Synchronized Smiling

“… Aaaand, one-two-three, grin-two-three… C’mon, ladies, work that smirk!

Photo credit: sakanami



  1. the bug man says:

    Love the hovertext, NTMTOM. Love it.

  2. 1, 2, 3 🙂

  3. 260Oakley says:

    That’s the team from Finland, right? I heard they tanked in this event.

  4. CatViccer says:

    I’m just not that *strong* a swimmer.

  5. knittinkitten says:

    Check the eyeliner on the uppermost fishy!

  6. chanpon says:

    *point* *point*

  7. WOW.

    Reminds me of the Weeki Wachee Mermaids

  8. Leilani says:

    Did they escape from “Fantasia”???

  9. Hey, you down there on my left, I said “smirky” smile not “sultry”! Pretend you’re smiling at your Mother In Law, not the hawt Pet store clerk! C’mon! Work with me here!

  10. Deformed fish are not cute. Ugh I can’t stand blood parrot cichlids.

  11. Kelly Ann says:


    I understand that they have considerable deformities, but why do you say you can’t stand them? It isn’t their fault that they were bred the way that they were.

  12. pushy mcshove says:

    come to think of it, the fish on the left DOES look like Martin Short.

  13. BStrange says:

    Top fish has the Evil Eyebrows(TM). I suspect he is an evil aquatic genius who just finished creating a super-race of large-brained fish to take over the world.

  14. What, pray tell, is a “deformed” fish? I was just in the aquarium this past weekend, and I saw plenty of fish straight from nature that were incredibly funky looking– bulging eyes, weird lobes on fins, all kinds of odd projections coming out of their bodies, neon colors, etc.

  15. Michelle says:

    I love these fish!!! Bumps, lumps and all!!!

  16. BStrange says:

    That’s not a deformed fish.

    THAT’s a deformed fish. (And still cute. It walks!)

    In (gah) seriousness: The blood parrot cichlid is a manmade hybrid which has a number of common problems as a result of the hybridization (not going into that here, look it up if you want to know), so it is literally a “deformed” fish. The pic is cute, but I’m not a fan of the breed for that reason.

  17. BStrange says:

    And by manmade I meant “crossbred by people”, before anyone misreads that as Bad Science.

  18. BenPanced says:

    Hee. “Work that smirk”. That needs to be on a t-shirt.

  19. victoreia says:

    “Find a happy place! FIND A HAPPY PLACE! FIND A HAPPY PLACE!

  20. I don’t want to be a killjoy, but there are plenty of natural cute fish! :-/

    Yes, that IS a deformed fish, it’s a man-made hybrid, it’s spinal cord is severely crooked (hence the “chubby look”). The “smirk” is due to its inability to close its mouth.
    And if that wasn’t bad enough, some of them are dyed (not those in the photo), yes, literally dyed, with injections of toxic ink . Like the ones in this popular photo:
    You can read more in this site:

    It’s not their fault that they are this way, and they deserve to be well cared for, but generally this kind of tasteless novelties are very appealing to newbies, and suffer in terrible tanks. So, if you don’t want to support this kind of thing, don’t buy them

  21. BStrange says:

    Considering I already covered that, I think this does count as being a killjoy. There was a reason I put “look it up if you want to know”, enough posts have suffered severe nuffitis as it is.

  22. earlybird1 says:

    Check out the bedroom eyes on the bottom right fishy. Ooh la la!

  23. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:


    Theresa, was it you or was it Auntie Mame who used to mention getting her Mint Julep, pulling up a sofa and saying “Let the Nuffs Begin”????

  24. BStrange Sorry, I can’t add my opinion too? oO
    Obviously I’m being a killjoy, this site is for laughts, and I visit it daily to smile and have some good time. Not today, unfortunatelly. I think that it should be the first one to boycott all kind of cruelty in the pet market.

