Pup’s eye view

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like as a puppeh roaming around town and ultimately hanging with his girlfriend now you know:

Nat S. wrote the music AND sent this in! Listen more @ www.airport85.co.uk



  1. i see this clip becoming awesomely pupular…..

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Jerky camera movement makes me feel ready to pup-chuck.

  3. cute girlfriend doggie!

  4. Venerable Bead says:

    omg…too, too, adorable!

  5. Good try but I don’t think that camera is on a real dog. If it was you would see his paws once in a wile and the movement is to smooth for a running dog, especially when he jump on the couch. Also the girlfriend is not joining like she would a real dog, where is the but sniffing?

  6. Haha wow this was filmed soooo close to where I live! Crazy!

  7. knittinkitten says:

    Agree with Gigi. I remember when the couple put the camera on their kitteh. Much cuter than this.

  8. Is he on wheels?

  9. real cute, but my doggy zigzags, zigzags, zigzas when he’s off the leash. And stops to pee 800 times.

  10. Elena1030 says:

    That is one dadgum determined, focused dog — Mr. BoyfriendPants doesn’t meander, stop to sniff things, or get completely sidetracked ( *squirrel !!!* ). 😉

    Good choice of breed: Westies are usually quite adorable. As Ms. GirlfriendKnickers obviously is.

    Out of a possible 5 doggie treats, I give it a 3.5. 🙂

  11. I agree with 5. Fake.

  12. of course it is fake but who cares it is really cute!

  13. boooooooooooooooooring….. fake………… booooring…. EPIC FAIL

  14. not cute except maybe .2 seconds the rest is boring

  15. victoreia says:

    geez….tough audience!

  16. BStrange says:

    Don’t care that it’s not a dog-mounted cam (it’s kinda obvious). It made me grin to imagine what it must be like to traverse a forest of legs every day, and look at the world from pet-height. Not the first time I’ve thought about that, but usually the “video” is all in my head. 😉

  17. Keep Left Doggie– is that London in the beginning?

    Reminds me of David Letterman’s old “A Film by My Dog Bob.”

  18. hot tams says:

    so fake.

  19. sunshine6 says:

    I liked the song!

  20. Hey guys! Thanks for your responses (even the mean ones!). Yep, I didn’t actually strap a camera onto the dog, but we did ask him where he’d go so he took us on his little adventure…

  21. Who cares if it is fake? It is sort of fun to imagine the world from a dog’s point of view. It’s good to get out of your own frame of reference every once in a while. (I say this from experience. Being only 5’2″, I always thought my house was spotless. That is, however, until I dated a guy who was 6’5″. He thought it was hilarious to “helpfully” point out how places like the top of my fridge were totally dusty! Used to drive me nuts and he had fun teasing me about my “short sighted” cleaning…all in good fun. But until then it never occurred to me to climb a ladder to dust the tops of things I couldn’t see! I am happy to report though that my allergies significantly improved once I paid attention to things outside of my “normal” perspective!)

  22. That was FUN!!!

  23. psh. Of course it was fake. No self respecting goggeh would scare pigeons into flying without chasing them at least a few steps. It doesn’t take away from the cuteness any.

    Loved the song, loved Ms. Girlfriend goggeh–westies are adorable. I have to keep reminding myself that they’re terriers, and therefore, nuts.

    Very clever, very well made. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find more Airport 85.

  24. usagi-chan says:

    Great video! 🙂

  25. So cute and clever! This totally perked me up after a crap day – between this and the marmie cuteness, suddenly life doesn’t seem so bleak (thank you, Cute Overload). The music is very catchy, too….I may have to check out more from Airport 85.

  26. Awesome video and song! Well done, Nat S!

  27. hmmm this has been done before. in the video for either “Fallin’ For The First Time” or (much more ironically) “It’s All Been Done”. sadly, I can’t track down the vid on Youtube, but it was filmed from the view of a puppy roaming errantly through a party.

  28. flutterbye says:

    I hear ya 260Oakley, pupchuck is what I felt like too and it wasn’t rainbows! The motion was too much for me!

  29. Even though it’s fake, I kind of want to buy one of those pet view cameras I see around once in a while just to see what my dog does when I’m away, haha.

  30. and I mean even though this video is fake, it got me thinking about getting one of those cameras** haha my first comment was confusing.

  31. BStrange says:

    I can’t believe I completely missed “pupchuck”. Bravo, Oakley. 😀

  32. Awwww. 🙂

  33. I’m with Team Adorable. Loved the idea of a puppy adventure. Catchy song, too! Cute and talented.

  34. Rachael says:

    I knew it was fake because the dog didn’t stop to pee 3000 times, but adorable nonetheless. Love Ms. WestiePants too.

