Question for you

Do we have a “Hams ‘n’ Racks” category yet?

Colette C. thinks we should.



  1. Chelsea says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t smuffocate!

    I would totally carry a ham in my rack.

  2. if it exists there must be a category for it …

  3. earlybird1 says:

    Squeeeee! Look at his wee little paws!

  4. Johnny Fisherman says:

    Hams ‘n Mams.

  5. Linda Stuart says:

    He does look pretty comfy in there!

  6. I love to start trends ;P

  7. Look at that lovely pair of…hamster paws.

  8. He looks like he’s praying. I would ask for a COXCU but I think that would prolly be in bad taste on second thought.

  9. Brittany F says:

    I really do think Hams ‘n Mams is a much better title than Hams ‘n Racks….and I vote that we should have it as a category.

  10. Hot Tams says:

    Its paw positioning HAHAAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!

  11. Hams and Mams! Perfect! And She’s got a lovely pair.. and the HAM aint so bad himself.

  12. missy p says:

    that is an impressive rack. and an adorable ham!

  13. tesstricks says:

    Hams ‘n’ Mams = perfect

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    marmar: That was my first thought, too! He looks like he’s praying. Like, “Please Lord, make some broccoli burst out of these racks for me!”

  15. flutterbye says:

    Hams ‘n’ mams was my first thought. ’cause I saw there was a question, what else could it be? Who teh heck started calling ’em racks anyway?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  16. melskunk says:

    No, really, miss, I’m just looking at your hamster!

  17. How about Rack of Ham as a category? 🙂

  18. dr. berthaservant says:

    Is it me, or is he just doing the Mr. Burns “Exxxxxceellent!” pose?

  19. Copperbat says:

    teehee bewbies 😀 😀

  20. Teeeeheeee

  21. Lucky hampster, I’d like to be snuggled up in that rack too.

  22. Shelley Noble says:

    ok, but it MUST be called, “Hams ‘n Mams” !!!!!!

    Per Johnny Fisherman’s hilarious idea. Insanely funny. Ample even.

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Angela: Yeah! Rack of Ham! That’s so perfect!

  24. My husband just asked what I was laughing at, and my whole answer was, “Cute Overload. Boobie hamster.”

  25. Carolyn says:

    Let us put our paws together and bow our nosicles to beg the indulgence of Hammie Goddess of Mammie:
    “Dear Hammie, please bless this nice laaaaady with the abundance of…..Yeowza! It worked! It’s a miracle!”

  26. Bat-Snake says:

    Hamster says “Sumbodeh sav meh!”

  27. This is definitely NSFW. I don’t come to cuteoverload for this.

  28. I vote for boobie hams!

  29. How cute :D… all three of them.

  30. earlybird1 says:

    L: NSFW? It’s Saturday!

  31. Curiouser and curiouser, there’s a hamster in that lady’s over the shoulder bolder holder.

  32. JannieWolf says:

    Awww. Hammie in Hooters.

  33. You know what else isn’t safe for work? NOT WORKING.

    Hamster bewbs. Awesome.


  34. Only one nuffer so far. I’m impressed. News flash, the text at the top warns of potential rackage. Lrn2read.

    That said … that must tickle something fierce. The only pets I’ve ever owned were really not rack sized.

  35. kibblenibble says:

    Cozy! 😉

  36. ViolaDeLesseps says:

    I like how his environment is giving him a wee mohawk. 🙂

  37. Queen of Dork says:

    L: Agreed. This is not a work place thing. I know at my job I would be in trouble if this showed up on my monitor. That’s why if you know there’s a chance of something being not suitable for your particular work environment that may show up, you might want to wait until you go home to view things. If you are familiar with a site and know that something not suitable for your work place might happen, well, you could avoid looking at that site at work. Just don’t visit the site until you are home. I myself don’t understand why a picture of a hamster tucked into a lovely female’s breasts is not okay but at my job, that would be frowned upon. To me, WTH? It’s just a cute hamster and some breasts.

  38. what a tiny entertainer!

  39. Mmmm, ham sandwich…..

  40. MamaLana says:

    Yes!! Hams and Mams. Yes!!

  41. > Golden 05.15.10 at 2:29 pm
    > Hams and Mams!


  42. love the cute ham pose

  43. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, looks like Saturday is Girls Night Out. The ham is already in her cups.

    Couldn’t we just lump all beasts in bras into a “Bosom Buddies” category?

  44. Katiedid says:

    Johnny Fisherman- Awesome!

  45. muttluver says:

    Oh for pete’s sake….. I dissaprove, but just create a pets’n’racks category that’ll cover all the animals. Most of them will probably show up eventually.

  46. muttluver says:

    Also, this reminds of me of when we went to Scarborough Fair, and one of the trained white rats from “Cirque de Sewer” didn’t wanna come out of mommie’s shirt.

  47. Kathryn says:

    There’s an overload of more than just Teh Qte going on in there.

