Settle Down.

Maybe next time you don’t give both the baby and dog an Entenmann’s raspberry danish…

Forwarded by Courtney F.



  1. XD

  2. Priscilla says:

    Not cute.

  3. Au contraire, STINKIN’ STINKIN’ cute!

  4. The adorableness is off the charts!

  5. Ok, the dog is cute, the baby is cute, but…I’m somewhat distracted by the baby spitting out his pacifier onto the carpet, which is obviously dirty since the dog is on it, rubs his feet all over it, and then sticks it in his mouth. If I were that parent, I’d have taken it away, or replaced it with a spare to clean that one.

  6. Why not? It certainly made me smile!

  7. AngelicLiver says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about Priscilla, that’s adorable!

  8. domanato says:

    lol the dog looks like he’s scared of the baby

  9. Trabb's Boy says:

    I saw this last week and was waiting for it to show here. What incredible joy! What a sweet, sweet doggie! This was utter awesomeness. I was waiting for baby to explode with laughter, and ever so slightly worried that the dog would knock the kid over, but then doggie just stopped and licked and licked. What love. Priscilla dear, open your heart!!!

  10. domanato says:

    and the baby’s laughing like this one here:

  11. Cute.

  12. O NO He/She (it) Di-unt!!! says:

    HI theresa!!! Qu’est-ce que se passe se soir chez vous???


    (per my professeur du Francais a Tallahassee)

  13. cafegrrl says:

    I normally don’t like kid videos, but that was very very cute. The little sheltie is just adorable and so sweet!

  14. I too was a little worried that the dog was getting too exited but the he was very gentle with the baby.

    And don’t worry so much Priscilla that carpet doesn’t look that dirty and like my mother used to say: On engraisse pas les cochons à l’eau claire.
    In English: You can’t fatten pig with clear water.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying to wallow in dirt but cleanliness can be taken too far. Kid’s need to build up their immune system by being expose to life and that include pets

  15. The dog is Not scared of the baby. The dog is well aware that he/she is entertaining the baby. They are playing a mutual “I’m gonna get you” type of game and they are both having a grand time. Yes, STINKIN CUTE! Sweet ,smart doggie. Happy, happy baby.

  16. good doggie, my sides were splitting is laughter-sympathy!

  17. Sweeda88 says:

    Timmy and Lassie- The early years.

  18. William Furr says:

    I could hear that kid’s laugh from my headphones sitting on my desk. Cute, but had to be muted.

  19. Bat-Snake says:

    Easy entertainment delivers easy entertainment XD

  20. What a great way to keep the dog and the baby entertained for hours! I bet they both napped well 😉

  21. Clarebear says:

    agreed with Gigi,specially regarding: immune system!
    You know companies that sell antibacterial handwash are making a killing from paranoid parents!?!

    and I love this video! 🙂

  22. Oh my god — soooooo cute!!!! Smiling the whole time. That babies laugh is awesome.

    I just have one question — who’s going to be more tired later on bebeh or poochie??

    And, nuffers, don’t be stupid germaphobes. Get over it.

  23. Some years ago a radio call-in show had an expert discussing the need for young children to be exposed to the great outdoors — i.e. dirt — in order to build healthy immune systems. A caller asked, “But aren’t you worried about salmonella?” And the expert replied, “I said kids should play in the dirt, not play with raw chicken in the dirt.” There you have it!

  24. Chase me!!!!

    Chase me, chase me, chase me, chase me!

    Oh, why won’t you chase me? You just sit there giggling when you could be CHASING ME!

  25. Cuteful!
    They both look so happy!

  26. Erica in Ithaca says:

    oh man, that’s so cute I’m almost in tears!

  27. Birdcage says:

    What a lovely doggie to play so nice with the baybeh!!!!! I vote cute. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course and hooman baybehs always generate a lot of commentroversy – but I’m kinda sad that a vote of “not cute” was first up amongst comments.

  28. Angela W says:

    This cracked me up, especially when the baby snort-laughed at 1:32. My Aussie does that little “head and paws on the ground” move when she’s being playful. The doggie is either just being playful or trying to herd the baby somewhere would be my guess.
    And I also don’t think the pacifier on the rug is a big deal. Me and my brothers used to play with bugs and dirt all the time and I think it did wonders to build up my immune system and prevent allergies, in my unscientific opinion.

  29. I like around 1:30 when the baby makes a snorting noise… hee hee…. and how cute that the doggy gave the baby kisses?!?!?

  30. sarbear says:

    i don’t know much about babies, but i know dogs….and that is one happy doggie!

  31. Madame X says:

    They are both ADORABLE!!!!

    I am convinced that angels dance to the laughter of children, and that little boy must’ve had the celestial hordes tripping the light fantastic!

    As to him spitting out his pacifier and picking it up again, meh, I’ve seen kids put dirtier stuff (including potting mix) in their mouths without any adverse consequences. Relax. The house, the baby and the dog look pristine and well taken care of, so the parental unit(s) seem to have the matter well in hand.

