“Paranormal Activity” Meets Simon’s Cat

“It’s a somewhat creepy live action Simon’s Cat!



  1. Venerable Bead says:

    At least kitteh is kind enough to wait until *almost* 6 am before the dauntless pursuit of noms.

  2. Where are the ping-pong ball eyes?

  3. Poohbear says:

    The story of my nights. Or early mornings.

  4. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Some kitteh’s has a very acute sense of time. My dear late Isabella wanted her morning noms at 5.00 am precisely, otherwise the flower pots started to fall…

  5. Cute

  6. schnell says:

    Poor Simon. He doesn’t seem to sleep very well. Even when the kitteh isn’t wanting noms.

  7. knittinkitten says:

    Now I have a very good idea of what Commander Sassafrass is up to when I sleep. I especially enjoy the kitteh subliminally directing the person’s sleep position for kitteh’s optimal comfort. The little monster in my house usually waits until 7.00am to start the paw pats on my nose. Quite civilized of him.

  8. I’m not really making the connection between paranormal activity, and a cat wallowing on and waking up its owner…

  9. Biscuit Tin says:

    Are you up?
    How ’bout now?
    ‘Cause I’m up, is all I’m sayin.
    Yep, up and hungry.
    But you go ahead and sleep. [Looks for bat.]

  10. @Lexie I think “Paranormal Activity” is a tv show where they set up a camera to watch a room in a house for a long period of time, in hopes of catching a ghost or whatever. But in this case, the reference doesn’t pertain to actual paranormal activity, but just the part where he set up the camera to watch what the cat does while he sleeps.

  11. This was hysterical! And I thought my little orange girl was the only one who did soft pats in the a.m.

  12. knittinkitten says:

    Tee-hee. Just went to youtube and watched a couple of the animated shorts. Especially like the “Hot Spot” one as I also have a desk that I work at at home. Every single time I get up my kitteh takes over the chair. Every single time. sigh. Sometimes he’ll let me have it back. *sighs* (sits on floor to work on computer. Kitteh honk-shus contentedly on chair.)

  13. MamaLana says:

    Hilarious (and oh-so-familiar!) LOL

  14. Biscuit Tin says:

    Lexie – The show “Paranormal Activity” makes videos that look like this, as they search for poltergeists and succubi and demons, etc, without featuring cats.

  15. NightTerrors says:

    “I’m not really making the connection between paranormal activity, and a cat wallowing on and waking up its owner…”

    I guess you haven’t seen the movie “Paranormal Activity” which featured similar-looking time-lapsed sequences of sleeping people and creepy things happening around them – a reference to that, not that there’s paranormal activity in the video.

    Although, I gotta say, I often awake to feel a pressure on my chest, and two glowing yellow eyes staring at me from approximately 2 inches away – while it ain’t “paranormal”, it certainly isn’t “normal” to wake up that way ..

  16. siorghra says:

    After watching this video a year ago I realized that my cat was about 85% of the cause of my insomnia. I started locking him of the bedroom and Voila! No more 2am clawing the toes, no more lying on the face suffocating me… He may not be happy, but I sure am.

  17. BStrange says:

    I bet a cat’s photobombed them at least once though. Even if they never aired it.

    Harass-O-Cat! Arghg, so familiar… Kitty Back Massages are fine, but wheezkerz to the ear? That’s dirty fighting!

  18. gloom raider says:

    This is exactly why my “be near you” cat is shut in the bedroom with me at night, while the “be on you” cat languishes outside. (Actually, the guy in the video was turned so the cat couldn’t deliberately step on his bladder. But it’s very close!)

  19. @knittinkitten

    I bought this chair, and suddenly, I don’t have to compete for a place to sit!


  20. domanato says:

    haha that guy definitely has a sleep disorder. BTW watch this cat wrestle with the baby…and the cat wins! http://www.shortform.tv/w/cute/cutest-wrestling-match-ever-pettubecom

  21. @ NightTerrors
    “Although, I gotta say, I often awake to feel a pressure on my chest, and two glowing yellow eyes staring at me from approximately 2 inches away – while it ain’t “paranormal”, it certainly isn’t “normal” to wake up that way ..”

    –Sure is normal where I live 😉

  22. So this is what cats do at night. No wonder I feel tired all the time.

  23. Katiedid says:

    “Wake up stupid human! It’s tuna time!”

  24. 12 knittinkitten, I had a 6lb cat who did the same thing. So I just used the front third of the chair and let her recline in the remaining 2/3.

    My father on the other hand just put a second chair at his desk for his cat to supervise his work.

