This Is Why You Always Use Dryer Sheets

Yes, it’s another one of those heartwarming “cute animal adopts balloon” stories we like to run all the time. Warning: Image at  0:39 may induce nightmares.



  1. poor little fella… lolz

  2. “Alley Cat” FTW!!! Family wedding flashbacks aplenty!!!

  3. cellarmouse says:

    it’s the loss of dignity that really stings…

  4. LOL!! Love the music.

  5. Mel Drake says:

    “Man this is as bad as that tape thing they like to do!”

  6. Lol @ 0:39. xD “I’m stuck!”

  7. I think I saw 0:39 on an episode of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ once . . .

  8. NOT FUnny/ Cruel. What dolts for doing this and what dolts for posting it. You should be ashamed. Idiot Fools

  9. Noelle (the First) says:

    I was waiting for the kitty to pop the baloon at the end. “Take that!”

    Had I been there I don’t think I could have resisted the urge to remove the offending balloon. Poor Kitty!

  10. Sweeda88 says:

    I love how the cat tried running to get rid of it, lulz!

  11. Anna/minigoth says:

    I laughed so hard my tummy hurts! Especially when there´s yet another balloon!

  12. Poor kitteh. Stuck with owners who think his being uncomfortable and confused is funny and/or cute. He’s clearly not enjoying himself. But at least the humans are, that’s all that matters. Yay for you.

  13. Please issue keyboard warnings before posting things like this.

    I don’t think kitteh minded all that much, and it’s not like my parents never dressed me in embarrassing outfits so they could take a picture.

  14. Hah I like it! Rather than trying to get rid of it (swatting it once with his claw would have popped it) he tries to ADAPT!

  15. Kitties don’t like to be laughed at. See the look on his face? Hopefully he’s plotting some poop in the shoe revenge. 😉

  16. I LOVE that his fur coloring makes him look like he has orange “buns!”

  17. knittinkitten says:

    Thank you Cuteoverload! I needed to laugh today. Poor kitteh! Beware owners, I’ve never met a cat who liked to be laughed at. I don’t think kitty is too happy with you…………

  18. 260Oakley says:

    Hot-hair balloon launch fail

  19. This is so bad says:

    This is NOT CUTE, I come every day here for my daily dosis of cute and then I happen to see this video where the cat is obviously suffering for serious pain and damage in his skin and uncortobalityl lolgomal zaurntlg, airg,!!,.1! I am not coming here NEVER AGAIN and I am going to tell all my friends to STOP VISITING this website because here you can see hosklir laijbli =,40 !11;m :3

  20. Loved the waddle… hehehehehehe..

  21. Someone apparently forgot to take their meds today.. (#18..)

  22. made me laugh the whole way through. 😀

  23. This actually made laugh out loud! The kitty is not scared, maybe a little annoyed that’s all.

    And I needed a laugh after the earthquake this afternoon, I was on the 31rst floor on an office building in Montreal when it hit it felt like I was on a boat going up and down for a few seconds! Kind of scary!


    You need to get that poor cat fixed. He’s got b@lls as big as balloons!

    @Sue #20 – Agreed! #18 needs to GET A LIFE.

  25. cute for 30 seconds and gave me a good chuckle, then someone should have helped him out. one minute in and there’s a different colored balloon. not fun for kitty. sorry if i’m coming across nuffish.

  26. Oh so in the end it sort of becomes like a buddy. Kind of like “The Red Balloon.” Neat!

    (Funny caption aside, dryer sheets are full of bad chemicals for both animals & people. Just an FYI.)

  27. Naturalady says:

    Naturalady agrees with those who don’t think making our pets uncomfortable or unhappy so we can get an lol fix is cute or funny.

  28. MY cat loves being laughed at. She stares up at you like “I did good, right?” and flops over to get her belly rubbed. ANY attention is good attention when you’re a kitty.

