That’s Hamazing!

Get ready to scrape your jaws off the floor, peeps, as we meet YouTube user flybybutterflies, whose hobby involves training seemingly untrainable creatures (hamsters, goldfish, frat boys, etc.) to perform amazing feats of skill.

So, how good is she? This good:

Spotted at Your Morning Adorable from the Los Angeles Times.


  1. *boing boing boing*!

    I want to see THIS on TV, not just doggies :)

  2. can I squeeze the lil creature? :-D

  3. That is fabulous! Love the slo-mo replay at the end.

  4. pounce says:

    Wow … I thought hamsters were only good for being cute and making teeny poops.

  5. I particularly love the dramatic “action” music as the soundtrack to this little Ham’s agility course! She clearly loves her little ham–just look at how carefully she made the obstacles! Adorable.

  6. junemrc says:

    OMFG!! that is flipping AWESOME!!!

  7. Hopeewon says:

    I am astonished, shocked, awed, gob-smacked, and flabbergasted!

    All I can count on my little hammy to do is run-run-run in her little wheel. (Where is she going?) I want the “How to train your fluff ball hammy” video.

  8. Holy smokes, I just went to her channel on YouTube and she actually has trained a goldfish to fetch a hoop! Soooo cool. This gal’s ability to train animals is amazing!

  9. I love seeing seemingly-untrainable animals doing schtuff like this. Wonder what she used as a reward? The only thing my hamsters ever went nuts for was butter cookies. (I know, I know, bad hammie mommy…)

  10. This is awesome! I hope hammie got a nice treat afterward :)

  11. Hopeewon says:

    Wow, well she does have a “How to train your fluff ball hammy” video

  12. forsakenbeast says:

    So cute! Is that music from the movie Madagascar in the background?

  13. … WIN.

    You don’t actually have to use treats to teach your little pocket pets tricks like these. Doing the exercises seems to be its own reward – the real trick is to get them to perform the behavior the first time. When no ill consequences happen, they are more likely to repeat the act.

  14. Whitwoc says:

    Heh…this is awesome.
    That said I’ve found dwarfies to be tres trainable, mine have been taught to sit up, stick out a paw, leap a coffee jar lid & were toilet trained.
    Mine were all about the bribe at the end though!

  15. Melissa says:


  16. wow that is one talented hamster! my little hammy would never do that :) he pretty much uses his wheel for naps now haha

  17. AuntieMame says:

    I’ll be really impressed when I see the video of frat boy agility. :D

  18. My favorite part is the tube at the end. :)

  19. My girlfriend was a pioneer in this field! We recently uncovered her “science journal” from elementary school in which she diligently recorded her attempts at training her hamster to follow commands. According to her data, she was successful. Every time she commanded the hamster to “climb out of your box”, he did! Though, he also climbed out of his box following all her other instructions, so…

  20. chanpon says:


  21. Kristen says:

    Oh, sa-wheet!

  22. Sasha's mum says:

    There is actually another vid on her page that shows a hamster training session.

    Unfortunately, though, the sound quality is poor so it’s difficult to hear what she’s saying.

  23. Snoochies says:

    I had a hamster just like this guy, who would ride around on the top of my head around the house. She was a wonderful pet!

  24. paulajeanne says:

    Wowsie! None of my hammies could do that! They did come to a particular spot on command. (Where they were fed of course!)

  25. fly'n bye says:

    FAR OUT!

    Awesome hammie, fab music and all-around great video! Jaw-dropping is right … now let me find my teef…

  26. I can’t even train my Campbell dwarves not to bite me :(

  27. That’s so cool. My hamster never performed any tricks, but he did run up to me every time he heard a rustling bag. I loved my little guy.

  28. MamaLana says:

    Oh so cuuuuuuuuuute. Sweet little guy.

  29. WOW ! I love at 0:16 when the little hammie finishes the middle obstacles and stops to look at it’s trainer to see what he’s supposed to do, and then finishes the course!

  30. Ab FAB!!! Loved it!!

  31. Ugly John says:

    That’s not too hard. I’ve trained my cats to perform tricks on command. So far we’ve learned “Nap”, “Sleep”, and “Be fat”.

  32. kibblenibble says:

    Gigi, I noticed and liked that part, too. My favorite is the very end, when hammie looks up expectantly as if for a treat and then runs toward the camera! :-)

  33. Jason A. says:

    Having owned a hamster, I have to say this is funking amazing.

