My Last Roommate Was Just Like This

Roomie: “So what’cha eatin’ there? Any good? I’m not partial to kibble, myself, but… Say, that’s not bad… Gosh, it’s such a nice day, let’s dine al fresco… I’ll just take this out to the veranda…”

Me: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”



  1. I could have done without the laugh track…

    If that cat was orange, I’d say it was Garfield for pure laziness!

  2. morjana says:

    I love it! The seagull stole the bowl, so she could eat in private. That cat appeared to be too stunned to do anything. Thank you for sharing that. 🙂

  3. I agree, Lil. Laugh tracks so 1983. Cute vid though!

  4. Madame X says:

    Cat’s all: “WTF? … Meh, help yourself; kibble’s not that great, and besides, I’m not hungry anymore… Uh. Whatever.”

  5. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Brings to mind the Dorito stealing Seagull video I saw a while back..
    (and ick, food right by the litterbox? ICK!)

  6. ”i hate it when people watch me eat !”

  7. Good job, Guardkitty. Good job.


  8. Maureen says:

    This is a replay between my cat Shadow and the pushy squirrels – In her early years Shadow would have defended her territory aggressively, but by 16 she would just lie there and point out the squirrels to me as if I should be doing something.


  10. oh i lol’d when the gull took the bowl. i didn’t expect that! too cute.

  11. i like the baroo at 0:24 when the gull is like, uhhh, are you alive?

  12. Hon Glad says:

    Kitty – I hope he enjoys the Rat bait I put in there.

  13. CLASSIC!!!!

  14. Tom Bergeron. Don’t date yourself, NTMTOM 🙂

  15. mine, mine, mine….

  16. Kathleen in Canada says:

    LOL… I can just see the kitty sizing up the sea gull’s beak and body size then thinking “it’s the dried up leftovers from last night… go for it gull”.

  17. My cat (who looks exactly like the cat in the video) would have whacked that seagull upside the head.

  18. January says:

    Fantastic…best one I’ve seen in a while!

  19. flutterbye says:

    LOL!! Great video!

    My cat Striker (RIP) would have been all over that boid! He used to stalk pigeons when they walked up into the driveway from the street.

    Gulls are dirty birds, like pigeons. I was glad it didn’t leave a deposit, although anyone who feeds their kitteh right next to the litterbox deserves it.

  20. I was waiting for kitty-pounce-attack on the seagull 😦

  21. @ flutterbye: They’re supposed to leave a deposit. Otherwise they don’t bring the bowl back.

  22. flutterbye says:

    At least a SWAT or some attempt to scare the gull, though methinks kitteh has had a run-in with a gull – probably this one before!

  23. flutterbye says:

    @ HP a gull is more likely to leave a large deposit AND swipe the bowl. UGH!

  24. Gulls are the most brazen food grabbers in creation! One stole a sandwich right out oh my hand once!
    Scared the day lights out of me I can tell you, those birds are big to a 9 year old!

  25. BabyOpossum says:

    Having personally experienced the vise-like grip of a gull beak on my hand, I’d say kitty chose wisely.

  26. OMG! I love that! XD

  27. Too funny! I would not mess with a sea gull! The ones down in OC, MD on the boardwalk will swoop in and steal your french fries.

  28. For some reason I absolutely was not expecting that sea gull to grab the bowl and walk back. Even with the scripty script. I love unexpected belly laughs, thanks CO!

  29. Seagulls do some pretty cute things sometimes, like when they stare at me when I’m having lunch outside.

  30. MoonCatty says:

    Gulls are survivors and that one is a creative thinker! Take the food AND the bowl outside just in case that lethargic cat decides it will take a swipe after all. Wasn’t expecting that move, smart bird!

    Btw, laugh track may be there because this vid is from some TV show… and yeah, it’s better without it.

  31. metsakins says:

    Can’t watch with the sound on(work)…but this looks like my cats when the racoons would come on the porch. Sigh, why bother, they’re going to win anyway, might as well go back to sleep.

  32. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Here’s my “seagulls are evil” story: I was at an outdoor restaurant, carrying a tray of food to my table, when a gull swooped in from behind me and knocked my onion rings on the ground, where its friends were standing there waiting to gobble them up.

    Evil, I tells ya.

  33. metsakins says:

    Let’s hope they never join with the skwerls.

  34. I was once mobbed by gulls while enjoying a hotdog at the beach. I threw down some raw onion and one gull grabbed it, paused, spat it out and they all flew off.

  35. flutterbye says:

    Raw onion – that must be the key!

  36. @CJ: LOL!! What’s wrong with dating yourself? Sometimes, I’m the most entertaining person in the room! Or at least I think so!! tee and hee! ;))
    Umm, that cat ain’t stupid! Gulls can be vicious!!

  37. flutterbye says:

    @NTMTOM, I have to agree with evil *eeveilll* (said in Vincent Price voice). They are wicked, quick and sneaky too!

