Trifectaaaaa! [say in Oprah voice]

Will you please check out this trifecta:

1. Adorkabuhl Ear-to-head ratio
2. Glossular, plink! plink! icy-blue eyeballs
3. And a new rule: #46: Showing a small bit of your tongue is cute.

I’m sure you will agree that a stylish log makes the pose. F1ver was sure to pass this one along via ZooBorns.



  1. Oooh- DED!!!!!

  2. sunnymum says:

    Gorgeous bebeh with the softest of furs. Great new rule Meg!

  3. hellochicadee says:

    Aghhh too much cuteness!!

  4. Thanks for sharing one of our little guys. Here’s the motherload! –

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    Is it some visual illusion, or is this tiger’s eyes kinda small?
    He’s still really cute, though!

  6. Do you get a lot of submissions of ironic applications of the Rules of Cuteness?

  7. OH MY COD! That is just the most adorable – nevermind tigers are one of my favoritest faves of all the wildcats!

  8. victoreia says:


  9. I will trade my husband for this tiger baby. And he’s a good husband too – does the dishes and the laundry. But a girl’s gotta have her priorities in order…

  10. whah?

  11. Naturalady says:

    Exquisitely beautiful wonderful cute lovable. Queen Mother Nature trumps all……….

  12. Melissa says:

    GAH!!! Nommin on the ears!!

  13. Please please tell me they named this little baby Anderson Cooper. The eyes! The hair! It’s perfect!

  14. He’s too cute I’ve lost my mind!

    It’s the eye of the tiger
    It’s the thrill of the cuteness
    Rising up to the challenge of our ooohing
    And the last known survivor
    Stalks his prey in the night
    And he’s watching us all
    With the eye of the tiger

  15. kibblenibble says:

    fish eye no miko: I noticed the leetle eyes, too, and find them endearing, because my George has eyes that are slightly too small. I want to kees this baby just between and slightly in front of the ears…the nicely fuzzy stripey soft noggin area. *mwah*

  16. Omygod, Claire (13) is right! This is the tiger incarnation of Anderson Cooper. Maybe Anderson Qter?

  17. BStrange says:

    The round eyes, the paw-licking action… The bared claws! I can’t help reading this look as, “oOoOooOoohh… You look DELICIOUS, Mister Camera Person…” Hee.

  18. Thank you Andrew B!!! That is indeed the Mother Lode!! Too much cute, too many sweet pink nosicles, and small kitteh attitudinalness.

  19. Thanks, Andrew B! Check out the motherload, peeps. But I call dibs on the sandkitten.
    So the ‘I’m just a ball of cream and mocha tiger stripy McFloofersons’ are named for the multi-armed, blood-reeking, skull-garlanded, club-wielding battle goddesses who ride them, Kali and Durga. Eep! I can see it in those Anderson Qter eyes . . .

  20. Ayeesha says:

    And when I grows up, I’m going to keel you!

  21. Birdcage says:

    I’m totally onboard with the Anderson Cooper thing!

  22. Samantha Kuiper says:

    Totally cute!! =)

  23. Pretty baby! Me want…

  24. Meg, I LOVE it when you post! And I just love the new rule. I’d like to propose a nod to the beady-eye-factor rule of cuteness too, since little simba there is sporting some teeny eyes. And “Adorkabuhl” is my new favorite word… 🙂

  25. flutterbye says:


  26. When I was whelped my eyes were almost that exact shade of blue!

  27. marthava says:

    I would call that a sepia tiger.

  28. awww! i think i just melted from the cuteness of that cute cat!!

  29. 😀 AWW 😀 I hope that baby white tiger has a long and happy life and that the rest of his/her species will no longer be indangered along with the other cat species 😀

  30. KERTHUD kilt me dead with adorablenessnous

  31. annamule says:

    I can’t believe Rule #46 has been overlooked for so long. I’m a huge fan! Case in point, Mr. Winkle.


    Sorry, obscure reference there. Um, I like the kitty! I like how its facial expression, all like “Yeah, I’m gonna keep an eye on you, but I got some business to take care of while I do that… *lick lick lick*”

  33. (throat clearing) Ahem, Ahem. Peeps, I have an announcement. I have found the GREATEST THING ON TEH INTERNETS

    Without further ado, Billy Bass sings J.S. Bach’s Mass in B minor. As Alistair Cookie says, “It don’t get classier than this.” 😀

  34. Mod-in-Training says:

    [ahem. i beg your pardon, but what are these “gails” and “oprahs” to which you refer? are they luminaries of the miniature moving picture boxes found in so many homes of today? personally, i find the “television” to be the wonderland of the dullard and so am ignorant of such trivialities.

    with fondest regards,

    –M.i.T., esq.]

  35. i shall mesmerise you with my steely, seeking gaze

    i shall distract you with the tiny leek, leek, leeking of my soft, fuzzy paw

    and while you are thus distracted, i shall bare my claws so that when you come close enough to locate my axis of snorgling, i may snatch from you your cotton candies

    and this, this is why i, not you, am the top of the chain of the food

  36. Hon Glad says:

    Soft paw left claw paw right, sums up the two sides of cats.

  37. You can have all the cotton candies you want, little blue-eyed fuzzbutt.

  38. 260Oakley says:

    I think that fish could cause Mass hysteria. You better throw it Bach.

  39. catlover says:

    Nooooo tiger baby is too cute for me… dial 911! pronto!

    Is there such a thing as a too cute post? We already have nuffers…

  40. Trez4500 says:

    One of my co-workers got to play with baby white tigers in Hong Kong. I’m so jealous! I definitely want one, I don’t think my landlord will notice, do you guys?

