Redonkulously cute attempted meowing

Wait for it!

Beth S., I love that lil’ trap door of a mouf.



  1. holy. crap. teh cute. has to be the cutest kitteh evah!

  2. LOL The Silent Mew!

  3. This woman has beautiful cats and she treats them wonderfully! >^.^<

  4. Ka-YooT!!!! Is that Sequoia’s mom?

  5. darn cute… made my day

  6. SQUEEEEEEEE at the silent mews!!!

  7. mute?

  8. This is the textbook definition of why kittens are so irresistible.

  9. Poohbear says:

    Methinks I heard a tiny sound coming from tiny Gecko.
    And methinks Gecko is a girl, but 100% cute either way.

  10. rorschach says:

    Aww, his squeaker’s not working yet!

  11. Methinks Gecko is secretly a tiny Japanese cute robot. No mere American kitten can be THIS redonk!

  12. Katiedid says:

    OMG! The head to body ratio is even! Even I tell yah!

  13. “Silent mew?”


  14. silent but deadly (the cuteness that is)

  15. mplsredd says:

    it looks like a baby ewok!!! Darling!!

  16. Sweeda88 says:

    OMG. That is the cutest thing I’ve seen ALL WEEK!! And Gecko is the cutest name EVAR!!

  17. crackjob says:


  18. dr. berthaservant says:

    It takes quite a bit to distract me from my own adorably precious kitteh these days…but this’ll do, Gecko. This’ll do.

  19. No! no! no! no! no! no! no! I will NOT let myself get caught by the ky-oot kitten and get another baby cat!! I will be satisfied with my 6 adult cat!
    I will not I tell you…

  20. domanato says:

    awww Gecko’s so cute…I bet he wants to eat that fish hehe…check out this guy’s “Mean Kitty” rap song that got 33 million views on YouTube:

  21. It´s my Janelle when she was little! OMG so cute! I wish I had known her as a kitten…. 🙂

    Here´s Janelle grown up, making biscuits. 😀

  22. Well, that is beyond Ridiculous!! Sooooo cute. I actually reached out to pet my screen. Such a little lovebug!

  23. I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! These little adorable squashy-faced kittehs look just like Garrison Keillor!

  24. Love how at around 0:38 he’s a bit slow on noticing that the mouse toy has mysteriously disappeared from the floor.

  25. Saffron says:

    I am DED. Even though I am still able to type this post, I am, nonetheless, DED.

  26. flutterbye says:

    @domanato, that video is awesomely cute. That guy absolutely loves his kitty. Really enjoyed it.

    Gecko is adorable! Loved the baby slow-mo schwipes while going after the toy and the little mouthed meows.

  27. Peanut's mama says:

    rorschach 05.13.10 at 1:41 pm
    Aww, his squeaker’s not working yet!

    This comment made my day!


  28. flutterbye says:

    Sounds like Nurse Steph needs to be on call here! Furiously waving smelling salts under Saffron’s nose!

  29. Is this some sort of secret Ewok training camp?

  30. jesus christ, that kitten’s got bigger hair than tina turner!!!

  31. AuntieMame says:

    It’s not until you see how tiny the fish is compared to the lady’s hand to you really appreciate how wee Gecko is. (Unless Ms. Hand is a giant…)

  32. look at the best video ever. look at it

  33. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Jupiter Star, you are correct. But the voice has not yet developed. Maybe it needs some ketchup. Or rhubabrb pie. Or buttermilk biscuits.(heavens, they’re tasty-and expidicious!)

  34. domanato says:

    @flutterbye thanks…haha I love that song too!

  35. Peg of Tilling says:

    Trapped in a world she never made…poor lamb!

  36. cheerydumpling says:

    CuteOverload should be brought up on murder charges because I AM DEAD.

  37. WANT!!!
    My (still mute) Persian is 16 YEARS OLD! her squeaker never did develop! She seems to know that when she tries to meow we can’t hear her…so she just gets right up to our ears an purrs REALLY loud! she seems to know how to make “words” out of her purrs, certainly with her facial expressions….maybe she just meows at a pitch we humans can’t detect!

  38. JuliaJolie says:

    My mum’s 3 year-old Persian cat won’t STOP meowing (there’s nothing wrong with her, though)! She’s lovingly spoiled and has been since we got her as an itty bitty kitty, so whenever she wants something (a hug, a treat, food, being picked up/petted, someone’s slipper to sleep on) or whenever she’s sleeping and the TV/talking is too loud. No surprise then that her name is Rani (which means “queen”)…

  39. chanpon says:

    Ok, Gecko, come here and jump into my arms so I can snuggle you to death. You are a baby ewok, aren’t you? Aren’t you?

  40. WaffleCat says:

    Yes! My youngest son has been begging us to buy him a gecko. Finally one I can approve of! Of course you can have one, dear.

  41. @Robin, it IS Sequoia’s mom. I thought her voice sounded familiar! They are gorgeous critters, and I don’t usually go for the Persians. (I like kitties with well-defined schnozzolas.)

  42. Madame X says:

    ADA, until the very end, I wasn’t sure the hammy in the middle was even alive! And what’s with the bald peeg? It only has a tuft of white hair on the bridge of its nose. Very strange indeed…

    And yet oodly fascinating.

    Gecko, on the other hand, is totally, utterly, absolutely adorable!

  43. China's Mom says:

    @debg and Robin, I concur! I recognized Sequoia’s Mom’s voice right off the bat!
    Her cats are all gorgeous – LOVE the smooshed in faces!

  44. wannadance says:

    garrison kieller!!!! yes, in some sort of strange way…

  45. *has died*

  46. MsMolly says:

    The noise little Gecko makes about 16-17 seconds in is a noise my Persian, Gizmo, makes! I call it grizzling. It’s so neat to see that it must be typical of the breed!

