Talk About Being Scared of Your Own Shadow.

Look bub, not all baby animals get to look like fluffy otters or Golden Retrievers when they’re born. Some, like us groundhogs, grow into our looks.

Kathleen L. says that these baby groundhogs were brought into her Foothill Animal Clinic after a construction crew found them while bulldozing a site. I’m not sure they have names, but I humbly suggest Hans Moleman & Gollum.



  1. Neopatra says:

    Wanna tickle the iddle footsies!

  2. Kittytoes says:

    One word. TEEF!

  3. Is it Groundhog Day again or is it Groundhog Day again or is it Groundhog Day againor is it Groundhog Day again…..

  4. No no! Not Gollum-like! muc, much too cute!

  5. PS Yay for the contruction guys who rescued the helpless bebes!

  6. aaaaahhhhh! sooo cute!!

    resQte tag?

    the 1st one should be chubby McNom-noms, and the 2nd can be hans moleman – i agree with theresa – too cute for gollum!

  7. I see why in cartoons they are always pictured with glasses. Just seems like they’d need them. That being said…..squeeeeee!

    2nd picture: privacy tail in place and tiny voice saying “I say young lady, do you mind? This is most undignified. Besides, I’m late for tea” (yes, Wind in the Willows has forever convinced me moles have British accents)

  8. sunnymum says:

    I just put my hands in that position and looked down and realized how small that baby is. OMG! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  9. missy p says:

    there is nothing uncute about these little guys!

  10. Birdcage says:

    I lurves me some groundhog!!!!! Makes me sad to think that some mama groundhog may be out there looking for her bebes.

  11. Thank goodness for Modesty Tail™. And look at his little hands! The better to dig you with, baby.

  12. He’s got old man hands.

  13. @ Bryn: SNORT!!! i am now cracked up.

    @ Theresa: I agree!! (yay for the construction workers) I hope they were thanked a plenty.

    @ Prongs: Awesome Gollum quote on 2nd hovertext!!! My personal favorite, and it gets said around my house very frequently whenever someone misplaces the stapler or leaves the milk out…..

  14. Trabb's Boy says:

    Um … Squee?

  15. Hans Moleman is spot on, but I’m not really feeling Gollum. So cute!

  16. Saffron says:

    …and a very beepular nosicle


  17. oh god the hovertexts keeled me.

    i just realized i had never seen baby groundhogs before. i want to keees them!!

  18. by the way, kudos to the very nice construction crew who cared enough to bring the little critters in for care!!

  19. LOTR fan as I am, I must say, even Gollum was a baby once … and perhaps he did look like this. Without the tail. 🙂

  20. Venerable Bead says:

    Now remember peeps…Gollum didn’t ALWAYS look that way…it was his greed over the ring that turned him into that. So I’d say keep this Gollum away from Sardon and all will be well.

  21. Perhaps Smeegal would be better?

  22. TrixandSam says:

    I waged war for years with a couple of groundhogs who thought my vegetable and flower beds were their personal buffet. I tried every humane means possible to keep them out (I won’t poison or hurt them). I finally had to call a service that would trap them humanely and take them out to one of the forest preserves/state parks for release. (Yes, it was legal.)

    Seeing these little morsels, I’d give them free lifetime passes to my garden, setting them down ever so gently amongst my veggies and letting them have at it to their hearts’ content. Too stinkin’ cute!

  23. I can’t get over those nails/talons! unbelievably camo.

  24. Best. Hovertexts. EVAR.

    Stho cute! Want to beep the nosies!

  25. They should stop bulldozing every place animals need a place too! Errrrrr

    Glad they helped them though.

  26. domanato says:

    groundhogs are so cute…I love the way they squirm 😀

  27. MamaLana says:

    I love it when little feets look like little hands!

  28. Without cheese danish ! They’re soooooooo sweeeeeeeet!

  29. wha’ the ???? oooops! that was supposed to go under the “wonder nap ” post !

  30. Mr. Magoo!!

  31. HeatherInPA says:

    We have had a family of them in our yard for years now. Momma usually has 2 behbehs…this year, her and daddy got prolific and had 5 of the little stinkers. And OMG, every window I look out I see one of these beedy eyed little faces staring back at me. I get a lot of advice about how to get rid of them. BAH! I want advice on how to get good pics without scaring them off. 😛

  32. Stressfactor says:

    True story. When I was a teenager we had groundhogs living behind our house. Every spring Mama Groudhog would come out with babies in tow. One year one of the babies discovered that a tiny, young sapling tree at the edge of our property apparently had deeelisheeeous leaves. He stripped all the leaves off the branches he could reach and then he started climbing up the sapling to reach the higher leaves.

    Of course, as he climbed the sapling bent lower and lower and lower towards the ground. And I’m standing on the back deck of our house thinking “Wait for it…. wait for it…..” Sure enough, at some point gravity won and the baby groundhog plopped the now remaining few inches to the ground and the sapling sproinged and whipped back and forth a couple of times before settling. Baby groundhog righted himself and decided said sapling leaves were not so yummy anymore and he would stick to stuff that wouldn’t dump him off.

  33. Maerlyn99 says:

    Wanna kees the nose!

  34. cafegrrl says:

    Very cute. Thank you to the construction guys for taking them to an animal clinic and not leaving them out there. 🙂

  35. pfftlecakes says:

    Awh noooooes! My defenses are down! I just want to snug them and give them tiny monocles to adjust with those leetle clawses. Is it just me or is Gollum waving at me? Uh squee much?