  35. Aww little Ms. Westiepants… Whatta cute girlfriend! 🙂 So anorable.

    Big epic fail… to all the cranky CO readers who are getting their underpants in a twist. Geez, breathe people.

  36. LuvFurBabies says:


    I love when he stops to take a pee…

    I think that was creative and adorable…..

    Stuff all the Naysayers!

  37. snorglepup says:

    Yay! Happy puppy day. I especially liked having a couch to come home to…
    and the satisfied panting.

  38. BrieBrie says:

    Nice. I would have liked to see the dog (faked or not) at the end though.
    Nice song and great idea.

  39. People keep saying ‘fake’ as though the video or the CO comments above the video ever stated that the camera actually was on the head of a dog. Nothing ever said that. The CO comment says, “If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like as a puppeh”, (did you see that ‘like’ there? That often means ‘this thing is not wholly/entirely what it appears to be’) not, “Nat actually strapped a camera to a dog’s head.” Can’t claim false advertising when the advertising didn’t say the thing you think it’s falsifying.

    I thought it was pretty cute way to shoot a music vid. And the music was pretty catchy too.

  40. Oh and forgot to say last night, Love the song. Well done Nat and your Crew.

    Just missing a peek at the puppy in a mirror or store window.

  41. Oh and I know this will date me a bit but it put me in mind of Benji… the movie… if you have never seen it… all you dog lovers, it is an awesome pawsome four paws up movie.

  42. BStrange says:


    Mention Benji, and this is the first scene I think of, every time. Hooray for YouTube, it was there when I looked!

  43. BStrange says:

    Must add this one, too. Because the cub threatened to maul me most fiercely if I don’t. I swear. 😉 :

  44. Jenn in IL says:

    Oh, Holy Dog. I’ve never seen Benji before, but just based on that clip, I don’t think I could handle the cuteness!!

    I think the music vid was really cute…very adorable Westie girlfriend and a catchy song! Of course it’s fake…but thank you to all those who needed to point that out to us less intelligent beings. 😛

  45. Bstrange LOL well now I am gonna have to go see if I can rent the movie from netflix.. if they have it.

    best doggie love story of all time.. the first movie.

  46. Of course it’s fake, but that’s not the point…

  47. Jennifer says:

    This is what a dog cam really looks like: http://tinyurl.com/3252fju

  48. Mod-in-Training says:

    [ *sigh*

    oh please, evil scientists, won’t you hurry up and replace puppehs’ eyes with video cameras so that we never have to withstand FAKE videos ever again?


  49. Rooanne says:

    I thought that little dog house was a people sized house at first, until girlfriend doggie came out!

    I think I might have to rent Benji too. Never seen it.

  50. @ Jen and why we would prefere that the video not be a real dog cam speaking of pupchuck LOLOL

  51. 260Oakley says:

    I like it better when they give the camera to a pig. Then you get that ham-held look that all the indie filmmakers are using.

  52. they sound sort of like the foo fighters.

  53. Maybe it IS a puppy. A puppy in a tiny hovercraft.

  54. I liked it! Cute concept and good music 🙂

  55. Xeirxush says:

    Low-angle camera dollies aren’t all that cute. A real puppy cam would have been interesting.

  56. BStrange says:

    What MiT said. And I like A’s idea. HoverPup! 😀

  57. Great camera work! Of course it’s not on a “real” dog, that’s not the point. If it were, it’d be too shaky and jerky to watch, and then you’d all be complaining about that. It was very nice camera work, a cute concept, and a well-done puppy short. And there ended up being a real dog in it anyway, so chill about the “fake” part (that’s what movies are, people, whether they’re Hollywood or fun shorts – if you’re old enough to type these critiques, you’re kinda old enough to know that) and enjoy the show.

  58. I was glad it was fake, cuz I would worry about a doggie all unattended running around like that. It’s still cute.

  59. =/ almost needed a barf bag in the middle of watching it.. was getting dizzy.

  60. Oh, c’mon guys–can’t we enjoy a little fake video? And it WAS a great song. I love the part where the goggie seems to be racing towards the sunset, music blaring…


  61. As its been said it has been done. Here is a link to a youtube clip of the making of a music video created by a jack russell, and yes it is jumpy.

  62. Although this is a lovely idea, dogs spend very little time looking forward, and more time looking at and sniffing the ground and other items. This is more what I imagine a gnome’s day to be like 😀