Let’s Go for a Catwalk

Since 2008, two French hikers have chronicled their trek from Miami, FL to the tip of South America, a journey of 15,000km (about 9,320 miles) through 13 countries.

But what elevates this hike down a hemisphere straight into the Cuteosphere is the third member of the team: A stray kitten who joined them in Louisiana.

Hup, two, three, four, Sender-Inner Keri F. See all the cat-trekking action over at Turn of the World!



  1. Cat Weekend says:

    that is pure love…..I mean purrrrrrrrr love!

  2. AWW 😀 I hope all three return home safe and sound 😀

  3. awwww 😀

    so did they make it? the multi-language site is still in french for me. damn it mom i told you i wanted to take french instead of spanish! ;p

  4. sooo CUTE >_< !! that is just tooo awesome!

  5. @KAT if you use google chrome browser it will translate it for you :3

  6. That is the most craziest, sweetest, cutest thing I have seen with a kitteh!!!! I hope they were able to take him back home with them.

  7. flutterbye says:

    Cat trekking – that’s a new one to me! Sounds like a lot of fun, having your little buddy riding along. I sure miss my little guys, but neither of them would have put up with that.

  8. victoreia says:

    That is one privileged kitty! Her own hammock in the tent, even! 😀

  9. @juli_meow – thanks!! i found a little google translate thing at the bottom of the page and it works well!

    i still can’t seem to find out if they made it or not tho :s someone in the guestbook said they were colombia just a few days ago (had me confused at first – timestamped october 2010??! wtf?? – then oh yeah, thats how everyone else in the world writes out dates haha), but they had been south of there…maybe they are walking back?!!

  10. no problem 🙂 i just hope they all make it back safe and sound :3

  11. Further proof that cats can sleep ANYWHERE.

  12. Number 4 is priceless 😀
    Beautiful pictures and video!

  13. I love the music on the video; anyone know what it is?

  14. Since the cat was a stray I think this deserves a rather epic ResQte tag. After all the cat went from a stray to leading an expedition across the Americas, in rather pampered style.

  15. What a special little guy and a special family. People like this make the world glow. I’m grateful they’ve shared this with us! 😀

  16. @Celia – I’ve been trying to find this out for months myself ever since this video was first posted earlier this year. Many commenters on YouTube and other sites have asked the same question, but no one seems to have an answer. Very reminiscent of Ulrich Schnauss though. As far as I know not one of his tracks, but if you like that kind of music you should check him out.

  17. Huh. I never knew what to put in those little nets at the top of tents before. I would have never figured out it that they’re for kittehs.

  18. Noelegy says:

    So sweet! Reminds me of the old Alan Dean Foster novel, “Cat-A-Lyst,” in which the protagonist went hiking through the Peruvian jungles with a cat named Macha in his backpack.

  19. Daphne Moss says:

    We MUST know!
    Please, globe-trekking cat rescuers…post an answer — and a picture of you at home with your cat. I can’t believe that they would leave this cat. They are wonderful people, and this is clearly their fur-child.

  20. Hon Glad says:

    It’s as well my Stan didn’t adopt him, he’d have developed a definite list to port.

  21. That is refreshingly beautiful to see. The bond between a kitty and his people. I hope they all make it home safely. They cannot just leave Kitty after all that.

  22. I find this beautifull, how a small, hungry stray kitten ends up traveling around the world 🙂 What an amazing life for such a small soul who could still be struggling to find food and a dry place to sleep now…
    That cat must probably love it’s owners more than any other cat out there 😀

  23. OMG! I love the little cat hammock! 😀

  24. rainbroccoli says:

    It’s a very spoild ‘n cute cat… Very nice view

  25. What a happy cat, and what lovely people! I wholeheartedly second DB’s (#14) suggestion for and epic ResQte tag.
    Just out of curiosity though, wonder how they are able to cross country borders with him/her – wouldn’t there be quarantine demands and whatnot?

  26. Littlebigmarilou says:

    The site explaines that the trip will last up to three years! thus they won’t be home with Kitty for a good long time. I just read that Laetitia has given up the walk (they don’t say why) and come home to France, although Guillaume and Kitty still keep on…
    Apparently Guillaume needs more help now because a lonely guy with his cat feels less trustworthy and a couple with kitteh!
    Please anyone, if you happen to meet him…

  27. Littlebigmarilou says:

    uh sorry, a lonely guy with his cat feels less trustworthy THAN a couple with kitteh!

  28. that’s so cute! i have six kittens and 5 grown ups! but their not yours. How did you teach her to be that sweet and very adorable? my cats aren’t like that though but they are at times naughty and cute all in one!