  29. That is so funny! I laughed to the point of tears! The music is perfect! (Or is that purrfect?)

  30. Bottle Green says:

    Naturalady shouldn’t refer to herself in the third person.

  31. paulajeanne says:

    Dang! I so wanted him to pop that sucker by the end!

  32. bwahahahaha! omg this made me laugh for like ten minutes. and anyone who says “poor kitty” has obvz never had a cat who has
    a) brought dead things into their room
    b) been a mindless, relentless succubus of attention
    c) scratched on doors, windows etc. ad nauseum until let in (and then proceeded to run right back out again)
    d) urinated on pillows, carpets, curtains etc.
    e) scratched the living crap out of any and all upholstery/chewed the living crap out of any and all wires, books, or shoes
    kitties are great, but sometimes we deserve to get a little harmless revenge on their annoying habits.

    oh and, “we will do calisthenics to acetate pressing of the new musical craze called JAZZ. steak and eggs and eggs and steak, that’s what you should have for breakfast!” “delicious!”

  33. Well, the cat doesn’t seem to be walking up to the humans so much as it is following the pink toy being dragged by the humans to get it to walk…. I really don’t think it was harmful to the kitty, and I’m pretty sure it got pettins and treats as a reward. Because, you know, it didn’t look distressed, and it sure doesn’t sound like my kitties when THEY’RE annoyed…..

  34. AuntieMame says:

    #18 was being sarcastic. 😀

    And if this kitteh was seriously in distress, believe me, we would ALL know.

  35. Marian the Librarian says:

    Put a jersey on this kitty, she’s ready for the World Cup.

  36. Hey peeps–is it OK if we tease you instead of sticking balloons on our kittehs?

  37. I just want to get out my trusty vuvuzela and cheer on World Cup kitty.

  38. Mooooooooooo…. That cat needs to be milked.

  39. MoonCatty says:

    Gentle kitteh looks mostly perplexed. Like, “How can I extricate myself from this situation AND still maintain my dignity?” Meanwhile, every step only generates more static cling!

    If Nosey were truly fearful or upset there would be a blur of meowing paws and claws, followed by a loud “POP!”, then another kitteh blur and a trail on the carpet of something or other in the wake…

  40. Lerrinus says:

    *falls off chair laughing* 😆

  41. Miss Kittteh says:

    #11, #23, #26, #34: Please form a line to the left for the bus to Nufferland, the Most Inappropriately Overconcerned Place on Earth.

  42. Leilani says:

    I am incredibly impressed–IMPRESSED, I say!–with this kitty’s incredible patience. He’s not freaking out, he’s not yowling (like that poor “Why I eyes ya” kitty), he’s just patiently trying to outwalk that annoying balloon. Incredible.

  43. pet police says:

    do you people really need to tease beloved animals to be amused?
    Buncha bullies y’are

  44. BStrange says:

    Noelle (the First): So was I!

    I recall enduring 4:45 AM “we shall walk on every soft part of your body” hikes (including closed eyes and not necessarily closed mouth – mmmm, kitty litter flavored!), cat paws in my ears, cat butts strategically positioned in my face, and all manner of other “pay attention to me darn it!” behaviors. While I was never the “scotch tape on paw” type myself, I have a certain amount of empathy to spare for those who are occasionally tempted to (harmlessly) annoy their cat right back. 😉

    A cat in real distress is not going to be interested in a toy, and this one seems to have decided the toy is slightly more interesting than whatever’s clinging to his butt – which is what makes it funny. (I don’t find it amusing either when they’re obviously panicking about the Thing Stuck To Them. This is not that.) He looks kinda like he’s being pestered by a pouncy kitten underfoot and has decided to ignore it until it goes away.

  45. I love how those kids walk past kitty like this happens everyday!

    And yes #18 is kidding. Words like “zaurntlg,” and “!!,.1!” are a give away.

  46. Delirium says:

    It made me smile for a couple of seconds, but I’m with the folks that would’ve removed the balloon at that point instead of getting the camera. Certainly not a minute and a half worth of amusement.

