#Caturday v. #Saturdog

It was suggested via our Twitter today that #Saturdog should be given a chance on a #Caturday. I leave it up to you, alert readers! Who wins!?


Kitteh by Julie S. Puppeh by Lisa P. Follow us on Twitter!



  1. kitty lips and kitty baby teeth win it hands down.

  2. Dammit, everything else in life makes me pick just one. I want SOMETHING to let me pick both. Caturday and Sundog, for the win, please.

  3. Victoria says:

    Kitties for the win!

  4. Caturday!! Who can reseest those eyes!

  5. saturdog!!!

  6. Can’t I have BOTH!?!?!

  7. Blue eyes win against the Harumph.

  8. There are many cute puppies in the world, but this is not one of them. Kitteh FTW!

  9. teresa in kcmo says:

    Caturday! Caturday! Caturday!

  10. I’m gonna have to go for Saturdog on this one. Circular ear flappage, extreme wrinkle-floof and cubic schnozzle ❤

  11. Nah, there’s no messing with Caturday. How about Wednesdog?

  12. shortstop says:

    i want BOTH! switch out!

  13. What about Sundog?

  14. N. Fritz says:

    DailySquee has Labraday… CO will always have Caturday!

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    Little, tiny, teensy, teef. In the bottom of the mouf. *must nibble them*

  16. flutterbye says:

    Golfwidow has it right! Sundog and Caturday gives us the best of both worlds!

  17. Aww, I have to say Caturday! It’s a tradition, y’know?? But Sundog sounds like a good idea. XD

  18. Sundog? But y’all are forgetting about Bunday. My vote’s for Fridog and Caturday. And, of course, Bunday.

  19. Caturday please. Bertha and Catfish John and I all vote for Caturday.

  20. AnnieJ says:

    I’m on the Caturday-Sundog bandwagon! Caturday just wins here 🙂

  21. Vote vote vote, like a baby stoat!

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    Sorry and I won’t go on too much. Just wanted to say that my cat not only has the fang overbite thing going on, but he also has on his back paws when he’s sitting, two, exactly two, claws on each back foot that stick out. Not really far but they just are kind of there. I don’t think it’s anything bad I’m doing…I think his two claws on each back foot just sort of stand out for some reason…They stick out there and look really, really cute.

  23. Christy says:


  24. Lindie says:

    DEFINITELY Caturday…

  25. Danielle says:


    Don’t mess with Caturday.

  26. I fear change. I award Caturday full custody. If an appeal is sought then the court may see fit to extend a once a month shared custody to Saturdog.

  27. i’m a dog person, but caturday must stay. how about cursday…?

  28. William Furr says:

    Caturday for life!

  29. Celia said it perfectly. “There are many cute puppies in the world, but this is not one of them. ”

    Its almost as if you don’t want Saturdog to win!! Sharpeis are cute in their own way, but against a heavyweight like that kitten with the puppydog eyes and tiny teetlets, they don’t stand a chance.

    I am all for keeping Caturday and starting Sundog!

  30. gracicecat says:

    Caturdary FOR EVAH!!

  31. Caturday.

  32. obvously caturday FTW

  33. Caturday must stay! But We need a day for Dogs so Wednesdog or Sundog would be so awesome.

  34. Oh my gawd – tiny kitty teef vs giant Shar-pei schnozz!! Le gasp!!

    This would be the perfect week for me:

    Mon(key)day, Shrewsday, Winsday (as in all Winston, all day long), Fursday, Fridog, Caturday, Bunday

  35. I join the camp for Caturday. But what about Toofsdog? Right after Bunday, of course.

  36. Caturday all way!

  37. Caturday!

  38. Er, no, after Mon(key)day. I like Nads’ entire lineup. Let’s make like Turkmenistan’s President-for-Life and rename ALL the days to our liking.

  39. how about Caturday AND Sundog?

  40. earlybird1 says:

    Caturday, Sundog, followed of course by a very disapproving Bunday morning.

