Damn You, You Meddling Duck!

I may be sitting behind a dirty window confined to my Baxter’s Pad, but one day – one day! – I will get even for your evil trickery!

“Evil trickery”? OK. You  do that, crazy Cat. In the meantime, if you’d like to contact me, may I just say: Talk to the hand. Zing!

Says Edmund O’B: “We found this baby duck alone and in the street. When we took him inside, we had to put the cat (Baxter) outside so he didn’t try to harm the baby duck.  We gave the duck food, and that same day, we took the duck to a waterfowl rehabilitation center to be looked after.”



  1. Palm-sized duckie! *thud* I can almost hear it blowing a raspberry at the kitteh *pththtththtbt* 😀

  2. Aww, he’s so cute!
    As an aside, it’s weird that the only way I can read CO is on my itouch. The page renders blank in a normal browser but the mobile browser version works. (The domain resolves, some of the code is viewable if you look at the source, but the page displays as blank. Template issue it seems. – I’d email you about this but the mobile site doesn’t have contact information.)

  3. Mod-in-Training says:

    I can take a look later, when I’m not on Android 😉 –M.I.T.

  4. Awww! Thank you for rescuing the baby duck!

  5. Ooooooh, STINKIN’!!! Cute!!

  6. 260Oakley says:

    The cat is a victim of fowl play.

  7. Awww, bless you! He’s adorable!

  8. Mrs. Lackey says:

    Pompom with a beak. ❤ ❤ ❤ I want to snorf him. ^__^

    I had the same problem with the blank page earlier this morning, but it must be all fixed now.

  9. Birdcage says:

    Yes, blanked out too and haven’t been able to access CO until now. At some point got a message that WordPress was off line ……

  10. Imagine the story lil’ ducky will tell when he/she grows up:

    “…and there I was walking back and forth in front of this cat, merely inches away, and it couldn’t do a darn thing about it!!”

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    Good thoughts to Edmund on rescuing the babeh duck and to Baxter for his tolerance.. however forced upon him. I love the “Baxter’s Pad” box.. clearly Baxter is well indulged.

  12. I dunno, Baxter’s eyes say “I’M GOING TO EAT YOU” to me! (Or to the duck rather. That’s how it appears to me.)

    also: YAYAAAAYYYYY CO is back. It’s been not loading all day for me, I even tried it in Internet Explorer! It’s still a little messed up, but finally I have my cute animal fix. Pfew.

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that perfectly round cat head … he´s a real Bustopher Jones (does anyone remember the musical? CATS? luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve it…)

  14. Baxter looks less than impressed by his “pad.” Very cute duckling though with those dark downy spots, I wonder what kind?

  15. Hooray for Rescute! I really wonder what those tiny duck feet feel like on your hand.

  16. cafegrrl says:

    Adorable! Thanks for rescuing that cute little baby.

  17. Thank you, sweet samaritan. Mean it.

  18. marthava says:

    PHREEREW! *wipes forehead* I do NOT like going thru CO withdrawal! Nosirree…not one leetle beet! SO glad my fix is back!! Had me a little freaked out there! Wonder what the prob was?

  19. AuntieMame says:

    The whole entire WordPress network was down and they were having issues getting it back up again.

  20. oh 260Oakley, you kill me! fowl play??????????????

    and thank you thank you thank you great bird rescuers! so awesome are you!

  21. jiffknee says:

    O.K. . . . no one else has said it, but every time the words “baby” and “duck” are brought together, does anyone else reference back-in-the-day SNL and a favorite toasted bread spread?

  22. marthava says:

    @Auntie Mame – Thanks for the info.

  23. Crystal T says:

    That is one prosh, adorabuhls ducky.

  24. Symmetrical pink “beauty marks” on the feets!

  25. MoonCatty says:

    Lucky Ducky! So glad this lil’ lost foof ball was rescued by such caring humans.

    Baxter Tuxedo cat wants soooooooo much to play with the new ‘duck toy’… heh… Must say though that his temporary “pad” is what kitties love, a cool cardboard box with a swell archway entrance!

    Both are very cute!

  26. skippymom says:

    What is the orange houndstooth thingie sticking out from Baxter’s neck?

