Move over, Kim Cattrall

There’s a new cougar in town!

Yom yom yom

H. Dubbs W. nom-nom-nom-inated this for posting.



  1. Aww bisquit girl!

  2. For some reason, just didn’t think cougars could purr.
    Adorable! 😀

  3. Michelle says:

    Awww I didn’t know cougars purred! And what a mighty engine that is. I want a little baby cougar to purr on my lap and/or to purr me to sleep at night!

  4. My sincere apologies for being a negative nelly, but what is a baby cougar doing in what appears to be a bachelor pad?

  5. marthava says:

    How cuteiful is that!?!? Wow… *sighs due to all the deliciousness*

  6. BTW, that video is from a YouTube user who’s website links to an organization that advocates “Private ownership of captive Exotic and Wild animals in USA.” No matter how cute, it ain’t right!

  7. Katiedid says:

    hehehehe… even big kitties make biscuits! 😀

  8. Katie Kat says:

    Jeanna – I completely agree. I love Cute Overload, but things like this should NOT be promoted. It’s just WRONG.

  9. Tracy Hodgson says:

    I agree with Katie and Jeanna – let’s NOT promote private ownership of exotic animals! It leads to dangerous accidents and is totally unfair to the animal.

  10. Hon Glad says:

    When a big cat appears on a TV nature programme, I always tll my Tux boys
    “There’s one of your foreign rellys (relatives) now I have confirmation, it is so.

  11. Adorable, but WHY is a cougar kitten living as a pet in someone’s home? Wildcat Haven in Oregon has all sorts of stories about exotic cats who are abandoned because they do not make good pets.

  12. Auntie Meme says:

    Visited this wildlife refuge in Eureka Springs, AR
    Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, specializing in big cat rescue.
    My favorite story from there is of the family who brought home a “puppy” from the woods and spend 2 weeks trying to decide what kind of dog doesn’t have a tail. It was actually a baby bear.

  13. I never knew big cats can purr. I remember reading somewhere that only domestic cats do that. You learn something new everyday!

  14. I have always wanted to hear a big cat purr! I heard they do but was never sure it was true.

  15. Jezebel says:

    Cute Overload, you’ve got to be kidding me. Perhaps you might want to consider that a place that advocates “responsible” PET ownership of large exotic animals might not be something you’d want to promote. Especially a place that advocates “responsible” exotic pet ownership and has tiger enclosures that are small and poorly maintained.

    I wonder sometimes if anyone that works for this website actually even likes or respects animals.

  16. flutterbye says:


    Content cougar! I didn’t know they purred either. The eyes are bootiful too.

  17. flutterbye says:

    Oh, oh don’t feed the trolls!

  18. gatita bonita says:

    Look at the paws on that one! How adorable.

  19. I have to agree with the posts above. To promote this video as ‘cute’ rather than dangerous, irresponsible and disrespectful, is being negligent. I love me some cute as much as the next person, but Cute Overload should be using their powers for good and not evil. CO, take some accountability for what you post!

  20. Yeah, it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous puss but I agree with all of the above – unless this is temporary it should definitely not be kept as a pet – what the hell is the dude playing Scorpions in the background going to do when this little darlin’ gets big enough to gnaw his/her face off?? – people should definitely not be allowed to own exotic animals it tends to lead to abuse and/or neglect.

  21. Ladyorgans says:

    Hi! I’m a longtime lurker, but a first time poster here. I really like this site a lot, but this upsets me and thought I’d finally come out to add my voice to everyone else’s. This is a wild animal and shouldn’t be kept as a pet. It may look cute now, but wild animals are very unpredictable. There was a show on the Animal Planet channel called “Fatal Attraction” that was all about people keeping wild animals as pets and one episode was about big cats. I think you should own enough property so the animal can run around outside, like a zoo has, before you can own something like this. It’s just way too dangerous. Cute, but dangerous.