  48. Ham is already wearing a fur coat and now its being smothered in warm mams. Will someone not save the hams!?

    yes, I am joking.

  49. There’s a hamster in this pic?

  50. I think it HAS to be hams and mams. That’s brilliant.

  51. @260Oakley: In addition to loving your puns (Always!), I adore the “Bosom Buddies” category suggestion. Brilliant. Although “Beasts in Bras” is pretty fantabulous, too! Keep ’em coming …

  52. thos are great tits

  53. oh i laughed at the little ham’s position! the nose! the little hands! lol

    i like the suggestion “bosom buddies” for the new category! thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation.

  54. A fine rack and a super cute hamster? Now that’s what I call one stop shopping

  55. Lol… that hammy is one happy little furball 😀

  56. Hon Glad says:

    Mammaries, like the corners of my mind, misty water colour kind of mammaries
    of the way we weren’t.

  57. My vote is for “ham sandwich”. LOL Isaac!

  58. That’s what I’d call a “Ham Sandwich”!

  59. Another vote for Hams ‘n Mams.
    Also, Cats ‘n Racks needs to be renamed to Kitties & Titties.

  60. Dissapprove. WHEREISTHEHAMSTER?!

  61. I agree that this should be behind a link, not just because it’s NSFW, but also because it’s tacky and gross, and people should have a choice whether they see gigantic boobs when they come to a website normally devoted to cute animals. What if you went to a porn site and there was a huge photo of a kitten? You’d be all like “UH WTF kitten, I am trying to look at boobs, you are on the wrong site!” Well, that’s how us non-boob-lookers feel when you do this to us on CO.

  62. I like Hams ‘n Mams… Ham looks very comfy and content.

  63. @ewww: actually, if you’ve ever visited 4chan you’ll realise quick smart that porn lovers are pretty big fans of cats/kittens as well. And besides, who compares clothed boobs to porn?

    as for the gigantism, it’s all relative, we just needed maginification to see the ham because it’s so small.

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks for the song, Hon Glad!
    ewwww: Since when are breasts “tacky and gross?” So now females are tacky and gross? A picture of a hamster tucked in clothed cleavage is gross, how?

  65. I thought this type of thing would go away with Theo. Is Meg a lesbo?

  66. You’re killing him! You’re killing him!

  67. grow the hell up. it’s not like she’s naked and spread eagle over a table. they’re boobs. you see them every day when you go outside. it’s almost summer, and lots of women will be wearing tank tops. you repressed conservatives would be wise to get the hell over it.

  68. ewww: you have serious problems with the female form if you consider breasts “tacky and gross” and clothed cleavage to be pornography. There is a cute animal in the pic, btw 😛 If some skin and fat in the form of boobs offends you, well, you are the one with the problem!

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m not a lesbian although my sister was and I loved her. I just think WOMEN ROCK!

  70. @ dr. berthaservant – I was going to say that that Hammie looks like he is plotting something, but on second thought, he is pbly saying “excccccellennttt” a la M. Burns.

  71. @ ewww: your point that this should be behind a link is not unreasonable but you lost me at “breasts are tacky and gross? ” You could pick: war, pestilence, disease, reality tv “stars”, leggings as pants, sandals with socks, etc to be tacky and gross and you choose… breasts…are you serious?

  72. snioginsael says:

    I miss Theo so much right now. The following punctuation only offers a glimpse of my sadness 😦

  73. I’m told that doing this with a ferret is a really bad idea because the teeth got used. This little one just looks tickly.

  74. Colette C. says:

    I’m so sorry if this offended anyone. Simba (the hamster) always burrows in to my shirt to keep warm and I think he is perfectly adorable. Also, I love “Kitties and Titties” and “Hams and Mams” although separate categories may be an overkill.

  75. I too vote for calling the category “Hams ‘n Mams”. If I’m not mistaken, I suggested that well over a year ago or more 🙂

  76. Hams n’ Mams! Hams n’ Mams! Please o please Hams n’ Mams!

  77. Queen of Dork says:

    Colette C. Your hamster, Simba is quite adorable. I love the picture and thank you for sending it in. Simba is really cute and looks comfy! I think the picture is wonderful. Thanks! 🙂

  78. muttluver says:

    Collete, don’t worry about it. You sent in a picture you thought was cute. Meg posted it because she thought it was cute. This is not a crime, and furthermore, this should be your happytime! Yay! YOUR pic was posted on CO! And though I can identify with the offendees, yay for feeling secure enough about this yourself to send this in! Since many women run from the camera…..

  79. everett says:

    Simba is an adorable little hammie. I love the little eyes and the little itty bitty paws!!!!!!

    you know I always wanted to come back in my next life as a koala bear (b/c they sit up in trees all day and get high on those leaves), but now I think I will come back as a hamster, they seem to be living such wonderful lives….

  80. Oh goodness, so many options!
    Hams and Mams?
    Rack of Ham?

    All hilarious and pun-licious, I applaud you all for your creativity.
    Makes me wish my own dear little Hams, Violet and Morpheus, were still alive so they could cuddle up.