  32. I love how at the 1:02 mark the doggie is running only on his hind legs for a second. So cute, baby and doggie!!

  33. Lerrinus says:

    Awww-dorable! happy baby, happy puppy! 🙂

  34. I’m waiting for Junior to take a header onto the sharp corners of that coffee table. Careful little guy!

  35. That dog is definitely having a good time. My shelties used to play exactly the same game with each other until they were exhausted. This brought back a lot of happy memories of my little guys.

  36. I had a sheltie who played this same game with me. We called it tag your it. When that little one can walk the chasing will be mutual. Very cute video! Happy Human and Dog!

  37. Daphne Moss says:

    Couldn’t agree more. People are getting paranoid about germs, and the irony is that this is making the germs tougher. (You know those commercials that say kills 99 percent of germs…watch out for that still-reproducing-mutating-and ever-tougher one percent…)
    That house looks pretty clean.
    I loved this!! I don’t get all goo-gooey about babies, but this is just adorable…tiny animal lover born and what a sweet and wonderful babysitter that spring-loaded collie? sheltie? is. Still smiling… ‘-)

  38. Super cute, and I agree with everyone saying children should be exposed to a little dirt, within reason. The dog and house look well-kept, so no worries. Awhile back there was a video on here of a toddler “fighting” with a kitten. That one is worth watching too:)

  39. Best baby sitter evah! 😀

  40. Oh man, Shelties are the best. I had a Sheltie who would do this anytime we got him in a playful mood — the play bow, the wild racing around the room, the sudden stop and collapse on the floor, it was great. 😀 Thanks, Prongs, for bringing the fond memories back to mind!

  41. cellarmouse says:

    This is just the healthiest video I’ve ever enjoyed! This absolute innocence and joy are what we search for all our lives … if I can feel it even vicariously I know I’ll sleep well tonight.

  42. Lindsay says:

    I love how the sheltie is tearing around and then stops and ever so gently licks the face of the baby….awwwwww! I hope this sheltie lives a long and happy life, and the baby grows up and loves the sheltie 🙂

  43. My dad always said “Nobody gets through life without ingesting at least a pound of dirt,” and I think he was being conservative in his estimate.

  44. How nice of those people to get a child for their Sheltie!!

  45. Dash – you literally made me laugh out loud! Yeah, that kid has made that doggie pretty happy, and vice versa.

  46. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    Love the video, cute and hilarious. Also nice memories of my own wonderful Sheltie that I had growing up. Love, love, love it. (and LOL @Dash)

  47. what a sweet, gentle doggy! how lucky that baby is to already have his best friend 🙂

  48. victoreia says:

    [sigh] Can I have a Sheltie, mom? Huh? Can I??????

    Seriously, that was one of the better sights to see, especially on a Monday!

  49. My Sheltie plays the exact same way with people of all ages and he’s very gentle with children especially. They are aware. That was all play. The snort nearly killed me. I needed this laugh.

  50. too funny!!!

  51. DreamspinnerCheryl says:

    That is the sweetest, cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I giggled nearly as much as the baby! Thanks for this one-it’s adorable!!

  52. Heather says:

    Quite possibly the most wonderful interaction between tiny human and animal I have ever seen. This made my day!!!

  53. micsix73 says:

    I don’t know why but I always picture the people who get overly offended at the slightest presence of human children as bitter, unattractive, and/or childless women. Geez. I don’t want to spend 30 minutes looking at someone’s collection of family photos but this is very cute.

  54. Mr. Sheltie is obviously having a great time–at first, I thought he was getting frustrated that the kid wasn’t chasing him the way he kept asking him to, but as kept watching, I could tell that the giggling was enough to keep egging him on.

    Dogs read humans better than humans read dogs–and they are well aware of the young’ins. I’m a single, childless woman with two dogs, but my pups are way more tolerant of the 9 month old nephew than the 3 year old nephew, even though they have relatively little interaction with either one.

    Obviously, the kid, the dog and the house are all well taken care of. This video helps further cement my opinion that every kid needs a dog.

  55. That was delightful!

  56. Oh myyy!!
    You can tell Doggie loves his baby; he’s so sweet and gentle!!

  57. Not cute? Are you on crack? This is the cutest dog-baby interaction I’ve seen in quite a while! What a good dog he/she is, too. You can see in the dog’s face that it genuinely enjoys playing with this baby. I’m just tickled at the sight of this. Very cool post!

  58. Susan L says:

    For the person who was concerned about dog’s feet having dirtied the floor, the bottoms of human shoes are none too clean either but babies crawl on floors where people walk all the time.

    I loved how the sheltie ran full speed but always managed to not even lay a paw anywhere on that baby. He was so gentle and careful while the two of them played together.

  59. Doggie grins! Doggie grins!

  60. martha in mobile says:

    Dudes! This is the same game that 50-year-old me plays with my 10-year-old doggie. Though I dip my paci in tanqueray after I drop it…

  61. Biscuit Tin says:

    The dog’s joy is magnificent. I love this video.

  62. beijaflor says:

    i love when the dog mirrors the baby falling on its face at 1:39

  63. BFFs!

    And we played with raw chicken in the dirt all the time when I was a kid. What, you didn’t?

  64. Copperbat says:

    Adorable video! Beautiful child and dog – obvy very happy! What could be more precious than this? If you don’t find this cute, you are soulless.

