And This is Why Bob has a Giant Target on His Head

“Hey Noreen, look at the fuzzy dice I just found for the car!”

Forwarded by Kelly J. via The Frisky



  1. Christine A. says:

    That is unbelievably precious.

  2. I like their spindly, dangling legs.

  3. Hon Glad says:

    OK smarty, how do we get out of this one.

  4. NOoo!! The cuteness.. too much!

  5. Birdcage says:

    I am IN LOVE! What ARE they!??? Can I have them!!?! They look mildly disapproving …. or maybe martyr-like resignation is the look they are giving off.

  6. Mel Drake says:

    “Dude, check out our sick mohawks”

  7. Birdcage says:

    Oh, now I see they have been tagged as disapproving. Ok, then. Go about your day – nothing to read here.

  8. doomchild says:

    So those are… .. they’re what? Yellow-headed Fluffballs?

  9. cafegrrl says:

    OMG!! They are adorable!

  10. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a cute faux-hawk. BTW, how come only one birdy gets the bling? And silver? That would never go over on the ‘shore.

  11. @birdcage: Golden-crowned kinglets! Probably immatures because they are so plain brown on the rest of their bodies. CUTIES!!!

    As for whether you can have them, it depends on where you live. See map on this page:

    And I repeat: CUTIES!!!

  12. O NO He/she/it DI-unt!!! says:

    i know that this will seem ridiculously uncool of me.

    But (sigh) which Bob? Target?


    sorry. I need diagrams and (to borrow from Arlo Guthrie, heah) “27 colored 8 x 10 colored glossy pictures, with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, explainin’ what each one was…”

    Huh? oh. sorry. got jist a MITE carried away there, I guess.

  13. Hey – my submeeshion made it! My first! I’m so happy that I don’t even mind that my name is backwards…
    I love the fact that the one on the left looks like he’s making a fish face.

  14. Sweeda88 says:

    Oooo, this will make a GREAT desktop background! I get a LOT of those from here. =D

  15. 260Oakley says:

    From the little-known James Fenimore Cooper classic: Last of the Mobeakans

  16. omg i just died! gah!! too cute!!!!!

  17. Hmmm… I’m wondering where the picture was taken. If it’s North America, then they’re Golden-crowned Kinglets, but looking at the lighter ring around the eye, I suspect this was taken in Europe and they’re actually Goldcrests. Teeniest tiniest bird in Europe.

  18. Taking the A-Team fandom too far..

  19. paulajeanne says:

    260Oakley: You have created a classic! Henceforth, they shall be known as Mobeakans in our land. Congrats! (goes off mumbling to self, “mobeakans, mobeakans,…)

  20. What are those poofballs!!! I eat!!

  21. Martha in Washington says:

    I get these cuties in my backyard! Not nearly often enough but sometimes. They are very teeny and floofy. We also have red-crowned kinglets too.

  22. leaves of cat grass says:

    wow, i’m pretty sure i captured one of those things in a poke ball once…

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG I first read it as “fuzzy dice.. for the CAT”! Oh noes! Luckily that’s not what it says. I see from the map I’m in their “year round” territory but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those little cuties. I’ll keep my eye out for them, henceforth!

  24. gah! ded!

  25. Anybody watching Bessie the hummingbird live on webcam? She’s about the fledge out of her nest!!! Probably today!!! 🙂

  26. wannadance says:

    definitely on the group W bench….

  27. Sweeda88 says:

    Whatever they are, they look immensely *nommable*. =D They look like painted marshmallows with legs! Peeps, rather.

  28. flutterbye says:

    Tey are soooo tweeeet!

  29. 260Oakley wins the internet AGAIN!!! 😆

  30. Oh! They are just tiny! How sweet.

  31. Pretty sure that these little floofballs are Goldcrests. So prosh!

  32. Feets danglage.
    I want these indignant soul thiefs to build a nest in my hair and live there forever. I lurve them.

  33. @Kelly Whoops – sorry! Updated!

