Why We Love Cute Animals Online

THIS JUST IN! [waving Press hat] CNN special correspondent Damon Brown has included Cute Overload in his chronicle of why every generation needs some cute.

In short? Kittens are a refuge from “terrorism, Afghanistan and the Gulf oil spill.” Roger that.



  1. mittens says:

    I wish there were a kitten spill instead of an oil spill.

  2. victoreia says:

    A kitten spill would be sooo much more fun to clean up!

  3. Queen of Dork says:

    hmmmmmm. Not sure about that Meg. I think the cat I slave for would cause untold disaster if he could. He already tried to kill me today and when that didn’t work, I heard him talking under his breath about “taking over the world” or something along those lines. Something about, “when I get this beeyatch (me) out of the picture” *gulp*

  4. victoreia says:

    Love the bit about “over-caffeinated Flash ads”!

  5. Queen of Dork says:

    *uh-oh. hoping victoreia won’t run away with any of the animals. (she’s sort of known for that behaviour)*

  6. victoreia says:

    [innacent look] Who, me? [makes puppy-dog eyes at QoD]

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    Crap. (mumbles to self. That dang victoreia. harumph) *puts on running shoes. fixes cat-eyed, rhinestoned glasses so they’re better on the face. mumbles some more. Man. This daggon victoreia. always taking the cute animals. (mummble, mumble. adjusts white, starchy, really clean nurse hat)* Dang. Crap. Zooooooooooooommmmm! (chases victoreia as fast as possible)

  8. Ab. So. Lutely. We need to install a basket of puppies at the UN.

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    Every generation needs cute? Well. DUH!

  10. BStrange says:

    I dunno, I’ve mopped up some kitten spills in my lifetime, and they seem pretty toxic themselves. Especially after tuna. PHEW. *fans air*

    Also, I think pants is onto something there.

  11. I avoid raining cats and dogs, so why would I want a puppy kitteh spill? Think of the mess! Oh the mess! 🙂 🙂

  12. Yeah…but to me kittens are a reason/motivation to fight the ugly problems in the world, not a motivation. Technically, you could say that American Idol was a distraction to prevent people from actually researching anything or think hard about the Iraq war and Afghanistan. I would be uncomfortable attributing this role to kittens.

  13. MamaLana says:

    I’m so proud of you, C.O., for making the papers or whatever they are. Congratulations.

  14. I look at CO nearly every day.
    On Friday I was all pissed off at work with management then I went to CO and saw the disapproving marshmallow bunny and it made everything ok again 🙂

  15. Rebecca says:

    Ugh, more CNN-referred users inevitably means more indignant “I thought this was a family friendly site” complaints to CO about cats’n racks, use of the word “bitch”, etc.

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    Rebecca: And don’t forget the word “ass” 🙂

  17. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ QoD:


    One leeeeeeetle qwershtyun as to your Monitoring of Victoreia’s connving Cute-napping Capers, if I may?

    Ok so there’s the rhinestoned eyeglasses/ spectacles…I’ve got them down.

    Now as to the startched white Really Really Clean Nurse’s Cap.
    Is the Nurse’s Cap, required to be AS sqeaky as the Nurse’s Shoes????

  18. BStrange says:

    Rebecca @15:

    The Commenting Crusaders don’t scare me. They are the neurotic yappy dogs of the Internet. And like their canine counterparts, they could probably all stand to get outside more. 😉

  19. Leilani says:

    Truer words has never been writ!

  20. *Waving arms around* Tushie! Tushie! Tushie!

    Will someone get offended by that? (I hope I hope!)

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    You guys, my cat is so scared. There are so many firework sounds going off right now. My kitty is sort of attached to me right now. He won’t remove himself from my body. I love him and I’m just trying to hold him and talk him through this. Silly, little funny kitty.

  22. Poor Sammy. My Stinky used to hate thunderstorms, and go slinking into the basement. I would go down to check on him, and he would just attach himself to me, just like that. Poor little fella.

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    I know. Theresa, this is so sad. I’m trying my best to tell him that everything is okay. Just when I think the people in the neighborhood have exhausted their supply of fire works, there are more bangs and whistles. My poor little baby kitty. He seems to be a bit more calm now, though.

  24. BStrange says:

    Poor scairt kitteh. That head-crammed-into-the-elbow-or-armpit clingy thing they do when spooked turned me to sympathetic goo every time. 😦

  25. Hon Glad says:

    The meek and the cute shall inherit the earth, that’s if it’s alright with everyone else.

    High peeps Hon Glad, just back from a weeks holiday in Florence Italy. I had a bit of good luck while there, I met this guy Bert Buonarrotti, a direct decendant of Michelangelo.
    Little did I know, but apparently, to make a bit of extra cash Micelangelo, as well as sculpting David, knocked out some David’s head fridge magnets and Bert just happened to have one left for the bargain price of 30,000 Euros. So of course I snapped it up
    and I am the proud possesor of a renaisance master piece.

  26. Hon Glad says:

    It would have to Micelangelo, the detail is so small 🙂

  27. “Kittens are a refuge from ‘terrorism, Afghanistan and the Gulf oil spill.'” As are bunnehs and puppehs and little lambs!