  27. GingerBean says:

    YAY! I can see CO again! I see I’m not the only one who was unable to see the site. I’ve been having wicked cute withdrawals all day at work! Thank GOD you’re back *contented sigh*
    and what a cute duck! 🙂

  28. Baxter Grumpus Mc Fluffer cat is totally giving the duckling the glare of doom.

  29. Skippy’s Mom with a name like Baxter you just know that is his houndstooth tie perfect attire for the Fashionable Cat executive on the Go.

  30. Angela W says:

    Call me crazy, but is Baxter wearing a tie?

  31. Angela W says:

    Guess that answers my question…(see above)

  32. Oooh! Rescute indeedy!

  33. jiffknee – No, I always think of this particularly cute picture book series by Amy Hest.

  34. happierjencuzitsfriday says:

    is baxter wearing a tie? it looks like its in a houndstooth design. cats aren’t supposed to wear houndstooth! lol

    adorable baybeh mcducklesons. multicolored webbicles!!!

  35. Well, a tuxedo cat SHOULD be wearing a bow tie!

    And more love for his very round head.

  36. Stressfactor says:

    Duck, duck, duck…. GOOSE! [runs around circle to get to the vacated spot before getting tagged]. *giggle* loved playing that in nursery school…. would have been better with this sweet little duck.

  37. Hon Glad says:

    Baxter – Thrown out, like a worn out shoe, to be usurped by a mere ball of fluff, oh the humiliation.

    I too was stuck for something to do at work, with no CO for comfort.

  38. very sweet story… good luck to rescued baby duck and wishing good karma to the rescuers!

  39. omg. thank you rescuers!! want to hold fuzz!!!!!!

  40. puddlepeppers says:

    Baxter, don’t be gruff–
    There’s no need to get in a huff–
    He’s a tiny, harmless ball of fluff.

  41. Thank goodness! For a while there I thought the powers that be at work had noticed I was spending an inordinate amount of time on a certain website, and blocked it – and I was about to go into hysterics! Still can’t see the actual pictures *sob* but at least I can revel in brilliant comments and hovertexteses!

    In other news: QUACK! (in itty bitty ducky voice)

  42. victoreia says:

    Shouldn’t that be “AF-FLACK!”, Jen?

    At least we were all suffering CO withdrawal together…..er, you know what I mean.

  43. wild duckies and wild bunnies are the cutest!


  45. Hot Tams says:

    “Baxter’s Pad” HAHAHAHHAAH!!!!

  46. @Edmund O’B 😀 AWW 😀 Somehow that little duckling (baby duck) got lost from his/her mother and father 😀 I am glad that you were able to get the little duckling to a wildlife center where he/she can grow up and be released into the wild once he/she is grown 😀

  47. Lucy Loup-Garou says:

    Little duck……too cute….can’t….move….can’t….GO TO BED!!!!

  48. kibblenibble says:

    I did not even SEE the box with “Baxter’s Pad” written on it until after reading all the comments…I need you observant people! I thought there was som pop-culture joke I didn’t understand, which is often the case. 🙂

  49. BStrange says:

    ding @15: If dry, they feel like surprisingly warm scraps cut from a very expensive, soft leather glove, with teeny poky claws at the end that don’t really hurt. If wet, cold and damp versions of the same thing. Being walked on by tiiiiiny baby duckies is “the cuteness”… until they doo what all ducks do, anyway. (It’s worth some extra laundry, though.)

    What an adorable little kerpoofle of duck! Baxter-cat looks like a cartoon, too. But his expression suggests an “I’m going to eat you” tag may be in order. 😉

  50. BStrange says:


    CO IS BACK! *inhales deeply* Ahhhhhh-hhh-hhh…. Withdrawal pangs fading…


  51. Kitteh thinks breakfast

  52. Kind humans for taking care of the duckling!

  53. Tigress says:

    Looking at Baxter, I had a flashback to Maukie, the old interactive kitty animation. Similar markings and whiskers, same weirdly-intense expression.

  54. I have to agree with Baxter, that little duckling does look delicious.

  55. I love the composition of the shot. The cute fuzzy duckling, the intense look on Baxter — right next to his ‘pad.’ 😀

  56. First Class, Grade “A” people!!!! YAAAAAAAY for compassion!!!!!!

  57. Fleurdamour says:

    Blackfoot McDuckster is a cutie poo.

  58. Fleurdamour says:

    And actually, so is Catfoot McBaxter.

  59. First Class, Grade “A” people!!!! YAAAAAAAY for compassion!!!!!!