The Daily Mail is reporting that all it takes to have your very own Panda is:

– 1 grumpy-looking Chow Chow
– Black and White fur dyes
– A lot of free TIME!!



  1. toehawk says:

    Enjoying the face-nomming going on thar.

  2. Sweeda88 says:

    I always wanted my own sneezing panda!

  3. Mel Drake says:

    *beeps the purple tongue*

  4. Warning, Uncharacteristic Nuffing ahead:
    I am worried about the puppehs’ eyes. Please be careful with dye and bleach and suchlike. Better yet, don’t do it.

  5. I want a panda puppy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a bit creepy?

  7. What about the Tidog? Tigdog? Tigerdog?? Not cute enough?

  8. what’s the tiger I see in the background? A tiger dog? 😀

  9. I’m with Presto on this one.

  10. This is a little creepy. I’m not much for fur-dyeing on animals.

  11. Wrong. wrong. wrong.
    Cute. cute. cute.
    Wrong. wrong. wrong.
    Cute. cute. cute.
    Aack! Ok. I’m going to assume liver-flavored organic fur dye.
    There. I feel better now.

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    @Presto: No, you’re not. Sheesh…

  13. Scout C says:

    I agree with Presto and Elle; dogs should look like what they are naturally. I don’t know what type of dye and bleach they are using, but I imagine it irritates their skin and the smell must irritate their noses, besides trying to keep them from licking it during the process. Buy a stuffed toy if you want a panda to cuddle with.

  14. Lerrinus says:

    I think they’re cute! 🙂

  15. @Lerrinus Oh, I wasn’t debating that they weren’t cute. Creepy can also be cute, as the Blobfish taught me.

  16. Love the three being carried in the first pic. They’re all, “Yes, we are prosh. Yes, you are right to worship us and give us many cookies. [sighs with the heavy weight of responsibility.]”

  17. Go to the actual article to see the tiger dog. Eesh. I’m not a big fan.

  18. Super cute, but I worry about the black dye around the eyes.

    As for dying animals *checks to make sure Lulu isn’t pink at the moment* I don’t have a problem with it as long as the dyes are gentle, and the animals aren’t hurt.

  19. The way I see it, dying them that way once is cute and funny. Dying them that way constantly is creepy.

  20. Michele says:

    Pet dyes are generally made of food and other non harmful dyes (for instance, lots of cool Aid), so I think these puppies are safe.

  21. At first I was like 0_o then I was like 😀

  22. Well… um… … ok, I guess. The point? (Yes, they have WAY too much time on their hands.)

  23. cute but creepsy

  24. Ahem.. and further more…. It turns the dog into a toy, a man made object, rather than it being the animal that it is.

  25. earlybird1 says:

    Well said, ChrisW!

  26. earlybird1 says:

    Although, I have to wonder how this compares to the overdone hairdos people shave into their poodles sometimes…

  27. earlybird1 says:

    At least they’re not cropping ears and tailios like they do here with some breeds… OK now I’m done. 🙂

  28. Disturbingly cute. Want to look away but can’t.

  29. cubbybutt says:

    not a fan of this at all

  30. knittinkitten says:

    I find this really, really creepy. Leave the dog alone.

  31. Dying animals should be considered abuse. Animals are not kwute widdle accessories. They are living creatures. This is almost as bad as toddlers in beauty pageants. If this was a natural genetic mutation, yes, it would be adorable. But as it stands, all I can think about is how wrong this is.

  32. soxfan413 says:

    Oy, nuffers. There are very very safe dyes for dog hair nowadays. Does anyone think any one of these dogs’ eyes look irritated in any manner? I don’t see it.

    This makes me wonder if people even really know dogs… the great majority of them will LOVE all the extra attention. The dogs love it, the people get a good laugh, and that’s how it is. No harm, no foul.