  81. @ewww (#60) You are aware that breasts are a completely natural things, and that about half the world’s population has a pair? As others have mentioned, there are far worse things in the world we take for granted that should be named “tacky and gross;” a cute little hamster framed by a pair of boob/tits/mammaries/bazoongas is NOT amongst those. (For me, any piece of clothing with leopard print, ice cubes with your scotch, strawberry jam and mayonnaise sandwiches, and human babies are amongst those things I would label as tacky and gross.)

  82. Noodles says:

    I love the little mohawk and the pawsies! At first, I thought it was a weird bird… Also, I’m just a little bit jealous of the cleavage (there’s not much else showing from the boobs).

  83. Yes, mammary glands. Were you aware that their primary function is feeding infants? Something gross about that? 🙄

  84. NSFW? Seriously? Shouldn’t you be doing your job instead of looking at Cute Overload? And I would like to a see a close-up of that ham. Not for lecherous reasons – I want to see what’s happening with those little paws.

  85. The ham is awfully cute but maybe just a little heavy on the mams.
    Oh, and scotch on the rocks, tacky? Never!!

  86. Madame X says:

    Simba looks quite comfortabuhls and the lady’s cleavage is not offensive – it’s a nice, cute, cuddly picture.

    “Gross and tacky” are parents who dress seven-year old girls like h00kers and film them gyrating to music like minuscule strip-joint “dancers.” Oil spills are gross and tacky. Dirty old rich men cavorting with girls younger than their grandchildren are gross and tacky. Spitting chewing gum on the sidewalk is gross and tacky.

    A ham nestled in his human’s bosom is not.

  87. Michael says:

    That would be a great photo without the hamster. What a lovely, impressive, generous display of female attractiveness. Colette, you not only have nothing to apologize for, you deserve our gratitude. The ’nuffers, in this case, are completely daffy; it must be awful to have a soul that shriveled by fear of human nature in all its variety

    As for the hamster, what a shame that he cannot fully appreciate just what a nice position he’s in. But I’m sure he enjoys the softness and warmth.

    Hams and Mams is cute but I do think maybe a single Bosom Buddies category would provide a better solution. Or maybe keep Cat’s n’ Racks (which may be copyrighted by now) and use Bosom Buddies for all others.

  88. There’s a hamster in this picture?…


  89. To Kitti of comment #63:

    You are an idiot.

  90. I like the juxtaposition of the Ham and the Mams. Breast are often seen as only something sexual. Seeing a cute animal nestled in between them reminds you that their primary biological function is a nurturing one. It takes me back to when I was small and being rocked back and forth against my mother’s chest. As I recall it was warm and soft and I felt loved.

    Breasts are not tacky. There is nothing wrong with finding them sexually stimulating, but that’s just a small part of what breasts are. Their primary purpose is related more to children than sexual partners. And it’s photos like this, where you can appreciate the wholesomeness of breasts (with just a teasing hint of sexuality), that make you aware of it.

    And if you are disgusted by seeing them, then I feel sorry for you. You obviously are missing something.

  91. Henh. I come for the hamsters…. I stay for the bewbs. I love the arguments here. Always fun.

  92. Brittany F says:

    My husband just asked what I was laughing at, and my whole answer was, “Cute Overload. Boobie hamster.”

    I LOL’ed

  93. Actually the “___’s in racks” don’t bother me,…and I could even explain it away casually at work.
    The singer sewing machine ad with the 700dB noise that re-enables it’s self when you turn it off however…not so friendly.

  94. ew, boobcrust

  95. Jason A. says:

    As a man, I appreciate a nice cleavage from time to time (meaning ALWAYS).

  96. cute hamster but disturbing place to put the hamster…

  97. Actually, Simba looks like he’s rockin’ old style headphones…

  98. Bunnypharr says:

    It’s a hammy sammy!! Nomnomnomnom!

  99. Hams ‘n’ Mams! HAHA Brilliant! Cute little pawses! Truly a hilarious photo and truly a comfy hamster. xD

    When are boobs gross? Someone needs to go see proctologist about getting a stick removed.
    NSFW? Um, stop visiting websites and go do your job. kthnxbai.

  100. blimey that really is an impressive rack… I just wish i was that hamster!!

  101. Hmmm i love boobies and I love hamsters but for very different reasons… combining the two just seems to make sense lol

  102. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    @Banquo : OMG, that damn Singer ad had me FREAKED OUT! I was like, “what is that noise? Is that wheel of fortune? Do I have a computer virus? WTF?” LOL I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from for like 2 days! 🙂

  103. temperance says:

    don’t know if i’ve ever seen such a look of total contentment on a hammie’s face before this… love the praying hands pose, i like to think he’s giving thanks for his bountiful burrow.

  104. Rachael says:

    Hammie McHammerson looks oh so comfy!