    I also don’t laugh when people slip on banana peels, sorry!

  47. It was cute and funny … until the second balloon. I knew it was staged and once was fine. The second balloon was overkill. I hope that kitty gets revenge. People just go too far, sometimes, to get that “cute video that will hopefully go viral”.

  48. Mod-in-Training says:

    [@This erm… you’ve a bit of spittle on your lip.. yes, just there.

    got it.


  49. Bahahahah that was hilarious at times.
    But what was with the horrible music??? Make the computer piano stop!!! What was the song anyway? I just heard it as some kind of weird Jingle Bell Rock remix.

  50. Oh boy did I need that. It almost makes me wish my cats had hair. The best part is that he obviously did this to himself more than once, as the red balloon is replaced by a yellow one.

  51. Mod-in-Training says:

    [one would agree!


  52. Mod-in-Training says:

    [oh no! we need to love beteased animals to feel good!

    join us!


  53. Trabb's Boy says:

    There really are two different kinds of pet people — those who see pets as living beings who depend on us for love and the necessaries of life, to whom we owe kindness and respect, in appreciation of the love and joy they bring to our lives, and those who see pets as comic relief.

    Personally, I fall into the second category. I would never in a million years harm or frighten an animal, but humiliation? You betcha!!!! Partly, it’s because they do not, in fact, experience humiliation. That is far too complex an emotion for them. Partly, it’s because it’s their job to amuse us. We are only encouraging a strong work ethic and pride in excellence! When did this become a bad thing?

  54. Mod-in-Training says:

    [@delirium if i saw someone slipping on a banana peel i would run as fast as my little legs could carry me back to the hole in the time-space continuum that sucked me into an olde timey fun-time movie!

    it’s true.

    i would.

    then i’d laugh.


  55. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought it was hilarious. Did anyone else notice the size of the human feet.. I’d bet $20 those are young people.. say, early-mid teens.. having a laugh. They certainly weren’t hurting the kitteh, and for all the spoiling most kittehs get, they should take a little teasing once in awhile to bring them down to earth. I loved it!!

  56. kokobutterbuns says:

    so damn funny!!!!

  57. OH my Stiinking Heck, that was hilarious. I really needed that laugh. So cute! I love how he ignores it to the point of sitting on it! LOL

  58. Who else LOVES the name Nosey? 😀

  59. OK, I am the greatest defender of animals that ever lived, and while I do admit to feeling an urge to remove the offending balloon creature from kitty’s belly, I also have to admit that I found this vid pretty amusing. Silly kitty. No harm done in any way, he just appears annoyed at the whole thing. I could see my Shadow doing that. 🙂

  60. knittinkitten says:

    Pretty sure neither kitteh’s fur or skin was hurt in any way, just his dignity. I bet he got lots of treats afterwards to make up for it. I love that he’s called NOSEY too! Wonder what he did to get the name?

  61. Music from the TV series Prisoner would have been appropriate.

  62. martha in mobile says:

    I am so getting a balloon and seeing if it sticks to a) my cat’s belly and b) my husband’s belly, both being of rather ginormous proportions and remarkable furiness.

  63. I laughed.

    Having owned 3 cats and been woken up by the “hook her out from under the covers” paw, and alternately by the “walk across her face meowing” tactic, combined with the “she’s had a hard day at work, I’ll bet she’d enjoy this hairball” routine, I’m up with any confusion which doesn’t cause physical or mental trauma and affords me a bit of a giggle.

    Next you’ll be saying that rubbing a banana on Winston without offering him a gnaw on the peel is torture.

  64. 😈 Nosey the kitty will have his/her revenge 😈

  65. Trabb’s Boy – I like the differentiation (word?). I also wouldn’t harm an animal, but am all for laughter-at-animals’-expense. That why I thoroughly enjoy the “stuff on my cat” site. Huhlarious.

