Voice-activated Corgi

SUPER LULZ on this one, and maybe because I’m a sucker for voices, but this is great, a Corgi that only responds to certain voices…

Submitted by Sir Paul McCartney (AKA Claire Z.)



  1. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    …..(you YOUNGER “whippersnappers” MIGHT not get this ‘un)

    ….but I thought PAUL (Mc Cartney) WAS DED???????

  2. CathyDee says:

    Nope. He’s only sleeping.

  3. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good one, Cathy Dee!!! I grovel in yer gerneral direkshun!!!!

    And the Crowd goes WILD (waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh)

  4. He sounds like Stewie.

  5. Mrs. P. says:

    But surely she’s really responding to the voice of Brian on _Family Guy_??? 😀

  6. cosmiquemuffin says:

    Well, now we know why the Queen keeps Corgis…. LULZ

  7. Madame X says:

    Lurves me the ear akshon!!!

  8. Do I make you randy baby, do I?

  9. what happens if he gots a sore throat?

  10. Christy says:

    @DJ, I thought the voice sounded like stewie too!

    This is just hilarious. Very cute dog.

  11. Wrecks143 says:

    this has made my life.

  12. cyberpunkrocker says:

    No, Sir Paul is NOT dead, he just smells like that

  13. Aboo Gaboo says:

    Good thing it doesn’t only respond to ebonics. That would be rough. “Yo’ MF’er getcho azz ova heer.” *Corgi lights up*

  14. 260Oakley says:


  15. tesstricks says:

    I’m crying, this is so hilarious. cosmiquemuffin: I think you’re on to something!!

  16. Rofl, too redonkulous!! The voice and the floppy corgi ears!

  17. Bring Kinney to Liverpool; watch Kinney explode with happiness!

  18. Sounds more like Monty Burns than Beatles… cute.

  19. Jenn in IL says:

    Beatles voice or not, that is one CUUUUUUUTE pup! With her one floppy ear and her wagging stub of a tail…why are Corgis SO awesome??

    She looked so concerned peeking from behind the fridge (or whatever it is) at :45. Then she just comes running all essited! I can’t get over how cute this is.

  20. that’s totally gear

  21. lololol…. I keep thinking about how long it took him to figure it out…

  22. Excellent start to my Friday.. HEhehe at O no… and CathyDe, Well if you play this backwards we will all be able ot hear the secret message.

  23. Holly Bees says:


  24. WordGeek says:

    The funniest part is when he tries the ‘indian’ accent on her and she gives him a look over her shoulder like ‘Oh puhLEASE!’.

  25. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    @ Kittyad:

    (“Paul is dead” “I am the Walrus” etc.)

  26. Noodles says:

    Wiggle wiggle tappity tappity! Awwww.

  27. Clawed Monet says:


  28. Floppy eared corgi! That’s how our little girl is. She’s already silly looking enough with the stubbly legs and perpetual doggie-grin, but the floppy ear really sells it. Yay single floppy ear!

    Love this video. 😀

  29. 1. I LOVE THE CORGIS. I want one. Now. Give to me.

    2. This is so funny I laughed for about 5 minutes after. Too bad my puppy doesn’t respond to ANY voice, celebrity or not.

  30. hahahahahahah hilarious



  32. Noelle (the First) says:

    Ironically, this is also how my mother responds to the Beatles! 🙂
    (sorry Mom)

  33. Kelley O says:

    CNN article link is here:


    (hope that works)

  34. I thought the voice sounded like a weird mixture of Ringo and Bob Dylan.

  35. Congrats on the article! Its on frontpage-ish area. 😉

  36. fluidstatic says:

    @Linda Oh good, I wasn’t the only one. XD

    Betcha if you put Abbey Road on the stereo that dog goes BERSERK.

  37. Snoochies says:

    @Noelle (the First)


  38. But if you play it backwards, he plays dead?

  39. I wonder what would happen if you played the dog an actual Beatles song?

  40. kibblenibble says:

    I love how her entire body wiggles with joy at the Liverpudlian accent! (And is it just me, or is the word Liverpudlian a bit entertaining?)

  41. Sweeda88 says:

    He sounds like Wacko from Animaniacs! Look it up on YouTube, that crap’s hilarious! lol

  42. That’s not Paul, that’s Stewie.

  43. PS, LOVE the “one flap down” look. 😀

  44. Megharoni says:

    The voice sounds more like Stewie than The Beatles 🙂 What a cute pup.

  45. omg that is so frigging hilarious and cute!!!!