  22. I agree with most. Love Cute O, but a baby cougar does not need to be some Whitesnake-loving dude’s pet. Big, big wrong. BIG wrong. Especially when it links to an organization promoting “Private ownership of captive Exotic and Wild animals in USA.” Thanks Jeanna for the slueth work. Very sad. Very disgusting. Very precious cougar.

  23. jiffknee says:

    Absolutely gorgeour baby with the beautiful eyes and eyeliner. That purr is unbelieveably adorable, too.

    However, I’m with the other nuffers (for once) . . . I was looking around the background, hoping to see evidence of a rescue or zoo-type setting, and this clearly isn’t that. Sure, this is an adorable cute baby now, but I hate to think what is going to happen when it becomes too expensive to feed said baby as an adult, or if he/she gets a little overly aggressive in playing.

    Still, CO can post what it wants, and should be able to do so, and I applaud that. I just do not approve of the ownership of what should be a wild animal. I don’t want to feed the trolls either, but this is just one of those things I think is too important to let it slide.

  24. I wouldn’t worry about the cat… when it grows up, it’s the owners who are going to be in danger. Cougars are no joke.

  25. Really now Ms Jezebel, there are other ways to communicate your opposition to a CO pic than to slag the terrific peeps who work hard to bring a smile to our faces everyday. That ain’t gonna get you anywhere.

    That being said, I really don’t like nuffing, don’t wanna be a nuffer, but somehow this posting seems to cross my (very wide) boundaries also. It’s one thing to have a pic of a kitteh in a blender (which all sane adults would recognize as just a joke) but I agree, featuring a picture from someone who has links to a site that advocates “Ownership” of exotic animals just rubs me the wrong way.

    While CO has the right to post whatever they want to, I respectfully put in my 2 cents worth and ask very kindly that CO consider pulling this pic. It is truly adorable, and I had no idea cougars purred either, but it greatly saddens me to think that this beautiful animal who belongs in the wild is subjected to the confines of a bachelor pad. If this had been from a rescue shelter, it would be wonderful and would totally warm the little cockles of my heart, but knowing this poor little critter is “in captivity” really bums me out.

    I’ll still respect CO if they leave this pic up and I’m not gonna threaten to “never come back to this site!” “boycott all CO advertisers!” “never darken yer door again!” etc., but I’d feel better if the pic were pulled.

    /end respectful rant/
    *ducks the hurtling troll/nuffer/party-pooper epithets*

  26. jiffknee says:

    @Auntie Meme – ‘K, that’s funneh . . . especially since I had a mo yesterday rather similar. Drivin’ home from the gym, I see what appears to be a small polar bear crossing the road (and I am from central U.S.A.). I did a double, triple take before I realized it was a Great Pyraneese. VERY Great, indeed. Had to laugh at my own stupidity.

  27. Nuffers, calm down. This cougar is adorable. And it’s not like C.O. linked to the guy’s wild-animal-owning website on their post like “This came from this interesting site! Check it out!” I don’t think that C.O. is promoting anything by posting a vid of a baby cougar making biscuits.

  28. Charles says:

    It’s been hours since this was posted, why is this post still up. CO wake up and read the posts, teh internets are talking to you. Take it down and don’t make the mistake of promoting irresponsible ownership.

  29. AuntieMame says:

    Why should Cute Overload remove the post?

    Yes, owning wild animals as pets is dangerous and irresponsible. CO in no way condones or promotes such a thing.

    Wouldn’t it be more useful to the cause to have this thread be a discussion of the issue, so that people will see why it’s not a good thing?

    Instead of hiding it away, bring it into the light.

  30. flutterbye says:

    You are correct AuntieMame!

  31. Jezebel says:

    I entirely disagree AuntieMame. Posting something like this on a website which specifically calls itself “cute overload” is in and of itself a promotion of the behavior in that it implies that the behavior is cute, endearing and all around “ok.”