  34. THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I don’t think my hamster would ever be able to do this. He does like hanging upside down like a bat… but that’s not so much talented as it is weird. This is such an amazing and cute video. LOVE it.

  35. That’s so cool! Her video of the goldfish fetching a hoop is awesome, too!!

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    The trained hammy and fish are awesome but I DO NOT believe that ANYbody has been able to train a frat boy to do ANYthing (except perhaps drink beer and skip class but these seem to be instinctual to them!)

  37. Martha in Washington says:

    PS-my gold fish does a trick…it can float on its back and NO it is NOT dead (yet).

  38. Loolee says:


  39. *more applause!*

    I wonder if I can do that with my bunnies!?

  40. Andi from NC says:


    The music totally makes it (as does the drama-packed slo-mo at the end). I just wish he had a wee-little sweatband for his precious little noggin (’cause that’s some hard work he’s doin’!)

  41. **applauses**

    How on earth did s/he ever train their hamster to do that?! I can’t even get my rats to pay attention to me for five seconds!

  42. january says:

    Any college psych major is trained in these techniques…love the popcicle sticks!

  43. cambridge_rat_mom says:

    Can anyone tell me what that fantastic music is?

  44. Linda H. says:

    Not possible. Simply not possible.

  45. observer says:

    I like the music, too, although it kind of sounds like a loop of the background music from a Survivor challenge; picture people on a beach sorting out and putting together an enormous puzzle. Still, if it’s just a few bars of a larger work I’d like to know what it is.

  46. seriously?

    *Asplodes from squeeeness*



    Lord have mercy that Roborovski was just amazing!! I love those wee guys, I want one but hubby says 6 house rabbits and a cat is enough. :(

  48. Music sounds like Madagascar soundtrack.

  49. AAAWWWW! He’s so ernest and tries so hard and then looks up expectantly at the end. Love him!

  50. Omg! BRAVO BRAVO!!!! how cute is he!! What a great hammy owner to spend this much time with their hammy and make his short life so fun and loved!!

  51. Yes it is definitely the music from the Madagascar soundtrack :-) LOVE IT!

  52. The “over-under” was my favorite part too! Adorable!

  53. Their ability to train animals is amazing, but I am very disappointed that their goldifsh lives in such bad water conditions. Green water is not good for most tank fish, including goldfish.

  54. eikoleigh says:


  55. Emmberrann says:

    It is truly amazing what we hoomans can think of to occupy our time. Why does it seem to me that this person who makes this incredible course of perfectly sized and placed agility obstacles for his/her trained hamster to train on has far too much time on his/her hands (even to painting the different pieces on the little obstacles in beautiful primary colors)? Of course, I can’t really talk, I do needlework and knitting (although not for my aged gentleman cat, Mr. Picky, who turns a geriatric 20 this spring, and refuses to wear AnyThing or do anything that resembles following a command).

  56. Emmberrann says:

    Actually, Mr. Picky has one single trick: He imitates a Pet Rock if you put a collar on him–he rolls on his side and lays there and looks at you as if you are nuts.

  57. cherrydumpling says:

    I love how he lifts his little face at the end as if to say ‘ok I did it where’s my treat?’

    I would run an obstacle course if there were a piece of pie waiting for me at the end.

  58. O_O Wow.

  59. Hon Glad says:

    Emberrann – I with you on this one, though cute it seems to be ultimately a waste of time, but who knows, the trainer may be house bound and have a lot of time on their hands.
    Peeps further along the line on utube you should watch Lucky’s Funeral the
    little girl s so earnest .

  60. KittyMarthaPoo says:


    And that hammie is QUICK!

  61. See if you can get a Cat to do something like that!!!
    –Actually, I saw a cat run a course at the Animal Planet Live show at Universal Studios in Florida. I was floored.

  62. Mental Mouse says:

    Very cute. I do like that “am I done yet?” glance at the trainer midway through!

  63. Amazing! How cute. I could barely even teach my old dog not to poop in the house.

  64. Cosbert says:


  65. Emmberrann says:

    @cherrydumpling: Pie? What about cherry dumplings?
    [sorry, I’m having a Snarky Day today.]

  66. I don’t believe it.

    No one can train frat boys.

  67. Helena Mandic says:

    That’s so awesome!!

  68. As one who has owned hamsters, I have never seen anything like this. The most amazing part of this video to me is the part at the end where the hamster looks up at the owner like, “I did good?”


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