  41. Caturday!
    But Mondog would be a good way to start the workweek.

  42. redfinch says:

    Caturday!!! Look at those kitty eyes!

  43. earlybird1 says:

    BTW, whoever coined the phrase “puppy dog eyes” obviously never met this kitteh!


    *Note: I’m not trying to slip in a triple vote. I am just excited.

  45. Caturday and Sundog…everyone wins! I want to see more dogs! I don’t want to deny people their kitteh fix. ipso ergo facto Caturday and Sundogginess…

  46. If you mess with Caturday, the kitties of the world will raise such a hissy fit! I vote for sticking with tradition and keeping Caturday and Bunday for the weekends. There are five other days we can play with for the dogs…


  48. Please don’t mess with my Caturday.

  49. Linda Stuart says:

    We’ll have enough hot and bothersome dog days coming up. I love my Caterdays!

  50. Norway says:

    That puppy is not cute! See what happens to animals when humans try to improve them? It’s disgusting. Don’t support breeders who make these puppies.

  51. HonorH says:

    Is that a Tibetan mastiff? He’s so ugly, he’s cute. Caturday is a tradition, and I shall not mess with it, but maybe Fridog? Mondog? I’m sure you can come up with something.

  52. CATURDAY always wins! : )

  53. Iris (yes, that Iris,) says:

    i normally pick cats in any contest, (i even said cats in a survey on cats or dogs,) but i have to go with Saturdog for this one. He looks like the sensei from club penguin!

  54. kibblenibble says:

    I am with Aoide and Danielle and all the others who said Fridog, Caturday, and Bunday. I just can’t choose one at the expense of the other. 🙂

  55. I propose (no, not with a ring! I don’t know you well enough quite yet!) that we try Cat’r’dog (Cat or dog) instead! A day dedicated to redonkable (redonkulously adorable) little species-confused morsels that haven’t quite decided whether they are a cat or dog (natch).

  56. cherrydumpling says:


  57. Much love to our canines but it’s Caturday people. Saturdog just doesn’t work.

  58. Cat Weekend says:

    Are you kitteeng me? what is the matter with you humans?

  59. caturday – cats rule, dogs drool!!

  60. thelibrarianne says:

    SATURDOG. Speaking out for all the dog luvers out there. Though, those kitten teef are adorable.

  61. pounce says:

    Caturday and Sundog work for me!

  62. ShinyBlueSpaz says:

    Caturday and Sundog!!! The best of both worlds!!! :D:D:D

  63. schnell says:

    I think we should alternate Saturdays and enjoy both!



  66. Kathryn says:

    The Internet is made of cats. THINK OF THE INTERNET!

  67. ShinyBlueSpaz says:

    Ok, actually I just read some more of the posts, and I agree with Fridog, Caturday, and Bunday. Spread the cuteness!!!! Also that is the most awesomely redonkulous puppeh ever.

  68. caturday. no contest.
    This vote has NOTHING to do with the two kitties sitting on the back of the couch starrrrrrrring at me. I do, however, suddenly feel the urge to go into the kitchen and fetch them som crunchies.

  69. Rachael says:

    I’m a dog person all the way but even I prefer Caturday. It just sounds right.

  70. Gotta keep with the original Caturday. Please, oh please don’t mess with Bunday!

  71. Caturday!!!

  72. chanpon says:

    Caturday is a classic and cannot be replaced.

  73. Well since Caturday and Bunday are taken, I propose:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdog, Fursday, Friday, Caturday, and Bunday.

  74. Monika says:

    That is obviously a gruff bear posing as a dog.

  75. CATURDAY! [pardon the shout, but really!]
    Bunday, Mondog, Mewsday, Wombatday, Fursday, Haiku Friday.
    (dusts hands `a la Megster): done!

