Dance, Ya Varmint, Dance!

All that this duck* needs now is Yosemite Sam shooting the ground underneath him (and maybe a top hat and a cane). A-five, six, seven, eight!

* (probably a goose actually, and maybe one of our readers can clear that up.)



  1. Definitely a goose. It honks.

  2. Birdcage says:

    Oooo! A bar-headed goose – one of the world’s highest flying birds! Seen in Tibet etc. They migrate over the himilayas!

  3. Bar headed goose?

  4. Michelle says:

    Another kibble dancer!

  5. Birdcage says:

    (Kept in captive flocks all over the world, though – they breed readily so are easy to keep).

  6. Better warn him that tap dancers do not do well on So You Think You Can Dance!

  7. brinnann says:

    Happy Feet, Part II:
    Footloose Goose

  8. yolanda says:

    Love the way he is paddling the mud to stir up more food! Nice goosey!

  9. Looks like the “Maniac” dance steps to me. All s/he needs is a shower at the end.

  10. He was the inspiration for “Happy Feet” the movie.

  11. That’s obviously Michael Flatfoot from the Irish group Pond-dance! The backup dancer doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as the leading man though.

  12. Looks like a bar-headed goose.

  13. I’m your goosey dancer
    A dancer for breadcrumbs
    And any old music will do

  14. that’s a horse. the bushy tail, the big teeth, the hooves… ok wait, my producer just told me it is a duck. heh, actually, it may in fact be a goose.

    for those of you who haven’t seen animal identification fail:

  15. 260Oakley says:

    Did someone ask for a little gooseberry jam?

  16. @260Oakley: Pure comment win.

    This is not unlike the jig I do when I’m fed.

  17. BStrange says:

    His swim fins double as tap shoes, that’s handy!

  18. kibblenibble says:

    “Honk!” *splipsplapsplipsplapsplip* “Honk!” *splipsplapsplipsplapsplip* 🙂

  19. Katiedid says:

    I donno… I’m ganna have to go with panda on this one… I mean its black and white.. So it has to be a panda!

  20. Melissa says:

    He has happy feet!!!!! ❤

  21. i do the same thing when people throw me chocolates.

  22. omg! the combo of plaintive honking and dancing and beady little eye capsules is too cute for words! I want one!

  23. Is that a nod to Chorus Line in the hovertext?

  24. Katiedid says:

    *throws jen a chocolate*

  25. You peeps are all EN FUEGO esta tarde!

    Yup, bar-headed goose.

  26. Shake it, don’t break it, baby!

    Thanks to all before me who identified this cute avian hunka hunka.

  27. PS, and you know what Yosemite Sam always says: GREAT HORNY TOADS!

  28. Happy whatever goose-feet are called. I wonder if is learned behavior? Neat, though nonetheless. HONK!

  29. Auntie Meme says:

    Now I’m going to have the hovertext singing in my head all day. Definitely a Chorus Line.

  30. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:


  31. LOL Glad to see this made it to CO I was watching it just the other day and thought it should be here.

    Happy feet
    + Feed me plaintive honk
    = PWNing your Soul with cuteness

  32. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    “Like, ohmigod,like, i,like,don’t, like, even believe it!! Like, Theresa, the , like, CROWNED QUEEN OF ALL OBSCURE PERFECT relevance film clips, like, ……

    jist SLIGHTLY mighta missed jist one little bit of her mark theah.

    Yosemite Sam? Yep?
    Overly macho? check.

    Shootin’ to scare off all the VARMINTS? check.

    but (just to be pertikular…no harm, ma’am, y’unnerstand?)— the post called fer Sam ta be shootin’ the (sorry again) GROUND UNDER said goosie-poo causin’ the tapdance…???

    Ya got another wun, ma’am? If’n not, I’ll be raht fine, jist heah under the spreadin’ oak tree wif mah peenk lemonayde, yessirreeBOB,

    PS: Who’s Bob???

  33. I love the sound Mr. Happy Feet makes.
    Does anyone else remember the little noise maker toys that were supposed to sound like a cow mooing? You turn it over and when you turn it back the mechanism inside slides and makes the sound. The sound gives me sweet memories. Thank you

  34. Happy Dance!

  35. fatgrammafinn says:

    looks like a pee-pee dance to me!!!!

  36. Better check your purses and back pockets for your wallets. This is clearly one of those “distract the tourists” gigs whereby they put on a cute little show, complete with hat fer donations if you should be so moved while their real backup does a little ahem, behind the scenes work if you catch my drift.

  37. cyberpunkrocker says:

    I wonder exactly where in the world these geese reside; among the speakers in the background I recognised russian, english and finnish… (I’m a Finn myself)

  38. I want one!

  39. I will love him and squeeze him and name him Dancypants.

  40. supervain says:

    😀 im littlebit afraid of gooses or ducks, but this is one cute thing! (yay there was finnish speakin backround voice)

  41. Chorus Line reference for the WIN!!!!!!!
    A-five, six, seven, eight!!! Now, I have to go play my album on my ipod…

  42. psychethos says:

    Someone in the background is speaking Finnish.

    Just thought I’d put that out there.

