The Reason Peeps No Longer Sponsor a Bobsled Team

OK, listen up – to practice for 2012, I propose a radical idea: instead of ice, we train on– wait for it – velour.

At least it wasn’t corduroy, Larissa M.



  1. Ya gotta love the reverse-image B/W of the two chicks in the rear of the “sled.” Also, it appears that the little midnight fluff is a backseat driver … shut yer beak, McNugget! the chick with the yellow scarf is saying.

  2. skippymom says:

    Cute young chicks cruising for cheep thrills!

  3. leaves of cat grass says:

    is it okay to beep a peep? well I shall…. beep, beep and beep…

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Oh look, leftovers from the Olympeeps in Vancooper.

  5. Oh stripey chicky!
    when I was younger my sister had to look after a chicken for school. She brought it home to look after and I was OBSESSED with it. It would “peep peep peep peep” all day until it fell asleep. It used to suggle under my jacket for wampth. I was rediculously allergic to it’s downy feathers but I endured. For teh cutez.

  6. haha! Oakley you are always so adorable. I think there should be an update thingie on cuteoverload about your puns.

  7. I love that picture so cute and it reminds me of the candy Peeps.,Mmmmmm so so tasty but so so sugary.

    Lately I have been learning to grow my own food but Peeps are good once and a while as a candy,

    Check out all the vegetables growing at my buddies house,

    He is the one teaching me how to plant and grow my own food, so much better then sugar!

    BTW – I havn’t had those peeps candies in years 🙂


  8. These Peeps dioramas are getting so realistic.

  9. Lucy Loup-Garou says:

    “Sit DOWN, Greta, Mom said nobody gets to ride shotgun in this!”

  10. skippymom says:

    The official name of the color of that fabric is “Goat Vomit Green”. At least that is how my husband (RIP) used to refer to such a color.

  11. Paunchie says:

    How little are they! How cute! peep peep peep

  12. tracylee says:

    Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time!

  13. Elisha B. says:

    Bahaha…..hahahahahahaha…..bahahahahaha………whoa…….too funny!!

  14. Hey middle chick is wearing racing stripes!


  16. Uh, I hope nobody decides to bite their little heads off. That’s the traditional way to eat a Peep…

  17. 260Oakely says:

    I believe this is a Swedish bobsled team sponsored by Just Bjorn.

  18. @ 260Oakely As the other Joker once said:
    Where does she get those wonderful puns?

  19. Hate to be a spoil sport… but the next Winter Olympics will be in 2014 in Russia. Not 2012. That’s when the London Summer games will be.

  20. Elisha B. says:

    As to the “traditional way to eat peeps'”, my stepmom showed my kids how to make them really fun…..put them in the microwave and watch them “grow”. They come out all warm and gooey. But don’t try that with these guys, they are already warm and possibly gooey 😉

  21. DewiCasgwent says:

    St Stryfe
    That is why they are practicing on Velour carpets, not snow

  22. flutterbye says:

    Jeepers creepers where’d you get those peepers?

  23. Lerrinus says:

    What a sweet pic!

    and Oakley’s extra sweet today! 😉

  24. Please don’t cover them with marshmallow!!!!!!


    Oh er … I mean … what cute little baby chicks! (which will grow up to be DELICIOUS muahahhahhaha!)

  26. victoreia says:

    @Saint Stryfe (#19)–that would be the other reason they don’t sponsor a bobsled team anymore!

    @flutterbye–I got ’em outta eggs…..

    (ducking and running)

  27. chanpon says:

    Where’s the sugar coating on these peeps?

  28. kibblenibble says:

    These chicks disapprove of the background color choice.

  29. stpatme says:

    Cute pic, but the next Winter Games are in 2014.

  30. Mod-in-Training says:

    [But the newborn chicks racing in cardboard boxes over hills of velour event is still on, right?


  31. AuntieMame says:

    We hope so, M-i-T!

  32. This post made me get a crush on Prongs.

  33. Hon Glad says:

    Ev’ry day for a week we would try to
    Feel the motion, feel the motion
    Down the hill.

    Every day for a week we would try to
    Hear the wind rush,feel the wind rush
    Feel the chill.

    And I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
    to see what I had inside
    Yes, I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
    and I tried, I tried

    And everybodys goin’ “Whooooosh,Whooooosh
    I feel the snow…I feel thecold…I feel the air.”
    And Mr Karp turns to me and he says
    “Okay Morales.What did you feel?”

    And I said…” Nothing,
    I’m feeling nothing”
    And he says “Nothing
    Could get a girl transfered. ”

    They all felt something,
    But I felt nothing
    Perhaps it’s cos,
    I’m only a bird.

  34. Bookmonstercats says:

    @Hon Glad, bowing to you. Is that your own pome, because I don’t recognise it? Even if it’s not, still bowing to you because of its appositeness (hope I’ve spelt that correctly).

    I don’t know anything about the sweets, being a Brit. We don’t have them over here. However, a box labelled “Peeps” and chickies going “peep”!! What’s not to like?


  35. Hon Glad says:

    Bookmonstercats – No I can’t claim the song, it’s from ‘A Chorus line’ I just put the bit in about only being a bird. Like you I’m a Brit and don’t know what a Peep sweet is, perhaps
    one of our American cousins could provide a picture.

  36. Rebecca Martin says:

    @Hon Glad: Chorus line! what an apt arrangement of the “Nothing” song! ***Waves musical geek flag high***

  37. Peeps look like this: I’m a Brit, and I’ve been obsessed with Peeps for YEARS. Saw pictures and dioramas, desperately wanted to try one. This Easter, not knowing my obsession, an American friend sent me a box! They are the sugariest marshmallows I’ve ever eaten. Imagine a flump on speed.

  38. i think for this one co could have just put the image up, no text, no borders, no ads, no banner, no hovertext, nothing, and got the point across.

    live-action peeps?


  39. Bookmonstercats says:

    Hon Glad, still bowing for appositeness.

    Earwig, thanks for the info and edyucashun.

    “Peeps” *Fnaw, fnaw, snerk*

  40. These multi-colored peeps are sqeal-worthy. Too Cute!

  41. Paunchie says:

    I’m trying to imagine a flump on speed.

  42. Peeps, corduroy, & ham hocks. What’s not to love? Rofl!

  43. *Snork* Goat vomit green. Still rofl!

  44. 😀 Those three little chickies are so cute 😀

  45. sunflare2k5 says:

    That one in the back looks like a baby skunk! 🙂

  46. Awwwww! So cute I LOVE peeps but i cant eat those cute peeps 🙂