  65. flutterbye says:

    Such joy and happiness! This absolutely made my day. Loved babeh’s belly laughing and goggie’s butt-tuck-and-run moves – totally WUNNERFUL video!

    Thanks CO!

  66. And ate raw cookie dough . . . and survived.
    A brief pause to wrap the coffee table in hamsters and styrofoam, ‘cos the babe is going to bonk his wee headie on it any moment . . .
    But for now shall just hit rewind and enjoy the herding moment.

  67. Scout C says:

    VERY, VERY CUTE! The dog is cute, the baby is cute, the game they are playing is cute. And if you are worried about the baby putting the pacifier in his mouth, I guess the parents shouldn’t ever let him crawl in the house because whatever germs are getting on the pacifier as it lies on the floor are getting on the little guy’s hands, too, and a baby that age puts his hands into his mouth as often as possible. Unless you follow him around with a “wipe” soaked in all manner of nasty chemicals and wipe his hands every time he sits still, he’s gonna get some germs in his mouth — just as he should to build up his immune system. Lighten up and let the baby and dog have some fun!

  68. HanksMom says:

    That dog rocks! Completely entertaining that baby! It’s so cool how he slides to a stop laying inches from that little tyke. And the dog knows exactly what he’s doing. Amazing!

  69. kittens not kids says:

    I love when the kid flops forward, like he just can’t hold himself up with the laughing any longer. and the awesome goggie jumps a little but also stays flopped on the ground.

    i love watching almost any kind of human-animal interactions where it is clear that both parties are benefiting from and vastly enjoying the interaction.

  70. One Eyed Daruma says:

    It’s a Lithuanian Baby Herder! My favorite breed!

  71. I love the kissy-kissy-poo at the end. Shows just how much the dog cares for the “little human”. And yes, dogs are wonderful at judging people, their moods, their abilities, etc.

  72. Actually that’s “tiny human” — I was quoting Heather. It’s a very cute term.

  73. Karebear says:

    Now this is a baby/animal combo I definitely DO like!
    It had be giggling almost as much as the baby. And I love the double *splat* at 1:39!

  74. PS: Entenmann’s raspberry danish? mmmm, don’t mind if I do!

  75. Those doggy kisses at the end just put the icing on the cake. Too adorable. That is one precious dog and baby 😀

  76. HuntSnipes says:

    What a great game of tag those two had! Just adorable.

  77. wildviolette says:

    I can’t decide if I want another dog or another baby — or both.
    For the germ peeps: ten bucks says mommy and daddy “clean” that pacifier with their own spit 9 out of 10 times its dropped — which is probably constantly.

  78. So cute. So joyous. And now I am so happy!

  79. AuntieMame says:



  80. cafegrrl says:

    Okay, my second comment. The dog was so cute I had to watch it again, but I realize that the reason this is so sweet and so adorable is not the dog nor the baby. It’s their interaction. It’s just pure joy on both sides and you can’t help but smile.

  81. mrtsmom says:

    What? Am I the first person to think of Nana in Peter Pan? Proof that dogs make wonderful nannies.

  82. My dog is like that all day. He’s just a bundle of energy..too much to handle sometimes!

  83. jennifer says:

    I am going to watch this at least 10 times before I go to bed tonight and be assured of the most pleasantness of sleeps. I love that the child is squealing with delight and all you can hear are the dogs excited toe nails on the carpet.

  84. I was very upset over something and then I clicked on this video entirely by accident on my Google reader. I didn’t even realize I’d done so until I heard baby laughter and watched the entire thing.

    I am no longer upset and I don’t think I can ever be upset at anything again, this was so adorable– or, should I say, anerable!

    *watches again and again and again and again and again and once more for good measure*

  85. BStrange says:



    I may not be a baby-fan, but this vid is a riot to watch, the interaction is great as someone above already said. 🙂 The Sheltie’s just waiting for that kid to be able to chase him so they can really play tag! They are such great little dogs.

    Also, bah on the dirt-paranoia. I’m with the folks who pointed out that the kid’s hands touch the floor at least a hundred times more than that pacifier does, and where do little kids put their hands? Unless you plan to chain them to his sides ‘for his own safety’. Yeesh. Out in public where you have no idea whether some kid with the flu sneezed there recently, okay, I get it, but that place looks like it gets a regular cleaning. Considering the length of Sheltie-fur, you’d be able to tell if it didn’t. 😉

  86. the twirl at 1:30 has splode written all over it

  87. My husband and I were playing this same game with our Golden Retriever just now, in the backyard. We pretend to chase him, and he runs around like crazy; then we do it again. Only we aren’t as cute as the baby.

  88. I like how the sheltie did her drop-to-the-belly sheepdog protection posture while playing at the same time. The baby is her little lamb.
    Must ‘splode now.

  89. Silverfire says:

    That looks like a fun game. Its nice to see a baby and a dog get along THAT well, I am sure there are hours of entertainment and years of friendship… Also, I agree with those who are saying that germs aren’t that bad. The more you try to kill them, the worse they get.

  90. Hon Glad says:

    Happy happy. Babies chuckle muscles will be well exercised, as are mine from
    watching the video.