  34. Golden-crowned kinglets! Teeny tiny and stinkin’ cute!!

  35. The little guy on the left can see into my soul. I feel nekkid.

  36. Elisha B. says:

    Awwwwwwww… thems are cute 🙂

  37. ogeminijune says:

    EEeeeeeee look at the cutieeesss!

  38. knittinkitten says:

    punk rock peeps! i love them!

  39. marthava says:

    There’s even a recording there of their “voice” (which will drill a tiny pinhole from one side of your brain to the other in about .0000000000001 nanoseconds.)

  40. Espilonarge says:

    With or without the legs, they’re oh so kawaii!!! n.n

  41. Who u callin cute, Punk!?

  42. Thanks Prongs! I have a reversible name, so I’m used to it – I answer to just about anything (though ‘schmoopy’ is my fav 🙂 )

    – Kelly

  43. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    @ wannadance: YOU GOT THE ARLO REFERENCE!!!

    (ok, I”ll stop shouting now)

    WOOT woot HIGH FIVES or knucklebump or whatev’s!!

    Group W bench. Love it.

    heh. heh.

  44. The feetsies! THE FEETSIES [dies*****]

  45. BStrange says:

    I showed this pic to a friend who says, “I want that paint job on my car.” Less the olive drab part, I’m sure. They’re so cute and mildly offended-looking! Like, “You can let go of our legs any time now. Really. That would be great. Hint, hint. ….*deliberate SIGH*”

    I went and listened to their call, too. They sound like a songbird and a plastic toy ray gun had tiny, feathery kids.

  46. @cheesybird and Polly: You’re right, it depends on where the photo was taken. I think of birds related as closely as Golden-crowned Kinglets and Goldcrests as “first cousins” because they are in the same genus, just different species. So our friend “birdcage” has TWO chances to have them, on two continents, North America and Europe. CUTENESS AROUND THE WORLD!

  47. AuntieMame says:

    Marthava, I luuuuuurve the Cornell Labs school of ornithology website!!!!!1!1

    Is it just me, or does the boidie on the right have a bit of the Jabba the Hutt look going?

  48. Lerrinus says:

    Two birds in teh hand is worth…? 😉

  49. LOVE when they can mind transend like Yoda! LOL

  50. With mother rapers, father stabbers, FATHER RAPERS!!!!

    (Oh, and the dissaproving boidies are Q-T’s!)

  51. Sweet Jesus! My ovaries are gonna explode from so much cuteness!

    PS: Dices. LOL

  52. A double disapproval in the hand is worth four in teh bush!

  53. BStrange says:

    @Lerrinus: …is worth 1 CO post. *nod!*

  54. domanato says:

    it looks like mini-lightning tattoos on their heads!

  55. minecritter says:


    I was thinking they must be babies, because adult wild birds are sort of hard to catch, and my local bluebird group bands babies in the nest, weighs them, and puts them back. (Perhaps with a pause for photo-op.) But the bird guide link says immature golden crowned kinglets don’t have the gold crest.

    I’d work on this mystery, but I just want to snuzzle them. Maybe that’s how Cute Overload works for stress relief – out of problem solving mind and into snuzzle mind.

  56. Tiny disapproval.

  57. earlybird1 says:

    @ Marthava: Man, that DOES drill a pinhole in my brain, and right out both eardrums! *shaking head in attempt to reclaim normal hearing* Cute as a button though! 🙂

  58. OMG THEY R SO FAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. So they are either these :
    or these :

    The European version has the distinction of being both the national bird of Luxembourg and the subject of a poem by Charles Tennyson-Turner (Lord Alfred’s brother ) .

  60. wannadance says:

    yew can git anythin’ yew want at ALICE’S RESTAURANT (exceptin’ alice)

    also: songs to aging children come. i am one. snow falling gently.

  61. Christopher says:

    SO floofy and cute! That’s so cool that they have those qte leetle stripes on their heads.

