By the Way, You’re a Quart Low

While most pups respond to the words “car ride?” with unhinged glee, here’s one who may think twice: A cute black lab who took a 30-mile drive while trapped under the hood. Warning: You may wince a little, but the video has a happy ending (and bonus cute rescue-y guy; maybe not Jamin-level cute, but in the ballpark).



  1. Awww~! Poor puppy! Cat-dog!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Awwww! SWEET puppy and (ahem) cute boy too. Nice!!

  3. AuntieMame says:

    Definitely in the ballpark! ❤

    How does a puppy get up in a car engine, though? I know Labs are adventurous, but that takes a certain amount of dexterity and skill.

  4. Sounds like some kids doing a mean joke on a poor animal, it could of been a un happy endind thank God it ended well and now the puppy has a good home because the puppy didn’t get there by it self

  5. uh oh…. puppy loves cars

  6. serenity_may says:

    Can I have the mechanic and the puppy?

  7. 1 blue eye, 1 brown eye! Too much cuteness in one posting! Very glad it had a happy ending…

  8. AuntieMame says:

    Here’s more:

    After the couple went home from the hospital later that evening, they found four more puppies. Evidently they’d been abandoned nearby. Grr!

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, and Not Mike…Quaker State! BWAH!

  10. @catmom

    How could they have possibly wedged it in there like that? I think it’s more likely that this puppy was seeking out warmth, the same way cats do, and got himself wedged in there.

    Not that I don’t believe kids can be cruel, but I think this situation was too bizarre and difficult for a kid to pull off to have realistically been conceived by one.

  11. All these people are heroes. I just broke down over Steven Colbert (believe it or not!) showing oil-drenched animals–it’s great to see peeps actually HELPING here.

    Sorry, don’t mean to bring anyone down. The pup is fantastic.

  12. Who’s puppy was that supposed to be?

  13. Oh poor puppy! *kisses*

  14. cafegrrl says:

    Oh, what a cute puppy!

  15. skippymom says:

    Ooh, I want a sweet little puppy! Wonder if Skippy would let me…naw, never mind.

  16. Melissa says:

    When I worked for a vet a few years back, A man brought in a kitten who rode for 40 some odd miles in the big chrome bumper of an old LTD. He kept hearing it cry but didn’t realize what it was untill he got to his destination. Guess what he named it? FREDDY FENDER!! Lulz. Great story.

  17. Jessica says:

    @AuntieMame: Are you from Fort Myers also?

  18. Jane Ellen says:

    Way to go Lancaster and Rock Hill, SC!

  19. Name the puppy Diesel!!!

  20. what the heck? You couldn’t make that up story up even if you wanted to, there was just drama all over the place. Husband not feeling well taken away in an ambulance, strange noise from car, puppy stuck in car, breaking apart the car to get puppy but still needing to get to the hospital b/c of husband, rushing puppy to vet b/c of burnt belly, adoption of puppy. Good lord.

  21. domanato says:

    oooo i wonder how that puppy got stuck under the hood, but maybe he was trying to drive the car like what this one is doing: Watch him driving the car with the owner in the back sticking his head out the window as if he were the dog lol

  22. amazing story! thanks for this nice post on such a drab (at least in seattle) day!

  23. AuntieMame says:

    Jessica, I’m not from Fort Myers. I’m from Denver.

  24. minecritter says:

    My first kitty went for a ride under the hood of the family station wagon 30+ years ago, but near the fan belt. My mom only went about a block before she saw fur flying out of the grill and rescued her. She was cut on her side, but not severely.

    Same kitty had a knack for getting caught between the front door and screen door, and spent the night there once.

  25. The third of my three kitties came to me when a friend asked me to adopt her after she was found as a kitten in the engine of a truck in the warehouse district of Topeka, where they have a lot of feral cats.

    The truck driver heard a mewling sound and checked before turning the ignition (thank goodness!!!). Tango was just 10 weeks old, a feral kitten whose mother had probably gone looking for food and never came home, so the baby went out looking for her.

    She is a tortie,so I named her “Tango,” since “Tangerine” didn’t sound as kitteny, but I wanted a name to fit her gorgeous orange markings.

    It wasn’t until later that I realized that her name went well with Paris, the name of my second kitty. Paris had been named by the ladies of the rescue society I got her from, and they asked me to keep her name. So now everyone thinks their names reference the Brando film The Last Tango in Paris. (It doesn’t.)

  26. Birdcage says:

    Garsh. What a story. Phew (*wipes brow*) – glad it had a happy ending for everyone involved.