  91. That baby´s gonna give me nightmares for a while to come! Scary sh*t!

    The dog is sooo cute and funny though. 🙂

  92. Urso Branco says:

    This video of the Sheltie and the baby brought tears to my eyes. I had 2 Shelties, mother and daughter, They used to play like that and kiss a lot too. This Sheltie looks almost exactly like my Sable did. This video captures the delight they bring to you life. Geeez I miss my girls.

  93. I am not a baby person but I will say…cute. Both were having a great time! I did have to turn off the volumn as the screetching was earsplitting for me. That must be an acquired sound. However, what a nice source of enterrainment for the mom! 🙂 As for the pacifier on the ground….not something I would ever worry about. The human mouth is naturally dirtier than a dog’s mouth…so carpet….no biggie. 🙂

  94. Katrina says:

    Here we have true love blossoming, they are best pals and chums for life. Just wonderful. One can’t keep germs off a baby, they harbor germs 24-7, one can only hit the reset button with a bath, but that is about it! Sooooo worth the germs to have that baby interact with his best friend! That teaches so much!

  95. LuvFurBabies says:

    Happy Doggie + Happy Baby = Happy World

    That was too cute!

  96. Super Bunny says:

    Priscilla & Ayaa: You both need to chill. I’m not a big “baby person”, but even I think that’s so cute. Like someone else said, they already love each other. thank you for making me smile!

  97. Enting85 says:

    This is a very interesting (and extremly cute) example of the behavior of sheep-dogs. I’ve seen this many times with hungarian dogs (almost all are sheep-dogs). A real sheep-dog thinks: “I have one master, all the others are enemies or sheeps.” Enemies will be attacked very hard (this happens rarely). Sheeps will be kept in their place (usually with running fast circles around them). The kid is a sheep for this brave sheltie. The task: to maintain the order and discipline, and to do this very gently.

  98. Enting85 says:

    And this theory about enemies and sheeps makes sheep-dogs to running circles around arriving guests. “Master told me not to attack them. So they are some kind of sheeps…” This situation is very funny too!

  99. Rachael says:

    Anything that ends with doggy kisses must be good. The kid is happy, the dog is happy, I’m happy. What a lucky kid to be able to grow up with such a wonderful, slobbery playmate! 😀

  100. I can’t tell who’s having more fun!

  101. Saffron says:

    Just when you thought it could not get any cuter, the doggeh kiss at the end made me DED.

    That house looked very clean and you cannot keep all germs and dirt away from bebehs. Heck, I grew up eating processed food (anyone remember the original Swanson’s TV dinners…with only about 4,984*12 grams of fat?) and original Tab with saccharine (mmm…the taste of metal can is DELISH), so a lillte dirt on the nuk is OK. 🙂 But I respect the original poster’s concern; it is good when we all look out for each other.
    Just my two cents. Rats, now I have no more money in my purse…

  102. Jim March says:

    The dog realizes that the baby can’t “roughhouse” yet. So he’s playing an alternate game of “keep-away” that he knows won’t hurt the kid.

    I’ve seen this before, with a ferret and a kitten. The adult ferret was completely used to wrasslin’ with an adult cat at full-tilt-boogie speeds, chompin’, rollin’ around, the works. Short of actually hurting the cat of course, ferrets are very good at “pulling their punches” while playing, about the same as a dog and both are much better than cats.

    But when the same ferret met a kitten half it’s size, it did exactly what this dog in the video was doing: playing “keep away”. The ferret would let the kitten pounce on his tail then dart away bouncing and laughing, and let the kitten catch up…rinse’n’repeat. The result was fun for both and absolutely harmless to the kitten. The ferret understood that the kitten wasn’t up to the full tilt wild stuff he (the ferret) could do with a cat 3x his size.

    The dog is doing the exact – same – thing. Cute as hell.

  103. Hi folks! Senior Cuteologist Brian here. Just wanted to issue my confirmation to the general public that this video does indeed contain high levels of cuteness. Extended exposure may cause head-splodedge.


  105. skrpune says:

    I lurve this vid – saw it last week and figured it was a matter of time before it showed up here. I can’t watch this one enough times.
    Back when we lived in carpeted houses, my dog (border collie-samoyed mix) used to do something similar, including the butt tucks and twirls – we called ’em “crazy runs.” He’d go tearing up & down the hallways, but he was the one that was snorting. Sounded like “robble robble robble SNORT robble robble robble SNORT!” Cracked us up every time. I’m kinda sad that we are now in a place hardwood floors – crazy runs are more like crazy slides now, so he’s moved on to other methods of entertaining us! 😀

  106. skrpune says:

    oops, make that “a place *with* hardwood”…I obviously need some more coffee…

  107. this is SOOOO cute!! my dog does that when he gets excited too. the baby’s laugh is contagious. i couldn’t help but crack up while watching this. 🙂

  108. That is fricking anorable!

  109. Holly Bees says:

    what?! dogs are funny.

  110. That may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Adorable doggie, adorable baby, adorable interaction between the two. 🙂

    For those who say the baby isn’t cute — are you on crack? Of COURSE he’s cute! You may prefer animals, and that’s fine, but the baby is adorable too! Oh, AND he’s an animal, as are we all.