    Seriously, if not for CO the world would be bereft of cute. We salute you, Cute Overload, for making America a cuter place!

    Am with @mittens, “I wish there were a kitten spill instead of an oil spill.” Though millions of kittens suddenly let loose in the Gulf would probably wreak havoc.

  28. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    waving happily: “HI HON GLAD”

    you are SUCH a discerning purveyor of objets d’art!!!!

    and I, fer one, am SO glad you got to go there. Hadja been to Italy previously? And WHY )pray tell) would you allow them to FIND you, when it was time for the return (?) flight/ boat whatev’s ???

    I personally would recommend the ol’

    “Gee, I had NO idea where the terminal was; I tried, REALLY I tried…”
    (plink) (plink) (innocent facial expreshe) Technique. Couldn’t HURT!!!

  29. catlover says:

    OSSIM! (if you can’t figure out what that means, sound it out.)

    Too true! There should be an expresssion. How about: “A squee a day keeps the doctor away?

  30. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Hon Glad! Did it come off Michelangelo’s own fridge?

  31. Hon Glad says:

    “O/NO” My second time in Florence for a week and also there for the day (From other parts of Italy) twice. I’d have loved to stay longer but I don’t think the I couldn’t find the Airport strategy would work. I must say I hate flying, it’s not being scared of flying but being hearded about and being made two jump through security hoops, get there two hours before, crammed into a too small space and pay 320 bucks for the privelidge. 😦

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow Hon Glad! That’s really cool!

  33. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    hello QoD? Que pasa, Mme la Danseuse??

  34. @Hon Glad, that guy who did the little stuff– Wouldn’t that be Microangelo? 😛

  35. PS Envy you like crazy going to Florence, but not necessarily this time of year. Was it hot?

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    O NO: huh? what? Did you just say something in two different languages? Actually three if you count the hello. 🙂 (amazingly, I understood everything. Yay!) Being your friend is forcing me to learn new languages which is really neat.

  37. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    hey there hi there ho there @ Theresa, HG and at Q!!

    Hi Q — how’s the Bed of Wonderful Peaceful Slumber? Were you able to convince SK yet, that it is actually (shhhhhhh) YOUR bed??

    HEY YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS AT LAST i can again play on CO during the weekends!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I did indeed have to entirely replace my internet modem. It had
    “fallen down, gone boom” a few weeks back. Good news is — CW did the replacement GRATIS. Now that the move is about 40 % complete, I was able to focus on something OTHER than paperwork and sleep.

    (I think that’s Latin, so maybe that’s yet a different language)

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi! Oh cool! Latin in the mix! How ’bout some Greek? I’m going to check my e-mail now because I feel that some people will get angry about us discussing non-related to the post posts. 🙂

  39. Greek: Baklava!!!

  40. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    wow (rolly-eye emoticon)

    sometimes it’s a bit….strrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaange to have an ability in/ with megaResearch……

    In order to realign our discussion more politically correctly to the animal post (which regards CO and journalism & animals, if my memoire serves correctly)…I set up a search “animals” “journalism” and “Japanese” and…..um…..this link came up….no worries (at least in a brief browse/ overview) nothing unsuitable just………
    um. cosmic and offbalance and quirky. Theresa, I think that you in partic. might perhaps enjoy the following link…

    “Put on yer seatbelts;
    it’s gonna be a BUMPY ride……” (B. Davis, All About Eve, I think…)


  41. What, you don’t want to talk about baklava? 😆

    PS On one of my birthdays, one of the nicest surprises I ever got was a big hunk of BAKLAVA! from one of the great Greek bakeries in Astoria, Queens, provided by a lovely, dear, sweet colleague. It was wonderful.

  42. PS: In other monkey news . . . oh, OK, it’s OLD monkey news

    Monkey on the Lam – Florida

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay! Theresa said a Greek word! I love when people play. Here’s another Greek word: Thermo. (I think)

  44. Oh no, embedding/moderation fail! I just tried to put up a clip of Stephen Colbert’s “Monkey on the Lam(b)” 😉

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Well Theresa, I know this would be considered a strange thing but I really don’t like sweet food very much and baklava is SUPER sweet. I know. I’m the only one. As for sweets, I really only like chocolate. Oh and apple pie (that I make) is pretty good. I just kind of like salty things.

  46. PPS: Moussaka! Retsina! Ouzo!

    To make up for the monkey vid, here are some lovely Greek people dancing. Where are the broken dishes?

  47. @QoD, Baklava IS really sweet. It’s all those little tiny layers of phyllo pastry that are amazing.
    Chocolate? WHERE?

  48. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Very nice! Here is something that is also really great although not Greek, but Jewish. My daughter and I have actually watched this so many times that we know the choreography and do this dance in our living room.

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    *sends Theresa some Godiva chocolates. I mean, after I’ve eaten some of them”

  50. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Mighty generous — AND ladylike of ya, theah, Ms. Q!!!

    (*second snerk*)

    (making valiant attempt to stifle third *snerk* ‘cuz I luuuuuuuv me some QoD, but…)

  51. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    wo Theresa: your literary review of the Japanese monkey vid?