  33. Hmmm. Headscratcher.

    All kinds of wrong…all kinds of right! 😀

  34. I thought it was cute at first glance, but now I’m leaning toward being creeped out. I hope the dye and bleach didn’t irritate the puppehs too much, and I hope it was a one-time deal. :/

  35. Yikes.

  36. If this is in China, then that dye is probably poisoning them. 😛

  37. That emoticon was not supposed to look like a happy face.

  38. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    Creepy, and it doesn’t help that the ONLY breed of dog I’m afraid of in this whole world is a Chow Chow (attacked when I was a little girl) 😦

  39. BStrange says:

    Anyone disturbed by this should go find out actual facts instead of speculating and getting prematurely upset. Note: comments with no evidence to support them, posted in response to the Daily Mail article, do not count as “facts” no matter how convincing they seem. Not unless they quote a reliable source. I don’t think any of them quoted a source, reliable or otherwise.

    If the animals aren’t happy or well-treated? Then yes, that’s not cute. At all. But I do think they look cute this way, and I’m not normally crazy about how dyejobs look on dogs. Sort of like how I prefer the docked-ears look on a Doberman, but I still wouldn’t do it to my own if I had one. Aesthetically, I like the docked look, but I don’t like how it’s done. The two factors aren’t necessarily oil and water.

    Keeping that previous statement in mind, here’s something I’ve pondered myself, and I’m still of two minds about this:
    Just which is actually worse for a dog? A professional docking as a pup with a local anesthetic?, Or its ancestors having been selectively bred, crossbred, and linebred until they have the ears from birth? Or a dyejob on a dog, versus trying to breed them to actually look that way without dyes?

    The argument can be made that, compared to what people have done to dogs to create various breeds’ distinctive looks, a properly-done docking or a panda dye job isn’t nearly as big of a deal for the dogs involved. Depending on how it’s done, of course. It’s amazing what a patient dog will let a groomer do, compared to the ones who freak out at the sight of a brush. Border Collie aficionados actually fought the breed being AKC listed because they didn’t want them being bred for a show-standard conformation first and foremost. ( goes into detail about that, if you’re curious.)

    Speaking as someone with an unpleasant genetic legacy of my own to live with, I’d rather have been panda-dyed. Not kidding. And now: Too much seriousness from me, I think. I’m going to shush and return to squeeing over cuteness now. 🙂

  40. same thoughts as @fluffy haha novel, cute, interesting, a little weird, and hopefully not harmful to the pups

    or, perhaps they are black chow chows already so no dye around the eyes?? *crossing fingers*

    @corianne – “*checks to make sure Lulu isn’t pink at the moment*” – hahahaha 😀

  41. BStrange says:

    Poodle or bag of Skittles candy?:

    In the video at the bottom of the page, the groomer and owner (with dogs) talks about the dyes and dyeing process.

  42. BStrange says:

    MiT: Me at #38 = additional post or alternate to me at #36 if that was too much serious in one sneeze. Your call. 🙂

  43. does anyone else see a glimpse of tiger-striped legs in crowd behind the chow pups?

  44. Never mind. I read the thread and followed the Daily News link to the tiger dyed golden retriever. Sorry–I promise to read before posting in future.

  45. Daily mail. What happens when their roots start showing? I bet there will be some crazy orange and black and white chow-clowns.

  46. One pandadog is cute. An advancing army of them is scary!

  47. Hon Glad says:


  48. Rachael says:

    Adorable yes, but bordering on creepy. I assume the dyes are gentle and food based but it bothers me nonetheless.

  49. janet2buns says:

    Ignorant as I am about most things puppeh, I have a question. Are chow chows’ tongues naturally purple, or did they get that way from chewing their black dyed fur?

  50. BStrange says:

    Naturally purple. Weirded me out the first time I saw an orange Chow lolling a tongue that looked like he’d been eating a grape popsicle.

  51. Susan L says:

    This is treating living animals as if they were objects. Not cute. Chow puppies are adorable in their natural state. They deserve to be loved for what they are, not made into what they are not.

  52. BStrange says:

    ~Stuck in moderatin’-land again~ so here, janet2buns:

  53. I think they’re about as cute as they come. So fluffy-wuffy. I want to (gently) wrestle them!

  54. Janet2buns, Chows have naturally purplish/blackish tongues. I have no idea why, but there you go.

  55. @ janet2buns he Chow chow’s tongue is naturally purple there are in fact a couple of other breeds who have colored tongues.

  56. ringring says:

    cute sight.
    but i feel thats disgusting.
    i cant understand people toying pets.