  76. Andi from NC says:

    EARLYBIRD1 has the right idea! I cast my vote for:

    and disapproving Bunday on Mondays

    PS – I also like NADS idea of an occasional WINSDAY (all Winston, all day)…

  77. I say leave Caturday alone, and go for Sundog (or even Mondog).

  78. Photon says:

    Caturday FTW!

  79. lggbie says:

    I have to add my vote for Fridog. The way my dog greets me with ludicriously happy tail wagging = how I greet Friday.

  80. micsix says:

    The doggy looks like a stately old proper engish woman with jowls who is just about to say something like “Well, back when I was a girl……” Maybe just to me 🙂

  81. Wisteria says:

    I detect a pro-cat, anti-dog bias in this particular pair of photos, which is fine with me.

    Caturday ftw, and I second (or third) the Wednesdog suggestion.

  82. Hot Tams says:

    I think Aoide has the POIFECT idea.

  83. CATURDAY!!!

  84. pebble says:

    Is this a joke or something?


  85. Caturday. All the way. But I welcome the dog days of summer.

  86. Jerilyn says:

    C-A-T T-U-R D-A-Y
    (rep four times)

    I’d much rather sleep in late on Caturday with a snoozing, purring kitteh, then be up and running to the nearest fire hydrant.

    So — Caturday, all the way!!!

  87. Midnite.Circus says:

    If the pics will be this prosh, I vote for one of each every weekend. Otherwise – CATURDAY!!!

  88. At first I was all, hey yeah let’s go with saturdog, awesome. but then I got sad about no more caturday.


    I vote friDOG, CATurday, BUNday. everybody wins!!!

  89. But you know what? If the pups were represented by Saddies McFrownersons, I’d probably go the other way.

  90. fifthsonata says:

    BOTH! BOTH! BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  91. Caturday!

    I love dogs, but they don’t seem to have the following cats do. I mean, over at a dog website (which shall remain nameless,) dog photos are lucky to get one comment. At the (also nameless,) cat site, 50 comments or more are typical.

    I think every dog should have their own day!

  92. Shannon says:

    How is this even a question?! Caturday, of course, dear lord!

  93. Caturday! Caturday! Caturday!

  94. Caturday owns saturdog!

    If we have a tie, could we all enjoy the weekend during : CATURDOG?

  95. Tricia says:

    Caturday and Sundog. Each can have their own day!

  96. I think it should be a weekly comp- a cute cat vs a cute dog, and whichever photo wins gets that week. Or joint custody, every other week. lol

  97. Snowpea says:


  98. amandaaaaaaa says:

    someone else suggested fridog, caturday, and bunday. i agree! but keep saturday caturday!

  99. Lindsay says:

    Caturday. Paws down.

  100. Yes, Fridog, Caturday, and Bunday… definitely the way to go. Caturday stays Caturday, Bunday stays Bunday, and the dog people can say stuff like “Thank God it’s Fridog”… which they should love.

  101. I am delurking for the first time ever to vote for CATURDAY. (And Fridog.)

  102. Chultz says:

    OMG, kitties fo eva!!!! Love the pups, but cats win Sats:)

  103. flyerpup says:

    Vote for Caturday b/c of his/her leeeeeeps are kissable.

  104. KatieZ says:

    Fridog, Caturday, Bunday!!!!! Yesss!!!!!!!!

    Yes please, I mean (:


    It’s my favourite day of the weeeeek!!

  106. bairmar says:

    I hate Caturday! Saturdog for sure!

  107. Aoide has solved a very complex and heartbreaking problem. “My vote’s for Fridog and Caturday. And, of course, Bunday.” Brilliant. I concur wholeheartedly!!

  108. Saturdog all the way!


    Look at that little face, all worried. Little mini toofs, eyes going off in two directions, kissable nose, saying in a worried little voice, “I can no haz Caturday?”.

  110. Caturday is bigger than CO, bigger than Twitter, nearly as big as the whole internets! No way it can be replaced with “Saturdog”…. And isn’t there already a “Bunday.” so nix on “Sundog” too.