  52. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    (oops typling fail)

    That was supposed to say:

    “S”o Theresa [ NOT “wo”, Theresa]

    Facepalm/ “D’oh!!!”

  53. That’s terrific!

  54. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: YOU are terrifc! How is little, purry, purry Dante? Purring and being cute I’ll bet?

  55. He’s fat!

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    Warning: Thread grab. (whispering) My cat is laying in this ridiculous position which looks like many, if not all, of his bones should broken. I know mine would be if I tried to lay on the floor like that. Also, his paws keep twitching so he must be having a dream. I hope he’ll be okay when he wakes up. How can he be so rubbery? *shhhhhhhhh. tries to go about my chores without waking up HRH*

  57. Yay! Sammy rules, even in REM sleep!

  58. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    hey Q how did HRH
    like the Weekly Tiara that you brought him on Friday,
    acc to his obligated contractual requirements? did it meet His Stringent Requirements (“HSR”)?? Were there adequate rhinestones?

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Hahaha! Your saying REM reminded me of this little gem!

  60. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh No: He hated it. He instructed me to try harder and do better next time. (sigh)

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    Crap. I have to go now. Boots is annoying SamKitty and I have to go break it up.

  62. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    But Q:

    doesn’t EVERYTHING annoy SK (Exhibit 75: this week’s inadequate Tiara)???

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh NO: Yes. Everything annoys him. He just told me I’m fired. In a completely annoyed way. He said his lawyers will be contacting my lawyers, except that I don’t have a team of lawyers like he does. (crap)

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh my goodness. They are behaving just like Ramona and Howie. I have to keep going in the bathroom where they are currently play/fighting and breaking it up. Darn, these stupid cats. I can’t get a moment’s peace. (but I really love them both) 🙂 Very, very much!

  65. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    (sending peace love karma and anything else groovy and rhinestoned I can find, to Nevada) hey — here’s some catnip. Give some to each AT OPPOSITE ends of the house??

  66. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    and if ye’re fired, how does he plan to open the cans of cat food?

  67. Queen of Dork says:

    I think he has opposable thumbs now. (Lord, help me. gulp)

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    Les, it’s for sure now. He has the use of thumbs. He said he’s going to use them to “disable the lady who feeds him inadequatly every day.” Also, I overheard him talking to Boots about something like, “burning the house down. Burn, baby, burn” or some such thing. He said something about, “disgusting, furless, creature who can’t see in the dark” or something along those lines. (I think he was referring to me). I feel like perhaps I should sleep with an eye open tonight. I’ll contact you in the morning if I make it to see the sun rise.

  69. Ahem. Ahem. I am speaking to Samkitty now. Dear Samkitty, you are undoubtably a remarkably intelligent and handsome fellow, and deserve the best of everything! But let me ask you– do you remember last night, when your nasty mean neighbors made all that terrible and VERY DANGEROUS noise? Wasn’t it your lovely Stef who protected you and kept you safe, mmmMMMMMMMMMMM?

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    Thank You, Theresa! Exactly what I was trying to tell him.

  71. We all know animals can help lower our blood pressure. Now they can save humankind just by dint of their cuteness.

    All hail the power of the cute! (POC? Maybe new acronym? Oooo–what about POCS–Power of Cute Society?)


  72. Queen of Dork says:

    BG and Theresa: I think I could probably write a book about my adventures with my little, sweetie SamKitty. I think I would call it, This Is Why My Cat Is Mad At Me. (again).

  73. Hon Glad says:

    Theresa, It was hot but I was staying in the gardeners cottage of a Grand villa, I had air conditioning and use of the swiming pool. So I had he best of both worlds, culture in the morning and slob out by the pool in the afternoon, or flop on the cotton sheets of the bed under the zephyr like breeze from the air con. Beleive it or not when I got back to blighty, it is nearly as hot as Italy, only air con is not a feature of my house, I don’t even posess a fan.

    QoD, Kalimera kiria, ke esis ?

  74. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: Huh? I’m not getting this one. Huh? To have? To have what? 🙂

  75. Hon Glad says:

    Qod, my spelling may be off, but that was Good morning madam how are you?
    Your reply is ke esis kala, as I’ve said speling probably wrong.

  76. Hon Glad says:

    as is spelling spelled wrong. Duh!

  77. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh! Hon Glad, that’s really, really sweet. Gosh.

  78. Queen of Dork says:

    But what language is that? Is it Portueguese?

  79. Hon Glad says:

    It’s bleedin GREEK, all I know in Portuguese is “obligado” – thank you.

  80. Coefficient says:

    Why not just cute for cute-ness’ sake? D=

  81. BStrange says:

    Coefficient: Nobody’s making anyone have a larger reason to look at cute pictures. Any additional reasons are entirely voluntary here. 🙂

  82. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad. Oh!

  83. Long before the oil spill and the economy crashing, there was stress at work, stress at home, stress at the grocery store … and teh Qte has lowered my blood pressure and made me smile all of them there times.

  84. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    @ HonGlad:

    (Just on general principles or principals or…well, you get the idear…)

    🙂 🙂 🙂