  38. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    BTW, if you ever go to the Buffalo Zoo, seriously, the seagulls all but wear robber’s masks! They came and bullied the food right away from some little girl. i was stunned at the brazeness. I’ve never encountered such…um…bird with cajones!

  39. Do not mess with Gulls.

  40. I lol’d when the sea gull grabbed the whole bowl! Greedy greedy!

  41. shahinrani says:


  42. LOL! I love how the gull kept checking out the cat with the head tilts.

  43. Don’t make fun of that cat! Seagulls are fierce.. I wouldn’t take one on either!

  44. “Mine! MINE! Mine! Mine! MINE! MINE!”

  45. rubber duck says:

    Aww cuuute! 😀

  46. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  47. That was cute, but please don’t put the food and litter box next to each other. Poor kitty, no wonder she doesn’t want to eat.

  48. Here’s my seagull story. My mother and I were at Sea World for the day. We went by the dolphin tank to feed the dolphins, they sell you 4 fish for $5 and you can lean over and feed them. It’s fun, except all the seagulls in the park hang out by that tank. I was watching the dolphins, waiting for my mother to come back with our fish when I hear a scream. I turned around to see my mother being swarmed by 4 -5 seagulls. They made her drop the bowl of fish and swooped down to feast. Being the loving daughter that I am, I immediately fell to the ground next to the dolphin tank laughing hysterically as the Sea World personnel rescued mom. Needless to say, we got a free bowl of fish. And when mom leaned over to feed one of the dolphins, and a seagull swooped in for a free lunch, mom whacked the bird upside the head before dropping the fish inside the dolphins mouth. Ah, sweet revenge!

  49. I could not WAIT to show this to my husband, as he had his sandwich snached from his three-year-old hands from a large and nasty gull, which has left him permanantly scarred and hateful, as far as “those filthy parasites” are concerned. (I keep trying to tell him the gull that mugged him is long since dead, but he’s not having any.) Des, your mom’s vengance made him raise his fist in solidarity and use triumphant/unprintable language!

  50. @ Des… yea for your Mom! I hope that seagull thunk twice before the next time he tried that.

  51. That’s just like my hen, Inara. She just strolls into the kitchen and steals the cats’ food. She doesn’t even hesitate, just marches up to the food bowls. The cats sit and watch her. They’re scared of her! The other day, I was feeding two cats and a hen at the same time. The cats ate with one wary eye each on Inara!

  52. chanpon says:

    LOL, seagulls are funny. Hehe..he…he…..hehe…he…

  53. i would be scared of the sea gull, too. those bird eyes!

  54. Katrina says:

    I am chuckling at your stories, Peeps! Love the video! Yeah, gulls really are that smart- like crows and such. I think that someday that cat will take some action…

  55. Last summer I had a baby sea gull in my back yard for the best part of two weeks which at one point was throwing itself at my, thankfully locked, cat flap.
    Of course having a “sea gull attacking my back door” had to become a euphamism amongst my friends and I don’t think I’ll ever here the end of it.

  56. Mental Mouse says:

    Oh yeah, that cat is too smart to take that fight — the gull is as big as the cat is, and likely meaner.

  57. Poor cat, seemed a little confused. “Heeeeeeey….that was mine…”

  58. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow! All these stories about seagulls snatching sandwiches and french fries right out of people’s hands! I guess I never realized that they are such gangstas.

  59. There are currawongs in Tasmania that are just as fearless – we had one that swooped down and took a bite out of a meat pie just as my partner was about to do the same. Made him jump a mile!

  60. jen 05.10.10 at 6:25 am
    oh i lol’d when the gull took the bowl. i didn’t expect that! too cute.

    Me too! Literally a ‘ HAAAAAAAAAAA’ came out unexpectedly!

  61. spacebunny says:

    I’ll add to the list of seagull thievery. Our family was eating lunch at Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL and a seagull swooped down and grabbed a slice of pizza right out of my uncle’s hand.

  62. 32 Not That Mike The Other Mike 05.10.10 at 11:18 am

    That’s great!!!! HHa! Smart birds for real!

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    *shakes fist skyward* Seagulls! Have you no SHAME???

  64. I work at a school in California, about 5 miles from the beach. The seagulls know when lunch is at each school and they swarm in towards the last 5 minutes, attacking students and eating the leftovers. Seriously, they have a schedule. They also recognize fishing boats. Smart and scary birds.

  65. Alex C. says:

    That’s gulls for you. I like gulls but they will steal anything and everything; I’ve had many a fish stolen by them.


  66. kibblenibble says:

    A friend and I camped for a week at the beach, and were harassed daily by gulls. Finally we had enough, and left them some Tabasco-laden tortilla chips. We watched as they swooped down and scooped them up, only to drop them, uneaten, seconds later. They didn’t bother us again! 😈

  67. Never had a seagull steal stuff from me, but I once saw a seagull pull an In-N-Out bag from the garbage can and successfully fly away with it. It was quite a sight.

