Nice pouch-stuffing, Mom

Geeshe Mom. A little help here? [koala eye roll]

Photo by Paula K. The K stands for Koala.



  1. Is ANYTHING cosier than being a baby marsupial in the pouch?

  2. BStrange says:

    So, does this count as “putting your paw up”?

  3. O NO He/She/ It DI-unt!!!!! says:

    MEG IS IN DA HOUSE!!! WOOT (& stuff).

    Koalas R Kyoot. Scientific FACT.

    That is all.

  4. chanpon says:

    This one looks a bit squooshed.

  5. Katrina says:

    There comes a time when one must exit the pouch…..especially with nails like that!

  6. kibblenibble says:


  7. So cute & comfy!!!! I didn’t know koalas were marsupials. This whole time I thought they were bears!!!! shows how much I know :/

  8. “And once agin, heah is the famous koala beah? Ironic, isn’t it, thet the wold’s smallest contnint has the wold’s cutest ennimel? Obsehve the vilvitty tixtuhe of the fuh, the beepable nose, end the giniral squishability? SQUEEEEEEEEEE!”

  9. Felicityanne says:

    That is an arm AND a leg, isn’t it?! and yes, Katrina, pity the poor Mum with a pouch full of those claws…

  10. Snug as a bug in a (bear) rug! Adorable!


  11. knittinkitten says:

    Clawses and pawses. What could be cuter? Well, except for the bebbeh koala nose. Nose beeeeeeeeep!

  12. victoreia says:

    “I swear, this outfit keeps shrinking!”

  13. MamaLana says:


  14. PeacNLuv says:

    “Pugs and Jugs” should be the title of this new category!! *Off to pic taking*

  15. mhairimusic says:

    there’s so much to love about this pic, but what i love most is that the baby koalas aren’t concerned, they’re just enjoying themselves.

    ps: can you imagine how HOT it must be in that pouch? ouch!

  16. Jerilyn says:

    Must be one of them there new-fangled folding bears.

  17. Geeshe Mom. A little help here? [koala eye roll]… Eye roll back…. These are Australian Koala’s not American Koala’s be politically correct Mom = Mum.

    Australia isn’t the smallest Contenant in the world. Its the largest island and its almost as big as the United States…..