    I don’t think a bit of boobular action is going to warp any of us. 😀

  105. Hahaha! Funny picture I must say! Took me a while to figure out that it was a real animal!!

  106. Queen of Dork says:

    Rachael: (say in Beevus and Butthead voice) Heh, heh. She said “boobular” Heh, heh. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Heh, heh, heh…hehheheheheh. Heh. Heh heh, hehheheh…heh. heh. heh.

  107. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    My first thot was-where are the hammie’s ears? Are those the new noise cancelling mams by BOSE?

  108. Saffron says:

    Where is the equal time for other body parts? How about “pets n’ pecs”? I would like to see a pic of oh, let’s say Ryan Reynolds’ chesticle caressing a hammie 🙂
    …I’m just saying…

  109. Queen of Dork says:

    Saffron: Good point! 🙂 How about arms and armadillos? Or maybe bats and buttocks? Or thighs and…I can’t think of anything, really. Thighs and….What? I don’t know….thingies? I don’t know…

  110. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh, what the heck. Here. Happy Sunday, Peeps! 🙂

    (love, Stef)


  112. You know, I’m a woman, I’m straight (but so not narrow), and my thought was, wow, what a nice cleavage! If she were an A cup, I doubt anyone would be up in arms — it’s the fact that you, Colette, are blessed with a “lovely neck” as they used to say, that has people being weird. It’s all about them, not you — this is an adorable picture, of a very happy Ham. I, too, am blessed with chest, and many a very cold itty bitty baby kitty and baby bunny — very NEW baby bunnies, with no fur — have found a refuge in my rack, in order to try and warm them up enough they could survive. I think every woman who has worked in rescue has had little bitty bits of fluff in their boobs, and those little bitty babies were plenty happy to be there.

    This little guy is truly happy, you can just see. He’s cuddled in there, he’s not stuck. 🙂 His expression is priceless, and I am pretty sure his little hammy ears are warm, too. Thank you for sharing!

  113. Can we please have some kind of disclaimer posted on the site itself so the annoying repressed jerks don’t come and whine on posts? That way if they’re too stupid to read a disclaimer that this is a PG13 site, it’s their bloody problem. They’re breasts! Get over yourselves!

  114. aww he’s praying!

  115. soxfan413 says:

    There’s no hovertext.. just sayin’.

  116. Katrina says:

    CrazyNewt 05.15.10 at 10:31 pm

    Henh. I come for the hamsters…. I stay for the bewbs. I love the arguments here. Always fun.

    And “Beasts and Boobs” would be so obviously about breasts that the people who are worried about safe for work are automatically forewarned and therefore warned that he/she should not indulge in the clicking/scrolling necessary to see the picture. Jump to another and read the latest comments. Save the questionable for a place where you can open it in privacy.

    My goodness. what a lovely picture-I bet the ham loves the view! I’m pro-beast and I vote!

  117. Since this is an animal picture site. maybe it would help to somewhat edit that photo to only show the hamster and the rack it’s sitting in. Instead of making it look like some myspace profile picture. It’s no style for a website like this I’d think.

  118. Queen of Dork says:

    Jamie: I’ve seen bumper stickers on cars that apply to you. They say: “Mean People Suck.”

    Why on earth would you choose to be mean and say something nasty to someone else? This is something about other humans I will never, ever understand. Why do people purposely go out of their way to just be mean? This is the reason that I try to limit my exposure to humans in real life as much as possible. People are just so mean much of the time. 😦 I just try to stay at home and only go out when I have to go to work.) Because people can be so mean and I don’t understand why.

  119. mintyheart says:

    where’s the hovertext? nice jugs btw

  120. Seriously, Jamie: get over yourself. You obviously have some issues with the human body if this is the first thought that occurs to you.

    Completely straight and still I have to say: lovely cleavage. Be proud of it. People, get of you high horses! Boobs being tacky, gross, weird and everything else is just a product of Western culture. They’re boobs. They’re part of a body. How can that be offensive? Especially with such a lovely, content hammie. I say, just enjoy this lovely pic. If you don’t, just click away.

  121. Rebecca says:

    “I can’t hear what your saying, I have boobs in my ears”

  122. I think pictures of hammies in cleveage is not a big deal. It’s not porno, and I think it’s kind of funny, but If you don’t like it, don’t look. More hammie pictures, in racks, or not!

  123. I’m all for Hams ‘n’ Mams, or its racier cousin, Gerbils ‘n’ Jugs 😉 Lovely!

  124. i clicked to read the comments only to see people freaking out about boobs

    i was not disappointed.

  125. Queen of Dork says:

    Rebecca: “You are only coming through in waves.
    Your lips move, but I can’t hear what you’re saying.
    When I was a child, I had a fever,
    my hands felt just like…two balloons…”

  126. Megan: +1! Lol I too came to see people freak out – “ZOMG BOOBEHS!”

    Colette, you’ve got a lovely hammie and nothing to hide. Thanks for the cute submission! (Yay for girls with boobs! Oh wait, all girls have boobs!…) XP

  127. @megan – I did the same thing! lol

  128. meoowmom says:

    Kitti, WOW you can retract your claws anytime! Or better yet skip the
    pics with RACKS in the titles. And really name calling…lesbo what is
    wrong with you that you would be so hateful…..
    That off my chest or should I say RACK?