    Really, if you think about it, dogs get attention ALL THE TIME, they don’t need a special day. 😉

  111. “Let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew and dog will have his day.”

    I’m sure that what Shakespeare REALLY meant by this was that the cat will mew on Caturday, and the dog will have his day on any day other than Bunday… 😉

  112. I vote for Fridog, Caturday, and Bunday!

  113. CATURDOG!!! I love them both!!

  114. victoreia says:

    Fridog, Caturday, and Bunday gets my stoat vote!

  115. ViolaDeLesseps says:

    Kittehs! Kittehs FOREVAH!!!

    (Though if there’s a kitlet who enjoys dressing as a dog, that would be okay.)

  116. Fridog just sounds weird to me. Although Bunday is taken already, I like the idea of previous commenters about moving it (to a more appropriate day too)… resulting in Caturday, Sundog, and disapproving Bunday.

  117. Caturday blows. DOGS RULE!!!

  118. Madame X says:

    Caturday, of course! [Harrumph! The nerve of it, suggesting we do away with that venerable tradition! What is this world coming to? – Cue scathing glare over lorgnette.]

  119. robbie says:

    Caturday, absolutely!

  120. Caturday! Caturday! Caturday!

  121. HerMeowness says:

    Caturday with occasional guest speaker Saturdog!

  122. peyote says:

    i vote we install a new day for dog pictures, so that both cats and dogs will have an equal share in the spotlight and nobody has to get their feelings hurt.

  123. thing1 says:

    Caturday! Dogs can have a different day :p

  124. Please leave it as Caturday. But Sundog sounds neat so let them have the next day. And I like the idea of disapproving Bunday since Monday is kind of depressing.

  125. I like the idea of Cursday. 😀 But Sundog works, too. It conjured images of my own ancient (she’s 14) Labrador lying outside half in the sun, half in the shade.

    So keep Caturday and let there be a day of the wheek for all teh qte!

  126. Caturday. Always Caturday.

  127. rosindust89 says:

    I like my traditional caturday, but I think both have their place. I hope we don’t schism over this!

  128. Caturday! Why fix something that isn’t broken? :]

  129. Fridog, Caturday, Bunday—brilliant!!!!

  130. AuntieMame says:

    Caturday, Sundog, Bunday!!!!!!!

  131. Caturday! A million times Caturday! I cannot resist those baby kitty teefies.

  132. Molly D says:

    Caturday all the way! >^..^< Until Bunday (..)

  133. danielie says:

    I side with the people who say you didn’t want the dogs to win. 😦 I would vote for the dogs, but not this dog.

    I also side with Fridog-Caturday-Bunday. It’s perfect. Do not mess with Bunday.

  134. danielie says:

    Excuse me for even thinking you would mess with Bunday… I just realized that they’d disapprove so much it would break the interwebs.

  135. Anachrony says:

    Caturday, Bunday, ‘Munkday, Toesday, Whinesday, Fursday, Fridog.

  136. Brittany F says:

    Or Mondag, Tuesdog, Wednesdog, Thursdog, or Fridog, PLEASE.
    I love Caturday and Bunday, but…

  137. Caturday!

  138. Kiefler says:

    I’m with golf widow, it should be Sundog. That way we can preserve Caturday. I came just to say that, and was glad to see that other were in the same camp.

    (BTW, can you default to HD video? It’s YouTube’s bandwidth.)

  139. 1 Vote for Caturday, m’lords and m’ladies!

  140. I totally agree with Nikki 😈 Mess with Caturday and billions and billions of kitties will desend upon Cute Overload.com 😈

  141. caligirl says:

    caturday gets my vote!


  143. Caturday!

    or Marusday ^_^
    Everyone needs a daily dose of Maru 😉

  144. Gotta vote for Caturday although I would love Mondog as well.

  145. Caturday FTW!

  146. Caturday. I see absolutely no reason why it should be otherwise.

  147. Hon Glad says:

    I’ll go catatonic if we cannae have Caturday captain.
    Cursday has a certain arcane ring to it.