    I am someone who has dedicated my life, and my career, to improving animal welfare in the United States via the legal system. I work on animal welfare issues every single day of my life. I am familiar with the issues and the problems behind them. That being said, I honestly believe Cute Overload needs to take responsibility for the things they post. To not do so under the guise of “we aren’t condoning the behavior” is irresponsible and quite frankly, an unrealistic view of the way of how the website’s actions influence its readership base.

  32. Jezebel says:

    Excuse me, I meant under the guise of “we aren’t encouraging the behavior”.

  33. AuntieMame says:

    Speaking only for myself, I wouldn’t even have known about the pet issue if someone hadn’t pointed it out. I just saw the cougar, thought “how cute” and moved on. I suspect that 99% of the rest of CO’s viewers did exactly the same thing.

    I think you’re exaggerating more than a little bit when you imply that a post on this website is going to cause readers to run out and buy exotic animals to keep in their living rooms.

    It’s a picture of a young cougar kneading and sucking. It’s NOT an advertisement for Cougars ‘r’ Us.

  34. I think the cougar is being lulled into a trance by the horrendous music playing in the background.

  35. Jezebel says:

    I did not once say in my statement that I thought this post was going to encourage Cute Overload readers to go out and buy cougars, so please do not misstate my argument. I in no way think that this post will encourage all of CO’s readers to run out and buy an exotic animal. I do however, think, that promotion of the activity as in some way “cute” is irresponsible.

    There is a HUGE problem in the United States regarding the trade of exotic animals (check out Law and Order’s episode on exotic animal trading for a pop culture examination) and much of this trade is due to the public interest in obtaining exotic pets. It’s something that should not be promoted in any shape or form, regardless of the fact that this post will not make all Cute Overload readers go out and buy a cougar.

  36. Katrina says:

    I for one am going to go out into the woods, nab me a cougar, bring it home and put MY family and Corgi in mortal danger-right now, I saw it on CO!

    It is a cougar, sucking and kneading like a kitteh. THAT is ALL! BIIIG Honkin’ biscuits!

  37. Lilitou says:

    It isn’t promoting the behavior as cute, Jezebel. It’s promoting the cougar as cute. Which it is.

  38. I was merely enchanted by this sweet baby and had no idea about the controversy surrounding him till I read the posts. While I do not think that the folks at CO wanted to promote mistreatment of wild animals perhaps it would be best if the link to the group advocating ownership of wild animals be removed (if it hasn’t already – I was too busy checking out the kneading to notice).

  39. Katiedid says:

    Thank you CO for posting this video. It seems so many wish to speak bad about it, I thought you should know that many people also enjoy it! 😀

  40. LovesDogs says:

    That’s some turbocharged purrrrring.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    Thank you.

    But I still think that discussion is better than sweeping it under the rug and pretending it doesn’t happen.

    What if, after reading this thread, some young animal lovers are now moved to write to their congresspeople to encourage them to pass laws making exotic animal ownership illegal? Wouldn’t that be a worthy outcome?

  42. Jezebel says:

    Kitty Adventures, this cat is at BIG CAT HAVEN. Not Big Cat Rescues. The videos on their youtube page are supported by Rexano, which has this mission statement “REXANO is committed to protect the rights of animal owners. WE support responsible private ownership of exotic animals in any form, be it non commercial pet or sanctuary, as well as commercial breeder or exhibitor. As long as animal welfare and public safety laws are being followed, the private (non governmental) ownership of these animals should be legal and protected in the USA.”

  43. Never Mind I take back what I said I got the link to the wrong site.

    THis is the oreal one and Jezebel is right this site is about keeping wild animals.
    as pets.

    Here is teh link to the real site
    NOM TOM can you fix or remove my previous ppost


  44. and Aunti Mame you are right it needs discussing.

    These are wild animals.. they never make good pets

    Read the first post I made.. They have lots of information on why you should not keep wild animals as pets

  45. the purring is a lovely barritone.