    Hammie does look he is praying and I thought the Mohawk do’ was caused
    by the spot he is in. He looks happy. And my kitty used to ride in my
    rack when I drove and she loved to snuggle up and nap there.
    What is so wrong?

  129. The nuffers would like to inform you not to have–or look at–breasts.

  130. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps! Remember this one?

    (Nothing to do with anything) 🙂

  131. General Approval says:

    Generally, I approve of this. But I just wanted to suggest to the nuffers that complain its NSFW, well.. perhaps you should go to the managerial types and suggest that CuteOverload be placed on a pre-approved list of acceptable websites. Yes, thats right, get managerial approval to look at this website. Then, when things get a little too cute for comfort, you can laugh it off as you already have your approval.

    On the other hand, your manager might just say ‘well I don’t think you should be looking at cute things while we are paying you to do your work with heavy machinery’ and there you have your answer.. work at work, and play at home.

  132. Ok now it just seems like people are trying to get their pic on CO by doing something slightly racy. I don’t like the direction this is headed.

  133. Full On Appreciation. This is a really lovely photo that makes me as happy as the Ham. I would love a personal Cute close up and be able to make Simba into a button! 😀

  134. I have seen photos like this many times but did not comment on them but now, I think will have to speak my mind.

    Please do not put an animal between your sweater cows. I know your boobs are gigantic and you want attention from people but this site is not intended for that kind of purpose. Please go post your pictures someone else. Thank you.

  135. Laughing says:

    Jen, Meg & Co. decide what to post on the site. Not the submitter of the photo. It’s their site and they can do with it what they please.

  136. IT is posts like this when I miss ED the Most.. that said.. I wonder how many of those nuffers are one and the same person.

    And Collette.. you and your Hammmie are magnificent and beautiful.

    One more vote for Hams and Mams!

  137. Jen, it seems like you picked the wrong time to speak your mind. Unless you are the founder/creator of this website, you cannot say for what purpose it is intended.
    Personally, I find the teeniness of little ham compared to the size of the mams to be hilarious.
    And BTW, who says “sweater cows” anymore?

  138. Yitzysmommie says:

    HIlarious picture, and my vote goes to Hams & Mams.

  139. Lerrinus says:

    I vote for Bosom Buddies as per Oakley!!! 🙂

  140. Hams and Mams! Toooooo cute!

  141. fish biscuit says:

    I agree with Jen and the other posters here. The attention wh0ring with the ‘critter in the cleavage’ thing is getting old.

    It’s not cute. It’s tacky.

  142. “Hams and Mams” gets my vote. And if there are any proud owners of kites or buzzards out there I recently learned an old dialect that may inspire a new trend in CO submissions – “Puttocks and Buttocks”.

    Just a suggestion.

  143. Dammit, I meant to say “dialect word”.

  144. Wow, lots of sticks need removing. That proctologist is gonna be booked up for a while. I’d like to know why the human body is tacky? So, when you go outside…you keep your eyes skyward or something? Ya know…so you wont be offended?

    After careful consideration. I think “Bosom Buddies” is a awesome tag idea xD

  145. wannadance says:

    it always surprises me to see some people say denigrating things about human/animal parts. those breasts are just plain gorgeous and not because they are biggish. i betcha that if they were small, nuffers would be hollaring ‘child abuse, etc’

    i have comforted many critters against my chest, including my child. i have been conforted against others’ chests/ men and women.
    it’s a gorgeous pic, mostly cause of the teeeeensy/not so teensy. happy hammy..

  146. I have to agree with the “attention wh0ring” comments.
    I don’t have a problem with boobs in general. But come on people, this is CUTE overload not BOOB overload. The percentage of cute in this picture is minimal compared to the boobness. That’s my issue with it anyway.
    Ah no one cares. I’m just anuffer nuffer.

  147. Rosewolf says:

    Good grief what is wrong with some people!? A PG13 site means that you very possibly will see breasts. Oh wow. What, do you avoid all tv, magazines, going outside, and who knows what else so that you don’t see breasts? There is nothing disgusting, tacky, or anything else about any part of the human body. Nobody is attempting “attention whoring” or anything else. They have a pic that is cute and send it in and those in charge of CO agree and post it. There’s been pics with breasts multiple times and if it’s so offensive…um, then why are you still here? Why is it so necessary to be hateful and downright nasty when all you need to do is scroll away? I’m with you, QoD – I will never understand the need some people have to be so downright rude.

    Colette – beautiful picture. Glad there is a woman who is confident enough to take such a pic and offer it for submission. Because hey, lots of furry critters love to cuddle in breasts, and there’s not a thing wrong with that. Don’t let the haters get you down.

