Cuddle a Cuppa Kitty at a Cat Cafe

In the same vein as its bunny bistros, Japan’s cat cafes are cozy, caring — and cute. Few apartments in Japan allow pets, so patrons pay a fee to lounge with the friendly felines, observing rules to ensure a clean and happy environment for all.

From the blog Sea of Shoes, spotted by Ian F., who also pointed us to the site for the Chamamo Cat Room, where these photos were taken (click here for English translation).



  1. LifeCoach says:


  2. Can I also cuddle with the lovely guy in the first pick?

  3. LifeCoach says:

    Can I get an espresso of Cuteness pls, & a cup of scotch-ish Fold too KTHX!

  4. SatinDoll says:

    @Jen. I Knoooooww. : )

  5. I love Satan Ears!!

  6. Katiedid says:

    Satan kitty says, “Would you like to try the hot pocket?”

  7. Venerable Bead says:

    Hmmm…yes, hottie in pic #1 and redonkulous ears in pic #3…wonder if those ears rotate to pick up stronger WiFi signals.

  8. Lerrinus says:

    I love long-haired guys…! Cool pic! 🙂

  9. I love those ears!

  10. Cat Cafes ! I would be there all the time !

  11. Oh, this reminds me of the Amsterdam cat boat! Best thing to do in Amsterdam in the dead of winter! (Really! Better than all of those other things.)

  12. I’d spend the day there!

  13. Wuyizidi says:

    When I become evil overlord, I shall do FDR one better: there will be kittens in every basket!

  14. AuntieMame says:

    LOL at Satan kitteh! Everything he serves comes with a side of Tabasco and garnished with habaneros.

  15. I wonder if it’s byobt – Bring Your Bratty Tabby?

    It’s not so much those ears in #3 but that expression that makes me laugh.
    “Hello I’m Satan..” Only Mike.

  16. I thought Basement Cat was black!

  17. Makes me sad they don’t have this in America. They do have the Art Farm in NYC though…but the “fee” is hefty and the place more for parents with small children. The activities include music/Mommy-and-Me type stuff, in addition to class pets.

    There are Art Farms in multiple locations.

    Petco is also supposed to have adoption events; sometimes the animals are out in the open for comers to pet and you can sign up to foster an animal, take one of the dogs up for adoption for a walk, etc.

  18. skippymom says:

    I’m going to train Eddy to say “Hello, my name is Satan.” Much funnier than what he says now, “My name is No! Bad Kitty! What’s yours?”

  19. tracylee says:

    if they get one for puppies next… I’m hosed. That’s it, I’m moving to Japan.

    hmm… luckily I have a Navy BF…. (*wheels turning*) maaayybe…. YES. I THINK THAT JUST MIGHT WORK. Look out bunnies and kittens, I’m stowing away! I’ll be there soon!

  20. One Eyed Daruma says:

    I love that the third one is described as “Mr. Fearless Naughty” on the English translation site!

  21. Meg is sooooo right about the Japanese cornering the cute market! Kitteh-therapy! When I REALLY need some Puppeh-therapy, I go to the local, reputable-ish pet store and pet the expensive puppies. (I would NEVER buy a pet from a pet store!!!)

    NTMTOM, Gremlins reference, no? You so ROCK!!

  22. Hon Glad says:

    I am so glad I have free and exclusive access to my kitty boys.
    They may be a bloody nuisance at times but on the whole I love them to death.

  23. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ mctwin: No, “don’t wake them when they’re sleeping” wasn’t meant to be a “Gremlins” reference. That is actually one of the cafe’s rules; you can’t disturb any cat that’s asleep.

  24. SQUEEEEEEE!! :3 another reason to visit Japan in my lifetime..take me nao?! kthxbai!

  25. zyzzyva says:

    The boyfriend and I actually visited this exact cat cafe (Cat Room Chamamo) last December on our trip to Japan. 😀 I recognized the American Curl (a.k.a. Satan Cat) immediately. I think he was mostly blind, judging by his eyes and actions, but he was obsessed with trying to eat this catnip mouse on an elastic string. He wasn’t interested in doing anything (would just sit in the corner) except when the mouse came out. Then he was all business. 😉

    The atmosphere was rather odd. Granted we were there in the early evening (took *forever* to try to find the place based on the flyer’s map). Boyfriend was convinced that the cats had all been drugged, as most were *completely* comatose (as in, didn’t respond at all to prodding, petting, or having a tiny Santa hat placed on head for pictures — that wasn’t us, but a female Japanese guest). The only truly active cat at the time was the all grey one in the second picture (Kai).

    One thing I wasn’t expecting was the rule that one wasn’t allowed to pick up any of the cats. Understandable, but still disappointing.

  26. what’s up with those ears? cool!

  27. I like to go to a local place called Pet Savers. They have a room where all their cats that are up for adoption chill out. It’s nice since the cats just roam around the room, they have stuff to climb and toys to play with. Usually i’ll just sit in the middle of the room and play with the cats that come to me ^_^ and I don’t even have to pay! Muahaha!

  28. Whiskas says:

    The hottie is Rony from Neon Indian.

  29. victoreia says:

    Makes me glad–GLAD, I say!–that most areas in America are pet-friendly. Just when I thought I’d have to really dislike the Japanese for obliterating us ‘Merkins in the cuteness area, I find I pity the pet-deprived….

  30. flutterbye says:


  31. I may have just gotten a business idea… may be hard to get past the American health codes, but just think of it! It could be a combination kitteh res-cute and hipster cafe! I could swim in all the gold coins I would make Scrooge McDuck style!

