THIS JUST IN: ____, ____, and ____

The Bronx Zoo introduced three new lion cubs to the public, reports the Daily News, which is inviting the public to suggest names for the trio until midnight EST tonight. Wouldn’t “Meg,” “Prongs,” and “NTMTOM” be perfect for them (heh, heh)? Suggest a cub name here!

HD available; click “360p” in the video player to select.

More cute action at the Bronx Zoo site.



  1. Yes!!! These are MY cubs, peeps! But I’m generous, I can share. 😀

  2. PS frolic frolic frolic!!

  3. majestic yet cute

  4. Noelegy says:

    “Pinned ya again!”

  5. I’m going with “Bitey”.

  6. A. Non! says:

    What’s with the spots/stripes on the cubs’ hind legs? Are they a hybrid? Or do I not know as much about lions as I thought I did?

  7. awwwwww

  8. A. Non, have a look at a lot of pics of lion cubs. They come with spots– their darkness varies from cub to cub, and they generally fade, but not completely, as the cats mature.

  9. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh my gosh! Play, play, play, play. Run, stumble, play, bite, play! Mom! Happy Mother’s day early to any and all Peeps out there who are Mommies! I’m a mommy. A single, working mommy so I know how it feels to work so hard all the time. Here are some flowers for everybody. And, moms, stay strong and hang in there. You have my love.

  10. Thank you, Q.o.D. Such beautiful flowers; as it happens, this will be my first mother’s day after my oldest has moved out, and my daughter is away, too… so I doubly appreciate your sweet words. Thanks again.

  11. want to belly kiss!

  12. marianthelibrarin says:

    ohmygosh – i want to nom on that tailio too (at 0:21)!

  13. happycat says:

    Can we name one Theo?

  14. Nicolletta says:

    MOOOOOMMMM!! Timmy keeps biting me!

  15. I propose naming one Ndamukong.

  16. flutterbye says:

    Kyoot kittyans! What a life they have; eat, play, sleep, frolic, wrestle, eat, sleep, recharge and start over again. Poor mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there!

  17. The Tailio Kronsch at :25 is adorable.

  18. CathyDee says:

    I suggested Harry, Hermione, and Ginny–Gryffindor lions, you know. Too bad it wasn’t 2 boys and a girl. Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have been PERFECT!

  19. Rachael says:

    A mommy’s work is never done.

    Surely one of the should be called Theo.

  20. lady jilian says:

    I vote to name one Theo! They are so adorabuls! Want!!!

  21. kibblenibble says:

    On the website there’s a vid in which the cubs are even younger and sillier. I, too would like one named Theo. I miss seeing him here, amidst his squared-off parenthesis. 😥

  22. It’s even better with Cat Stevens:

  23. caligirl says:

    ooooh cathydee, i like your suggestions! HP! w00t!

    happy mother’s day to all the moms out there!

  24. I kinda like Larry , Curly & Moe . I know,not very original but I could watch these guys & laugh my ‘tocks off for hours !

  25. Hon Glad says:

    The compo me tition wuz over when I clicked. But hear in Cuteland time doesn’t
    matter, so I vote Theo the Leo, Queenie quick step and Theresa the teaser.

  26. katiebug says:

    I love how, in the first part of this vid, the one particular cub is being all mischievous and chasing/biting the other two, and then they both decide they’ve had enough and start chasing the pesky one. Cute! Reminds me of my three cats, Tasha, Sebastian, and Zoë. Maybe I should do some name suggestion… 🙂

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: *tap, tap, tappity tip tap. tappity, tippity, tap, tap* (that’s me doing a tap dance). 🙂 I vote for Larry, Darryl and the other Darryl.

  28. Katrina says:

    Katrina is a lovely name. Regal, trips easily off the tongue, it has gravitas. For the next lionlette.

  29. Simba, Kimba, and Timothy

  30. MarmieLover says:

    Crunchy, Nipper, and Fang!

  31. redassape says:

    From watching that video Larry, Mo, & Curly come to mind!

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    How about Leonidas, Thermoplyae and Dienekes? 🙂

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    Teho, Meg and NTMTOM

  34. Odin, Thor, & Loki for the mischevious one. I had a kitteh named Loki who was exactly like his name! Happy Mommys Day to all moms of the 2, 4, or more legged purrsuasion!

  35. Tony James says:


    I was at the Bronx Zoo on Sunday and saw these guys! We put in our suggestions:
    Admiral Marmeduke von Biteypants
    Captain Snugglesworth
    Miss Whiskerson

  36. Theo, Leo, Ja-Lo

  37. This makes me want a baby lion or 3!!! How much fun they are having!!!!

    Winkin,’ Blinkin’ and Nod, comes to mind – for when they’re old and living a life of languor, of course…

  38. 😆 No matter the size, cats play with each other when they are young 😆