  111. Oh, this was just what I needed this morning! Happy dogs, happy babies, reference to tasty raspberry pastries… my morning is complete! I’m going to go watch it again!

  112. Paunchie says:

    “the baby is her little lamb” <—- awwwwwwwwwwwww

  113. Natalie says:

    I have to agree with all the others, this is simply adorable. My dog is about the same size and plays just like that, but hasn’t experienced a baby yet. I wonder if she would be so gentle.

    And one of the first things I thought was that this place looks cleaner than mine. 🙂 That baby would have probably spit out a 2nd, and 3rd, and possibly 4th “spare” paci if mom gave him one, and popped all back in, so I don’t see the use.

  114. i don’t understand how some people can love little, innocent animals and hate little, innocent children… i’m baffled.

    anywhos, these two babies are too precious!

  115. Happy doggie!!! My border collie used to play like this. She’d go zooming by and I’d try to tag her. It was one of her favorite games. She passed away last year, at the age of 13, and I miss her terribly. This video brought happy memories.

  116. flutterbye says:

    Watched this last evening and it made a rather blah day good, so will start this day out right with joyous squeals, laughing and awesome butt-tuck-n-boogie moves by the amazing goggie!

  117. Anastasia says:

    My dog used to do this when we first rescued him from an animal shelter. He was a year old, and he continued those games until he was 3, then he stopped, then he restarted outdoors. It’s fun, just creeping up behind him, and suddenly jerking forward, and then begins the game. Sweet video, made me smile!

  118. LMFAO! There’s nothing better than hearing a baby laugh! If you don’t laugh too, you have no soul! And how does he keep that pacifier in his mouth?????? Enquiring minds want to know.

  119. floppycat says:

    My son (3) saw this and now he wants to be a little baby so the doggie will play with him! <3!

  120. that made my morning…brought back memories of my kids as giggly, happy babies instead of the moody, snotty teens they have become.

  121. Michelle says:

    What a great baby-sitter! And s/ he cleans faces too!

  122. Oh, and Pheas & Martha in Mobile-rofl!
    (But I prefer Beefeaters, shh!)

  123. My favorite part is at the end when the dog licks the baby. It’s so sweet. You can just tell that the dog really likes the baby, which doesn’t always happen. What a great dog!!!!!

  124. Hee hee, aaaaaw! Happy baby and well socialized dog having a good long laugh together. This made my day! =)

  125. metsakins says:

    I play this game with a pittie at the local shelter. I thought she invented it when I hurt my foot and couldn’t run like we used to. Of course being 52 it’s not as cute.

  126. I don’t think Priscilla and Ayaa are really the ones that need to “chill.” They each made one comment and everyone jumped on them! I don’t really think it’s that cute either…but what’s the big deal? We are all have different preferences!

  127. First, I have to come out of the closet: I’m not a dog person. I can recognize that some of them are cute, but I don’t get the same stream of inane baby-talk running through my head that I do when admiring cats or smaller furry critters. On top of that, I’m sort of ambivalent toward pre-verbal babies. I love little kids I can have conversations with, but the little “pooping backpacks,” as my good friend and mother of two calls ’em at that stage, generally leave me pretty cold.

    That said, however, I found this video totally charming. The obvious delight bubbling up from the baby, and the clear love the little sheltie has for him/her, made me really happy. A tiny little animal lover and a happy little animal are good things. Maybe not as cute as a baby sugar glider, perhaps, but heartwarming nevertheless.

  128. exllibriscat says:

    Aww, I loved seeing the baby giving the response that we grownups do at cute, fun animals: gigglesnorts! I’m also now hungry for a raspberry Entenmann’s danish. Man those are good!!

  129. HAHAHA I think that baby has still got danish crumbs on his chin 😉 Why else would the dog stealthily sneak a lick? 😉

  130. Too much baby, not enough dog.

  131. softie1974 says:

    Heeheeheee! Hard to tell who was having more fun! Dig the snort at 1:32!

    Just for the record, I am one of “those” curmudgeons who usually dislikes seeing people on C.O. I am neither ugly nor bitter, just your average childfree woman.

    This video, however, takes the cake. Too cute for words; I watched it all with a smile on my face!

  132. Looloobelle says:

    😀 First of all, wow, I LOVE how patient that baby is! I don’t know babies like I know kittehs and puppehs, but I found myself getting worried that he would get frustrated at not being able to catch doggeh! (I think one of the reasons I’m not really a baby person…I just don’t understand them!) But he stays in such cute good humour!
    Secondly, *gentlest of gentle face licks*!! “You are a good sheep, and I love you”
    XD Omg I love dogs.

  133. @martha in mobile: I snorted out loud at ” I dip my paci in Tanqueray”. That’s funny stuff. 🙂

    They’re both having so much fun, how could it NOT be cute? Awesome post, thanks for the smile. I needed that. 🙂

  134. Just some trivia, as someone else mentioned, the head and paws to the floor, butt in the air is called a “play bow”. Many breeds do it and it means “I wanna play!”
    And the guys whose dad said everyone eats a pound of dirt – the earlier English version was that we each eat a peck (pint) of dirt before we die. I am a childless 58 year old woman and I say this was CUTE! Shelties are very intelligent and careful. That was play and not herding, I used to have a Sheltie and herding is nudging from the side or nipping at the ankles. My Sheltie would try to herd joggers and they would think they were going to be attacked 😉

  135. aquasaline says:

    Gotta love the clean-up kisses at the end!