  66. BeepBeep53 says:

    Oh you guys, lighten up. This cat was not hurt. He is obviously well taken care of too. Think of the balloon as an enrichment exercise.
    My cat uses me for entertainment all the time. How about those early morning wake ups at 5:00 a.m.? How about chasing, swatting and biting of ankles as if I am the prey? I love my cat to pieces and cater to his every whim, but he thinks I’m fun to play with.

  67. Can you believe cats used to live OUTSIDE?


    And used to have to hunt for their food, and fight predators, and all kinds of things! And sometimes they died!

    Man, that must have been crazy. Thank goodness the most traumatic part of this kitty’s life is a harmless balloon that his obviously loving owners stuck to him.

  68. Ah yes, the family cat. They have to put up with a lot of crap don’t they? When I was younger I put tape on my cat’s paws and laughed as he walked funny. I was a kid, and kids are amused by teasing animals. I grew up, thankfully.

  69. darkshines says:

    The music was hilarious, and made it even better! And 0:39….LOL!

  70. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    Oh please, this isn’t anymore humiliating than when we open a CD and a piece of the clear cellophane sticks to your hand an you just can’t shake it off LOL

  71. To everyone who thinks this is cruel….
    a) the cat wasnt even trying to get rid of it. We all know what an angry cat looks like. This one just looked calm
    b) at around 1:15, the people there are playing with a toy for him to chase…and he’s jumps around the corner to chase it! If he was really that uncomfortable because of the balloon, I don’t think he’s be in the mood for chasing toys across the floor.

    *end rant*

  72. Hahah! If that were my cats, they would have freaked out already and killed the balloon! 😉

  73. And for all the people who didn´t think this was funny, *this* is why we sometimes need to get our own back at our animals! 😉

  74. Is no one else bothered by “staticy”? *sigh*

    This video was fricking hilarious, though. I love how he just calmly tries to walk away from it. I’m sure either of my girls would just flop over. My boys would probably freak out, but being former ferals, they’re entitled…lol.

  75. Lvsthemall says:

    I found this unsettling. Purposely annoying a cat doesn’t seem amusing to me, but certainly makes me wonder at those who find this funny. Very sad, actually, that this was done to the kitty.

  76. jrochest says:

    Irri-cat is irritated.

    It’s the blend of attempted nonchalance and desperate attempts to shed the thing without actually looking desperate — like someone trying to discretely wipe their nose during a job interview. I particularly like the attempt to hold his rear leg out and shake the thing off, while radiating “What? I walk like this *all* the time!”

  77. I’m with the people who are saying, ‘get a grip, it’s funny!’

    Look, the balloon isn’t causing physical harm, the little beasty isn’t in pain or even distress. A little annoyed, maybe, but who among us hasn’t annoyed a fellow human for amusement?

    It’s silly, kinda cute, funny, and as long as the cat doesn’t ingest the balloon I really don’t see a problem with it.

  78. BStrange says:

    Barbarella – Cracking up, cracking up, sides aching…. I remember having three cats giving me a furround-sound version of that routine. I had scars for years from when a certain whiptailed tabby acrobat didn’t stick her landing and slid off the bed. Another of my feline “morning people” would grab my hair with her teeth and puuuuullllllll, like she thought she could drag me out of bed. I’d tell her “You’re not a lion, I’m not an antelope, it’s 5 AM, now scram!” Their king sized adopted brother had a more direct approach: He’d walk over my face, then sit down. Cat butts are chemical weapons, ‘nough said.

    I remember thinking that the face-rub thing means “I scent mark you as mine, with my face. You belong to me. Now get up and do my bidding, minion!”, in Cat. It works, too.