  25. No baseball bat?

  26. I’m not really making the connection between paranormal activity, and a cat wallowing on and waking up its owner…

    Whatever you do, don’t check Google, I’m sure it couldn’t possibly help you out.

    This was great.

  27. I saw this a while ago already, this is every night for me! Exept my kitty adds in a few dead lizards on my pillow! Yuck!
    Oh and not to mention my two hamsters who run on their wheel all night long, I son’t know how I manage to sleep.

  28. Rebecca says:

    My cats never wake me up in the morning for food because I only give them dry food in the morning. They get the good canned food at night when I get home for work. So I can sleep in as long as I’d like and they are always very excited when I come home from work – so it’s a double bonus!

  29. Mittnkittn says:

    LOLZ that is ace. My mates clever kitty uses his plumy feather duster of a tail to wake her up and if that fails he’s learnt to open the curtains. Eeks!

  30. FinnMacCool says:

    …..but where was the baseball bat? I kept waiting and waiting…… >:-)

  31. BStrange says:

    Lottie – You got a dead lizard, I got a live centipede. I’d almost swear they store these things up for optimal tactical deployment… Maybe this is why I kept finding lightly stunned creepy-crawlies deposited in my boots?

  32. Familiar to anyone who has a cat with bed privileges. Cat’s internal clock’s are amazing. Cipher always knows when it’s almost dinnertime. And always knows when 6 am rolls around. Who needs alarm clocks when you have a cat?

  33. BStrange says:

    Rebecca – Lucky! My cats had dry food available 24/7 and that didn’t stop them. “*poke-poke* It’s morning. Do something interesting, monkey.”

  34. Peanut's mama says:

    That is my little man to a tee!!! But for some reason, he only does it to me, never my hubby. HHHMMM????? Methinks my 2 guys are ganging up on me.

    “I don’t care if you wake mamma, but let daddy sleep. I’ll give you extra play times later.”
    “‘Kay dad.”

  35. Talk about internal clocks, my mom had two Maltese dogs. One would put herself to bed precisely at 8:00 each night, the other at precisely half past. And if there happened to be a party going on or something that would cause enough noise to disturb their rest, both would stand in the doorway and glare glare glare with great disapproval until the source learned of the violation and quiet down. Each dog was no more than six pounds, but their glaring ability was far above their weight class.

  36. victoreia says:

    @Peanut’s mama: my two are the same way! “Mom, get up! The birds are sayin’ it’s breakfast time!” But they never bug my roomie (my mom)! Even when I was in the hospital for two months, they never did the harassment wake-up routine…….

  37. BStrange says:

    Dash – I’ve seen the Maltese Glare before. How are you not a smoldering cinder after two of them at once?

  38. Katiedid says:

    Dash- I have a kitty that does the same thing…. when my bf has game night and they are being too loud she sits across from them and just stares… no blinking… and if they try to move her or pick her up she hisses.. and she never hisses!! Kitties and puppies need their beauty sleep…

  39. ha ha. My cat does this too. He starts patting my face, chewing on my hair, and otherwise being a nuisance starting around 5:30 or 6 AM onwards. Or else I wake to find him sitting directly on my chest or taking over my pillow and overlapping onto my head (he’s 18 pounds, but on a diet). I’ve tried locking him out of the room when he’s being particularly annoying, but then he cries, whines and scratches at the door non-stop, which is equally annoying. SIGH…..

  40. Man, that is one restless sleeper – the guy, not the cat. Even at the beginning when the cat is nicely sleeping on its own spot, the guy is turning and tossing all the time!

  41. BStrange says:

    Maybe he’s dreaming about his cat waking him up.

  42. chanpon says:

    My cats share my bed and I don’t think they ever crawl and sleep on me during the night (they do towards morning). I think…..makes me want to set up my own camera to see what happens when in my sleep coma.

  43. Michelle says:

    Yep, this is our house too, including the early morning bath. I laughed out loud the whole way through watching. I love that someone actually taped this (near) universal phenomenon.

  44. We tried the lock-the-cat-out-of-the-bedroom thing, but then she learned how to pick up the corner of the hall carpet runner with her claws and let it drop until we woke up and came out of the bedroom, and THEN only if we fed her (she’d resume the ker-thumping if we went back in without). Now she goes in the basement every night, very willingly since her “bedtime snack” is a squirt from a can of whipped cream right at the top of the basement steps.

  45. OMG, did anyone, cat or human, get any sleep? They both look like they’re adrift in a boat on the ocean…

  46. It’s about time someone documented this.

  47. Noelegy says:

    That is what you call a constant companion.