  46. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Sounds like Mr. Burns.

  47. ViolaDeLesseps says:

    I agree with nycat & co. — sounds more like Mr. Burns than Scouse. But what a sweetie-dog!!

  48. D8 WELL I NEVER. That CNN article misspelled ‘I Can Has Cheezburger!’

  49. …er, in the sidebar, that is, not the main article. *cough*

  50. Melissa says:

    @ :46 the little face behind the fridge. Cuuuute!!!

  51. jiffknee says:

    So – Freakin’ Awesome!

    Not that it compares to the whole accent thing, but I had guinea peegs who would only “Wheet!” when I walked by – not my husband, mom, friends, etc. Either I must smell like yummy fresh veggies or they just really had the hots for me.

  52. Sweeda88 says:

    Just watched it for the 3rd time. It doesn’t get old!

  53. That´s so corgilicious!

  54. Claire Z says:

    Woo, I made it! I feel like such a clean old man.

  55. flutterbye says:

    Wonder how sweet corgula would react during an episode of Family Guy, especially the episode I watched last night when they were weaning Stewie!

  56. knittinkitten says:

    I want to be in the dog park when he calls her. That has to be the funniest. Love the widdle floppy ear and the concerned look from behind the refrigerator.

  57. It’s interesting how dogs will respond to some voices, but not to others. For instance, when I volunteered at an animal shelter, we had a number of dogs that were very fearful of males, and male voices in general, probably b/c they’d been abused. Sad, but true.


  58. Mrs. P. says:

    Sorry, I mean Stewie, not Brian! 😀

  59. Ok, I’m a bit slow… LULZ? Is that just LOLs in Liverpudlian? Like Mom/Mum?
    Utterly redonk. The ear floppage is just too too much.

  60. darkshines says:

    Ok, so I’m guessing this guy has never, EVER heard a Liverpulian accent, like EVER.

    Sounds like Mr Burns…..

    Release the hounds…..

  61. Linda in Calif says:

    Amazing, since the natural language sound of Corgi ears is – well – Welsh, of course.

  62. Mew mew mew I has a cute says:

    Haha! Beatles fan puppy 🙂

  63. Well, Liverpool is not that far from Wales, look you.

  64. Natalie says:

    Ha! I don’t have sound at work so I’m glad for the comments so I know what’s going on. A cute corgi is pretty good even with no sound, though. I think a corgi will have to be my next pup.

    My mom used to have a dog that appeared to be a mix of corgi and yellow lab (and probably some other stuff) – big old head and short stubby legs! she was the best!

  65. The butt wiggle at :41 just did me in.

  66. Laurens says:

    that was beautiful. thanks!

  67. Reibear says:

    Oh wow, that’s so cute. The dog is cute too, but the Beatles voice!

  68. omg the wiggling tush did it for me, this is from a proud owner of a wigglebutt Aussie, gets me every time 🙂

  69. Melinda says:

    I hear Montgomery Burns crossed with Stewie.

  70. This totally made my day! 😀

    I MUST have this dog. As much I listen to the Beatles, this pup would be in heaven. 😀

  71. Patches'Adventures says:

    Lof the bum waggling at 0:40!

  72. BStrange says:

    Corgis are great. Especially butt-wiggly corgis. And look, this one has advanced corg technology for better pupformance!

    Also, articlegrats to CO!

  73. So great!
    I only obey Paul McCartney as well.

  74. I can’t stop watching this -sooooo beautiful and totally hilarious!thanks

  75. Lorel J says:

    I really hope that this phenomenon is true.

    I do wonder, though, why the voice sounds like an “inside” voice during the shot that takes place outside. There’s a disconnect regarding the acoustics here. Maybe the dog owner is inside talking out? Sorry, I just have that kind of mind that would think of overlaying another audio track to make it look like the dog was reacting to the voice and not, perhaps, an off-camera visual signal.

    All that being said, I really hope that this corgi responds to British accents only. Heh.

  76. oh that was big time LOL.! Like twice~!!

  77. What’s her name? Kitty? Kinny? Kimmy? Love the eye peaking out from behind the fridge. Best part.

  78. BStrange says:

    Lorel J – It doesn’t have same hollow “house echo” in the outside shot, to my ears. I think the rest may just be the mic. I could be wrong.