  43. Ya gotta love the word varmint, eh?

  44. BStrange says:

    Haha @33: Thanks to that Invader Zim episode where he ran around replacing people’s internal organs with random objects, yes. Now that you mention it, it did sound sorta similar to these geese. So does that mean if we X-rayed the Dancing Goose we’d see a moo-tube in his neck?

    Also, it is Friday and there WILL be haiku, if I have to do it myself:

    See Dancing geese here!
    Throw crumbs and watch them boogie.
    Hear their happy honks?

  45. BStrange says:

    Oh, and Susan: It is one of the Family of Awesome Words. Varmint. Critter. Rascal. Despicable. Bulbous Bouffant? Heh.

  46. Oh all right. 😀

  47. I once got my father Looney Toons serving ware, with “Recipes” printed on them, like “Yosemite Sam’s Varmint Stew.” Really.

  48. @ONH/SID!, He’s a relative of Sam Hill, for the Love of Mike. The Queen of Dork once explained all of this to me. 😉

  49. catlover says:

    Goose, I can tell without even turning it on. It’s the neck-to-body ratio that just screams it at you.

  50. I think it might be a bar-headed goose. Has anyone mentioned that yet?

    It reminds me of the bowing deer:

  51. Madame X says:

    Oh Theresa, now all I can think of is a Disney Fantasia-like cartoon (old schol, no fancy shmancy Pixar computer animation) of ducks and geese line dancing to the Country Bear Jamboree… o_0

  52. Bunnyfluffs says:

    Those are definitely the “ohboyohboyohboygimmegimmegimme!!!” feet.

  53. @Madame X, we aims to please:

  54. @fatgrammafinn: That’s just what I was thinking. It’s gotta be a pee-pee dance. hahaha.

    Adorable pitter patter 🙂

  55. KellBell says:

    STOP FEEDING GEESE AND DUCKS!!!! it may seem like a nice gesture but actually it hurts them! there’s a certain ingredient in our bread products that they cannot digest and it stays in their stomachs and builds up fatty blocks. if you want to see them happy, leave them to their natural diets!!!!

  56. ATanzer says:

    I love love love the feet slappyslappyslappings

  57. Hon Glad says:

    I’m watching sis go pitter pat
    Say I can do that, I can do that

  58. Snowpea says:

    45 BStrange! Well! I never expected a reference to Radio Free Vestibules on the Qte…


  59. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Flash Dance goose approves of this post.

  60. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa #48: Don’t forget PETE and his SAKE. (For Pete’s Sake. Jeez. That was really dorky even for me).


  61. QoD OR his Love, for the love of Pete and Mike.

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: 🙂 You Rock!

  63. chanpon says:

    Good god, it’s the return of Lord of the Dance! Now with geese!

  64. @Chanpon, I would have paid to see that. 😛

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I think I may have been one of these River Dancing Monkeys in a past life.

  66. kokobutterbuns says:

    Happy Dance!!!!

  67. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, gosh Theresa. I couldn’t find anything relevant and obscure. So I’m just throwing out this video of Julia making an omelet. Class…please pay attention. There’s a lovely little green salad involved here.

  68. Richard says:

    That goose dances just like the dancing duck on South Park! Although it doesn’t come with the inappropriate lyrics…

  69. Cristina says:

    Werner Herzog called, lunch break is over, get back on the set!

  70. You guys wanna see geese dancing? Then check this new OK GO video out. One of them seems to have joined the band from 3:17 onwards.

  71. I love the video but I’m not keen on the comment put for the video on youtube. 😦 What does it actually mean. Fact? Lie? :-s

    Anyway, as KellBell says (#55) we have to be careful at giving bread to birds. I’ve heard myself it can inflate in the birds stomach, at least dry bread. Let’s just remember they do no eat like us and if we really care for them, we’ll learn about what they usually eat etc. It won’t hurt us ;-).

    Go go Kibbler dancer!! ;-))) (Michelle #4)

  72. Admittedly, I’m just going by what I read on Mr Flapper’s site, but maybe peas are the way to go if you feed ducks/geese/pterydactyls/Nessie ?:)

  73. “Can’t forget, won’t regret, what I did…for…NOMMMMMMMs!”

  74. I LOVE THIS ;_; It’s too cute. Kibble dance, version 2.goose :3

  75. Jessica says:

    my feet, they’re happy!!!

  76. Shake your tailfeathers!

  77. mintyheart says:

    did anyone else not know that was another word for vermin? lol

  78. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps: I know I’m a bit early here but I probably won’t be able to get online to say this when it actually happens so…Happy Solstice! Here is some groovy music for you. The sun is bidding farewell.

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    Ooops! At least in the Northern Hemisphere it’s summer. I know it’s winter down South. I know there are peeps from everywhere who read these comments. 🙂

  80. Don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but I think that’s how they behave when they’re ready to mate. :<

  81. starling says:

    Seagulls do that dancing trick to get worms to think it’s raining so they come out. But geese don’t eat worms, do they?

  82. Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy joy!!!!!!

  83. It could be a learned behavior, but I think it might me some kind of mating dance, because when my birds do weird things they are normally trying to court one of the other birds.

  84. Definitely bar-headed geese!

  85. Could be aggression, too. A number of animals stamp their feet to scare off potential predators and warn them, “Hey, I’m gonna mess you up if you don’t back off, sucka!!”

  86. @richard – nice! love south park!

  87. @brinnann – Footloose Goose