  57. Hon Glad says:

    ringring – I think “toying pets” is good description. Dogs were originally for guarding and herding and cats to keep down vermin and still are in some places. For many, they are now companions, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for some, we then get dressing up
    anthropomorphising, and distortion of looks, it will be plastic surgery next. 😦

  58. Rachael says:

    Hon Glad, I believe plastic surgery already exists for animals, specifically, neuticles: “testicular prosthetic implants for neutered pets.” You wanna talk creepy and disturbing?

  59. @ Hon Glad Unfortunate but there is already plastic surgery for dogs, things like tail docking on Dobermans and ear clipping or pinning for German Shepperd.

    A little dye job doesn’t bother me, I just think it’s a waste of time and money.

  60. I think this is pretty darn awesome. If the dye isn’t hurting the dogs, then why not. Like dogs give a turd what they look like.

  61. I have to agree that I find this a little disturbing. They’re dogs people, not pandas, tigers, lions or anything else but dogs. I know a lot of people have ethical problems with the various dog breeds like pitbulls or Bulldogs but where does it end? People are already doing plastic surgery and irresponsibly breeding teacup dogs which have serious congenital issues.

    What next? Why can’t we enjoy our dogs being well, dogs?

  62. NashCat says:

    @ LisaL – “Like dogs give a turd” was the first comment of the 60 that made me laugh!

  63. When my black-and-white cap-and-saddle kitteh was a bebeh, she looked like a cross between a panda and a piglet. So, her nickname became “Pandiglet.”

  64. Anyone saying that this goes against an animal’s nature better not be the owner of pet themselves.

  65. Mod-in-Training says:

    [@BStrange i’m not worried about the length of your post. like I say about the tails of my favorite cats, ‘it may be long, but it’s fluffy!’

    it’s on topic and it’s a reasonable response to a discussion. when the thread gets too long is when i start sending shoppers to another checkout lane.

    i’m going to use this opportunity to make a point of my own: if we can’t put balloons on cats, then we should not torture them with feathers on fishing poles. we shouldn’t spay or neuter or pets. we shouldn’t keep them trapped by fences and walls. we shouldn’t give them feline leukemia treatments. we shouldn’t give them names and we shouldn’t have their toofuses cleaned or help them get rid of fleas. we should let them eat anything they like, even if it’s poisonous.

    we should never, ever pet a cat and like it.


  66. I don’t like this. It makes me sad. In a foreign country, you don’t know whether they are using safe dyes or not. “Cute or sad?” should be a caption on this one.

  67. Ann, unfortunately China has a history of supposedly “safe” substances being poisonous. From cough syrup to the recent forumula scandals, they do not have good safeguards in place.

  68. Hon Glad says:

    Rachael and Gigi – thanks for that. I was thinking of something more extreme, say
    faciall implants to make a cat look like a Lion.

  69. So…puppies aren’t cute enough on their own? Bummer.

  70. Oh Hon Glad, people are already doing plastic surgery on pets.

    It’s the unspoken shame of dog shows apparently but people get work done on their pets so that they’re closer to the “breed standard”

  71. I don’t like . . . I would really have to know what process they went through to get the desired results. Whatever it was it can’t have been pleasant for the puppies.

  72. dangercat says:

    This is not cute.

    I seriously doubt that the “pet market in Sichuan,” where they obtained the chows and the lab dyed to look like a tiger, used mild, pet-safe dyes. I just hope they started with cream Chows and didn’t use bleach.

  73. People who think these panda or tiger dogs are not cute needs to get over it and get back to work or go back to do whatever they were doing before.

    I guess if you like the natural state of K9 breed as an animal not as a pet, then you should go catch some wolfs and have them as pets. Humans have being selectively breeding, inbreeding, cross breeding, inter-species breeding to get the qualities of ‘dogs’ they want for thousands of years, not to mention ear cropping, tail docking, neutering, spaying… how do you think you get your 3 lbs chihuahua or 200 lbs pit bull? I guess various exotic dog species just pop out of a rock ‘naturally’!

    What we do to our pets reflects how we are as a society. So, sitting around like a fat ass and not taking your dogs for exercise, or over feeding them so it causes joint disease, heart disease, or other health conditions is not animal abuse?