  48. kokobutterbuns says:

    This a veeerrrrrrry familiar scene in my house!

  49. Qween Kim says:

    man… it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who wakes up with the kitteh ON TOP of me.

  50. TrixandSam says:

    I used to feed my kitty 2x a day, morning and evening. After the wake up time (sitting on my head, the incessant meowing, patty-caking) slowly worked its way to 5 AM, I said NO MORE. I stopped the morning feeds and voila! No more 5 AM paranormal activity.

    Just sayin’….

  51. Love all the comments, so true here too. @Mary, 4:51 that is hysterical! Smart kitty! Yeah our kitteh gave us a big human fail stamp when we tried to lock him out of the bedroom. Not!

  52. Mod-in-Training says:


    that’s exactly what i treasure about pupdogs! every workday at 2:45, Art Rat The Dog (one of my rat terriers) comes to my desk to remind me that dinner time is in 15 minutes. of course he has me trained to believe that he just wants to give me kisses, but i fall for it every single time. if i stay up too late, he just puts himself to bed with a little *snuff* of disapproval as he trots upstairs.

    glaring is clearly a very effective species longevity trait for little dogs.


  53. Mod-in-Training says:


    you’ve trained a cat?

    oh that’s good. that’s very, very good.

    i salute you, m’lady.


    p.s. oh dear god i hope your cats haven’t learned to read yet.]

  54. hahahahaha!! This makes me laugh since it’s pretty darn close to what I go through with my fatty kitteh.

  55. My plan is to find two kittehs who like to sleep in late in the morning, and start breeding them… *nightowl*

  56. Bunnypharr says:

    I like how the last thing that actually gets him up is when the cat sits with its butt right in his face! lol That would sit me up pretty quick too!

  57. I have to lock my kitty boys out of the bedroom too, but it isn’t because they bother me during the night. Oh, no. Instead, they wrestle each other for hours, and the loser squeals incessantly while getting pushed around by the winner. LOUDLY.

  58. BStrange says:

    Bunnypharr – Cats take the concept of “endgame” literally.

  59. There’s just no use resisting, as I’m getting more and more convinced cats are Borg.

    You will be assimilated.

  60. Haha, but my own Simon´s Cat (Lugosi) video is better/cuterer than this. 😉

  61. Hmmm, can´t seem to embed the video – here is the link anyways:
    Lugosi as Simon´s Cat

  62. Poohbear says:

    @ TMCL : Hahahahahahahahahaha !!! Ex-cellent !!! 😀

    (I can see where he got his name from !) 🙂

  63. Thats a live action SIMONS CAT I kept expecting him to get the bat.

  64. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s BISCUIT TIN FTW!!!!

  65. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    and @ Lynette: How’s that kitty diet workin’ out for ‘im/ ‘er? 😉

  66. carol101 says:

    Olordy….the poor kitty, no sleep with him tossing like that! My Echo…long haired tortise(sp) hears hubby’s alarm go off and 5am and will trot down to our room and sit on his chest rubbing her head on his face until he surfaces:):) For some strange reason he’s the only one that can pet her or get near her….the rest of us are treated to glares and queenly stalk-offs with a full furry tail flick every time…hmph…and I’m the one who rescued her:(:(

  67. Colonel Jenna says:

    I’d heard about cats sitting on people’s chests as they sleep, and thought it was a myth. On the other hand it was about the only time poor Simon wasn’t tossing and turning and thrashing.

  68. It’s not creepy, it’s super cute. Poor Miss Schlampi, his owner must miss her a lot.

  69. Sorry, her owner.

  70. I have the same model AlarmCat in a smaller size! Though mine always seems to wake me at 5:30. How do I re-set it for 6:00?

  71. Stephanie says:

    get yourself checked for sleep apnea

  72. Nanette says:

    My 3 cats and the dog all sleep squished up against me so that I can’t toss and turn, until it gets light out. Then the action begins! This morning I was awakened by an extreme close up of one cat’s “third eye” If you get my drift…

  73. OMG this is so funny and my nights too. He wakes me up everyday at 4:40 precisely. He tries EVERYTHING! He has a feeder so it isn’t that he is hungry, he just thinks I should be up at dawn. He sneezes a lot, so if I don’t wake up, he forces a sneeze right in my face. I sleep with a sleep apnea mask, he also has learned how to cut it off! He walks on it until he hits the off button, all the time staring at me. He nips at my fingers or puts his toys just under my hands…everything and anything!