    And such a cute hamster! He looks so pleased and so happy. I vote for Bosom Buddies!

  148. when are we going to see some penises on this site? Why are we so biased towards boobage?

    I tried to cram my cat between my little a cups, and the effect was less than pleasing. More power to you if you can support a small creature between your breasts.

  149. JoeBentley says:

    Posted by Jason:

    “@ewww: actually, if you’ve ever visited 4chan you’ll realise quick smart that porn lovers are pretty big fans of cats/kittens as well. And besides, who compares clothed boobs to porn?[/quote]

    *Laughs* So true. 4Chan started the whole cat macro thing. Hell the original “I can has cheezburger?” cat picture first showed up on SomethingAwful. Hell one of the earliest posts here on Cuteoverload was a literal 4Chan thread, posted directly, the one with kittens and Metallica.

    I have no idea how the ‘Nuffers have decided Cuteoverload is some kind of “Precious Moments Figurines” level site despite being told many times that its not.

  150. I think the problem is maybe that if we see naked human in here, it’s almost always naked woman. Make it a naked man now and then and we can focus on the cute again, hm?

    Love the hamster 🙂

  151. Hi Colette, it’s a cute picture! Don’t pay any mind to those up tight people who find they just have to speak their mind and tell you their mean little comments.

    For the offended people: the web is a big place – if you don’t like one site move over to another

    Q of D: I’m with you

  152. Taemon –

    we can start with that monkey guy being naked…. know who i’m talkin’ about??

  153. I’ve always loved sharing this site with my nieces and nephews but today it’s not really appropriate. And tomorrow I don’t know what to expect here so we’ll just avoid CO.

  154. Linda H. says:


  155. I agree with Jen and Fish Biscuit. This picture is inappropriate.

    As the proud owner of a large rack myself, I was raised with enough common sense not to flaunt them in public because to do so would give the impression that I would look cheap. Ergo, the phrase, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Apologies to all who disagree but if you want to look at “nice jugs” there are a whole bunch of other websites that feature those as their main attraction. This one is supposed to be about cute animals.

  156. Re: NSFW: 1.) If you’re so concerned, why are you on cuteoverload when at work in the first place? It’s not appropriate in the first place. 2.) It’s a cleavage. You can see them on display at many workplaces. I see more than this every day at the adult eduction place I work at.

    Nuffers, grow up. You claim to be offended a supposed emphasis on nawtee bits in this sort of post, but you’re the only ones making such an emphasis. As the phrase goes: what you say about others says more about you than the others.

  157. @Taemon: You’ve inspired me: we’re getting puppies in two weeks, just to off-set the nuffers I’ll submit a picture of one snuggled in my man-boobs 😉

  158. Katrina says:

    I have a sense of humor. I also have a sense of probity (look it up) and I also have a sixth sense that some people reading CO are unhappy people who either don’t know or don’t care to learn how to be a nice correspondent.

    The gross and tacky statements come from people who are uncomfortable, and often they are said in defense of some thought or another.

    Hey-to those who have a problem with this- well, dears, go away.

    Bosom Buddies forever! What a great name and QOD-you are my heroine (small “h”).

    AND I’m thinking of concert music for the CCCYO Orchestra for a local Humane Society-for next season. So far I’ve got Carnival of the Animals, Baby Elephant Walk, Born Free, Peter and the Wolf-can anyone think of any others? Thank you! Your fellow Peep, K.

  159. wannadance says:

    to me, ‘inappropriate’ usually just means ‘i don’t like it’, one of those basically meaningless words.

    to me, also, if her lovely bosom were totally exposed, as if on a porn site, then i’d think, hmmmmm, maybe a kid hadn’t oughta see them in this context unless they are still nursing.

    but i have seen MANY young women exposed like this and they weren’t sleazy or hookers in disguise or anything. they were shopping with their parents who must have decided better to allow daughter to learn to be embarrassed on her own (with their attendence) than to try and nag her. believe it or not, it’s the style now.

    personally, i think showing everything takes away that wonderful mystery that is so enticing (apologies to cole portere

  160. wannadance says:

    i also have a big rack, the source of much self=consciousness in the fifties.

    my resigned motto now:

    the bigger they are, the further they fall.

  161. Queen of Dork says:

    You guys, thanks for the nice words. I just seriously have never understood why people are mean to each other. When I was in high school, I was the skinny, nerdy girl that everybody picked on and it was so painful. Now, my daughter is in high school and she is very pretty and popular and I have ALWAYS told her not to be mean to others. I’ve told her stories about what happened to me and how much those things hurt. I guess something good came out of it because she is now the type of person to befriend people who others make fun of. And she doesn’t care if other kids think she’s “uncool” to do so. I love that about her. 🙂

  162. @wannadance – “the bigger they are, the further they fall.” – luv it

    And as soon as I saw this pic I was looking forward to reading the comments!

    And I also vote for ‘Bosom buddies’

  163. Seriously, I think there is some major boob envy happen’ in the comments! This lady has spectacular breasts and a spectacularly cute hamster friend. Methinks some peeps are jeeeaaallous!