  148. Christie says:

    Eww, saturdog, gross!

    I wait all week for CATURDAY! When these open doors are open ended. Caturdaaay!!

  149. Penelope says:

    Caturday it is! (and always will be)

  150. Celinda says:

    I LOVE CATURDAY! However, Purrrsday has a nice ring to it. Dontchathink?

  151. Rachael says:

    I voted for Caturday but I’ll reconsider if all the dogs on Saturdog could be corgis.

  152. Wylizzle says:

    Caturday! Caturday! Caturday!

  153. Caturday! We could have Sundog. Or Thursdog. Dog fits most. Caturday is unique.

  154. bookmonstercats says:

    Caturday obvy.

    CHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I miss mine. More chows pleeeze.

  155. Queen of Dork says:

    Caturday of course. Hey you guys. Speaking of cats, mine just informed me that it stipulates in his Contract that I am supposed to be referring to him as HRF. (His Royal Felineness) and I’ve commited a serious breach by not calling him that and curtseying when he enters the room and I’m also supposed to buy him a crown. So I’m going to the store now to price tiny, little cat-head sized crowns. *sigh* Good grief.

  156. The Kitteh! XD

  157. Esther says:

    Fridog, Caturday, Bunday. There’s something so Sunday school teacher about Bunday, it should stay where it is. And aren’t we all FRRRIIIIDDDAYYYY!, like a good dog who has just discovered it has a tail? And then Caturday is, well, Caturday.

  158. cathgoof says:

    Fridog, Caturday, Bunday!!!!

  159. cathgoof says:

    But especially Caturday!!!

  160. mimzysmom says:

    *huffs the kitteh smell*



  161. Sundog!

  162. mikeyfur says:

    Caturday all the way!

  163. catlover says:


    Not only is it traditional, but those blue-green eyes! Those kitteh lips! That beepable nose! That innocent, wide-eyed face! SO ADORABUHLS!!!!!

    Caturday, Caturday, Caturday.

  164. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps! I need some advice. I’m so scared and worried about my cat! He refuses to eat his food. Even when I try to mix it up and give him different things to eat. He’s losing weight…getting skinny and bony. I put food in his bowl and he just looks up at me and meows! I don’t know how to get him to eat.

  165. AnimalLover093 says:

    How about Fridog, Caturday and Bunday?

  166. Caturday!! Why should teh cute fight over one day when there are 6 others to choose from? I like what AnimalLover093 suggested: Fridog, Caturday, Bunday. One day per cute.


  167. Queen of Dork says:

    But what do we call Tuesday?

  168. I’m all for Saturdog, or Sundog, or Fridog or any day that highlights kewt puppy schnozzles and waggity tails. Personally, I don’t care if Caturday is replaced, however from the comments it seems fairly obvious that many, many people would be upset with this. So it just makes SENSE to give goggies a seperate day of glory.

  169. Cats rule … dogs drool.

  170. Saturdog?? BLASPHEMY!!!


  172. DewiCasgwent says:

    Queen of Dork

    Tuesday is Toesday when we have photos of any cute paw, hoof or other extemitity

  173. KitKat says:

    So sorry doggies … but it has been and will always be CATURDAY!

  174. flutterbye says:

    CATURDAY IT MUST STAY! EVERYONE FOR: CHANT. I can’t type fast enough to type it over and over, so repeat if you want it to stay as it is. I think of Fiddler On The Roof song It’s Tradition!!!

  175. Caturday!

  176. kokobutterbuns says:

    ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  177. Miriam says:

    Though I adore the doggehs more than than the kittehs, my vote goes to the classic: Caturday!
    Can we give dogs another day of the week; how about Fridogday? Maybe Saturdog on leap years? 😉

  178. @Queen of Dork…get your cat to a vet immediately, he may have a blockage!

