It Will Look Great Next to the Bedazzled Sculpture of Clifford

“I love the poster…but I’d like it printed on black velvet, thanks.”

Forwarded by Meriem H., and the original post is here.



  1. Lerrinus says:

    Heart tails! Awwwww! 🙂

  2. An army of hungry felines waiting at the gates…

  3. Love the tail action going on there :]

  4. earlybird1 says:

    Too bad the heart tailio part of the shadow is missing! Cute!

  5. MoonCatty says:

    Such a magical image!

    I do believe these are supernatural kitties, beaming in on an enchanted light stream!

  6. earlybird1 says:

    Love the kitteh snerking sarcastically in the background there!

  7. I love the laughing kitty in the background…

  8. That is so beautiful!!!

  9. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Between the heart-shaped tailios and the ‘pweeze’ head tilt, I’m ready to write a check for a lifetime supply of noms!

  10. Bookmonstercats says:

    Is it the kitteh in the doorway singing “Kumbaya”?

  11. funneh-amusement says:

    Oh GOD! It’s gorgeous! And this heart created by tails ❤

  12. Josie C says:

    OMG! So cute! I love cats! I wanna them for me!

  13. domanato says:

    awww that’s such a romantic image, but wait till they’ve been months into the relationship and they’ll start to bicker like these two lol:

  14. if death is really like it was for Patrick Swayze at the end of Ghost, I hope I get to walk towards something like this

  15. skippymom says:

    The one making the sarcastic face looks like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

  16. BStrange says:

    *rainbow meltsplode*

  17. I want them all, how sweet they are, great picture with the sun in the background….nothing beats an awsome group of cats:)

  18. earlybird1 says:

    @BStrange: “rainbow meltsplode” FTW!!

  19. To borrow a phrase I read here once: I just exploded into a cloud of glitter.

  20. The sarcastic kitten in the background absolutely makes this. He’s the little zing of lemon juice that offsets the sweetness so that it doesn’t cloy.

  21. Theadosia says:


    The kittens are coming for your soooooouuuuullss! It’s all a ruse, a ruse I tell ya. That one at the back is giving the game away.

  22. Want to bet the laughing kitten in back is the little bother and big sister is going to have a hissy fit in about 30 seconds. 🙂

  23. Ethereal, mystical Kittehs: they will waft away on a cloud soon……. 🙂

  24. ooh, i’m stealing this pic to send to a lover one day.

  25. little kitty towards the right, in the back, he is snickering! doth he laugheth at lerve??

    what a beautiful photo, really. i feel happy.

  26. BStrange says:
  27. ogeminijune says:

    What a nice picture, it made my day.

  28. Brittany F says:

    @patris To borrow a phrase I read here once: I just exploded into a cloud of glitter.
    Baahaha! That + “*rainbow meltsplode*” made this picture even more awesome!

  29. Hon Glad says:

    We’re a couple of swells
    we stop at the best hotels
    But we prefer the countryfar away from the city smells.

    cheshirekittehcat – How do you know its Ethell. O sorry ethereal 😦

  30. Shelley Noble says:

    In. SANE! That has to be one of the most magical things ever captured! Quick–someone make the two in front a killer logo!

  31. @Hon Glad, in June July and August, we look cute when we’re dressed in shorts. 😛

  32. 260Oakley says:

    “A Tail of Two Kitties”
    (and that’s Martin Muzzlewitt in the back there)

    These puns were hard as the Dickens to come up with.

  33. chanpon says:

    *kaakkkk* Oooh, a rainbow fell out…

  34. Hon Glad says:

    Theresa – The Vanderbuilts have asked us up for tea
    we don’t know how to get there, no siree
    no siree

  35. LOL 260Oakley I just LOVE literary puns!

  36. That kitten in back totally photo bombed this picture!!

  37. *singing*
    “We would drive up the Avenue, but we haven’t got the price
    We would skate up the Avenue, but there isn’t any ice
    We would ride on a bicycle, but we haven’t got a bike
    So we’ll walk up the Avenue
    Yes, we’ll walk up the Avenue
    And to walk up the Avenue’s what we like”

  38. Fishy98 says:

    The kitties are absolutely cute. But those digs? Who lives in that??

  39. Love that the cat on the right, in the back, looks like he’s cracking up. He’s all “yeah, I used to feel like that, too. Wait til they’ve been married for seven years, like us” (Sound of cat on left smacking him for that comment.)