  74. LeAnn (not LeAnna or Lee Ann) says:

    Good thing the guy was wearing shorts.

  75. Beagler says:

    This is why we feed our kitty right before we go to bed and never in the morning. She stays up late, eating in her room and doesn’t come to bed till the middle of the night. We wake to find her curled in a tight ball at the foot of the bed most mornings.

  76. Honestly, we shut kitty out of the bedroom after some misplaced aggression over the past couple of years … and I kind of miss this cute annoyance! Not to mention how she’d plant herself squarely in the only place our legs wanted to be, pinning the blankets down, and when we just HAD to move, we’d find she suddenly weighed a few hundred pounds and we’d have to ehn ehn ehn ehn our legs around her with great exertion.

  77. starling says:

    Yup, that’s our cat. He even gets the timing right …

  78. I’m not a cat lover but this is HYSTERICAL!!!!!

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    In the morning when he’s decided he’s ready for breakfast and it’s time for me to wake up, SamKitty sits nearly on my head and sneezes in my face. Ick. I really don’t need to set my alarm clock.

  80. WARNING: this may be an extreemly stoopid ….
    Question from an (obviously) non-cat-owned being… has anyone ever tried putting a cat to bed in a crate?
    I’m just wondering if a) anyone has evar survived the attempt
    b) what the results were?

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    Wend: When I first rescued SamKitty, I was also in the process of moving to a new place. I wanted to wait until I was all moved in before I brought him home but the people he lived with were hell bent on taking him to the pound so I had to act fast. During the move, Sam got out the door and ran away. He was MIA for a long time but I found him. Not having a car or a cat carrier, I found a nice sized box and a friend w/a car drove me over to the house where he was. I tried to gently put him in the box but he kind of stuck all of his legs out (with his claws extended fully) really straight and stiff so that he wouldn’t fit in the box. (cats can instantly grow concrete hard bones when they want to). Realizing THAT wasn’t going to work, I just picked him up in my arms and set him in the car and he immediately peed all over the front seat which I didn’t notice until I sat in it. So that’s my experience with it. All was well after a few scratches and some laundry/upholstry washing. Sammie was/is fine now and has never jumped that fence again. He was just scared from the move/car ride to the new house and the commotion at the time. Poor baby.

  82. my cat isn’t NEARLY this bad, nor is he as bad as my old cats. the old cats would insist on curling up in any awkward nook or cranny (including ones right next to my face) they could find, purr/groom as loudly as possible, and wander back and forth from the room to the kitchen 8w49807w309 times a night, while the new cat is relatively happy to sleep still next to my legs for long periods of time. still, neither of the new cats (the other one has never tried to sleep on my bed) get full bedroom privileges for just this reason.

    although, I have to admit at times it was actually quite comforting to wake up with my 13 pound orange tabby asleep on my neck. I had a bit of a rough adolescence and that old guy was a life saver. ❤

  83. cubbybutt says:

    my cat does this to me every night/morning! but, when i try to wake him up, i always get a look and an attempted eye scratching. what gives?

  84. yea…this is my LIFE. My cat Pancakes makes biscuits on my back and drools all over my face @ 7:25 every morning. Oh, and I’ve been sneezed on right in the face, and lets not 4get the ear nuzzling with the wet nose. Sumtimes she’ll just swipe @ my toes until I wake up. Lately she just bursts into my room and sits right below the bed and “mew-mews” until I finally wake up….

  85. And one thing off topic tho, i finally bought this feline pine litter after using clay b/c it heard it makes them miserable. I tried it out w/ pancakes and she is NOT havin it. She actually jumped over her box to avoid standing in it after some gentle coaxing fr me she scratched a little. But the fact is she held it in until I poured a little of the old clay littter…then she couldn’t wait to go. Any advice?

  86. @ NightTerrors
    “Although, I gotta say, I often awake to feel a pressure on my chest, and two glowing yellow eyes staring at me from approximately 2 inches away – while it ain’t “paranormal”, it certainly isn’t “normal” to wake up that way ..”

    Sleep paralysis, aka ‘Old Hag Syndrome’, is actually very common!

  87. OMG thats so awesome!

    What does your cat doo ALLLLL NIGHT while you sleep?

    hehe awwww

  88. @Nanette 😆 Which one of your three kitties gave you the “third eye”? 😆

  89. Crevette (shrimp in french) had learned to set the alarm clock.
    With her butt.
    I can’t lock her out, Valium can open door and happilly do it for his “little sister”
    And then he sit on me an wash my hair.
    With the two of them, it’s a miracle I can sleep at all..;