Carl & Agnes Go to Couples Therapy

I’m at the end of my stick, doc. I keep trying to explain to her that this is just how I’m built, ya know? But my wife is still accusing me of havin’ a wandering eye!

Keep an eye on that one, Andrea J.



  1. chanpon says:

    Clampy toes for the win!

  2. Marty Feldman eyes!!

  3. ViolaDeLesseps says:

    He looks *exactly* like my ex. Especially the tail.

  4. Venerable Bead says:

    @Viola…somehow I think everyone’s ex turns into a cold blooded animal at some point. You’re pretty sure they’re warm blooded when you get together, but nope…snake/lizard when you get right down to it. 😛

  5. CoconuCheez says:

    so… cute

    I have a soft spot for reptiles (just not the ones that can eat me)

  6. Prrrrosh!! Love the curlio tail-looks like a fiddlehead. Mmmm, fiddleheads…

  7. skippymom says:

    Extreme Eye Capsule Action!

    Ooh, yeah, need to get some fiddleheads….

  8. Eye turrets locked on target!

  9. that’s a really pretty peachy coral colored chameleon, or whatever it is.

  10. Check out his big tummy, and how his spindly little arm rests against it. Handsome fella. :o)

  11. domanato says:

    lol he looks exactly like that Geico lizard.

  12. flutterbye says:

    Kind of like a cold-blooded sloth with a curly tailio! Cute leeezards.

  13. Rule 38! If you have a round belly, you’re cute!

  14. WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH…too funny!

  15. Rooanne says:

    Awwwww, poor little misunderstood – um, lizard? What is he?

    Anyway the caption & hovertext = PERFECT.

  16. Cute but the feet kind of freak me out, I bet he can really pinch some babe booty with those.

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Definitely cute, especially (as already mentioned) the “spindly arms”.

  18. muttluver says:

    It’s a cameleon. Very different from the gecko. And the commentary is hilarious.

  19. MamaLana says:

    Sweet and funny critter.

  20. amandaaaaaaa says:

    yes, this is a chameleon. i like to refer to their little hands and feet as “grabbers” or “grabby hands”. they are really awesome animals :]

  21. flutterbye says:

    Love the swivel eyes – here’s lookin’ atcha kid!

  22. sometimes you just wish you could hide, you know?

  23. Noodles says:

    Poor Carl. He can’t help it!

  24. LOL, brilliant commentary! Cut Carl some slack, Agnes!

  25. Hon Glad says:

    Why, I eyes you.

  26. Rachael says:

    Poor Carl is so misunderstood. Though it must be hard to have a conversation with someone who can’t look you in the eye.

  27. Oh he’s a cutie! I hear him speaking in a Woody Allen like voice. Eyes swivling around, all nervous.

  28. Colonel Jenna says:

    That is the handsomest lizard I have seen in a while. But Theresa, thanks to you I now have the parody song “She’s Got Marty Feldman Eyes” running through my head.

  29. Christy says:

    Doesn’t this lizard have the “someone is right behind me so I’m going to look really slowly” expression. Especially the way the arm is posititioned.

    lol maybe I’m just wierd

  30. hI Your blog is sure cute!

  31. Oh, chameleons are my favourite lizards, and this one is especially adorable. He looks kind of shy and worried, some one please give him a hug!

  32. Sporkles says:

    aarrgghhh! me wants!!!

  33. flutterbye says:

    I love getting lizards to fall asleep in my hand – horned lizards (we call ’em horny toads) are the best, as they close their eyes and relax, they almost appear to be smilingk!

  34. Dragonflye says:

    God, if you showed one of these little guys to scale, you’d really die. They are teeny!! (and 3-toes, SO CUTE!)

  35. okay, sing it with me…

  36. bookmonstercats says:

    Theresa, thanks for the vid. I keep trying to have a Mel Brooks-fest at home, must try harder. Young Frankenstein top of the list, followed by Blazing Saddles, of course. What a sad loss Marty Feldman was. He also wrote some of our best comedy before he moved across the Pond.

  37. These animals are not that cute… Haha! But theyr amazing creatures.