  79. Hon Glad says:

    That’s the worst case of goiter I’ve seen, I recommend an iodine supplement. 🙂

  80. Arielemc says:

    I dunno. Seems kind of mean to me… :-/

  81. Momof12cats says:

    To the people who think this is cruel, mean or unsettling, you need to take a minute and stop and think about what those words mean. A cat being beaten, burned, attacked or grieviously injured in any way is cruel, mean or unsettling. A cat being gently played with and giving amusement to a loving family is simply fulfilling it’s duty as a much cared for member of his family.

  82. OK Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady when exactly did you sneak in to my house and filmed this?

    Seriously the only difference is that my Mia will do that kneading pawing thing (with claws) on certain delicate part of my body!

  83. @Barbarella, LMAO!!! I don’t know, Lugosi seemed downright patient to me, espesh considering that the human seemed to be sleeping on one of his larger relatives.

  84. jiffknee says:

    @Barbarella –

    Yup. Except that it is a little more aggressive, virtually every morning, this is when my little demon-seed monster decides to be cute and lovable. “Pleez, mummy. I want some noms . . . did I mention how much I love you?” Rubs, mews and smoos later, out I come looking like I need a shave due to the cat fur sticking all over my face, tripping over insistent kitties, grumbling and cursing, straight to the cat food. Coffee? Oh, no, kitties first, as I have learned.

    So, yes. I think a little painless laugh at their expense now and again is definitely in order!

  85. Awww, this kitty isn’t be harmed. Annoyed, yes, but nothing has been hurt but his dignity. :p

    I agree with #29, though… my dogs love being laughed at, too. When we first adopted our corgi girl, she would yawn every now and then and make really ridiculous noises, which would make us laugh and give her belly rubs. Now she just comes up to us, gives a funny yawn, and rolls over to wait for rubs.

  86. Emerson says:

    @Barbarella–hahaha, esp @ “One Minute Later.” Watching this video was hard for me, as I feared for your purple star-shaped clock–anything on my bedside table gets sent flying, fair game in the war we must wage to get breakfast one. minute. earlier.

  87. Emerson says:

    Oops, I commented on the wrong post. Sorry, everyone. Little out-of-nowhere for you there. But remember that other post? I’m so sleepy.

  88. Emerson says:

    Oh, no, it was the right post. How doubly embarrassing. I’ll just try to walk normally and hope no one notices.

  89. LovesDogs says:


  90. @jiffknee: Oh definitely cats before coffee!!! 😉

    @Emerson The purple star-shaped clock is fine, although it gets attacked by a nomming teeth attack by my little ginger horror Ruby every now and then. It seems to be fine and indestructable though. Lugosi is usually fine not knocking things over, however, he does have this annoying habit where he bats the little crystals I have hanging from my wrought-iron bed, and making a lot of noise doing so. I guess every cat has different destruction/disruption techniques. 😉

    @Gigi Lugosi tends to sit right on my bladder which, as you can imagine, is usually quite full first thing in the morning, and is hence a great way of getting me up out of bed and to the toilet! 😉

  91. Poor kitty!!

  92. I think it’s the way the cat daintily tries to walk around the balloon that had me gasping with laughter.

  93. Hmmmm; Nosey seemed kynda nonchalant and blaise about the whole thing;
    Because he was so laid-back, it’s almost as though he were feigning boredom;
    (Although I would not do this to my cat: my fav is the feather attached by a string to a stick: but teasing is teasing: so I am as guilty of kitteh-baiting as anybody else!!!)

  94. The internet is serious business. 😐

  95. jiffknee says:

    @Barbarella – what is it with our ginger kitties??? – they are simultaneously the most entertaining and tormenting at the same time, tempered with just enough sweetness to keep them from being booted across the room (yeah, right. . . like I really would).

    While mine usually (thankfully) don’t choose to sit all 15 pounds on my full bladder – that weight, along with their accupressure pawsies, make for very painful bruises on my chest. Oh, the suffering we endure – and wouldn’t trade for the world!