  29. EL TIGRE! I’m so glad that they kept their kitten on a leash. It’s easy to get lost in those pyramids.

  30. oh! I’ve seen that video before but I had no idea that kitty was a stray. so cute!

  31. As my old pappy used to say, “There’s nothin’ too good for a cat.”

    My archaeology professor had a cat named Soupy, so named because he was a stray that turned up at a dig, and the workers used to joke about making him into soup if the provisions ran out.

  32. CrazyCatLady says:

    Awwwwe. That warms my heart. Hard to believe a cat can sleep on someone’s neck like that. I’ve been thinking about getting a cat pouch for my baby puss. I don’t think he would like it though. He was abused by his previous owner and he’s very skiddish. He only feels safe right next to me.

  33. Very cool – and those photos are just awesome. That’s one lucky kitty!

  34. this made me cry with happiness. Such a way to start my Wednesday!

  35. Elisha B. says:

    New series for PBS…..Cattrekking through the Americas!!!!

    One question though, how is the cat allowed to cross the border(s) without proof of immunizations? They must really work it out, maybe some of the CUTE purring and stuff!! Sweet!

  36. If you look at the blog, they say they have papers for her to take her back to France with them at the end.

  37. His last blog entry was last year and he said he was quite ill and had lost weight. This is very troublesome since he has not posted since then. Anyone have any idea how he and kitty are doing?

  38. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this video, but wasn’t that Enigma? I think the video had a little Indian girl searching the world for her mother.

  39. wow those pics are awesome! i love cats 🙂

  40. That is so sweet! Cats are such great companions!

  41. WendyPinNJ says:

    Fantastic story. That is one kitty who knows when s/he’s got it good!

  42. Megan T. says:

    Adorable! I wish my cat would drape himself as easily. He’s not keen on being transportable.

  43. Lindsay says:


  44. Poohbear says:

    @Sarah : as Littlebigmarilou pointed out, there is a recent blog entry (April 2010) with the latest : Laetitia has given up and flown back to France but Guillaume and Kitty are still out there, in Columbia working their way south. 8000 more kilometers to go, and then home.

  45. What a cutie! I soo wanna snuggle with her! And i dont mean the kitty…

  46. cheerydumpling says:

    I nominate this cat for Best Cat Ever!

  47. I love that story, that is so great!

    Anyone know the music from the video, I love it.

    I hope they got to take kitty home!

  48. dimples says:

    Anyone know the kitteh’s name?

  49. I wonder how he will get the cat back in to France, sans vaccinations?? – would be a long stay in quarantine for the little puss if he did 😦

  50. The info is on the blog on their site:
    @ dimples the cat’s name is Kitty
    @ Irving Kitty the cat has had all her shots and she has papers so there will be no problem bringing her back to Fance.

  51. Why is it that I wrote the previous message in English with no problem and I make a typo on the only french word and I’m French! I wanted to write France of course.

  52. About 1:35 in, they find the cat. Also be sure to watch around 1:51…

  53. picture number two looks photoshopped and so I thought it was fake but then I scrolled down and saw the truth to the cuteness!!!!! ADORABLE!

  54. The blog entry that says that Laetitia left dates from September 09, not April 10. I’m having a hard time finding out the latest news; it hasn’t been updated since November 09.

  55. Katrina says:

    Sure, there already is trekking with a horse, why not a puddy-tat? I’d watch.

  56. Paunchie says:

    Kitty! I love how she sleeps on the guy’s neck like that. Jes, jou may carry moi.

  57. domanato says:

    can’t wait to see those cats catwalk down the runway!

  58. Fleurdamour says:

    Purr Trek – To boldly go where no feline has gone before

  59. Bridget says:

    This makes my heart melt over and over and over again.

  60. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Oh, that is tres, tres awesomé!

  61. I love how they care for him with the little umbrella over the pack so he doesn’t get too warm. Such love. I nominate this guy for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  62. I love the napping kitteh at about 1:40… Too cute!

  63. Oh, come on! SOMEONE must know how this story ended.

  64. Patricia says:

    Most cats have a definite attachment to their location, right? But this cat has decided that her two companions are more important. So amazing to see!

  65. According to the website’s webmaster…”Guillaume, Laetitia and Kitty are ok”


  66. I wonder if Kitty was found in the French Quarter. ;D

    This story is just so wonderful! It would make a fabulous children’s book! >^.^<

  67. TracyFlick says:

    there are good guys out there

  68. @ali Thanks for finding that. I’m sad that things didn’t work out for them, but I’m glad they’re all safe.

    @Deb! It would make a great children’s book, but I’d put a happier ending on the story.