  164. ViolaDeLesseps says:

    @Megan (145) — hear, hear!

  165. Melissa says:

    Queen of Dork, You are now the Queen of everything!!! That is all.

  166. It’s not the boobs that are tacky and gross, it’s the shameless “Look at Meeee!”- ness of it. Hiding her face, upper-angled shot (makes the boobs look bigger, the cleavage deeper), the pursed lips.

    She’s essentially put her poor hamster in the middle of her attention-seeking, MySpace-style photo. The pic is less about the Ham, and more about her trying to look hawt on teh interwebs.

  167. Queen of Dork says:

    Miao: Good Heavens. I thought I was done with this thread but checked it out again and am sorry I did. Miao, you do realize don’t you, that Colette reads this stuff? Why on earth would you say mean things about her? Do you not realize that she is a living person who has feelings? Why would you go out of your way to post something mean about her? She submitted a picture of a very cute hamster. And so you attack her for that. She even commented here herself. She seems to be quite nice. You don’t. Colette, I like the picture of your hamster that you sent in!

  168. How about rack of ham.

  169. I agree with Miao – put yr baps away luv…

  170. robredyak says:

    @ Colette C-
    Never in my life, have I WANTED to be a hamster… have changed that.

  171. Wow, you really want attention, don’t you?

  172. Free At Last says:

    i’ll tell you what’s wrong with this. Children look at this blog. But of course since Theo has me blocked cause he was an ass – this won’t even get posted. But what they heck. Maybe someone will read it and get it that with a name like cuteoverload that kids might be interested in looking.

  173. Some guys are going to have a little extra fun with this pic, if you know what I mean. That kinda ruins the cute for me, sorry.

  174. flyingbuttress says:

    OMG! This website is dedicated to all things cute! What could be cuter than a furry animal cuddled up in one of the most maternal, nurturing part of the female body? Honestly, if you think this picture is gross, you’ve obviously never had a kitty between your titties, or a ham between your mams, because it’s the least gross thing in the world!

    Just celebrate beauty and cuteness and drop the defenses!

  175. Megan – I was thinking along the same lines myself 🙂

    There’s nothing wrong with a bit of eroticism but it might have been a little bit one-sided, no?

  176. Annienonniemoneymus says:

    @Griff: You know, it’s kind of hilarious how every time there’s some human skin showing in a picture here, some people go all “Oh heavens, I’ve always been sharing this site with my sensitive sheltered grandchildren, but from this particular moment on, it appears I shall have to refrain from visiting,” as if this was somehow unprecedented. You’d think that at some point, people would just start noticing that “Ooops, CO sometimes posts mammaries” before making a habit of showing it to their children.

    Cats’n’racks has existed on CO for years. If you haven’t noticed this until now, I really don’t think you’re observant enough to monitor what your grandchildren watch on the net.

  177. Annienonniemoneymus says:

    Oh, and Kitti… why in the world would you think that “this type of thing” would go away with Theo?

    Took me a couple of minutes to click on Cats ‘n’ racks and quick-scan the six pages worth of posts. Result: three of them were posted by Theo. The vast majority were posted by Meg.

    It’s one thing to be rude and judgmental about people’s sexuality. It’s another thing to be rude and judgmental about people’s sexuality while not having a clue what the heck you’re talking about.

  178. what hamster?

  179. Ladybird says:

    Expressing an opinion (whether it be for or against) shouldn’t mean you are subjected to insults. So it’s fair enough for those who don’t like this post to say so, and they shouldn’t be hassled for that. Most of them aren’t attacking Colleen, they just don’t want to see her boobs!
    And no, I didn’t create this website, but after visiting daily for years, I like to think I have a fairly good idea what it’s all about. And it’s not boobs. Yes, it’s up to Meg and Co what they publish here, but it doesn’t mean we all have to like every post.
    Me? I don’t like this one – I adore kittehs, but have never enjoyed the cats’n’racks category – just not my cup of tea. I get much more of a kick out of the classically cute animals than I ever do from the posts that try to be ‘edgy’.
    Just my two cents…

  180. lurkingsmirk says:

    A cute and happy ham, what’s the problem here?

  181. mandy_Reeves says:

    I used to do that when I had hams…but after finding “presents” in my bra, hammie had to find another place to snorgle aka my hoodie pockets

  182. WOW Nice! I know some people take offense to these types of pics but I am always pleasantly surprised when they are posted. Giggidy~

  183. Looks like the type of chick who’d carry that Ham around, then get mad at you for staring at him…

  184. Christy says:

    So…. if I get my cockatiel to sit next to my husbands testicles I could get it posted on CO?

    It’s just the human body right? lulz
    Can’t discriminate against the men folk.

    (Seriously, I’m just kidding. But where do we draw the line?)

