Overheard last night at Breasts & Thighs…

Hey, Drumstick, how’d you like ol’ Zorro here to buy you a white wine spritzer?

Best guess is he went home alone, C. Kirby



  1. 260Oakely says:

    Beer? No way. This guy wants a cocktail. Perhaps a margartweeta.

  2. MoonCatty says:

    This is why I come here.

    For advice on how to pick up chicks. 🙂

  3. victoreia says:

    *snort* [wiping coffee off the keyboard] Oakley, you should come with a warning label! LOL!!

  4. cafegrrl says:

    Chick!! So disapproving!

  5. Maybe he should cut back on the guyliner.

  6. Awww, so fuzzy! I want to pat (and pet) him on the head- maybe his grumpiness will fly away! *plink* *plink*

  7. He’s really cocky, I think I’ll give him a peck on the head!

  8. BStrange says:

    Masking his fowl breath with minty spray might help. Or perhaps some deodorhent?

  9. He can’t make a move without his peeps. He’s waiting for his wingman. 😛

  10. *SMH* I don’t get it. *embarrassed* Blonde moment?

  11. Lucy Loup-Garou says:

    “Boay, Ah seh, boay – hand ovah that thayuh cocktail foah the li’l laydeh hen’s teeth! Uh, thassa JOKE, Son…”

  12. cute chicky

  13. chanpon says:

    How did I manage to disappoint you so deeply, little furry chickadee?

  14. “Breasts and Thighs?” Well, it’s better than the T**ts and A** bar I’ve been hanging out at. Man, there’s gotta be a better way to pick up chicks…


  15. Leilani says:

    Aw, I would take Zorro home with me in a second!

  16. Good one, Theresa.

  17. Ouch on the hovertext, Prongs!

    “Breasts & Thighs”? Too bad there’s not a real bar like that. I mean, other than Hooters and strip clubs…