Lady, there’s a hairball in your dryer

[Repair guy voice] No lint trap is gonna be able to catch that.

Michael W. says this is typical for Wampum the Pom.



  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ooo! You’re going to get in trouble when mom finds out you were playing with the electrical socket again!

  2. wannadance says:

    this is exactly what my hair looks like most of the time, except i am a reddish blonde with attractive bright streaks of of grey.

    wanna meet me??


  3. mattcyborgelt says:

    The 80s Dog meets its family.

  4. WHOA!

  5. BStrange says:

    Okay. Somebody call Mammasquirrel from earlier, and tell her we’ve found her tail in a chimney covered in soot. Apparently it’s been stolen by a disembodied face.

    Really, if you look at it… the little paw = base of the tail… It’s uncanny.

  6. Hon Glad says:

    If Phil Spector had a dog.

  7. troll doll pet extensions

  8. wow,exelent pic.hehe very cute

  9. Stormcat says:

    I call “disapprovinks”!! The Rabbits would be proud…

  10. Birdcage says:

    I actually think this is a black hole …. and emerging from the black hole is a creature of unknown origins, coming to bring havok to our space-time continuum. This dimension will never be the same. Be afraid! Be very very afraid! You may already be assimilated.

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Pomade, STAT.

  12. gooeyctr says:


    Uh oh, it’s the teleporting X-Dog!

  13. Wampum puts the pom in pom-pom!

  14. freetomato says:

    Hon Glad, you read my mind! My first thought was Wall of Fuzz!

  15. 260Oakley says:

    Nice laughro, dude.

  16. andi in NC says:

    I didn’t know The Cure had a mascot?????

  17. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Don King, the Pom!

  18. igor, get outta here!

  19. @mattcyborgelt (#3) – LOL!

  20. Am I in trouble for playing with the people in the electrical socket Mommy? -Does puppy dog eyes-

  21. Today, class, we’ll begin our study of static electricity. Can anyone tell me what static electricity is?

    Yes, Wampum?

  22. tracylee says:

    shouldn’t that be:
    “coiffure, coiffure”


  23. Katrina says:


  24. chanpon says:

    Makkuro kurosuke!!

    [Do a google search for all you non-Totoro fans! :)]

  25. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    @ wannadance: YES YES YES!!!


    ok, guess I’ve shown my approval adequately…?

  26. NormallyLurksOnly says:

    /lurk mode off
    Fizzgig! (With the rest of it being something like, “Nondai ocho, sovano! Doleh!)
    /lurk mode on

  27. @Hon Glad– if Phil Spector WAS a dog. 😛

  28. It’s Sonic the Hedgehog!!! LOL

  29. Hon Glad says:

    Theresa – Arf Arf Arf 🙂

  30. Jerilyn says:

    Muschi — from the next post — after meeting up with a roving hair dryer and being set upright?

  31. LovesDogs says:

    Someone is very flurrrfffy today.

  32. RoseyPosey says:

    Aww! Little pom looks like one of the sootballs from Spirited Away!

    Gimme one sec and I’ll find a youtube video…

  33. Phil Spector Producer Pup:
    “Well, @!# you !@#, I’ve already got the !@##% London Philharmonic Orchestra here for the hour. You want I should @#$$ send them !@$#$%# home?
    Oh, by the way, *BANG*

  34. Bwaha! @ Theresa. 🙂

  35. So I go to the doctor and the doctor asks me what’s wrong. I say “Doc, I got this terrible coiff.”

  36. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    ps: Hi Theresa & 2600!!!

  37. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Now THAT is Humphrey the Bear! 😀


  38. tracylee says:

    I hope at Christmastime they sing a modified Little Drummer Boy: “pom-Wampum-pom-pom”

  39. This is either:
    1. A Tribble
    2. A Shih-tzu with a bad-hair day
    3. The mascot from the original production of “Hair”……! 🙄

  40. Donald Duck theme song FTW!!! “Who’s got the sweetest disposition? One guess, guess who!” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

  41. PS Does the FBI know that Donald is stockpiling weapons?

  42. Lerrinus says:

    Roseyposey beat me to it! 😛

    (Needs a “Tribble” tag! 😉 )

    Adorable pup!

  43. sue christopher says:

    That is a cute picture, he reminds me of my cat who used to roll in the dirty laundry, hmm……isn’t the idea supposed to be clean laundry?

  44. I have heard the meaning of fur balls, but really dog balls? Who knew?

  45. I am totally in love with “Wampum” as a name for a Pomeranian. It’s almost as awesome as “Gizmo” for a Papillon.

  46. fhasai da-nga says:

    View seems wolf.

  47. flutterbye says:

    *POOOOFFFFF* and beep!

  48. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    So very jealous. My 8 month pommie, Bear, is at least twice that size…probably more.