Lullaby, and goodnight, your freakish feet are a fright.

OK, perhaps there’s nothing we can humanely do about their disproportionate size, but would an emery board be so horrible?

Thanks to Alexandra J. who discovered this gem on this gem.



  1. Whoa.
    Reminds me for some reason of this lovely song:
    Last night as I lay on my pillow
    Last night as I lay on my bed
    I stuck my feet out of the window
    This morning, my neighbors were dead.

  2. RoseyPosey says:

    The tail… THE TAIL! I want to nom on that not-quite-fuzzeh-yet tailio! Little squirrely just looks so comfy and velvety-soft!

  3. Baby squirrels are the BEST!!!!

  4. He looks like he’d fit right in with “Where the Wild Things Are.” And *of course* I mean the book, not the movie!!!

  5. Leslie M says:

    I can’t believe you would call anything freakish! This is a site to appreciate cute things and I don’t appreciate any animal being called such an ugly word. Please don’t put things like this on the site.

  6. *Volunteers to nibble on those little toesies*

  7. Saffron says:

    Freddy Kreuger claws! Although if Freddy had a cute tailio like that, then it would be “Adorabuhl Napping on Elm Street”

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa!!!!! cute and a wee bit scary too

  9. If he grows into those massive paws he’s gonna be a huge squirrel!

  10. I’ve raised several squirrel orphans in my life, and had the joy of holding them in my hands just like that. Oh, how I miss them…

  11. Oh, the feeeeeeengers and toesies!!!! How could you just let that baby sleep? I wouldn’t be able to help myself from nomming those anerable paws!!!!

  12. What is this? There’s no way it’s a squirrel. It’s too big in the human’s hands!

  13. Talio! I love how that is the focus of this composition. Adorable!

  14. Colonel Jenna says:

    How gentle that human must be, to be able to pick up a sleeping crittur without waking it. cuddlecuddlecuddle

  15. O NO He/she/it DI-unt!!! says:

    Hi there Aqua(marine)!!! (waving hands)

  16. Alton Brown has commented on his show “Good Eats” that he is weirded out by their “spooky little hands”. I agree!

  17. I WANT ONE!!

    (what exactly is it by the way? Looks like a squirrel to me… though it could be a monkey… I dunno…)

  18. @ O NO/Resreich: (are you icognito??) HEY THERE!!! i owe you about a billion emails……your last one really had me cracking up (haikus).

    so….baby squirrel or baby monkey….tawk amonkst yaselves…

  19. curiouscreature says:

    they look like baby werewolf feets!

  20. Yea! That’s a baby squirrel! They are great. In India, they can go to 15 pounds! I have one now, but only a little girl. They are so swwwweeeeeeeeeeeet!.

  21. camille says:

    (Trying to imagine my 15 pound dog chasing a 15 pound squirrel.)

  22. marissa says:

    hobbit feets! It’s a squobbit!

  23. muttluver says:

    15 po…… that’s almost as big as my dog. O.O

  24. John, are you serious? A 15 pound squirrel would scare the bajeebus out of me! Yikes!

  25. Eye capsules!

  26. domanato says:

    hehe he’s gotta get his beauty sleep.

  27. beybee needs those to cling with

  28. I love how his privacy tailio covers ALL of him, not just his “area”…That is a Total Privacy Tail!

  29. chanpon says:

    To steal from Seinfeld, that’s baby’s got “man hands”!

  30. victoreia says:

    That’s one straaaaannnnnge looking squirrel! (I’m leaning toward “monkeh”, myself….)

  31. I didn’t find anything regarding a 15 pound squirrel anywhere.

    There is a “giant” squirrel in India according to Wikipedia ( ) The Ratufa indica: Adult head and body length varies between 14–16 in (36–41 cm) and the tail length is approximately 2 ft (0.61 m). Adult weight – 2 kg (4.41 lb).[6]

    That’s a long way front 15 pounds.

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    I love Prongs’ caption because those are indeed some freakish looking feet. They look like the paws of some other creature were attached to this…um…thing? Also, Marissa: Hahaha! “squobbit”

  33. wannadance says:

    baby animules are always cute and snuggley. i like his feets, want to touch each toe in turn, then sweetly and gently caress that tail.

    baby animals have SOFT noses. boop.

  34. Fleurdamour says:

    My old boyfriend had feet kind of like that. First time I looked down and noticed, I was like, am I dating a Muppet?

  35. Squirrels are amazing creatures!

  36. BStrange says:

    I’m gonna have to go with curiouscreature here. Those are definitely were-feets. I’ve never heard of a were-squirrel before, but if they’re all as cute as this one then they’ve probably been eating cuteness-stunned photographers before they can snap a photo. 😉

  37. lol @ chanpon – they’re downright breathtaking!

  38. ^—^ = Squirrel x Chinchilla / Monkey + 1/4 Fluff + 9/10 Tootsies

  39. I just wanted to mention that I LOVE the Grawp shout-out. Grawp want Hagger!

  40. Just like Hobbit feet!

  41. Hon Glad says:

    Sleep little darling, do not sigh
    and I will sing a lullaby

  42. Leslie M – haha, are you serious? You’re so ridiculous! First of all, the feet were called freakish, not the animal itself. Second, those feet really ARE freakish.

  43. snorglepup says:

    Thanks for the Beatles earworm, Hon Glad.
    He will indeed grow into those sweet feet and tailio.
    *gently snorgles sleeping bebe*

  44. Leilani says:

    Fleurdamour – You made me cough so much, my co-workers thought I was choking and asked if I were ok. Hee hee! “Am I dating a Muppet?” FTW!!!

  45. Matahari says:

    I miss 206Oakley. You’re puns always make me laugh!

  46. Nice mitts!

  47. I miss my baby squirrel. She was the best.

  48. Asterczek says:

    da beh-beh squirl haz da man hands!!!

  49. Oh, Land o’Goshen! Is that a kangaroo rat? That is so adorable, I can’t stand it! Thump. Thumpthumpthump. Ow…

  50. What? That’s a squirrel? Cut it out!

  51. Fleurdamour says:

    @Leilani – LOL 😉

  52. Neopatra says:

    Aaaaaw! It’s teenio-skwirlio with curlio-tailio!

  53. It’s so cute! But I’m not sure what it is.

  54. head tilt ahwwwww 🙂

  55. Are you talking about Grawp, Hagrid’s half brother?

  56. marissa: “squobbit”! Awesome! 😀