  79. BStrange says:

    You know, that accent’s a step closer to the oogy-boogy-babytalk some people use with their pets (same soft, rounded sounds, I mean) than anything else he uses in the vid. Some pets learn to associate that mooshy talk with “ooh, attention and treats”, so maybe that’s it. Whatever the case, I’m cracking up. 😀

  80. BStrange says:

    And yes, *lookleft, lookright, cough* I’m as guilty as anyone of talking like that to my pets. 😳

  81. Yes Stewie or Mr. Burns! I love the wiggle-body!

  82. I wonder what the dog does when he hears a Beatles song? This was so cute! He’s probably all about world peace, too! Way cool!

  83. let me guess: certain silly voice = treats ?

  84. Bunnypharr says:

    That pup is so cruel! He doesn’t even appreciate his human for who he really is! “I ONLY love you when you make THAT voice. Anything else will just get you a dirty look or the cold shoulder/butt.”

  85. LOL! His Pakistani dialect is hilarious. 😉

  86. Katrina says:

    A tad undignified, but it is true, the Corgi butt is one of most wonderful things in the world! Killer is shedding great guns right now- is that happening to other Corgis? Killer has a fever, an ear infection and a tracheal bug of some kind. Think helpful thoughts about her, please? Luckily peanut butter is one of her faves and she now associates her antibiotic pills with peanut butter! YAY peanut butter! Terrible cough, poor Corgula.

  87. BStrange says:

    Poor little corginator! *helpfulthoughtshelpfulthoughtshelpfulthoughts…*

  88. blair knight says:

    such an adorable corgi.

  89. That’s pretty much how I pictured Paul’s house.

    My one cat reacts to George Harrison’s sitar-based songs. I was playing “Within You Without You” on an old boom box and she went up to it and stuck her paw in the speaker cone. Never got it on video though. She only reacts to the sitar music. So we figure she’s Hindu (not sure if being a cat is an advancement or a punishment in her circle of life but I figure if she was once human she was pretty bad). But now we’re going to have to scatter her ashes on the Ganges when she’s gone. Which is a bit inconvenient.

  90. Debbieln60 says:

    LOL…I was thinking the exact same thing as Kitty Adventures. If the fella talks backwards will the puppeh hear that Paul is dead.

  91. You keep taking good care of the little pupster, Katrina, and I’m sure she’ll bounce back with a spring in her wiggly little butt. We’re all thinking good thoughts for her rapid recovery!

  92. Queen of Dork says:

    *sends peanut butter, healing thoughts and love to Katrina and her dog*

  93. the butt wiggle at 40 sec. damn near killed me. and it sounds more like the governator than the beatles. hrm ..

  94. Whitwoc says:

    Ooh I appreciate only the more mature CO’ers will get this, but I wonder how she feels about Thomas the tank engine.
    Or family guy.

  95. He should’ve named that dog either Smithers or Brian. Sounds like a mix between Mr. Burns and Stewie Griffin.

  96. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    Hilarious. I’m with those who thought he sounded like Mr. Burns at times.

  97. Wow, I totally heard John Lennon.

    And we were cracking up at how “sad” lil’ Corgi looked when other voices were being spoken instead of Beatlespeak. Seriously, hilaious!!

  98. Queen of Dork says:

    Everyone sing! Don’t get sad, but sing along with the Beatles. (gulp. I’m trying not to be sad). La….. and so on. *bangs tamborine against thigh*


  100. Christy says:

    SO cute! That corgie is smart…picky, but smart!

  101. AHAHA SO FUNNY!!! I love the indian accent!!
    and omg, what a funny dog!

  102. This is the reason Corgi’s are the best.

  103. Haha he really does respond to Paul mcCartney! Whenever my beagle hears my name she will run to the front door to see if I’m coming. She even does that when she knows I’m home. Supercute!!

  104. I am SOBBING laughing!!! Eyes watering, shaking, even snorted a few times!
    A) HIGHlarious.
    B) SOOOOO tooo way beyond cute.
    C) How DOES one come to the realization that one’s amazingly adorable Corgi adores silly Brit accents?
    D) Seriously. How DOES one?
    😀 😀 😀 no more words just giggles 😀 and grins 😀

  105. That is hilarious!!!!!

  106. I really wonder how he figured this out… I am picturing him really stoned listening to Abbey Road and singing along =P

  107. @ Aboo Gaboo #13 That’s not Ebonics, that’s slang. The two are not the same.

    – A Black Linguist

    [Word. 😉 – Ed.]

  108. Best video ever. I watch this every time I nees a good laugh its awesome! Thanks for sharing. I bet Kinners owner is a riot to hang out with. Accents are spot on! Love Kinners! Just freakin hilarious!!!