    I noticed another detail now… even worse. 😦 This special kind of Parrot Fish had their tails cut off… with the single purpose of having a body shape that looks like a super-duper-cute heart.

    Ignorance is bliss… not for the poor fish. 😉

  25. StormCat says:

    *Stormcat is ignoring the nuffs and is concentrating instead on the Mr. Sultry Eyes at the top there*

    Hey there sexy….

  26. No, no, I’m not mad at you, I just KNOW you!

  27. Katiedid says:

    “You’re that guy! The guy that does the thing!! Do the thing! Do eeetttt!”

  28. Fine, I can’t stand that people keep thinking it’s ok to breed these fish. Crossbreeding wouldn’t be so bad if the fish didn’t have the severe deformities that they have as was pointed out by a couple of others.

  29. flutterbye says:

    Please pardon me for only seeing teh cute faces and not ‘deformities’ so aptly pointed out!

  30. earlybird1, i was about to say the same thing! a very come-hither look.

  31. whirlybird20 says:

    flutterbye, I don’t think the fault lies in not knowing of the manmade deformities (as I didn’t know this about fish either), the mistake lies in not caring. People do all kinds of horrible, cruel things to animals because they think it’s “cute.” Our job as people with working consciences is to not go on about how cute it is after you have the knowledge about what it really is. That’s what disgusts me, when people know how awful it is and THEN comment about how cute it is. People like that are what fuel horrible things like this. But then it gets into the whole tail/ear docking debate and all the other nasty and “accepted” stuff people do to animals in the name of aesthetics.

    I come to cute overload to see kittehs and puppehs and an occasional ratlet, not to see people glorifying really awful, mean things that are done to animals. This post makes me really sad.

  32. Mod-in-Training says:

    [“real housewives of the aquarium.”



  33. BStrange says:

    Chan – Opinion yes, but I left out the Big Book Of Details so that people here for the site’s actual purpose could check it out on their own time, rather than have it stuffed up their nose right then and there. I posted that specifically to head off the usual “The People Must Be Informed, Here Are Gory Details” post that follows asking a question like the one above. Other regular readers have posted their opinions on that as well. 😉

  34. Me picturing them singing….doo wop girls

    “Is it in his eyes no its there in his kisssssss”

  35. sunnymum says:

    Chan and Whirlybird20, I agree with you. I thought they were adorable fish, until I understood the reasons behind their appearance. I appreciate the information, thank you. Poor fish.

  36. Wow, you start a site full of cute, fuzzy animals, and you get comment moderation mayhem! Calm down on the deformed fish, people! I mean, I’m all for animal rights, but aren’t we just here for a fun, googly-eyed time? I know I am…


  37. Big, huge hovertext WIN.

  38. missy p says:

    I know these fish are horribly deformed. I know that intellectually. But every time I see one, I smile. I love fish more than most animals, so it’s terribly wrong of me, but…they’re just so smiley.

  39. Love the rollover copy. Old school SNL yaaaaaay!

  40. Came for the Monty Python reference. Disappointed that no one’s mentioned it yet:

    “Hey, look! Howard’s being eaten!”

  41. WTF?

    I think that if it was a kitten that had it’s ears and tail cut off to look like a fluff ball I would have more support and comotion… but its just a fish, who cares? He can swim okay without its tail anyway… And fish have 1 second memory, they won’t remember their brothers that died from infections after having it’s tails CUT OFF.

    Oh yeah, the poor people around here need to be protected from the horrible truth, they could cry and be traumatized for life… :,(

    Ok, I give up.

    P.S. Thanks LisaL whirlybird20 and sunnymum

  42. BStrange says:

    Chan – My post had enough info to tell people what the fish were and that they do have health issues because of it, and that they could easily look up the rest.. I’m pretty sure everyone here has Google unless they’re not allowed to use it yet. Posting the grim details here after that read pretty much like saying “OMG People aren’t in tears yet, I must change that!”… rather than an actual attempt to inform… no matter what the intent may have been.