  69. What am adventurous cat! So sweet, cutie pie with a nice couple. I want a cat asap!

  70. @UpTop, what happened?

    I looked at the link someone provided but didn’t note anything but a notation stating all involved are alright.

  71. O NO he (she/it) DI-unt says:

    @ cheerydumpling: If you are an infrequent frequenter of CO, we will of course accept your NOM-ination of cette chat as best evair…as long as you’re aware, that cette chat’s competishe includes Simon’scat and….(drumroll please; or drumstick if you’re very hungry) THE AMAZING Winston (and the companion chat, whose name I cannot at this precise juncture, recall..as soon as I hit the SEND button, that cat’s name will IMMEDIATELY land in my memoire) (sigh)

    Not that Leslie The Other Leslie

    (REALLY!! There ARE several of us living, or hovering in CO land these past few months — it isn’t just a poke at NTM)

  72. I absolutely adore this couple for taking along the lost kitten. They are precious people! 🙂

  73. Love the umbrella!

  74. @Deb! Though it wasn’t explicitly stated, Laetitia left Guillaume (and Kitty) and went back to France. Guillaume stayed in South America and is now doing video work in Columbia. Kitty stayed with Guillaume.

  75. Katrina says:

    O NO he (she/it) DI-unt -That is the best net name I have heard yet, do carry on…your fellow Peep, K.

  76. Wow, that is definitely cute overload!! ❤ trekker kitty!

  77. Fleurdamour says:

    Around the world with the cat in the hat!

  78. Foxygal says:

    this is amazing!
    the cat is amazing!!!
    how I wish we could take our own cats for a walk!!! but they’re not disciplined at all!!! :))

  79. a kitteh makes everything that much better

  80. moniQue says:

    Notice the final frame: Kitty-wide awake!! Behold–the immense sand (cat) box!!
    Wonder if Kitty thinks that what this whole trip was all about. :p

  81. danielie says:

    This post honestly made me smile. 🙂 I love that the stray kitty is being taken care of; and I love the bond you can see between kitty and his people. His little hammock and umbrella… the way he just jumps up onto the man’s shoulders… it’s really really adorable. ❤

    Also, that fifth picture of kitty sleeping in the man's shirt speaks to me. 🙂 It's so nice. I really hope they are okay.

    Thanks CO! You made my day once again.

  82. They’re hiking through South America? They’re gonna get their asses ROBBED!

  83. The walking that the guy does mimicks the same kind of behavior that a mother cat would do when it carries it’s kittens so it’s probably very calming and reassuring for the kitten to be on his shoulders or in his backpack.

  84. I mean the up and down movement when you walk mimicks the same kind of movement that a mother cat would make when it carries it’s kittens it’s mouth.

  85. That is just too cute!

  86. This seriously brought tears to my eyes….so friggin awesome folks! I`ll be doing my part in making this viral.

  87. Kwiss43 says:

    That is unbelievably cool!


  89. wow. that made my day!

  90. Awww! What a great guy you are. A cat must love you to do that. Reminds me of a 2 week-old orange tabby kitten that was found abandoned in a parked car. My daughter brought him to me. I raised the little guy, but couldn’t be responsible for yet another cat and had to put him up for adoption. I named him “Davey”, but he was called “Parrot” because he liked to sit on my shoulder, and anyone’s shoulder. He climbed me just like your kitty. I cried a lot when I had to let him go, but OTOH knew that I wasn’t strong enough to have a full grown cat sitting on my shoulder later. Enjoy the remainder of your trip safely.

  91. what a wonderful friend to have..

  92. …that song sounds a lot like a lullaby version of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome To The Black Parade”…

  93. Now,i’m even sadder.Because i’m allergic to cats =(

  94. That’s definitely so cute !
    Awesome !

  95. Totally adorable.

  96. They sure as hell damn better adopted that cat after the hike.

  97. Weird! and also possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. My cat Kiki lives on my shoulder/lap/chest too! The photo with kitty sleeping under the little umbrella is priceless.

  98. that’s good stuff!

  99. Roger Levy says:

    They’re French. This is very standard adorable for them. XD

  100. There is absolutely nothing like a cat. Jeanne

  101. Every cat has a story to tell. This one’s story will be a best seller.

  102. How cute is that! Great pictures, and really nice guys.

  103. Oh My Cat! How adorable! What’s your name little one? This is the most heartwarming story I’ve heard in a long long time. Bless all 3 of you.

    Piddle and Purr
    Athens, Georgia

  104. @Poohbear: No, the last entry you mentioned ist from November 2009. Since then, I can find nothing. Tried google – nothing either.