  74. Katiedid says:

    Geez.. people are getting mad over things they don’t even know! How do you know if they didn’t use pet-safe dyes? If you want to get mad over something that means anything, get mad at people chopping up their dogs ears and tails because it makes them ‘look better.’

  75. Katiedid:
    I completely agree. People are getting upset because of a grooming contest.

  76. Oh no, can you say ‘4ss’ on cute overload? My comment is being moderated. Sorry! I will use a different word next time.

  77. HI MiT have a cup of Coffee… you are gonna need it.

    Hands over Starbucks Mocha.

    pulls up chair..

    and my thoughts on it all

    I think they are very adorable… would I do it to one of my pets? no.. but I also don’t dress mine up… and am quite a fan of poddles real coats.. and would never shave my Pom if I had one.

    But can I sit and enjoy the cutness of the panda dogs.. ohhh you bet ya, and they are definately very very cute.

  78. SRSLY, we need a new rule of cuteness: Animals dressed up as other animals, are always cute.

  79. aquasaline says:

    just don’t try to feed ’em bamboo…

  80. My first and foremost concern is for the possibility of adverse effects of the dyes on the dogs…..other than that, I think the whole idea is rather stoopid…!
    Probly involves status & competition: “Is my Panda-Dog’s dye job cuter than yours?”
    Poor goggies! Just give them a few of their favorite toys or throw a frisbee around for them; let them just be THEMSELVES!!!! 🙄

  81. poor dogs……i wish people would stop doing that to animals. I know the dyes are non-toxic and dont hurt the dogs but still……don’t dye your dog it looks stupid.

  82. foiled again…lol…

  83. Longtail says:

    I’m wondering if they started with black chows for these guys. They are sure are cute!

    And I like the tiger-retriever. That’s quite a beautiful bit of work.

    Hmmmm…*eyes own dog* <.<

  84. I’m in the creepy/wrong/shouldn’t be done camp. And yes, there are “pet friendly” dyes, but Chows are not white, so they had to be bleached, not dyed, to get the white in their coats. As someone who routinely “dyes” (read: bleaches) their brown hair very light blonde on a regular basis – I can tell you the process is long, harsh and has a very nasty smell. I’m an adult human – if I choose to do this to myself, that is my business, but I feel the process should not be done on any animals – they have no choice/say in the matter. And I’m also against tail docking, ear cropping, etc.

  85. Katiedid says:

    MJ- Chow Chows can be white ( it’s called cream, and sometimes has a little orange tinge to it)

  86. Mod-in-Training says:

    [I think those chowdas look sort of creepy, but i like them better than close-ups of parrots and anteaters kinda give me the yips.

    i watched a minute of the poodle grooming weirdness on TV the other night and i thought it was funny and creative and i liked them the same way i like ‘glee.’

    may i suggest to today’s nuffers a small palliative? it’s the one i used to comfort myself when finn shaved off his mohawk:

    ‘it’ll grow back.’


    same with the poodles and hopefully the panchows.

    i’m more of a 4-shot breve girl in the starbucks department, just so you know. 🙂


  87. Not Cute. Sad. I agree with the poster who said this sort of behaviour is treating them like objects.

  88. Mod-in-Training says:

    [@nuri so true. it would be preferable to treat them as our subjects.]

  89. Patrick says:


  90. My dog thinks I’m trying to kill her when it’s bath time. However, not all dogs are the same and some actually enjoy the extra attention. I’d never do this to any of my pets, but as long as they’re not being hurt, and they’re getting lots of love and attention, I won’t oppose those who do.

  91. dogs dyed as pandas

  92. Theadosia says:


    I hadn’t thought of that angle, but, yes, the side-effects of genetic modification of dogs can be fairly horrific and don’t grow out on their own. And, as a genetic train-wreck myself, I’d rather see a safe temporary modification than life-long crippling.

  93. janet2buns says:

    @BStrange et al: Thanks for the info and links. Who knew!

  94. Oh, heavens! Those poor puppies! I can just tell from those pictures that they’re treated horribly, and that their owners have a complete disregard for their health. Yes, they’re well fed, and they have all their coat, and they appear to go between getting carried proudly and playing, but … The dyes! My God, the dyes! Since they’re foreigners, how can we *not* assume they didn’t just toss any old chemical on their pets out of some selfish desire to see them resembling pandas?! Pet-safe dyes? Pshaw, like they could think of that. It’s just the worst possible case scenario, I know it.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wring my hands worriedly over CO’s next post. What monstrosities will you show us next, “Cute” Overload? Kitties with lion cuts? A rabbit subjugating a turtle for trasportation? *Human* babies in adorable situations? Do you have no shame?