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    Well. After a rough day at work untangling a BIG, big HR knot and then coming home to find a ‘oops!’ poopie mess on the floor (missed the litter box a bit there) from SamKitty to clean up, this picture is so beautiful and serene to look at. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. 🙂

  41. puddlepeppers says:

    What Marci said and what Fishy98 said…except I think it’s me…

  42. beautiful picture

  43. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…

  44. 😆 AWW 😆 I know that look 😆 It is the “feed us, feed us, we are starving little kitties” look 😆 Come in, kitties 😆 There are bowls of warm milk and yummy kitty food for you all to eat 😆 There are also soft pillows for you all to sleep on 😆

  45. Their tails even form a heart!

  46. Hehe.. I’m with Smooph… that giggling rascal behind them is priceless. PHOTOBOMB!

  47. Heidi K. says:

    Ok that’s way beyond just “cute” — I mean, cute’s great, but this picture is simply spectacular and totally, ridiculously awesome — and oh yeah, outrageously wonderful. All the glowing adjectives in the world cannot express my love of this picture!!!

  48. mimi – I’m with you on that. Wise words indeed. A truly lovely picture.

  49. Like BStrange says above….

    *rainbow meltsplode*

    That´s gonna keep me smiling for the rest of the week/month/year!

  50. I had a set of littermates who absolutely loved each other, and they’d lie half-curled up, facing each other, so their bodies formed a heart shape. These kits must be their cousins.

  51. BrieBrie says:

    Oh, so deadly CUTE! So, sweet I will never need or want sugar on anything ever again!

    And I just noticed their tails make a HEART!!

  52. Noelegy says:

    I need to keep this picture in mind for when the world seems just a little too mean and nasty. It will be my little shot o’bliss.

  53. Noelegy says:

    P.S. You’ve got to wonder: you think cats don’t know what effect they have on us? Master manipulators, they are. I can almost hear the two in front thinking, “Okay, you stand here and I’ll stand here. Now make your eyes really big and shiny. I’ll tilt my head: just so. Now do that tail thing we rehearsed.”

  54. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    “um, do I HAFTA go back, out into “The Real World”????

    But, wwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????”

  55. Jerilyn says:

    Backlighting + kittehs = awesome!!!

  56. @ Hon Glad: re: Ethel 😆 😆 😆
    (Hoo-boy; for a minnit I thought I misspelled “ethereal”……..!)

  57. this picture just killed me.

  58. amazing. I want to get this on a t-shirt and then go roller skating.

  59. Heart tailios! Awesome!

  60. Phaidra says:

    Hey, doesn’t anybody remember the part in “Aristocats” when the two Siamese cats are singing “We are Siamese?” I believe that when they are singing the song their two tails interact and do form a heart at some point in the song. Am I wrong? could someone confirm this? it’s been a long time since the movie came out, the 70’s i think.

  61. aquasaline says:

    I want to be on THAT planet…

  62. Sniff . . . a marmie heart.
    I miss Teho!

  63. Brittany F says:

    Phaidra, that’s from Lady and the Tramp.

  64. Sweeeeeet heart tails! 🙂

  65. Oh, that is just too beautiful. It’s like true love…

  66. D’awww, I love this picture.

    But I kinda feel like these two are that creepy couple that comes into the mattress store and starts making out on the mattresses to ‘test them out’. Is it just me?

  67. BStrange says:

    Phaidra –

    Sorta, at the beginning while they’re weaving their tails in mirror-image. Plus there’s the tail handshake at the end.

    Those are the two most Siamese-colored weasels I ever saw!

  68. The last few days at work I’ve been dialing up CO and scrolling down to this photo. When I do menial paper-shuffling tasks I will occasionally look at the screen and go “aahn”.

  69. Space Cowgirl says:

    Thank you, Phaidra and BStrange! I had the song stuck in my head over the past couple of weeks, but never got around to YTing it.

  70. Phaidra says:

    Brittany F thanks for the correction…you’re right it IS from Lady and the Tramp. My identical twin sister and i just loved that movie when we were little.
    BStrange…yes they do look very weasely, hee!

  71. flutterbye says:

    Awesome photo – barfed rainbow hearts!

  72. This is such a beautiful picture! Kitty love is always adorable, but props to the photographer for this one. Everything about it is so warm and fuzzy. 🙂

  73. So mind-bonkingly perfect I would swear it’s fake. Ah. Love. Eet.

  74. Wuv …. TWOO wuv ….

  75. This would make a cute valentine card , Put some cute greetings on it and there you are a greeting card !

  76. BStrange says:

    Made my day: I have just been informed that a friend of mine observed three people using this as their computer’s desktop image today.

    Four, counting me. 😀

  77. E. Kimber says:

    Oh, I’ve been using this as computer wallpaper since I saw it – this may be the most amazing kitty photo I’ve ever seen. If the photographer made posters out of this pic, I’d be buying! By the way, could this be a garden shed? I like the old look, but agree with Fishy98, no one should be living there…

  78. Noelegy says:

    Such a perfect desktop wallpaper. Nabbed!