  136. I love when dogs go into that excited mode, they are so much fun, most dog owners will recognise that mad running around business, the dog cleary loves that bairn

  137. BStrange says:

    “one can only hit the reset button with a bath,”
    “full-tilt-boogie speeds”
    “mmm…the taste of metal can is DELISH”
    “robble robble robble SNORT”

    …I had to stop reading and wipe my eyes, I was laughing so hard!

    I have to add to what Enting85 said, too: having also owned herding breeds (sheltie, border collie) and been around others (heelers, australian shepherds, corgis, etc.) I need to add the missed category: “Playmate!”

    The body language here reads as “playing tag/chase with my pal” rather than herding, although some of the same moves are involved. Like kittens, puppies practice for adult business when they play, and pet dogs and cats retain much more “puppy/kitten personality” than their wild (or, working) counterparts tend to do, as adults. Partly because we encourage it (and in bloodlines bred for “pet” personalities, breed for it as well), whereas a dedicated working dog is trained to act (in terms of seriousness) much more mature. Dedicated working dogs who’ve been raised and trained from a young age to BE working dogs do tend to divide the world up more as Enting85 said, and be much more “serious”. Even when they play, they often seem as much like an athlete practicing at a much-loved sport, as playful, even when they are obviously enjoying the game; they “focus harder”. People looking to train a dog to work sheep, cattle, or whatever, regularly, try to choose individual dogs who are suited to the task, which tends to emphasize their focus, drive, and dedication even more because the dog is suited to the job.

    A dog whose primary purpose is to be a companion/pet (often even if they work/herd/etc. the dog to entertain the dog, or for shows) tends to retain much more overt puppyishness and silliness than the workers do, especially when their training doesn’t have as much emphasis on the need to be serious, focus, and work. Though sometimes the “be serious, must work” aspect of the breed surfaces of its own accord in individual dogs raised to be pets.

    Luckily for my own “serious little sheltie” (whose brother – raised identically – was a total clown), he found an owner who appreciated that and was willing to meet his personality halfway. Some work-driven dogs become frustrated and neurotic when they have no outlet for their energy and need to work. He was good practice for the border collies… (Good GRIEF, the Borders. That breed has no “medium speed” switch, the ones I’ve known are either on High Speed or Standby Mode ALL THE TIME. :eek:)

    /end blabber

    Ahem. Sorry, LONG post! Anyhow. I have rewatched this video… again. It’s still awesomely anerable; such a sweet dog, such a happy kid. I’m not crazy about face-licking and I still awwed and giggled at this instance of it, I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

  138. With all the bad stuff going on in the world, & the media just being inundated with it,
    it is so heartwarming to see a vid like this and have a cuppla laffs for awhile;
    (all the awful stuff can stay on the back burner for a bit, while I watch some of God’s cutest creatures having a good time, and also giving me a good time as well watching them….. !) 😆 😆 😆

  139. BStrange says:

    *pokes the auto-mod* Hey! Leggo my post. It was probably the length – whoops, sorry about that!

    Anyhow, I forgot one: “pooping backpacks”. I like this term, speaking as someone who once referred to the cute peeping/squeaking/scrabbling baby animules who demanded meals at (pre)dawn as “poopsqueaks”… I loved ’em, but gawd, if that was a taste of human-baby-raising, you can keep ’em.

  140. aghhh!!! i had to say SOMETHIN OR I’D SPLODE!!!! LOOOOVE the twirls,the gentle stopping b4 running over the baby, laughing, mirrorring, SNORTING &&&& SWEET GENTLE KISSESSSS omG!!!! *SPLODED* and i literally laughed out loud w/the raw chicken in the dirt comment and the how nice it was for the family to get a child for the sheltie… you guys crack me up after watching such an AWESOME vid 🙂 Thanks for the comments!!!

  141. BStrange says:

    Geisha – Laugh and the world laughs with you – if not a rule of cuteness, than it’s probably at least a corollary. Something to do with puppies with big grins (see “Show Us Your Tongue” post for reference. Hee.). 😉

    Things I Wish I Had On Video, Installment #2,812: My dearly departed Sheltie watching patiently while our mama cat plunked her young kittens one by one at his feet, so she could take a break for some “me time”. She did this to him repeatedly, and would do the same to us, as well. He seemed to take it in stride; he took the job of shepherding his wee wobbledy charges very seriously, too. He would inch along the lawn along with them, guiding them oh-so-gently and keeping them grouped together (or trying, as they got older and more mobile). Talk about “herding cats”… Guess no one told him it’s just an expression? 😀

    This video makes me miss the little guy all over again, but in the bittersweet, good kinda way.