  95. BStrange says:

    MiT@65 – /salute Thanks. 🙂

    I do have to emphasize here, for the people saying the dyeing process and/or looking like pandas couldn’t have been pleasant for the dogs: It depends on the dog. Some dogs are food-motivated, some are work-motivated, some are toy- or play-motivated; some are attention-motivated. I’ve had dogs who hated prolonged grooming, or were shy or “bug off arready, sheesh” by nature. For this personality type, something like this could have been unpleasant. But the dog world has its attention hounds too: If there’s scratching and praise involved, they’re happy. Being oohed and ahhed over makes their day. Some will be real stinkers to get ANY attention, good or bad, and they’re not all “poor deprived ignored dogs” either… It can also be a personality thing!

    I’ve had and known dogs who reacted to words such as “groomer” “brush” and “bath” (in spite of not being fond of water in general) – and even “vet”! – with bouncy, grinning glee and a race to jump in the car. They got loads of attention and play at home, but they never, ever passed up a chance for more. One would even escape the yard (not an easy task since we kept trying to thwart her) when taken out to play… and then trot around and sit at the gate, waiting to be found so she could do it all again. Didn’t matter if she was laughed at or scolded for it, she’d turned it into her own personal game of hide’n’seek. What a stinker.

    For attention-loving dogs, a dyejob that has strangers crossing the street for a closer look seems like pennies from heaven. I never much liked pet-dyeing either, but that’s because the first few I encountered didn’t seem happy about it. Gave me a different perspective to see a family friend’s freshly made-up Bichon come out of the groomer’s strutting and skipping and eager to run up to random passers-by. She acted like… well, like she’d just gotten her hair done. It looked like she was saying: “Notice anything different about me, people??” It was so unlike the mellow pup I knew that it amazed me, until her owner commented that “dogs may not know what they look like, but they can tell when they’re being noticed”. She’d learned over time that “getting her fur done” got her noticed more by strangers than when she was monochromatic, and it sure looked like she liked that. That experience made me go “hmm”. 😉 Still don’t like how the brightly-colored dyejobs look, myself, but if the dog doesn’t seem to mind, or appears to be enjoying the extra attention? Okaythen.

    And for the “they can’t tell you how they feel” crowd – the heck they can’t! Dogs can make their feelings quite clear to those who try to understand them, instead of assuming how they themselves feel, or how they think the dog “must” feel, is actually the case. But since dogs can’t talk, you’re right, you can’t ASK them, so there is only one way to find out if they like something like this, don’t like something, or could give a hamster’s behind either way. And that’s to try it (safely! gently! but try it) and watch how the dog acts during and afterward.

    Those dogs who, say, skydive or surf with their owners and seem to be lovin’ it, are a far cry from my reticent Sheltie-boy, who would have probably looked at all that water and then looked at me like, “that’s nice, see you when you get back on dry land”. I base this on his dislike of swimming in general. But our escape artist, mischief-maker mutt was such a thrill-seeker type, I sometimes wish I could have tried it. If she liked it half as much as she liked yanking someone’s chain (this, in spite of every possible effort to train her to behave and keep her amused, remained her favorite game) I think she’d have had a blast.

  96. BStrange says:

    A footnote on “how the dog feels is not necessarily how you assume it feels”:

    I have heard, with my own ears, people say that they feel that search-and-rescue dogs, working herd dogs, police dogs, and assistance dogs for the blind are all “a cruel and unfair use of animals” and “treating the animal like an object/tool” and “a dog would never want to do that, it only does it because it’s forced to”…

    Some people, you just can’t talk to about these things. *shrug*

  97. Thanks Katiedid – not super familar with the Chow breed and did not know cream was an accepted color. Very pretty dog!