  179. meoowmom says:

    CATURDAY….those lil teef are adorable especially with those
    huge saucer like blue eyes

    this doggie looks like a Bear…

  180. kitteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  181. @Queen of Dork… Yes! get your cat to a vet immediately! Not eating is definitely a sign of illness, could be many things, but definitely needs treatment!

  182. Queen of Dork says:

    Ohmygosh!! Okay. I’ll take him to the vet. Holycrap! I hope my baby boy is okay.

  183. thing1 says:

    …and Toesday is already taken!

  184. I like the Sundog idea, i mean every dog must have their day right?

  185. Julie S. says:

    The kittehs will not allow a changing of Caturday. It has been and will always be the kittehs’ day. If Caturday is changed, the kittehs will revolt and I will run and hide. I live with 4 of them – they outnumber us 2:1.

    PS. The Saturday cat pictured above is Tater – she was one of our fosters and is living with the in-laws now.

  186. CATURDAY, definitely. it’s been around longer, and deserves to remain #1. I am more of a cat person anyways. ^^

  187. Paunchie says:

    Caturday, in the park! I think it was the fourth of July…

    I thought Sunday was already Bunday?

  188. myshadeofgray says:


  189. Saturdog, or something devoted to dogs only. I’m not a big fan of cats and it seems like dogs aren’t featured as much as cats on CO.

  190. Dogs will NEVER win over cats, in any constest.

  191. Caturday!!!!! Dogs are cool in their way, but leave my Caturday fix alone please!!!

  192. Both, please!!!!!

  193. Caturday!!

  194. yolanda says:

    I dislike cats so much I don’t even like looking at pictures of cute kittens, but let them have a day, we’ll have caturday, bunday, mondog, hoovesday, wingsday, turtlesday and finday, ok? Then everyone gets a chance! Just keep posting bunnies for me please? (dogs too but there’s always the daily puppy)

  195. Queen of Dork says:

    yolanda: Ha-ha! I love cats but have met other people like you who can’t stand them. Your candor struck me as so funny I almost spewed beverage out of my nose! 🙂

  196. gatita bonita says:

    Caturday, please! Or else risk the ravings and machinations of basement cat as revenge!

  197. That’s definitely a Chow, btw.
    And I don’t think we can mess with Caturday! It is an institution! I vote that dogs get their own day. We have Caturday and Bunday — which leaves five other days from which to choose!

  198. Mew mew mew I has a cute says:

    You can’t change Caturday! Its been here forever, and it sounds better that Saturdog. How bout Caturday and Sundog? ykwim

  199. Yolanda, I feel similar to you, although I can handle an occasional Maru video. My experiences with cats have just not been positive. They’re always yowling, trying to scratch, bite or jump off from a ledge and scare the crap out of you.

    Case in point – my friend’s cat would come up and purr and try to get me to pet it. I’d give it some love and then it would turn around and scratch and bite my hand. WTH?

    Yessir, give me a friendly pup any day. CO mods, could we have a Scottish Terrier feature?

  200. Saturdog.. hmm fridog sounds cuter.. dogs rule either way!!

  201. Just want to say that the puppy, Bamse, is not something a “human have tried to improve!” He is a regular shar-pei but with a different kind of fur, and of course he doesn´t look like this now that he is grown up, there is nothing wrong with him at all. And neither is it with his regular shap-pei brother, actually they are bought from a breeder that doesn´t breed on the dogs wrinkles.

  202. Caturday…paws down!

  203. caturday plz

  204. Katrina says:

    Th dog wins this one-what a character!

  205. I vote Caturday and Sundog!

  206. Sweeda88 says:


  207. Tobycat says:

    I vote Fridog, Caturday and Bunday! Equally represent our fluffy friends!

  208. Caturday!

  209. babbers says:

    I say Caturday and Sundog!
    Cause ‘dog’ can go into any day of the week but Caturday just works so purrrrrrfectly with Saturday!!!