  68. victoreia says:

    re comments #34-35: Raw onion would repel me, too!

  69. That cat was like, “Sure, eat it. Fatten yourself up so when I do exact my revenge, you will be all plump and tasty!”

    …or y’know, just didn’t want to mess with the bird.

  70. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Me too, here goes.

    As soon as I got on the ferry, I bought some fries in the cafeteria and went up on the top deck. A dozen or so gulls were soon swirling overhead and even landing on the deck, begging from me. One landed on the railing beside me and kept a close watch as I looked out over the harbour and refused to indulge it. It waited, patiently keeping an eye on my fries, as the ferry left the dock.

    Soon the air flow was too strong for it to remain crosswise on the rail and it had to turn and face into the wind. This made for interesting footwork as it balanced with one foot in front of the other. We had a bit of an audience now and some were joking about how hard-hearted I was.

    Finally the continuing acceleration of the ship was too much and it opened its five foot wingspan, lifting up to find an updraft just a few feet away from me where it could soar without flapping and just hover there. This continued on for at least five minutes, long after all its pals had given up and headed back. It really was a determined optimist.

    Several of the onlookers got pictures, but unfortunately I didn’t have a camera. It was marvellous to see how skilful it was at holding its position there. Physics made beautiful.

    My excuse for not rewarding this performance was that fries are not good for birds, but now that I think about it, gulls seem to thrive on almost anything. Sorry, Jonathan L, maybe we’ll get to do it again.

  71. 😆 The cat either already had a full tummy and was not interested the the rest of his/her dried cat food or that gull was a regular vistor to its food bowl 😆

  72. Cat: “Fark. That bird is much bigger than me. I think I´m gonna wooss out.”

  73. paulajeanne says:

    I loved the slight hesitation on the gull’s part as he headed out the door the first time. You could just see the “Hmmm…what if I were to….”

  74. John B Hodges says:

    Nothing new about gulls, but at Sea World in San Diego they have a Walrus tank surrounded by high concrete walls; I saw a lady with a paper tray of small fish (anchovies?)leaning in the wall, going to feed the walrii but taking her time about it, chatting with a friend. A walrus squirted a stream of water between its teeth at her, a hit at a range of about ten feet. She shrieked and dropped the tray into the tank.

  75. Catsquatch says:


    Reminds me of the raven I saw one day at Burger King.
    Some foolish man got his burger and fries, but forgot the catsup, so he left his still wrapped burger on the table while he went for catsup, the raven waited until he was through the door, then swooped down and snatched up that burger before I could even open my mouth.
    Dude gets back and looks around completely bewildered.
    When I told him what happened he half laughed half grumbled about it being rather expensive crow food 😉

  76. NOMTOM – the MINE! birds from Nemo! 😆 We do that all the time at our house – Mine! Mine! MINE! Mine!

  77. Rooanne says:

    I have a seagull story too: I was eating a hot dog on a beach one day, and of course gulls were hovering around. While I was holding it up, about 1/3 of the way into eating, a gull SWOOPED down and stole that hot dog — and I sat there holding an empty bun!

  78. eternalcanadian says:

    lolz @ the cat. great watch-cat it makes!

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    Ravens stealing burgers? Gulls swiping hot dogs and leaving the bun in hand?! I feel strangely deprived that I’ve lived this long and never seen ANY type of bird engage in any of this culinary thievery. I feel like I want to picnic on some Seagullful beach somewhere, hold a bologna sandwhich in my hand, and check out the action.

  80. I remember being young and a seagull was hounding me for no reason. Not my bigger mom or sister, just me. I mom had to scream at it. Wtf?! Also, my boyfriend and I were attacked by angry swans while boating in Central Park.

  81. Seagulls are definitely agressive and will swoop down and steal your food! We were at Daytona beach in FL when my animal-crazy younger sister decided she wanted a seagull of her own. Using a piece of fried chicken as lure, she managed to capture a swooping seagull and wrap it up like a babydoll.. Sad thing is, she really wanted to bring it home! By the time she let go of that bird, it was pretty irate – I bet it’ll think twice before trying to steal again though! ; )

  82. this is another example of the fact that all animals DO TOO REASON!! AND they use tools, etc., just like us. The more stuff llike this I see, the more I relaize we are all pretty much the same. I mean, Kitty is watching this guy walk in and help himself. OK…Kitty knows there is more food being deliverd later, so why make a big deal of it??
    And the gull taking off the bowl??? he’s reasoning that he’ll be safer – or at least won’t have to share. LOVED THIS

  83. OMG I laughed so hard when I saw this video. The seagull was like “I’m outta here man” LOVE IT!

  84. One day at the wildlife hospital I carried a gull to an outside pen, and thought I didn’t need the heavy gloves. The sucker clamped its beak down on my thumb. No blood, but it took weeks for me to get all the feeling back in that thumb. No, I would not mess with gulls.

  85. Officer (Original) Mel says:

    That pretty much sums up my roommate situation…uuuuuuuggggghhhhhh.