  27. Screw pup story and I LUV pup story .. he is so HoT!

  28. I’m so glad this story had a happy ending! Thank goodness for animal lovers.

  29. Cute puppy. Cute guy. Happy ending. What more could you ask for?

  30. Kimberly says:

    This is one of the reasons I am happy to be from SC. Especially in small towns down there, people are very, very nice, and it would be unusual for a woman with a broken-down car NOT to receive any help. The behavior – and the accents! – of everyone in the video are very familiar to me. 🙂

  31. Matt is awesome! Swoon.

  32. This story is absolutely fanfriggin’tastic. Cute boy, cute puppy, husband is ok, EVERYBODY wins!

    If only all the news stories were this warm and fuzzy. Pun intended. 😀

  33. Daphne Moss says:

    This did inspire an inner Snoopy dance. And let’s just say it bears mentioning that this guy was petting that puppy in a way that indicates he’s a gentle, decent soul.
    Bravo to all concerned, including the friend who adopted and is spoiling this pup.
    I wish I could buy them all a beer!

  34. I want to snuzzle that puppy and beep its nose.

  35. Is that man single? I have this really great daughter who is into dogs. What is it about men who love animals that is such a turn on?

  36. MamaLana says:

    I agree! Cute puppy, cute guy! Mwah!

  37. kibblenibble says:

    Mr. McPuppersons looks so Qte! I confess that due to NOMTOM’s warning I did not watch the video. I also turn off the TV when there are news reports of an animal hurt in any way. I just can’t handle it, it’s my weakness. As I expected, all you CO peeps reassured me that things worked out fine! (Which I knew they would, or NOMTOM wouldn’t have posted.) Yay for the resQte!

  38. Talk about puppy eyes. I bet they do the “poor widdle me” and get what they want all the time.

    The puppy I mean.

  39. So happy puppy was ok and got a forever home too – silly question but what name was given to this cute puppy? Anyone know? Just curious considering what its ben through.

  40. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    OK, both the puppy and her rescuer are just too cute; the man, Matt, is a wonderful human being. He deserves all the praise. Hope the puppy’s belleh is all better. Sweet story!

  41. Yay, I’m glad the puppy was ok and some great people came to save the day 🙂

  42. I need stories like these to keep away the occasional moments of despair. Thanks CO and the wonderful doggy rescuers!

  43. Cute. So. Cute.

  44. fifthsonata says:

    Love this! It’s nice to know there are good people in the world.

  45. AWW 😀 I am so glad that puppy was not seriously hurt and got a loving forever home 😀 I would also like to give a big cyber hug to Matt for his help in saving that puppy 😀
    @violet 😀 Maybe it is because men who love animals make good husbands 😀

  46. I was going to post something about a puppy here but I was blocked by Teresa’s excessive use of smiley faces.

  47. bagoguts says:

    oooo that guy is HOT. Gimme gimme! Thanks Tom for looking out for our interests and posting this! And puppy story is very cool too. 😉

  48. a feral cat once gave kittens in our garage and the kittens got into the habit of climbing up into the engine. every morning we had to convince the kitties to come out of the car before we drove off. the first time we had just reversed out of the driveway and couldnt understand where the mewing was coming from and why the mommy cat was following the car! luckily the kitties were all safe but didnt learn their lesson and for the next couple of weeks would happily snuggle into the car engine and sleep the night away!

  49. @ catmom – Darlin you have the right of it IMnsHO – my Grandson would know – and I believe he would say that a cat – full grown – might do it for curiosity’s sake – but not a kitty nor this Mr McPupperson – seems to me there are some mean folks around

  50. I was confused by the beginning, where she said her husband was in pain and she heard animal noises coming from under the hood; I thought: “You didn’t think he was stuck under there, did you?”

    I’m silly.

    The puppy is adorable, I hope it won’t be too traumatized. Good thing it found a new home after (probably) running away.

  51. Awwww!!!

    But no! That guy it so NOT in Jamin´s ballpark. Ewwww! :O (thanks goodness, we all have different tastes in men, hehe)

  52. Hon Glad says:

    Happy to know there is kindness in this world amongst the bleakness.

  53. Rachael says:

    Happy ending all around. The kindness of people continues to astound me because mostly all you hear is the bad stuff. There are sooooo many good people who never get the recognition they deserve. Kudos!