  46. CO was wrong to post this, and AuntieMame’s comments prove it. AuntieMame believes that 99% of CO viewers looked at the post, thought “how cute,” and moved on. That’s the problem. A cougar is not a domestic cat, and by posting this video, CO seems to be okay with it being treated like one. This may not have been CO’s intent, but that’s the effect.

  47. AuntieMame says:

    Oh right, jm. Because YOU disagree, then everything I said was wrong.


  48. Mod-in-Training says:

    excuse me.


    tap, tap. is this thing on?

    my kerfuffle alarm is going off and i haven’t even tried on my new uniform!

    why is everybody shining such a bright light in my newborn baby eyes which aren’t even open yet?!

    can i at least get a four-shot breve while i figure out what i’m doing here?

    –your brand new, cold and shivering baby moderator in a basket on your doorstep.

  49. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, M-i-T. I haven’t seen anything that needs moderating yet, though. The discussion has stayed civil so far.

    (How are you going to announce yourself? [MiT] in square brackets like the dearly departed [Ed.]?)

  50. domanato says:

    that cougar is definitely hotter than Kim Cattrall lol….i bet she can definitely win some catfights with her cougar friends. check out the new Sex and the City 2 trailer if you haven’t seen it: Can’t wait to see it when it comes out!

  51. um, you all seem to overlook the fact that ‘ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE’ is playing in the background… a bebeh big cat, making biscuits, and purring, to ‘scorpion’— whether or not it should be illegal for the owner to keep the cat, it is an AWESOME video.

  52. jiffknee says:

    @Mod-in Training

    I think we need to see “kerfuffle” more often. It completely belongs here on C.O. as a cute word for a less-than-cute problem. It just doesn’t see enough play on a day to day basis.

    I’m gonna be repeating that word to myself the rest of the day.
    Kerfuffle. Kerfuffle. Kerfuffle. *snick*

  53. Heather says:

    Well, when we hear this person has been mauled by a cougar, there won’t be too much sympathy.

  54. skippymom says:

    Ooh, ooh, there’s a new mod-in-training on our doorstep! Let’s all hasten to wrap warm, fluffy blankies around him or her!

  55. @Mel, I didn’t ignore Rock you like a hurricane. I did say it was Whitesnake rather than Scorpion, though (is there a difference?) and the music is the big tip off that something is amiss in this video. Also, more people are commenting on how wrong this is than, they are saying, oh it’s just a cute kitty, get over it. I think some people just care about how attention is given to a-holes who think it’s rad to poach wild baby animals from their environment to bring them to a home where they play them Scorpion. Excuuuuuuse us.

  56. Sorry. Passionate feeling lead to bad grammer in my last post.

  57. flutterbye says:

    @Mod-in Training:Kerfuffle sounds like a sneeze! *bless you*

  58. I still think its cute based on the merits I mentioned. yes, I think its wrong, but I think the cat is adorable. should the mod’s honestly not post something just because it might ruffle a few feathers? I don’t think the hover text says, everyone go out and get yourself a cougar.
    and in case you want to brush up on some 80s music knowledge I recommend reading ‘Fargo Rock City,’ it is pretty enlightening. also, is the best resource.

  59. @Mel, Fargo Rock City is definitely on the list – good recommend. I was just going off my memory of what I heard coming out of my older brother’s bedroom so some of it is all jumbled together. I only know well what I love out of that mix, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, GnR, and old Judas Priest. Go, Heavy Metal boys! Except the ones who own exotic pets!

  60. Birdcage says:

    I think we should promote the use of the word Ker-FLUFF-le, personally. Hewoooo new mod-in-training. *waves* I’m Birdcage. I sometimes slip up and use the number word that precedes “second”. I am not sure whether that will continue to be bad in your word – I just wanted to highlight myself as someone who often needs moderating.

  61. CathyDee says:


    –I, too, love the word “kerfluffle.” Please use it often.