  96. @jiffknee – it´s the ginger genes. Gives them that extra fieryness. 😉

    And NO! Nononononoooo! Wouldn´t trade it if somebody paid me a million Euros! Oh well…. I might think about it, but….. NO! Never! Couldn´t! Does not compute! Not possible! I would probably die miserably and that´s not worth any money in the universe.

  97. LOL… so so wrong… LOL… cannot condone… LOL… forwarded to friends.

  98. Jinkies says:

    It’s not an animals job to “amuse us.” If you have a pet it’s your job to take care of him/her and do your best to make them feel safe. Of course the cat isn’t being harmed. That’s not the point. Humans comprehend the playfulness of teasing. Cat doesn’t know why this thing (balloon) is stuck to him. He just wants it off. He’s not playing with it.
    Also, to imply that teasing your pet is some sort acceptable form of payback for the things they do that are “annoying” ie, waking you up in the morning, scratching on the couch or even peeing on stuff, is completely ignorant.

  99. Mod-in-Training says:


    i know i hired my dogs to protect AND amuse.]

  100. @jinkies when I said that it´s a form of payback, I of course meant that in a joking way. But we all have different senses of humour, we all do, and I do appreciate that, even if you can´t see it.

  101. Jinkies says:

    @ Mod:
    At least you’re paying them. 😉

    I’m amused by my cat all the time. But when, for example, he got his head stuck in the handle of a plastic bag, I ran to help rather than for the video camera.

  102. Jinkies says:

    Barbarella, your video is adorable. Point taken.

  103. @jinkies oh come on!!! If your cat gets its head stuck in the handle of a plastic bag, that can hardly can be used in comparison with a balloon being (harmlessly!) stuck to the side of a cat!!! Find some better comparison please.

  104. @Jinkies re. video: thanks. And remember, I didn´t mean the “payback” comment seriously.

  105. Jinkies says:

    @ B a.k.a.
    Hmm… cat being stuck on the ledge of a highrise?

    (I’ve got a sense of humor too)

  106. @Jinkies Noooo! That´s not funny, cause it´s dangerous, very dangerous for the cat. Having a balloon staticked to your side is not!

    I didn´t say you didn´t have a sense of humour anyway, just that everybody has *different* one! (wouldn´t it be boring if we were all the same)

  107. Jinkies says:

    @ B a.k.a
    I know, I was kidding. That actually happened to my boy once. 6th floor. No where to go but down. I about had a heart attack. NOT funny.

    PS… Your boys are SO handsome. You’ve got some great shots of them!

  108. @Jinkies I was hoping you were kidding! Thanks re. the praise re. boys. Just about to add some more in a few minutes (don´t worry, they´re only sitting on a 1st floor balcony ledge!)

  109. Extremely mild annoyance bordering on nonchalant indifference = horrific abuse and suffering.

    Got it.

  110. They should have shown Nosey popping the balloon at the end.

  111. BStrange says:

    What Barbarella said at #’s 101 and 104.. 🙂

    Cat tangled in plastic bag or window blind cord = do not film the cat, rescue the cat. Cat flipping out because it’s scared = do not film the cat, rescue the cat.

    Cat with static cling but not freaking out = cat will survive the indignity, although a) kitty deserves tons of snuggles afterward to balance out said indignity, and b) I know I’d give in and remove the balloon much sooner than these folks did. I am a sucker for the pathetic look and mine knew it!

    I never could do the scotch tape paw thing to my cats, but that was partly because I had some pretty high-octane ex-feral cats early on, who trained me out of such notions. If they flipped out instead of remaining calm like the marmie above, tape wouldn’t necessarily fall off on its own in a worst-case-reaction scenario. So injury was actually a serious possibility, not to mention hard feelings. By the time I had calmer cats, ideas like that didn’t tend to cross my mind anymore, although the one time one of them stepped on tape accidentally while I was wrapping packages walked away dragging the whole tape roller after herself and just looked moderately puzzled by it all.