  47. victoreia says:

    [thud][another body down….]

  48. Queen of Dork says:

    squeak, squeak, squeak.

    OH MY WORD! *jamming smelling salts up own nose* *activating the industrial strength smelling salts fan system. picking ded peeps up off the floor and tucking them into bed with hamsters tucked under their chins to tickle them back to life*

  49. I’m still trying to figure out if that kitten’s figured out that kitty litter. How the heck is he supposed to learn how to use it if he can’t see it. “I wonder what’s beyond that tall grey wall…”

  50. Leilani says:

    Naw, that’s not a little kitteh. It’s a cross between a miniature owl and a Mogwai!

  51. WendyPinNJ says:

    Yes, I believe that is Sequoia’s mom as well. As for that adorable precious fluffernutter of a kitten–JUST STOP ALREADY. The cuteness makes me CRAZY!!

  52. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh and my Persian baby’s squeaker works just fine, thankyouverymuch!!

  53. For those of you wondering who “Sequoia” is, from some previous commentors, here is the original post from Cute Overload (that introduced us to this lovely Persian breeder and her furry family).

    Since then I’ve been thoroughly hooked on all her kitty videos. Here is here YouTube channel, if you DARE:

  54. Fishy98 says:

    That precious thing is the larval stage of an Ewok.

  55. LizzyCat says:

    Not “mute,” but rather “mewt.”

    I cannot stand how cute that kitten is 😀

  56. Can the grown-up Janelle’s cheeky poofs be any bigger?

    The kitten can’t move more quickly because she is terminally aware of how cute she is, and the awareness gets in the way of all other brain activity.

  57. kibblenibble says:

    When I watched this adorabuhl baby, it made me wish even harder that I had known my Isabella when she was tiny.

  58. Oh my Gosh. It’s unreal!

  59. Head to body ratio…eye to head ratio…this isn’t a kitteh, this is the perfect example of teh qte.

    That’s it, pack it up folks, nothing more to see here…cute overload status has officially been reached.

  60. someone get a dog near the screen and play this

    if his ears prick up when the kitteh starts meouthing we’ll know we’re just inadequate in the hear-hole department

  61. Hon Glad says:

    The eyes are bottomless pools

  62. Awwwwww, widdle smooshyface!

    I love how he paws at the wood floor at the end…”What the heck is this stuff? I don’t trust it!”

  63. Luvfurbabies says:

    What’s that kitty???? What’s that??? One more time Please,,,,I didn’t catch that…
    So freakin cute!

  64. The silent mew video was adorable, but the old video of grooming (attempting to groom) Sequoia just SLAYED me!!!

  65. So cute, I think my ovaries just exploded. SQUEEEEEEEEE!

  66. thats sooooo cute! I have my own cats (plz dont tell them i said another cat was cute lol) and they funny , cute stuff but i never caught it on tape or photo. 😦 but the vid was to cute

  67. Call the paramedics! I believe I just became ded! Cutest dang thang I’ve seen in a long time! So glad I’m typing. I don’t want my Miss Ashy to get jealous!

  68. Mary, that was hilarious!

  69. OMG!!! If this vid doesn’t turn everyone into cat lovers there is something wrong with them!!!

  70. @ Wafflecat, don’t buy him a gecko! I live in La and I can ship them to you by the dozen!! lol

  71. Not ’nuffing, but… that kitty is so overbred, it kinda looks like it’s mentally slow.

  72. LeAnn (not LeAnna or Lee Ann) says:

    *sigh* Way to start a Friday, Overlords…I’m blissed. Thank you.

  73. SqueakyDe says:

    I love the silent mews!! My boy kitty has always been very vocal but my little girl was so quiet. She still is at time … unless it’s feeding time then good lord she’s loud.

  74. Gecko is SOOOO adorable!!! I love the silent mews. We call it whispering when my cat does this 🙂

  75. Katrina says:

    Nurse Stef-aaaaaaaaaaa-I’m not gonna make it to [thud].
    At least I died with my fuzzy boots on……..

  76. God I hate animals that are bred to have squashed in faces. It’s no good for them at all.

  77. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh my. I can has Ded after I finish barfng these rainbows?
    That is Beyond Kitten in adorableness, and I didn’t think there was a place Beyond Kitten (well, except for grandsons).

  78. Dear Gecko’s Hooman Mommy,

    Please to make a little brown hood and shoulder wrap, Ewok style, and make another video in time for Halloween.

    Thank you in advance,
    The Internet

  79. Danielle says:

    I think this kitty is part alien. (cute alien). 🙂

  80. I’m convinced that kitten is anime. It’s honestly too cute to be real. It CAN’T be real. I think its huge head is causing it be unsteady on its feet. *head explodes*

  81. Peanut's mama says:

    Cat Training—–I CONCURR!!!!!!!!! MOST DEFINITELY!!!!

  82. Peanut's mama says:

    OH AND BTW—-if you watch the Sequoia video that Kelly W posted, you’ll see the SAME fish cat toy on the floor in the beginning!

  83. 😀 Gecko is a kitty in need of some major snorgling 😈 which I would be very happy to give him 😀


  85. valerie says:


  86. That was so cute. It reminded me of my cat Sweetie when she was a baby. Damn, I need to get a web cam.

  87. SabrinaV says:

    his fuzzy little head, and his silly little walk. udhsfjdvas. want

  88. Ruffian9 says:

    My ovaries just exploded

  89. It’s mogwai!

    and ADA what the squeep is that video?! O_o

  90. what kind of cat is that- i have to get one!!