    –As I was scrolling through the posts (before I got to yours, of course), I was thinking, “TEHO–Come back! We need you!” (Nothing personal, you know.) I think you should follow in the lead of your esteemed predecessor and offer a few snarky comments here and there when posters go off the deep-nuff end, as well as suggest an appropriate flavor of pudding for said kerfluffle. I like chocolate.

    Here are my 2 cents: Gorgeous, gorgeous cougar. The biscuit-paw action practically makes me lactate. I also think that keeping a wild animal as a pet is a rotten idea for both animal and human. Still, the rottenness (if that’s a word) of that idea does not change the fact that the cougar is gorgeous. Nor does it change that fact that Meg can post whatever she wants on her own site.

    Perhaps when the beautiful cougar makes his/her inevitable break for the wild, he/she will shred dude’s Scorpions (not Whitesnake) CD on the way out.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go scrub the taste of bad hair metal band out of my ears.

  62. my two cents:

    while i think jm could have phrased his/her comments a leeetle more gently, i must say i totally agree. if people see this, think “cute cougar,” and move on, that’s EXACTLY the problem. the “cute cougar” effect comes at a big price to the cougar, too big to make it okay for some people to have the “right” to own exotic animals.

  63. Got to agree with Jezebel here. I don’t believe zie is saying that this post, or video, will directly encourage CO readers to buy cougars as pets- but posting this normalizes such behaviour, and thus condones it. Sorry guys, do love your site, but this makes me sad.

  64. That cat has good taste in music.

  65. The reason he is “suckling” the bed is because he was taken away from his mom at too young of an age.
    s a d

  66. Squueeeeee!! I thought tigers were the only big cats that purrrrrrrrred.


  67. Rose said it well, I agree.

  68. Jessica says:

    Alright I’ll jump in, too. Here’s two possible scenarios. The average CuteOverloader stops by, sees this pretty cougar and moves on without giving it another thought. OR this CuteOverloader stops by, sees this pretty cougar and reads the comments or visits the link that enlightens said CuteOverloader about where this baby cougar is living.

    (Is everyone still following? Okay, good.) Now, let’s say this picture/video was never posted or it was taken down. Now nobody knows what’s happening regarding people keeping exotic animals as pets. That’s no good, because then we can’t enlighten others and do our parts to try stop it. So why is it a problem to post it? If someone sees it and doesn’t follow up on what’s taking place, then what difference does it make?

    Does that make sense? It seems to translate better in my own mind. Basically, I’m saying that it would be better to post this picture/video and enlighten 100 people than to not post it and keep 100 people in the dark.

    A lot of people have already said all this in one form or another so I apologize for repeating it all. 🙂

    And welcome, Mod-in-Training!

  69. TO Mod in Training

    Welcome here is a big Hearty Hand shake,, and can’t wait to see you in action.

    as to this thread it seems to be percolating in a civil fashion.
    Also welcome to the big cat house

  70. Hmm well I guess it’s sort of a gray area. We all agree that exotic animals should never be pets. And we all seem to agree that most people will just see it and think it’s cute and move on without a second thought. Certainly that’s what I did the first time.

    I don’t think that the fact that they think it’s cute and move on is a problem at all. We see cute baby animals like that all the time on this site and assume they are being raised at a zoo or by a foster parent for a zoo or animal sanctuary or something like that. Unless you do research into the origin of this video there’s nothing to make you think otherwise here.

    But at the same time, linking to a video that promotes pet exotics does make me a little uneasy, just because having a pet exotic is a really really bad idea, both for you and the exotic. But it’s not the sort of thing I’m going to get too worked up about, whatever the site decides to do. It is in the end a really cute video.

  71. People;

    Looking at animals is enjoyable. We do not condone or encourage keeping wild animals as pets—they might nom your face clean off. But you already knew that.

    We think this cougar is cuter than Kim Cattrall.

    As you were!