    I wouldn’t try the balloon thing either on some of the high-strung beasties I had. But if it’s a mellow cat as the YouTube description indicates, I wouldn’t worry about a sudden pop scarring the cat’s psyche and if the cat did panic, cat turbo probably > balloon static even if it didn’t get knocked away or punctured by claws.

    See my last comment on the “*Shivering*” post for the ultimate I Hate You All expression on a cat, by the way.. Yeah, getting a similar look myself once was enough. 😉

  112. BStrange says:

    …You can tell I’ve been home with a bug when I have time for my posts get this long. Gads.

  113. Scarleybelle says:

    I’m in the middle, sort of. If it was accidental, which originally it may have been, it’s amusing, As a deliberate form of entertainment I don’t know. After 30 secs, or so, and changing balloons, com’n, leave kitty alone–he’s uncomfortable. It seems on the “crude prank” side of things, like giving someone a wedgie. Not a fan, but we all have different tastes and different takes on humor.

  114. Copperbat says:

    I’ve had animals all my life and it’s ridiculous to think they have no sense of fun or humor. Yes, this cat is clearly annoyed, but he knows what’s going on and is likely already planning his revenge. Animals are way more complex and shrewd than we give them credit for, don’t sell them short. I’ve had many animals with marvelous sense of humor. A prankster dog that played tricks on my other dogs, a horse that played keepaway with buckets and gloves, a klepto cat that stuffed her loot into my dad’s shoes. Yes, they prefer to be in on the gag than to be teased. But then so do humans. 😉

  115. flutterbye says:

    Another thoroughly amusing thread full of nuffers, apologies, fun videos and education on the human psyche in general.

    As always, I was thoroughly entertained.

    Thanks CO!

  116. This was funny, and if the cat really wanted to get the ballon to go away the cat would of done it , cats have a way of getting out of things , and the cat was not scared , it was just a little anode

  117. BStrange says:

    Er, wedgie vs. balloon? To me, a balloon staticked to my hair doesn’t even bump the needle on the pain-and-humiliation meter unless someone’s yelling rude comments about it or something. If I was going to get pranked with physical humor, I’ll take the balloon-to-the-hair thing, no contest (been there, been done-to that). Even as a non-lover of pranks, I find it harmless unless the next step is to deliberately pop it while it’s stuck to my head. A wedgie, on the other hand, I would never forgive. They hurt, they’re intended to embarrass. Giving me one would result in bodily harm for the wedgie-er, and I would not be laughing. Whole different ballpark, there.

    But yeah, we all have different “funny/not funny” thresholds, I’ll agree about that. 🙂

    On the YouTube page it says he got it stuck to himself originally, and they duplicated it when they had a camera handy, if that helps. Nothing there indicated they made a habit of it. So by then they already knew how he’d react to it, and I’m guessing his low-key reaction to the Round Clingy Thingy is what they were aiming to capture here. That’s the funny, to me: he prioritized the dragged cat toy over the balloon stuck on his fur.

  118. BStrange says:

    *waves to flutterbye* Yay. Entertaimment: s’what CO is for. 😉

    And Copperbat… o.O All of that but the kleptocat sounds familiar, heheh. Our thieving little darlin’ was a dog… And don’t get me started on the mischief a horse with a sense of humor and a love of attention can get up to. Between their lips and their teeth, some of them practically have thumbs.

  119. This would have made a good cat exercise video!

  120. I think that anyone who has been around cats knows that mild annoyance is the worst thing this cat is feeling. I LIKE the music, too.

  121. I was wondering when the “amused by all the comments” person would show up. I guess that means we’re all here.

  122. @BStrange 😆 You managed to survive those three little kitties who had you trained to be their devoted servant 😆

  123. BStrange says:

    …Barely. 😛

  124. Almost as funny as the video: Hon Glad’s goiter comment. 😆

  125. I like the tune. What is it?

  126. this cute little darling must have been using one of our cat scratching posts or that balloon wouldn’t have lasted a second!