  142. Malle Babbe says:

    I love out at first the sheltie is all, “Wow! This sheep is LOUD!” and then figures out how to play “Can’t catch me!” with the little one…

  143. I need to save this to watch anytime I need to smile!!!!!

  144. Claire Z says:

    As someone who’s owned 2 Shelties I question whether this is a true Sheltie since I heard not a single bark in this video.

  145. BStrange says:

    Ha! Oh, not all of them are “talkers” (as someone above aptly put it) all the time. My boy would bark out progress reports whenever strangers or Unknown Creatures passed close by or were within the bounds of our/his turf, following them around to keep an eye on them. He would continue to do so until whatever it was was gone. The rest of the time, he was quiet as a churchmouse; not a whine, growl, or bark to be heard. I had no idea about the “talking” type until we acquired another Sheltie… And man oh man, she could have given an auctioneer a real run for the money! Whinetalk, barktalk, wiggletalk… It was like having a stereotypical but dog-shaped teenaged daughter, minus the phone bills.

  146. BStrange says:

    Come to think of it, given the “talker” mentions, I’m starting to count myself lucky I had the (relatively) quiet type before. 😀

  147. Wolfwatcher says:

    Nose tags and ninja licks! Our Sheltie does that too 😉

    She’s not much of a barker, either, like this one.

  148. OMG, that is so cute. You can’t watch that and NOT smile. The baby is experiencing such pure joy playing with the dog and the dog so gentle – playing but obviously always being careful never to hurt the baby. What a happy moment. 🙂

  149. The little Myrmidon says:

    I’m surprised that no one seems to have commented on the fact that the “sheltie” (i.e. Shetland Sheep Dog) is doing what comes naturally to him/her -herding. The dog almost got the baby under the coffee table at one point – the place that the dog probably thinks is a “corral.” Give this baby three years and a group of friends and watch this dog put them into a tight little circle!!

  150. Thank you for posting this, I’ve watched it a dozen times today and showed it to all my co-workers and it has made me laugh and everyone I’ve showed. The nothing but pure moment of joy for both the baby and the dog…….so precious! ☼

    Shame on people for putting a negative spin on this.

  151. Anyone who DOESN’T find this ADORABLE is dead inside 😦

  152. This is why every kid should have a pet.

  153. It somehow moves me to tears seeing how the dog is obviously trying to make the baby laugh. And he/she is so satisfied of the result! Even finally celebrating with a kiss! So sweet…

  154. I’ll see your Sheltie and raise you a Jack Russel Terror:

  155. BStrange says:

    Jack Russells are far from my favorite breed, and I am not a terrier person in general.

    But the JRT’s I’ve met I wouldn’t allow within a mile of a baby, either. I will make an exception for the one in Gaz’s vid-link above. This guy never lays a whisker on the kid! I kept hearing in my mind Dory’s voice from the baby jellyfish scene of Finding Nemo…. …clearly this Jack has been taught that little babies’re delicate, no touchie.

    Excellent footage of the play-with-me bow, too. AAAawwwww.

  156. fireflyez says:

    My goggie Sister does this type of thing too– the crazy butt-tucked, hind-leg driven running about. We call it “workin’ it out”! Great exercise.
    I had to cover my mouth with my own laughter at this! How sweet and joyous! Oh, and the snort, it pushed me over the edge!!

  157. A bitter, unattractive, childless woman. says:

    Wow. STINKIN’ CUTE! Watching Gaz’ video also, it occurred to me that the dogs probably see the crawl pose of the baby as a play-bow. “He’s bowing, I want to play, HE wants to play, let’s play!” and the running around is trying to get the kid to play. “Chase me! Wow you’re slow! I’ll come over there! I want to play too! Don’t you want to chase me? Get up off the floor!” etc. Lovely. And the snorting.. and the turtle roll in Gaz’ video at about 2:00.. too much!! Loved both of them. Thank you!

  158. Awesome. Gaz – also awesome. I love watching critters at play, be they four-legged or two.

  159. Had to post again to say: That Jack Russel is HILARIOUS. And fast – like, crazy comic-book superhero levels of fast. At one point, so fast that he appears to be in two locations at the same time.

    That’s pretty fast.

  160. I don’t usually like baby videos, but this one is priceless! It gave me a big case of the feel goods! Every parent is going to want that dog as a babysitter.

    BTW, when I was a kid, my best friend and I use to play in grocery store dumpsters. We’re both now 50 and have been almost freakishly healthy our whole lives. I wonder if it’s because we were exposed to and built up immunities against every known germ as kids! 🙂

  161. I laughed and let a little tear go also. Amazing joy!!!

  162. Insanely cute!!!!!

  163. MamaLana says:

    Unbelieavably cute doggie herding adorable baby! Thanks, C.O. Love you!

  164. 1. HOLY CRAP my name is Cary. How is there another Cary here on CO? That is bizarre.

    2. This made me laugh really hard. People can nuff on the baby or the dog but they can shove it. This is awesome.

  165. Gaz, that JR is a riot! I know nothing about these breeds, but you can tell this dog loves his little human. Notice the concern when baby falls over. What cracked me up is that he/she was actually playing peek-a-boo AND hide & seek around the furniture.