  185. Does anyone else find this whole concept kind of icky?

  186. Oops. Should have read all the posts before posting this. No doubt I will incur the wrath of those who feel the need to politicize everything or dismiss people who aren’t really interested in looking at close-up shots of strangers’ breasts as woman-haters or backward conservatives. People need to chill out. I’m not sure where the category came from, but I’m with the camp that comes to the web site to see cute animals. I’m not offended by breasts, it’s just perplexing that they are involved.

  187. Oh get over it people there is no nudity in this picture. No nipple is showing, no genitalia is showing! It’s cleavage not porn. I often show this much cleavage at work and at church even for crying out loud.

  188. Looks like the ham is praying”thankyou God”

  189. I was all for “hams and mams” (hilarious! brilliant!), until I saw the “bosom buddies” suggestion, which is simply perfect. yay for the smart CO peeps!

  190. I challenge someone to post a picture of a 50-year-old mother of 5 with a hamster between her saggy mammary glands and tell me it’s cute.

  191. Alright CuteOverload, I have an easy solution for you.

    Open up a domain called

    This website is cuteoverload except it will not show ANYTHING except dogs and cats and only dogs and cats in _traditionally_ cute positions. (Ie nothing that someone might go MY GOD THEY’RE TORTURING THAT PUPPY/KITTY!).

    Now when someone nuffs, there’s two options.
    Option #1: Tell them to visit whenever you see a nuffer.
    Option #2: Have a “nuffer” list. Add IPs to the nuffer list whenever someone nuffs. The main site will redirect to if it detects one of those IPs.

    Voila. I’m sure most people are sick of the overly sensitive idiots on this site. I mean there’s things on this site I don’t find all that cute. What do I do? I shrug and move on to the stuff I think is cute. I don’t fly into a rage thinking the world is made for me and cuteoverload needs to tend to MY tastes and MY tastes alone. I mean some of this is absurd.

    “Ewwwww! It’s a HUMAN! Humans are ugly! NOT CUTE! I’m LEAVING THIS SITE FOREVER! TAKE THAT!”
    “**** YOU! That cat is trying to trying to get to it’s food bowl meaning that it’s being starved to death and you evil people are saying it’s cute to watch a kitty starve!”
    “I’m reporting this site to PETA because you have a video of people who won’t give their puppy his ball! How DARE YOU, that’s torture!”

  192. One can say the same about a picture of an old ugly dirty dog or cat. But cute is cute! And this pic is very cute indeed!

  193. wannadance says:

    katiiez here: wanna see ’em?



    ham is happy, wheeee, a ride…

    time to put ’em up: roll, roll, roll, tuck, tuck, stuff…

    there, dear nuffers.

  194. NeoCleo says:

    Sick of the boobs, frankly.

  195. Giddy, you “often show this much cleavage at church?” That must be…awkward…for all the men there.

  196. @Annienonniemoneymus, post 176:
    I was talking about my nieces and nephews, never said anything about any grandchildren.
    Sooooo….If you didn’t even notice this, I really don’t think you’re observant enough to watch anything on the net.

  197. temperance says:

    well. this thread just proves- once again- something i’ve noticed over the years every time there’s a critters ‘n’ racks photo: big boobies = many, many more mean comments.

  198. Hey griff, if your nieces and nephews are with you, then as an adult it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to monitor what they view on the internet; not Meg’s or any other mod on this site. If you can’t even do that, then I question your sibling’s judgment of leaving small children in your care.

  199. starling says:

    Ooh, what a niiiiiiiiiice hamster.

    At my work everybody would have just stood around cooing at the hamster, the lovely pair, or both. No problemo. My bosses weren’t prudes.

  200. To: A Guy

    I’ve been waiting for that one!

  201. Paunchie says:


    Grow up, people. If you have daughters would you teach them to be grossed out by their own bodies?

    I could really go for a ham sandwich. Or maybe ham salad. EW gross and tacky! Hamsters! Blah!

  202. Paunchie says:

    PS hey Katrina, could you have them play “I will always love you” and show the clip of Christian the Lion? That one always kills me.

  203. how about Ham ‘n’ Gams?

  204. umm… why is this cute? Maybe more appropriate for

  205. Now, now M. There’s no need to be rude just because you’ll never have a rack as nice as Colleen’s. Jealousy will get you nowhere. Remember, just because you’re ugly on the outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful inside.

  206. boobies!

  207. Rooanne says:

    @Free at Last: the fact that you called Theo “an ass” just shows why he must have blcked you. There’s a difference between expressing an opinion and insulting people.

    I’m with you Q of D. It is better to avoid people, since so many are so mean. It does not make sense. Something is seriously wrong. Putting people does nothing positive whatsoever. Like you taught your daughter – it’s something we are supposed to learn in kintergarden, or earlier.

  208. I come here for qt, not bewbs kthnxbye

  209. Pfff.

  210. Mod-in-Training says:

    [and what have we learned today, class?

    boobies are cute, testicles are not?

    that’s correct.

    extra credit if you said that children should never be allowed to look at enswollened breasts. only a pervert would enjoy that.