  98. Dog owners should really be careful about dressing their dogs up, dying their hair etc. NOT ALL DOGS LIKE THAT! My pomeranian, “Bubba” was used as a fashion accessory by his previous owners, and they wondered why he was so “vicious” and had to “get rid of him” Luckily he found an owner (me!) who understands that he doesn’t like all that nonsense! He is THE SWEETEST dog you will ever meet and doesn’t have a vicious bone in his little body! We were even able to train him in all the basic commands despite being “untrainable” as his previous owners claimed.

  99. BTW… I don’t mean that ALL DOGS shouldn’t be dressed up and such. If they like it then that’s great. I just meant that some dogs, like Bubba, get very stressed by it and some owners don’t realize how traumatizing it can be. I hope I didn’t offend anyone 🙂

  100. Ummm.. in defense of Poodle cuts, at least they have a historical precedent. They were developed to keep the dogs’ hips and leg joints warm when they were retrieving game in the cold marshes. AND!! only poodles wear poodle cuts. Pandas don’t wear poodle cuts and neither do tigers. A dog that looks like a panda really is adorable, because pandas are adorable. But, it is a denial of the animals themselves. It is very clever, but somehow, without empathy.

  101. Madame X says:

    I generally find the dyed doggies goofy/weird cute, although I would never even think of visiting such indignity upon my own happily natural fur-babies (a Golden Retriever and a Shih-Tzu, not to mention the cat princesses Shira and Suki). However, the fact that it’s done in China is cause for concern, as they do have a less than sterling safety record, even with baby formula.

    Pandas are adorable, and Chows in their natural state are too; dying Chows as Pandas is, in the best of cases, just gilding the lily.

    Hot pink and purple standard poodles, on the other hand, are an abomination, and should only be allowed during Mardi Gras, if ever.

  102. Mary (the first) says:

    @MiT #87, it wasn’t Finn who had a mohawk, it was that other kid.. of course now I can’t think of his name.. the actor’s name is Mark something.
    As for the pandapups, I’m not a fan of the dye stuff, I’m more of an “au natural” kind myself, but wouldn’t get my knickers in a knot about it. personally.
    Wishing there was a new post but.. apparently not one for today (barroooo!)

  103. flutterbye says:

    Sitting here having deep thoughts about this thread and the above commentroversy. very interesting!

  104. Michele says:

    For those of you who criticizing the Chinese for dyeing their dogs should really do their research and find out where these ‘crazy poison producing’ people learn this doggie dyeing trend from….Anyone wanna guess? That’s right, they report that the dyeing skill and trend came from ‘US’!

    So before making judgments and accusations, do your research first! (another link reporting extreme dog grooming in the US)

  105. Michele says:
  106. Melissa says:

    YOOOOO!!! New cuteness please?? It’s not our fault we got spoiled!! This has been the last post in like…….forevah!!!! 😦

  107. This is so wrong….. Enjoy doing this kind of stuff only by Photoshopping.

  108. pet police says:

    WOW. Today is the day I will stop reading the comments.
    Just let people say their bit and then be quiet about it will ya?

  109. I see your Pandog and raise you one Labra-Tiger!

  110. Poor doggy looks like Alice Cooper! Now that’s cruel.

  111. Hi Fellow Cuteologists I just wanted to commend you all on a thoughtfull commentroversy with no name calling… a r eal dialogue! Bravo! and it has been very informative. I enjoyed it.

    And MiT here you go.. One four shot Breve.

  112. Such judgments going on.. Wow. How does anyone KNOW how those puppies feel about being dyed? It’s not like it’s never happened before, how many pink/color du jour poodles have you seen over the years? Where’s the outrage?

    Different animals seem to have different levels of tolerance, as evidenced by those owners who sniff that THEIR dogs would never tolerate such “cruelty”. Well, fine. Don’t dye YOUR dogs.. but if others want to, I’m pretty sure that you have other things to worry about in your own circle of the world. In other words: Calm down. Don’t sweat it.. you’re not going to change these people. They’re not reading your indignation.

    That being said, there’s nothing else cute going on in the world since yesterday? Think that I’ll go peruse Maru’s site.

    And y’all? Chill.

  113. Ok.. my previous comment is awaiting moderation? Wonder whose toes I stepped on.. Sounds like someone’s got their panties in a wad.