  62. Mod-in-Training says:

    [okay, i am now an official bessie the hummingbird watcher. the view is stunning. the slowest hummingbird action, ever.

    thanks, emily!


  63. Those legs can’t possibly belong to the birds. Did mc escher draw them?

  64. Alice Shortcake says:

    So damn cute I can’t believe they’re not from Japan!

  65. Irene M. says:

    Well Heavens to Betsy, if it isn’t Yellowtop McDoogle and her twin sister Peep! How are y’all doing, my precious angels? And look at your dangly little legs, too cute! I could just stick a twig in your lil’ butts dip you in butter and eat you up in two bites. Adorable.

  66. They look like they have tiny mohawks!

  67. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    YAY mj

    somebody ELSE got my sly and relatively subtle insertion of the Arlo Guthrie bit about the Army Induction segment from Alice’s Restaurant!!!

    (“Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Yippppeeeeeeeeee!”)

  68. Padfoot_Lives says:

    To those of you quoting “Alice’s Restaurant,” thanks a LOT for the earworm. 🙂

    Plus you made me go and look up the complete lyrics, which when I read them, I can hear in Arlo Guthrie’s very distinctive voice, because my brother and I wore that record (remember vinyl?) OUT when we were kids, even though we had no idea it was an anti-war song!

  69. O NO He/she/it DI-unt!!! says:

    ok now that I’ve recuperated from the whole
    “they LIKE it; they REALLY LIKED it ” [Alice’s Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement Song] moment….

    Whycumm ain’t nobuddy mentioned….the birds being Blue Norwegians????

    (maybe it’s ‘cuz they’re YELLOW???? wow, Audubon shur is STRICT about those rules, ain’t he???)

  70. knittinkitten says:

    Thank you so much Susan and Marthava for putting the link to the bird website. Drove my cat bonkers playing bird sounds for about 15 minutes. Poor kitty. He did have fun running around the apartment looking for the birds.

  71. Has noone said it?? They look like Ike the little brother on Southpark!

  72. Adorable fluffballs! A cat would easily go insane chasing those bad boys around…

    As for the juveniles not having the crest, maybe they are fledglings getting into adult feather?

  73. This is what barry hoobastank soetero Nobama has wrought. Where is the bird certifict. Wher. Long form!

  74. National bird of Luxembourg says:

    @ O NO…

    I’m thinking Bob has a giant target on his head because that’s where the birds are going to aim their “contributions” once he lets them go.

  75. Donsie_Lass says:

    Goldcrests! Those are in the kinglet family so it depends on where the photo was taken.

  76. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    @ National bird of Luxembourg:

    1) Inneresting screenname. On parle en Francais frequemment a/ en Louxembourg, n’est-ce pas?

    2) “Contributions”. SUCH a melliflous term for *ahem* the byproduct of which I infer your possible meaning. Are you, perhaps, a counterintelligence agent for the US CIA, clevairly disguised, as the National bird of Luxembourg.

    3) Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Cuteness Diplomatic Party???

  77. and in response – a Ruby Crowned Kinglet – a little bigger, but just as round from this angle~:::

    from this site:

  78. Birrrr-deeeeez! Oh man, those are cute. And yes, a hetero dude is saying this.

  79. O NO He/she (it) DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Mike: don’t worry, NOBODY ever sees CO.

    We won’t tell “the guyz in tha locker room”, PROMISE (wink)


  81. really come on people

  82. Filomena says:

    Too cute. What kind of birds are they?

  83. So adorable!! What kind of bird are they? I just want to pet it’s little mohawk so much!!!


  84. once again not cute

  85. Queen of Dork says:

    Those birds are really cute.

  86. Those are die hard Steelers fans!

  87. BStrange says:

    Via email: someone saw this serving as a co-worker’s desktop, and asked, “Is the bird on the left wearing mascara? She looks like she has long eyelashes!”

    And it kinda does. They are now even cuter to me. 😀

  88. Definitely goldcrests. The ruby crowned kinglet that someone linked to is almost as cute and just as disapproving :).