  210. babbers says:

    Hold check that, I agree with Tobycat!
    Fridog, Caturday and Bunday!!

  211. jay1937 says:

    caturday caturday caturday!

  212. ultra_violet says:

    I love me some pups, but Caturday must remain.

  213. Hon Glad says:

    Howzabout Fidoday?

  214. haha! that dog looks like a little old man 🙂 Oh…and maybe you could split up Caturday by having Caturday during the day and then Saturdog night ??

  215. Saturdog! Well, any dog day is good in my book. Don’t get me wrong–cats are cool in their own right, but they seem to get a lot of “cute” coverage already. My heart is completely sold to the puppies.

    Two words:

    Labbies and Corgis!

  216. Marisa says:

    I vote for Caturday and Sundog. That kitten is so cute it could sell ice to a polar bear.

  217. Elicia Arwen says:

    Sundog sounds good too.

  218. Lulubee says:

    Caturday has become a tradition–I say keep it. But I do like that suggestion of Wednesdog.

  219. Lulubee says:

    Addendum: Because there’s already Bunday.

  220. My vote is for Fridog, Caturday and Bunday. Don’t nobody DARE mess with my Bunday.
    Also, warm fuzzies to Queen of Dork. I hope your kitty is okay! :<

  221. Caturday!

  222. kitteh i say!!

  223. LovesDogs says:

    Mondog, Tuesdog, Wednesdog, Thursdog, Fridog, Caturday, Sundog. Let the cats have ttheir day. Dogs RULE!

  224. muttluver says:

    Um, check my name. Yeah. I’m votin for teh doggehs.

    I’m conflicted though. What’s been said about Fridog makes sense. Much as I prefer dogs over cats, I don’t particularly want to read about the immense amount of complaining that will come from Caturday supporters if Saturdog takes over. And Friday is awesome, and dogs are awesome, so Fridog makes sense. (Though I also like Fidoday.)

    But dissaproving Bunday also makes sense, since most peeps hate Mondays. And dogs….. they just seem to go with leisure time. So it would also make sense to have Sundog. But the Bunday supporters wouldn’t welcome the change.

    I like Cursday, even if it does sound kinda negative.

    In short: As long as CO (finally) designates a day to the doggehs, I don’t really care. And you can be sure that until the dogs have a day to themselves, we dog lovers will continue to howl.

    C’mon. It’s only fair.

  225. shells says:

    why not Catyrday and Sundog???

  226. NOOOO! KITTEHS RULE! Lok at teh sweet faces oh theh wittle cutehs! I CANT RESIST!

  227. Moggie definitely wins because Goggie harumphs, shakes head, & walks away muttering.

  228. Melinda says:

    Caturday fur sure!

  229. kokobutterbuns says:

    Those itty-bitty bottom baby teeth on the kitteh definitely topples the scales in this contest. CATURDAY!!!

  230. The dog wins the cuteness award out of these 2 for me – but I am with others in having Fridog, Caturday and Bunday. Though as long as it’s cute, you won’t hear me complaining !

  231. Aigred says:

    I am conflicted.
    I like Sundog because it’s a real word.
    But where will the rabbits go without Bunday?
    And we have to keep Caturday.
    So I will have to agree with Fridog, Caturday, and Bunday.

  232. BlueMenro says:

    Caturday! I agree dogs can have Fridog!

  233. Fridog would be a good idea. Then I’ll know what day to look forward to for maximum cuteness.

    And that Chow-Chow’s expression is one of the finest disapproving faces I’ve seen. I want to kiss that mug.

  234. psychethos says:

    Caturday is an institution! However, I would be totally cool with Fridog or Sundog. Wedsdogday? Whatever. But Caturday forever.

  235. KITTIES!!!

  236. tomato.bandit.queen says:

    Caturday ftw.

  237. Caturday is traditional. I was already enraged enough when Nomvember beat out Nosevember.

  238. Kitties win! How could anyone not want Caturday?

  239. Caturday!

  240. Emerson says:

    Bunday’s on the phone to Mondog!