  166. Aww, this reminds me of me when I get sugar-high.

  167. HAHA wow, it’s good to know my sheltie isn’t a special case of the 5 hour energy drink blood type. So cute! ❤

  168. 1:39 ahahahahahaha face plant!

  169. This is absolutely adorable. What a sweet, gentle, playful, understanding dog and a joyful, laughing baby. They make such a fantastic pair. That Sheltie is a spectacular young specimen.

    It’s videos like this that inspire me to make others smile.

  170. okay, i’m not a dog person. but some dogs are truly truly awesome. this reminds me of a babysitter i had when i was a kid, a wonderful mutt named jessie. 🙂 it also reminded me how grateful i am that my 9-month-old son and 9-year-old kitteh kashi are such good friends. yay for behbehs and furbehbehs! 🙂

  171. prinbsn says:

    Wow, I guess all those people that threatened to leave because CO posted baby pics/vids really did. This is some kind of a record – a human baby and only 2 negative comments that I could find! Way to go, peeps!

  172. Yanno, this is off topic and all, but why does the world assume that, if you’re not interested in children/don’t think they’re cute, you must be a bitter, ugly woman? Seriously. That’s just rude and inaccurate.

  173. prinbsn says:

    Really? The whole world assumes that?

    Seems inaccurate to me to paint the whole world with that brush, if not rude. I have seen occasional comments to that effect, and I can see why someone would be sensitive about that, but I don’t think even the majority of folks assume that, let alone the world.

    I for one do not assume that someone who expresses a lack of fascination with children is either bitter or ugly or female. There are plenty of reasons not to be adoring of other people’s children. However, I do assume that if people make nasty remarks about pictures of children, then they are rude. Luckily nobody has done that on this particular posting (“not cute” was about the sum of it, which is a valid opinion even if I don’t agree with it and it wasn’t posted as an opinion, i.e. not “I don’t find it cute” but rather “not cute” which is more of a judgement) but I have seen plenty on CO that is downright rude, most of it directed at baby humans and only rarely at animals.

  174. That was so sweet!! They obviously are good pals. 🙂 That sheltie was SO SO GENTLE even though he was so excited!

  175. BFFs….awwwww!

  176. We’re all saying Sheltie here, and it’s certainly Sheltie-sized, but dang if that isn’t a collie nose on it.

    Sure plays like a Sheltie, anyway. Dunno if collies do the same or not.

  177. This was one of my favorite videos I’ve seen lately. Just hearing that baby laugh and seeing the joy from both of them – this one’s a video I’ll refer back to when I need a smile. And I’ve never had kids, never wanted them – but who can’t smile when hearing/seeing that joy?

    As for the cleanliness issue: once my mother, who used to sterilize my pacifier if it fell on the floor, started through the living room and noticed our dog’s hind legs protruding from under an armchair. She kept walking thru and noticed my fat little baby legs sticking out from the other side. She tilted the chair to find the dog chewing on one end of a huge bone, and me happily gnawing the other end. (I’m now amazed the dog was willing to share his bone!) After that she decided “why bother about germs?” And I survived just fine. I truly believe you need to give your immune system a good workout every now and then – within reason, of course.

  178. Stephanie Chin says:

    I swear the pup is “herding” the baby…..What a cute video.

    You sterilize the binky until one day the boy eats sand in the sand box and you realize nothing is sterile anymore……(And dog hair is everywhere!)

  179. BStrange says:

    Nathan – I think Shelties may have the same variation some other working breeds do, you get “show standard conformation” and you get “from working bloodlines whose breeders were responsible, but never cared a hoot about the AKC conformation standard” – they can look very different despite both being purebreds. I had one of each eventually and they were night and day to look at.

    Both types are Shelties, the only practical difference is if you want to participate in dog shows which use the AKC conformation standard in judging.

    My first Sheltie was a prick-ear, which I preferred, and the second’s ears folded naturally. Fun fact: did you know that when some Shelties’ ears would naturally stay pricked up, their owners hoping to show them would train their ears to fold over at the ends by sticking wads of gum inside the tips? I saw this now and then, and finally got the scoop on why. I’m not a fan of the idea, but I suppose it beats taking a surgical approach.

  180. Lerrinus says:

    I don’t know which is funniest – the snort, the twirl or the faceplant! It’s all fun! 😀

  181. BStrange says: (American Shetland Sheepdog association website)

    I stumbled across this: the final sentence on their Activities page is “The Shetland Sheepdog is a versatile, intelligent herder with a strong desire to please.”

    I wonder whether making a baby giggle counts as “pleasing achieved”? 😀

  182. Renato Costa says:

    Very, very, very cool! Congratulations for the video!
    Renato, Niterói – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

  183. I can see those two growing up together a boy and his dog

  184. hahahaha aaaawwww. i’m not too much for babies or kids either but this is just plain adorable! Both are obviously excited and happy 😀

    i wish my pup was as gentle with kids. he likes them, but he’ll knock them over in order to kiss them in the face :/

  185. waterbee says:

    Very sweet, but I’m less worried about the germs and more concerned that the dog might accidentally nip the baby in the face while playing. It happens more than one might think. Absolutely do NOT leave unattended, and don’t blame the dog (parents are the ones taking a risk … not the dog’s fault).