  36. I am totally ok with that one being called Smeagol. It does not distract from the cute. AUGH.

  37. nazani14 says:

    Remember these guys every time you dig, cut brush or trees. Just don’t do it until June, so that the little ones can at least run away as their home is being destroyed. Thousands of young animals and birds are destroyed in their burrows and nests or abandoned by their parents due to springtime construction.

  38. victoreia says:

    Hey, isn’t one of those two actually Foremole from Redwall Abbey?

  39. cutttttttttttte love the first picture i could put some glasses and it could look so funny lol never seen a baby groundhog

  40. The second little guy looks like he is waiting for a high-five – so cute

  41. So did they see their shadows, and if so does that mean we have six more weeks of cuteness?

  42. @ mary… I hope we get six more weeks of cuteness… where I live we’ve already done the six more weeks of “spring snow storm warning”s.

    Oh, and SQUEEEE!!!!!!1 Suvh widdle cutsiewootsies, yes yoo ares isn’t yoos.

  43. Awwww! 🙂

  44. Scout C says:

    Love the foot-thumb but no hand-thumb except for a tiny nub. And dig those claws! No pun intended….

  45. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    @ffleur I think you’re getting moles and groundhogs confused. You always see moles in cartoons with glasses because technically moles are blind, though they can tell light from darkness. Yes, I’m a geek because I know these things 🙂

  46. Aw I’m so happy they were saved.

  47. Hon Glad says:

    Suffering Soccotash.

  48. This looks like a cross between a baby otter and some sort of freshly dug root vegetable.

  49. Have never ever seen beebee groundhogs, but have now added them to the list of animals I must have! Thank you kind souls for saving these most adorable babies. More people should watch out for the animals.

  50. Colonel Jenna says:

    I just wanna stuff the second one into my bra and let it hibernate there next to my heart!

  51. Love the hovertext. In the 2nd pic, I’m pretty sure he’s thinking; “Get over here, I want to eat your face, it looks nommable”.

  52. Mod-in-Training says:

    [Just don’t get your hopes up about sending in a picture of it.


  53. Mikeh, rofl “freshly dug root vegetable”! No minerals?

  54. jazz hands!

  55. I have never seen 2 babeh anipals that look more literally like morsels.

  56. YAY! My sister’s pics were posted! Aren’t they the cutest things ever??? I am so jealous of her job! 🙂

  57. flutterbye says:

    I’ve never seen them as babehs either, but the first pic looks like a ferret with huge claws and a glandular problem!

    @Kaz, I envy your sister’s job and Kaz is my nickname!

  58. Wow… those paws were definitely designed to burrow!! such a cutie pie!

  59. Stressfactor—- laughed so loud,woke up my dog. thanks for sharing. still lol!!!!!

  60. Lula Mae says:

    They are adorable.

  61. @Mudbug: Funnier under this post, though. 😉

  62. Hi,
    I want you all to understand that I meant nothing unpleasant when I said he wanted to eat your face. I meant, well, let’s face it, I was going for an apparently not funny take on his looking at us & saying how we were so adorable that he wanted to give us smooshy-face kisses & squee-ing & all that. Guess I wasn’t able to properly convey that meaning. If anyone was offended, I apologize. 😦

  63. Oh, my wife uses the same exclamation – “I want to eat your face!” to convey unmanageable cuteness.

  64. fatgrammafinn says:

    every time i see a freshly flattened critter on my way to work, i say a little prayer and apologize for hoomanity’s need to go places faster than a sedate walk. my theory being, if hoomans survive the next 5,000 to 10,000 years, we will find small mammals evolved to the point that they are no longer defenseless against big machines- ever since henry ford et al. decided “it was a good idea at the time”, the critters that are fast and paying attention survive to breed another day, and their babies are faster and more observant season by season

    something about living in the Great Northwet makes you ponder these things

    if i had a rack i’d like one of these to cuddle there

  65. HeatherInPA says:

    @catina and WOV….I get weird looks when I say out loud that I want to bury my face and shake it back and forth making funny noises on something. Lol. Usually this applies to a pile of cewtness, or an exposed belleh! If it’s something teeny, like a hamster, the expression is usually I want to rub it on my face. It’s a compulsion! Litttle fuzzy things with beedy eyes make me do stupid things. 😛

    And the comparision of these little ones to a root vegetable made me burst out laughing. CO makes me smile when I need it most. 🙂

  66. Mod-in-Training says:

    [animals who are sleeping by the side of the road are one of the saddest things in the whole entire world. i can usually tell from a mile off if a blob in the distance is organic. if it is, i blur my vision like reality shows do for brand names on t-shirts. or i completely close my eyes until the horror is past. i thought maybe wildlife fences would be cool. but yes, then you’d have to find taxpayers who read CO and are as morally stupendous as we are. as are we. as we were. when we were wee. okay, stop typing now.


  67. One of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for making my day!

  68. fatgrammafinn says:

    hi M.i.T. and all
    one day on my way to work, i thought i saw something large & smooshy up ahead so i did my usual pray and apologize.. turned out i was praying for a wet cardboard box-yay! box probably came in handy for when those footloose angels are moving from one heaven to another a la swedenborg

  69. Mod-in-Training says:

    [i’m amazed that i’m not the only person who apologizes to turtles for our roadways, birdies for our windows, to ducklings for our sewer grates, and to fawns and geese for our cloverleaf ponds. I hope they know how much we like them.