  54. AnnieStuart says:

    Guys named Matt are the BEST. (I ought to know, my husband is a Matt, and he loves our four fur-children to bits). I really want that puppy. ❤

  55. What a nice story to start the day :). I’ve never heard of a dog doing this–cats, heck yeah–but I didn’t think dogs had the flexibility too. My family also once rescued a kitten stuck in a car when I was little. My dad drove to work and then noticed a mewing from his truck, and found a little black kitten. He thought it was one of ours because our cat had just had a litter, but it turned out to be a stray. Our mama cat adopted him anyway so it worked out fine. 😀

  56. i think that this guy is definitely on the same level as the monkey rescuer guy. maybe even cuter. 😉

    but, only because i think monkeys are REALLY creepy .. and i’m a dog walker. so, anyone that has an affinity to fuzzy puppies is a-ok in my book. 🙂

  57. Melinda says:

    Awww! Poor puppy and his sweet tender belly! That rescute story really does have a happy ending!

  58. Erin R. says:

    Wow, good people. And totally cute rescuer.

  59. The fact that this guy shows compassion for the puppy just made him even more attractive 😉 Stories like this really make me feel better about the world because I realize there are people out there who do care about animals.

  60. That is so sweet. What a cutie. The puppy is sweet too! 😉

    I’m a little worried about how she got in there, though. looking at her car… I have to say, the only way I can imagine her getting wedged in like that is if someone put her there. Of course, I’m sure the woman didn’t do it, I’m wondering if it was someone who lived in her neighborhood. I hope the owner of the car and animal rescuers are looking into it.

  61. Poor puppeh. Wunnerful guy. Love his eyes.

  62. @ JRED @ Catmom – we seem to be of a like opinion – who on earth could do that – I mean to say it is cats who climb – with the clawses on their pawses – there are not clawses on a McPupperson’s pawses, so I reckon some S O B lifted the poor little guy up there

  63. What a beautiful pup, and what kind people! Poor little critter… I’m fostering a kitten who was put out of his house as soon as he could walk. I hate people.

  64. Shannon says:

    This happens to cats ALL the TIME. Especially in the colder months. Always, ALWAYS bang on your hood before starting your engine in the winter. I’ve heard of an adult pit that got caught in an engine. I also had a kitten when I was small that rode from DALLAS, TX to GULFPORT, MS. That can be a 8 hour drive. Understandably, kitty was a bit off his rocker, poor thing.

  65. kestrien says:

    When we had an older pickup, it had the spare tire underneath. My mom once drove all the way to town (20 miles) and then heard meowing – our kitty had climbed into the tire for a nap and taken the journey. Thankfully we got her out and back INSIDE the pickup to go back home. Silly critters!

  66. Jenn in IL says:

    OH, poor honey bunny! Watching her look around with those big sad eyes made me want to cry.

    SO glad everything worked out well and yes, SUPER cute guy!

  67. @ Melissa-Freddy Fender, that’s classic humor right there!

  68. @Domanato-that guy surely has the pug tongue action down pat. That was a crack-up! Great music, too!

  69. @Shannon-I’ve done the same thing for years & I’m so glad you reminded all of us of the great idea, thanks

  70. Oh my goodness, poor little puppy baby. If he were mine I’d give him infinite tummy rubs. Little guy deserves lots of love.

  71. DreamspinnerCheryl says:

    I wonder what’s happend to the rest of the litter? Did they find homes? Do they plan to name that cutie “Nissan”? Why not?!?

  72. thecandiedmango says:

    A cute mechanic who saves puppies? WHY DID I GET ENGAGED BEFORE FINDING THIS MAN?!

  73. Crystal T says:

    I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16 and 17. One day I was working drive-thru taking orders and payment. A lady in a sedan pulled up to pay. When I stuck my upper body out the window to collect her money, I saw a small gray kitten right by her car’s wheel. It was just standing there, looking a little puzzled, but not injured. I assumed it was a stray kitten that had managed to make it across the parking lot unhurt. I told her “Don’t move your car! There’s a kitten by your wheel!” She looked at it and said, “Oh my god that’s MY kitten, and I just drove 30 miles from home!” She grabbed the kitten and brought it inside her vehicle. I have no clue where that kitten was during that 30 mile drive, but it sure was lucky.

  74. AuntieMame says:

    Dreamspinner Cheryl, I think I read that the pup’s new mom named it Cami? (Or maybe that’s the mom’s name, I can’t remember, LOL!)

  75. @mousey Sorry I did not mean to use that many smiley faces.

  76. @Toto 😀 I am glad your dad was able to rescue that little black kitty and that your mother cat was willing to adopt him 😀

  77. Calliope says:

    What an adorable puppy! And a great story. The initial description in the video confused me too — looking at the story text, I think whoever edited the video accidentally switched the sentences about the whining noises and the following behind the ambulance.

  78. So now we have a Jamin-based scale? So what is this guy? A .6 J? .65 J?

  79. Begs the question, are they naming the pup Auto?

  80. Jamin is legendary. He should go on tour.