My, what an adorable — YEEEAAUUGH!!

Two new red-ruffed lemurs were born at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay last month, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to play everybody’s favorite party game, “Guess When The Photo Session Went Horribly Wrong.”

Via KiksMedia.



  1. I am enchanted/scared. This doesn’t happen often.

  2. It’s just not possible. Is this what bleen looks like?

  3. Is it just me or does that little guy look blue like an Avatar?

  4. I love those eyes!

  5. Oh, it’s such a cutie! Bebeh lemur! Does anybody go back long enough on the Internets to remember Nigel the Lemur (frink frink frink)?

  6. ogeminijune says:

    bwahhahaha the hover text for the last pic just slaid me!

  7. earlybird1 says:

    Hahahaha! Reminds me of what Calvin would do whenever his dad would try and take pictures of him for the Christmas cards. (from Calvin and Hobbes). LOL!

  8. earlybird1 says:

    Oh, and those eyes! He looks SUPER caffeinated! 🙂

  9. What the f***?? It looks like a dog who stuck its face into a can of blue paint.

  10. We now need a word of cute and terrifying. Though there’s probably already one in German 😛
    ( Süsschrecken?)

  11. aerliss says:

    “fudz go here nao!”

  12. Le’mur…
    This made me laugh. The last picture made me think “food goes here —–>”

  13. this was published two minutes ago. it already has 12 comments. at a rate of a comment per 10 seconds so far, your website’s traffic is STUPENDOUSLY high. how do you get so many visitors?

  14. have you always had so much traffic? how long has cute overload been on the web?

  15. BouvieGal says:

    He’s cute, but those fingers are FREAKING ME OUT.

  16. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    BouvieGal, yeah, it looks like a very odd manicure…

  17. Looks like avatar!

  18. 260Oakley says:

    “I will show no lemurcy!”
    (KISS tribute band member behaves like an animal)

  19. Haha! Looks like he’s wearing grey knitted gloves with the tips of the fingers gone, like a clown!

  20. victoreia says:

    …..and that’s how they discovered the moisturizer had been diluted with a bleaching solution.

  21. Leilani says:

    Egad! I don’t know which wigs me out more: the buggy eyes or the TOTALLY weird fingers!

  22. He is a study in contrasts: blue face and paws (hands?), bright green eyes, black headband, red body.

  23. tracylee says:

    is it a mighty yawn? a barbaric yawp?

  24. Melinda says:

    Monkey dog raccoon beastie! Soo cute. I love lemurs. They don’t disgust me like some other primates do.

  25. Omigosh in pic #2 he looks just like a Richard Scarry animal!

  26. I love his little fingertips!

  27. Diamond-shaped fingernails!

    I am amazed.

  28. If I don’t get to have a baby lemur of my very own, very soon, I’m going to die.

  29. Ayeesha says:

    What perfect little fingers he has. Like a mini-human!

  30. Ooo I think he’s adorable! It looks like he has no teef? I had no idea lemurs didn’t have teefs?

  31. bagoguts says:

    cripes those eyes & tongue are DEMONIC!! Run for your soul indeed.

  32. Cute, but more like a troll than an animal.

  33. Bashful says:

    It’s got a sorta puppy face, those beautiful hands and that wacky fur pattern, and yet they are OUR distant relatives!

  34. oooh, I luf him! He looks like he needs a snack, tho.

  35. ViolaDeLesseps says:

    IKEA instructions: Insert insect (a) into mouf (b). Repeat.

  36. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Hi Cousin. You know, you and me have grandparents in common. Weird, huh?

  37. Hon Glad says:

    Mad eyed McGurk throws a hissy fit. “Don’t you know who I am.”

  38. I want half a dozen. Stat. Ups, too late, died of Teh Cute.

  39. rubber duck says:

    The eyes remind me of an aye-aye! 8-I

  40. StormCat42 says:

    Nobody has mentioned this yet, so I will…

    Look at all the wheeskerage!!! I didn’t know that cute little Leeeeemurs had so many wheeskerages!!! I bet they tickle!!!

  41. lol @ swallowing my soul… dat’s okay little lemur, you can has my soul.

  42. Rachael says:

    The fingernails are creeping me out but the red body/blue face/moist nosicle more than make up for it. Squeeeee!!

  43. OMG, aaaaalmost too much goodness there. Part dog, part fox, part human… Laughed out loud at every picture! Thanks (again and again), C.O.!! ❤

  44. flutterbye says:

    I bought something bizarre at the bazaar! … or is it the other way around??

  45. flutterbye says:

    No teef?

  46. He’s got a kind of nosferatu vibe…a cute little Count Orlock which we finally see in color.

  47. I like the baba thumbs. They are almost too short to be useful :o)

  48. Ah NOMTOM, you did it again. Last hover text….flawless. Tip o’ the hat to you, sir.

  49. Oh look, he matches my decor! And ya gotta love the STARING GREEN EYEPODS. Heck, he’s better lookin’ than some of my relatives…

  50. flutterbye says:

    @Debbe LOL EYEPODS!

  51. Fleurdamour says:

    Blue face and a giant tongue – he should audition for KISS.

  52. @NH – YES!! That’s exactly what I was thinking! Undead Lemur. Very Nosferatu vibe…

  53. SQUEEEE!!!! Check the anerable feen-gers!!! Must squeeze immediately!!!! My soul belongs to eet, fer sure.

  54. Okay.. this dude has opposable thumbs.

  55. muttluver says:

    To the peeps wondering how long CO’s been around: Erm, hellerhe? Just click the last button at the bottom of the page. Take you to the very first post, which was sometime in May of ’05, I think. It got popular cuz peoples loved teh cute and the commentary and then Meg was on Martha Stewart and they came out with the calender…

    Theresa: Sorry, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    As for the lemur…. I’m not entirely sure if he’s cute or not….

  56. Katrina says:

    Does anyone remember the Circus McGirkus of Dr. Seuss? This little is critter in there somewhere in the procession. Someone used the word “stupendous” I agree!

  57. Does anyone have those pictures in higher resolution?

  58. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Tobias: Sorry, not us. The site I linked to from the article has the pictures at just slightly larger res, but not enough to matter.

  59. wannadance says:

    LOOK: he has little faces painted on his thumbs, the ventral side. i will be damn…

  60. PugsBuddy says:

    Just noticed a couple of these for sale on my local hillbilly exotic animal store. $15,000 for a pair. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

  61. aww his eyes are so beautiful!

  62. I love that this site introduces me to animals I would never otherwise have known about. This little guy is absolutely amazing.

  63. pcflamingo says:

    His fingernails give me the willies.

  64. Lets see a close up of those nails!

  65. He’s SOOOOO cute! I want one! I love his colors… between his red fur, blue face and green eyes. Love it!

  66. Róisín says:

    Just incase anyone wants to hear what they sound like go here

    BTW a red-ruffed lemur eats shoots and leaves. *Cracks up* According to Wikipedia it really likes figs. yum. So maybe no insects but some nice figs.


  68. Cute or Sad is a category so too I think we need a new category “Cute or Evil.” . Think of possums, lemurs, manic kittehs, klepto ferrets–there are many who walk this fine line.