    In the last Podcast, Guillaume sounds very down, feels week and tired. I’d so much like to know what happend until now!!!

  105. Okay, now I know: He and Kitty are stranded in Columbia (of all “safe” places…), and are totally broke. But he is hoping to somehow sometime be able to continue the journey as planned.

  106. P.S.: And if somebody wants to help: welcome@turnoftheworld.com

  107. Sweet kitty kitty kitty and -of course- exceptional trip- for the both of you! Keep it up 🙂

  108. @All: Has anyone officially corresponded with this guy, or is it still a “theory” based on his website?

    ->Because, the last update from his site being November ’09-ish (last time I checked) and said to be around Drugland, Colombia with no updates for 6 months is a little disturbing. -Especially with all the kidnappings, murders, by the FARC, etc.

    I mean, if the guy needs $$$ to keep going, we could all get together and do a PayPal Tip Jar fundraiser page, but where the * is the help from his family and friends, and the girl from the hike???


  110. Barbara says:

    I emailed back and forth with Guillaume last week and he explained that he is tutoring French to students in Colombia right now in order to make a bit of money to continue his trek. Kitty is doing well. He hopes to continue soon and says that he will not go back to France until he reaches his goal at the south of the continent.

  111. @Barbara: That’s really good news. I thought the guy was dead or “missing”. If he needed a PayPal tip jar, I’m sure the world would get behind him if the word could get out there like via BoingBoing or Scott Beale, etc.

  112. well… Ive trained animals all my life, mostly on a professional level. Birds, race horses, hunting dogs, and some wild animals. bobcats, wolves, and others that i cant really talk about. funny thing is…….I would not ever have an animal living in my house, in fact If I meet a girl that has a house animal, its over before it gets started. so what i see here ( I happened on this spot by stumble) is Weird!!!! Cats are not people. neither are dogs or birds for that matter. If you cant relate to humans that way you are sick, and you need to change. you will grow old and be a bizzare outcast. And come to realize that you are already considered to be that by the majority of society now.

  113. Dogleg – You sound like someone that shouldn’t be allowed around animals. Or probably people, for that matter.

  114. how did you get the cat to sleep on your neck like that? I wish I could teach my kitty to do that but he’s so fat I may get neck cramps hahaha (sorry Louie >__<)

  115. oh oh wait one time at halloween I did get a stray cat to stay on my shoulders. It was all black I named it Boo ^__^ I saw it and it was SO cute and little I was like “AHH!! CUTE!” *picks up kitten* Kitten:lol Imma gonna cling to your shoulder!>:3 Me: “ok bye kitty” *lets cat go….cat sticking to shirt…* “ooohhh…well imma gunna call you Boo, lets go trick-or-treat!” I intended to ask meh mom if I could keep her (i was like…14 at the time this was 3 or 4 years ago) but when we trick or treated at this one house Boo got scared and ran away =< i got rid of THAT guys candy, he SCREAMED pedophile! thx Boo i still LOVE YOU!!

  116. OMG! This is absolutly unique! I’ve never seen such a cute cat although my cat is quite cute too 😉 . Great! I wish them all luck of the world and hope they return all three! 🙂

  117. katty333333 says:

    there sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  118. That actually makes me want to cry, it is so sweet. I think I will in fact, anyone have a tissue? I hope they take kitty home?

  119. Incredible– and of course beyond heartwarming…

    So glad we have a current update from Barbara.
    With all the Kitty fans out there…surely a fundraising could move him along faster.
    Why ever not?
    a few pence among many adds up.
    Unless he objects due to his money philosophy.

    So sad Laetitia didn’t make it. She did waaaaaaaay more than most of us would imagine. In his blog he said people treat him more suspiciously without her. It must have saddened her enormously to leave Kitty.

  120. Am I the only person who knows that it is illegal to take animals into foreign countries without a quarantine period?

  121. ThePlagueDog says:

    @Tara: If you scroll through the comments or visit the website, you’d know that Guillaume has the necessary papers and shots to transport Kitty across borders and even back to France.

  122. It´s GREAT!!! I wish my 2 cats can go with us like this way.
    Actually, we did once but they are not as brave as yours. ^_^

  123. Now that is an excellent traveling companion. This one seems to have taken a very personal liking to the gentleman. My favorite of the whole bunch is the smiling cat sleeping on the back of his neck. Though I have many cats, and they will sleep on me whenever they can, I have yet to be able to take one on my hikes. I hate to think of taking on a brand new one just to get them trained, then have to add them to the rest of the household furry masters.^“^

  124. Pogonia says:

    What a lovely story.