  241. CATurday FTW!!! (and Mon-ster -Monday-Hamster- please…)

  242. bargles says:



  243. I love the puppers and the kittehs equally, but I gotta go with tradition on this one! Caturday, all the way! I like the idea of Fridog, Caturday and Bunday. A weekend trifecta. 🙂

    Also, kitteh has hyp-mo-ties’d me. 😯

  244. Caturday caturday!!!! You could do Thursdog or something instead (but leave us our kittehs!).

  245. KatieKae says:


  246. Friendofpets says:

    Caturaday!!!!!!!!!!! I cant live without it!!!!!

  247. Caturday. It has to be caturday. I love cats and caturday sounds much better than saturdog. Miau~

  248. Coquette says:


  249. SATURDOG!!!!!!!!!!!
    emphatically saturdog.

  250. Discordia says:

    CATURDAY! Cats on Saturday!!!

  251. I can take or leave Caturday, but I know there are some big fans….so I vote dogs get their own day, because they’re important enough not to have to steal the cat’s day. .

  252. Laureling says:

    Saturdog! Or Sundog. But let the dogs have their day!

  253. Kitteh wins — keep Caturday alive! But I could totally see Sundog or Tuesdog.

  254. Marianne says:

    Caturday WIN!
    (doggies are cewt too, but you don’t mess with institutions!)

  255. westingtown says:

    Caturday, natch.

  256. B. Modern says:

    and again I say…

  257. caturdaycaturdaycaturdaycaturdaycaturday

  258. Chelsey says:

    Can we get an “extreme tiny-baby-kitty-teeth close up”??! (ETBKTCU)

  259. person anon says:

    Caturday was there before. Don’t change it now.
    Sunday is taken (Bunday)
    So how about Tuesdog?
    A suggestion: Birdsday/Thursday

  260. person anon says:

    Birdsday (thursday)

  261. notice the slight lazy eye on that “cat”

    you should probs put him down, it’s getting tough to watch

  262. Amanduh says:

    DO BOTH!! You can have caturday one week and saturdog the next and keep switching. I can’t choose between them, I luff them both.

  263. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey guys, sort of off subject but not really as it’s about cats. My cat is really, really picky about his food. But my daughter and I went to the pet store yesterday and I found some food that he LOVES! I got him som Feline Greenies and some Purina Pro Plan (for adults) and he loves all of these foods. I mean, gobbles them up like mad! I’m so happy to have finally found something he really likes. Sorry to sound like a commercial but I wanted to share this information in case anyone else out there has a cat who is really picky about his/her food. Also, I got him some catnip bubbles which he likes to play with and some waterless shampoo to clean his fur because he’s always going out in the backyard and coming inside covered in pollen. Which causes my daughter and I to suffer tremendously from allergies. So cleaning his coat and then washing our hands helps us breathe easier and not have such itchy eyes and not sneeze so dreadfully much. Very cool products we found at the pet store. And very fun time we had there! We saw a fish that was swimming upside down. He wasn’t dead…just swimming upside down. The guy that worked there told us that this particular species of fish sometimes gulps too much air when feeding at the surface which results in an air bubble in the tummy. This doesn’t harm the fish, but can cause him to flip over sometimes and swim upside down. Learn something new every day. Sorry to go on so. But you peeps are the best to talk to about anything related to animals.

  264. Queen of Dork says:

    Why is that totally harmless comment awaiting moderation? What did I say wrong? No cuss words or anything gross or strange. Just wondering. *sigh*

  265. Mod-in-Training says:

    QoD, your comment was probably flagged for some other word or phrase–more likely to happen with a longer post, I’d say.

  266. Awwww! I’m sure that pup is adorable, but that really is a horrible image of the dog. The angle doesn’t work for the doggie at all! Poor pei didn’t have a chance with that photo! It’s too bad because bear coat shar-pei’s are a cute overload!!