  41. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    @ Trez4500: (looking off to both sides like a criminal)

    “Don’t worry, it’s just between us. NOBODY ever goes to CuteOverload. It’s really an obscure site”.

    (Meg et assoc: sorry there I’m just fibbing to Trez to make him (her?) feel better)

    Signed, [Special NOTE: any MP’ers recognize THIS bit???]
    “Wink, wink; nudge; nudge; Is yer wife a Go-er? Know wha’ I mean????”

  42. Shygrrl74 says:

    @ Oh no: Eric Idol is my Idol!!! LOL

  43. Shygrrl74 says:

    @ Oh no: Love Monty Python especially Eric Idol!

  44. @ Gigi, Rocky riff! I saw what you did there. 😉

    White tiger cub. Innocent look personified. But what’s inside? (I prefer to think it’s love and peace rainbows!)

  45. LovesDogs says:

    can. not. handle. extreme. adorableness. *plop*

  46. I think I’m in love….
    plus, i might finally start going to mass.

  47. Ooooh, the motherlode is fantastical! I’ll just keep that little baby ocelittle for a little while…

    That white tiger is beautiful.

  48. StormCat42 says:

    One of the items on my Bucket List, is to sit and pet/feed a White Tiger cub… I loathe zoos, but do understand the purpose behind them… But to see a White Tiger cub, or adult for that matter, in person would absolutely bring me to grateful tears… They are, to me, the most beautiful and perfect animal on the face of the planet…

    Thank you for this pic… I have a new background image…

  49. (relatively) TINEE TABBEEEEE!

  50. O NO He/she/it DI-unt!!! says:

    uh… Tum….(“tabbbeeee”???)

    “Tiny”, yehshuryewbetcha!!!

    and I got no prob’s with including this lil’ guy/ gal “just ’cause”, so, no worries…..

  51. O NO He/she/it DI-unt!!! says:

    @ thepetmuseum:

    would you care to join our “Recovering Ex-Catholics” Club on CO???

    I kin provide some contact info???
    Not actually a group but a few of us have shared “war” or “nun” stories…..

  52. Nature is amazing! What beauty….look at the size of his paws and what eyes!

  53. Sadly, the too-small round eyes are a product of inbreeding.

    Yes, white tigers are adorable but they’re a genetic blip, not an actual species.
    (Like if you were to take albino humans and breed them together for their white hair.)

    See here:

  54. Dead. SO dead.

  55. majestic

  56. Hi, I work for Most Daring Videos which airs on TruTV. I would love to have the video of Kosh, the Treadmill Cat, on our show: Apparently you are not the owner of the footage,…I’m guessing “Erik”???,…but if you could help me out with any contact info on the rightful owner I would be forever grateful. Thanks a bunch!! -Dan, 323.633.8632

  57. Undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous animals on the plant! IMHO, tigers are flat out, the most beautiful animals. Ever.

  58. Andrew B., awesome pix. Clouded Leopards are so beautiful. So are the rest, of course, but C.L.’s are stunning!

  59. what’s up with his pupils? looks fake or like the tiger is on drugs!

  60. Katrina says:

    OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Just one chance to get my hand bitten off, please? Right between the eyes and down the nosie.

  61. Is there a cute rule about giant paws in proportion to the rest of the body? I love that about kitties and tigers and cats of all kinds.

  62. Debbieln60 says:

    Without a doubt tigers are the most beautifully designed kitty on the planet.
    New wallpaper. I could look at that face all day.
    Almost as if he is looking at you and asking ‘want some?’

  63. Trixy465 says:

    Oooo, there was a picture of a pug awhile back with his toungue sticking out. Definately a good rule!

  64. ogeminijune says:

    I can’t tear myself away from the eyes and the big paws!

  65. Noelegy says:

    Ooh. I tried listening to Theresa’s Bach-singing bass while looking at the white tiger kitten. Synesthesia!

  66. OMG! I just followed the motherload link and the widdle lion bebehs are at my zoo! Totally time to take the kids again on my days off. Too bad I can’t go and play wif them 😦

  67. Erin S. says:

    *noms paws* Oh, how I miss the lj feed!

  68. Christy says:

    Wow…just beautiful!

  69. Fleurdamour says:

    He looks like Roger Daltrey.

  70. so cute my favorite animal well when there babys

  71. Admonisher says:

    If white tigers are truly the product of horrible captive inbreeding practices (I’m no authority, but the claim seems credible), practices which lead to a huge amount of suffering, then it seems kind of wrong to be oohing and aahing over them without comment — since that’s exactly the sort of mentality that perpetuates the problem. I realize this is a “cuteness appreciation” blog, not an “ethical crusader” blog … but my proposal is, no posts of white tigers without an informative link about where they come from?

  72. BStrange says:

    *steps over the nuff, shakes off any residual goo, and moves on*

  73. Matahari says:

    *big sigh ….* ded

  74. Nature at it’s best…gorgeously cute overload!

  75. awww so sweet~!! >w<

  76. chocolatedonut20 says:

    that is such a cute little guy. but i thought those tigers lived in some place cold.

  77. chocolatedonut20 says:

    right? some one answer!

  78. Alleykitten says:
  79. Alleykitten, half that information is lies. The part that is true is that white tigers are crosseyed – this is linked to the same recessive gene that produces their blue eyes. The stuff about birth defects and high infant mortality rates is just flat wrong.

    For more accurate information, try

  80. cutest thing ever!