  114. Mod-in-Training says:


    you’re right, it isn’t Finn, but i was too lazy to go look it up. Mark Salling plays Puck, which is such a great name.

    re: threads: i think it would be great to be at the party where these conversations are taking place! but if we don’t get a new post soon, it’s bound to get ugly.]

  115. Charlene says:

    Where is the animal rights advocate!!! Did anyone ask the dog if that’s what it wants?
    Leave the dog’s alone, if god intended for a dog to look like that he would have made one to start. STOP STOP STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. BStrange says:

    Collected responses here:

    Theodosia, KittyAdventures, and janet2buns: Happy to contribute! I had to re-think my perspective myself after more experience, if you’d asked me a few years ago I’d have rolled my eyes or winced at the whole idea of dyeing. It’s kind of like vegemite, only I haven’t managed to change my perspective once exposed to that in person. The stuff is still a culinary travesty in my book. *pained face!*

    Sar – nah, I agree with you that if the dog seems to actively be upset by being decorated in some way, it’s probably not suitable for that particular dog. Your dog’s mileage (smileage?) may vary. However, some experience with the sort of dog owners your comment reminds me of tells me that it was probably less the actual dyeing, and more their overall treatment and way of interacting with the dog (or lack thereof), which turned him “mean”. Dog owners who priss up their pets does not automatically = numbskulls. But in the ones who are indifferent or cruel, the “decorate the dog as a status symbol” thing is a symptom, not the disease itself. (So is their acquiring the dog in the first place.) This type are idiots just as much, and their dog would be just as miserable, even if the dog was his natural color. They’re a far cry from people like the Bichon’s owner, who recognized her dog liked the extra attention and ran with it.

    Sue – No panties were harmed, I’m sure. Weird things can trip the automated filter, it happens all the time. If there’s no actual problem with your post, it should show up eventually.

    Jon Spooner: Saw the tiger-dog! I actually like the leg you can see in the post, better than when I can see the whole look, the angle here makes it look much more tigerish.

    MiT: Could be fun, and…. *ominous music plays* You may be right… the cuteologists are restless!

  117. Mary (the first) says:

    Puck, that’s the one! 😀 And yes.. a new thread would be wonderful! 😀

  118. dignity of the animal…where?
    Don’t think thats cute. Dressing animals like humans, dress them like other animals – thats so 80s… (remember monkeys sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper?)…

  119. you see that you ask and magically you get a baby red panda post.

  120. @Bstrange, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I enjoyed reading them.

    For myself, I am concerned about animals being abused. I am concerned about the safety of chemicals used on pets and what aftereffects they may have, or if a pet is altered (for instance, shaved) in a way that its nature can’t compensate for.

    But when people start talking about the inherent dignity of the canine state and the humiliation suffered by animals when they are objectified or from their noble purpose to provide entertainment for their owners… I can’t follow. Sorry. Can you really conceive of no state between “full human being with human rights and dignity” and “inanimate object?” Providing entertainment and companionship is one of the things that our pets do for us.

  121. BStrange says:

    Fee fie fo fuzz, I smell a panda with a baby in her muzz’! *goes to see*

  122. bookmonstercats says:

    I had a chow chow once. She used to look after the cats. If they were scared (loud noise, strange dogs, that sort of thing) they would run to her and stand between her front legs. They used to steal food off the table for her. I never dyed her coat, she was a beautiful red anyway. She wouldn’t have liked it, but I used to know dogs and cats who loved being groomed and played with. Chows are sweet tempered, by and large, but if they don’t like something, they have jaws like a steel trap, so if these chow chows hadn’t liked being dyed, they would have had someone’s arm hanging out of their moufs.

  123. Madame X says:

    Michele, dear, I certainly did not suggest the Chinese came up with the dog-dye trend all by themselves. We all know all evil ensues from the wicked wicked West. (/sarcasm) However, it is well documented that Chinese production facilities have had certain… ahhh… quality control issues which have resulted in mishaps such as baby formula being contaminated with poison. In view of that, I expressed my concern over the continued health of the panda-pooches.

    That said, on to newly birfed real red pandas, au naturel…

  124. Mod-in-Training says:


    Just an FYI–sometimes posts beep when they go through the xray machine. once we wand you for any suspicious protrusions or liquids, you’re free to toe stomp all you like.

    personally, i wear squeel-toed boots.