nachos, and the donuts and the sub sandwich and …

  2. ” I wash mahself with a rag on a stick”

  3. This definitely needs to be filed under “blorp.”

  4. Hon Glad says:

    Please, I’m taking a bath, is here no privacy in this house.

  5. Hey, don’t be dissin’ Judge Judy. And “um” is not an answer!!!

  6. PLEASE do NOT offer this guy a “wafer-thin mint” I think his name is Mr. Creosote!

  7. O NO He/she/it DI-unt!!! says:

    DID ANYBODY ELSE NOTICE THE TAG “I’m going to eat everything???????”

    chortle. giggle.snerk.laugh. guffaw.

    HAR dee HAR HAR

    aka Laurel and HAR-dy
    (get it???? HAR-dy???? snerk)

  8. Does anyone else think the octopus who predicts the world cup winners is kinda cute?

  9. @ O NO: I too noticed the tag and laughed aloud. This kitteh is currently the only one in that category… Perhaps my chubby cat Henry could join her? I shall submit a photo and see.

    Love the teeny pink tongue on this cutie. And I (gently) poke the round belleh.

  10. heh heh. the kitty is so comfortable.

  11. I wish my cat wasn’t fatter than this one.. I reeeeeeeally do….

  12. victoreia says:

    If only my guttulance was that cute….. [sigh]

  13. kibblenibble says:

    I don’t think this kitty is fat. He/she is just sitting in an awkward posishe. Better posture will improve your figure, kitty! *gently rubs tum for good luck*

  14. knittinkitten says:

    I’m with kibblenibble! Kitteh just needs to sit in a more flattering way. Especially around company! Love the teeeny pink tongue!

  15. Koalabearkiki says:

    This is a really cute picture.

  16. You people are sooo cattty !!!

  17. MamaLana says:

    Little jelly belly, sweet pink tongue-y.

  18. it’s NOT fat, it’s FLUFF 🙂

  19. I pretty sure this pudge puddy is saying “If you’re getting a snack, make mine bacon”.

  20. I hate to admit my kitty has a SOOOO much bigger belly.

  21. JohnnyJohnny says:

    “Where’s my SAPNX?!”

  22. Oh, but this looks like my Frankie!!

  23. OMG, that cat looks just exactly like my cat Miggles – even the pose is the same. I showed the Mig the picture – it might be his long lost sib afterall and his reaction was : continued to lick himself.

  24. Coefficient says:

    Oh girl, not even an elastic band could salvage that.

  25. BStrange says:

    “See this paw? *pause to lick* …Ah killed a man with this paw. Now, call me “plump” again, boy.”

  26. A cat would never act so undignified. The camera must have been wrong, is all.

    (My cat let me type this. And now she’ll let me feed her, since I’ve been good.)

  27. 😆 The way that kitty is sitting allows he/she to cover his/her naughty bits 😆

  28. The look of annoyance on kitteh’s face says “stop taking pictures and bring me the remote!”

  29. O NO He/She/It DI-unt says:

    @ BStrange: 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “Do ya feel LUCKY, punk? DO YA?????”

  30. earlybird1 says:

    No need for a privacy tail here; this cat’s got a privacy belleh!

  31. Awww, she looks like my Molly!

  32. StormCat says:

    @victoreia – I totally agree… My “fluffiness” isn’t near this cute…

    My Sophie (AKA MeowCow) is bigger than this cutie… But my vet wuvs her anyway… First time I told her that Sophie’s nickname was MeowCow, she cracked up laughing… Now she won’t call her anything else!

  33. I think the look on this cats face is the feline equivalent of flipping us off!

    @Meggy…I don’t find octopi (I think that’s the plural) particularly cute, but I do find them pretty awesome and amazing…they’ve got a lot of smarts!

  34. That is one sassy kitteh!

  35. He needs a little kitty loincloth…for privacies…

  36. binky-mama says:

    *pokes finger into guttulance*

  37. Stephen King: Survivor Type
    lady fingers they taste just like lady fingers

  38. “yup, ‘jes hangin’ out… damn it’s hot out”

  39. Guttulance! Yummy hand- love it.