  32. DreamspinnerCheryl says:

    You have just GOTTA click on “English translation”. It’s worth the trip!

  33. @DreamspinnerCheryl – I agree – it was a nice start to my working day looking around their site (and trying to work out what some of the translated comments actually meant)

  34. i want to be at there.

  35. It’s great that the people there have a place to go and hang out with cats, but, based on zyzzyva’s comment, boy I sure hope they are well cared for. They need lots of love, not just to be treated like spectacles! And I sooo hope they weren’t drugged up! But it wouldn’t be surprising… (any cat would be responsive to petting, at least just to look up and chirp, maybe stretch a little)

    Cute idea though

  36. I made a video of my visit to a Japanese cat café here:
    It really is as adorable as it sounds! 😀

  37. why no boxes? Kitties is deprived.

  38. @LifeCoach 😀 I wish we could all go to Japan and pet kitties at a cat cafe 😀

  39. I hope you’re at least allowed to give the kitties food. Buy you a saucer of milk, dear?

  40. 😆 If I did go to Japan and went into a cat cafe 😆 they would have to drug me to get me out of there 😆

  41. *Clears throat, looks around meekly* Sorry to threadjack everyone, but given the comment war that was going on in the below Cougar post, I thought this might be a nice, kitty filled, relevent-to-this-post-too balm video. Brought to you by the amazing Nat Geo. I wanted to put it in the cougar comments, but they are closed. Thank you! *Scurries off stage*

  42. @Imogen- great video! 🙂

  43. happypiano says:

    On that website, all the cats on the front page… are male. o_o

  44. trinlayk says:

    based on visiting friends who live in a co-op house, where many of the residents have cats… males are better at getting along within a household. The females are often especially bossy and want to be boss of everything. (current hissy fit in that house is a new FRIENDLY male is going up to the bossy female saying “i wanna be your friend” and she’s hissing and thwacking him for coming up to her. Part of the issue might also be that he looks so much like her friend who passed away at 19 a few months ago. “You LOOK like Merlin, but you don’t smell like him, get away you IMPOSTOR!”)

  45. trinlayk says:

    Opps, left out part,
    Males also TEND (not always) to be more mellow with different people coming in and out and petting and fussing over them. My male cat is always running to the door to greet visitors “It’s the mailman YAY!” and the female is much more shy, easily aggravated. If someone is coming to visit, and I have some lead time, it’s time for the “hey girly my friend/the landlord/the insurance guy is coming over, please be nice to them.” and then she’ll hide and maybe come out to sniff someone later… If it’s the landlord she’ll allow petting, but she KNOWS him.

  46. schnell says:

    Those ears are too much. He must have had work done to look like that! (Just kidding nuffers – calm down.)

  47. I was in Tokyo last month, the City of Cute!!! Went to two cat cafés while there, oh I was in heaven, and here are the videos…. ENJOY! 😀

    Calico Cat Café in Shinjuku

    Nekobukuro Cat Café in Ikebukuro

  48. Carrie@MaineCoonCatNation: Yes they *are* all well cared for (at least at the two cat cafés I went to they were). The longhaireds are brushed regularly and have beautiful coats, and the smooshy faced ones all have their eyes and nose cleaned. In one I even saw a quarantine section with one cat with a radar dish collar in it. And they are all up for adoption! 🙂

  49. Barbarella Thanks for sharing those.. how wonderful and If i ever go to Japan I am all over the cat cafe visit!

  50. Trez4500 says:

    I think I have just found a way to justify being a crazy cat lady.

  51. @ imogen your video is cute too.. Okay we need a cat cafe here!

  52. What a lovely place to while away the day! However, if you don’t tip kitty #3, he will steal your soul(&heart)!

  53. Lindsay says:

    Yea, I agree. That man is gorgeous, plus he’s in a cat cafe so he must be awesome.

  54. jiffknee says:

    If you are kitty kat-jonesing, I heartily recommend visiting your local humane shelter and offer to lend a paw. At the very least, you likely will be able to take out a desperately-seeking-freedom kitteh and mebbe comb, pet and play a bit. I may leave the shelter wheezing and tearing up from all the allergens, but it is SOOOO worth it!

  55. Uh-hum. There isn’t much that can distract me from kitties, but that guy does the trick. Stunning.

  56. I wonder if their inventory just walks off or in someone’s coat.

  57. I NEED one of these to open up near me. Stat.

  58. Katrina says:


    Hey, why can’t every shelter have a cafe and let the animals get petted and chosen with a nice cuppa? Great idea! If I had the start-up money I would do it today!

    Call is “Star Cats” 1/2 Starbucks and 1/2 cats! Where the cats are the stars!

  59. I agree with other posters – I want to cuddle guy in pic # 1 and satan kitty in pic # 3.

  60. I don’t get the attraction for the caveman in the first pic XD, but this is a fabulous idea! I can’t tell you how many times while away from my kitties at school that I’ve just absolutely craved a kitty snuggle fix.

  61. I have never been happier to move to Japan. The apartment I’m moving to, of course, does not allow pets. Hopefully I can find one of these nearby!

  62. Christopher D says:

    I know this is all about the kitties, but I’m mesmerized by that man’s glorious silken locks. What’s his secret?

  63. Much as I hate to be a nuffer, yes, the kitties are strongly drugged. They’re given kitty prozac to keep them dozy for most of their lives. One of my friends just came back from Japan and said the people who ran the cafes were pretty upfront about stating this :/ I can heartily recommend a local bookshop in Prahran, Melbourne, which has bookshop kitties for people to admire and pet!