Petunia and Her Fanny Halitosis

It started out as a glorious first day with her new owner: Petunia playfully nipped at her ankles; and Owner painted Petunia’s nails “Fire Hydrant Red”. But when she began to tickle Petunia’s belly well…

…Petunia tooted.

What do you expect when you feed Petunia Olive Garden, Courtney H.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Love the nail polish! She’s welcome to toot at me anytime.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Awww! Even cuter than when they toot, scare themselves and run into the next room.

  3. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Not showing this one to my 14 year old daughter. Maybe our little dog will never thank me for saving her dignity, but I’ll do what I can for her.

  4. Good lord, that means something VERY different in Britain…

  5. fly'n bye says:

    Funny when dogs poot, then look at their butts like, wut wuzzat? Then they wonder why everyone quickly exits the room waving their hands around going ‘wowf’ peeeUUU!! and looking in the general direction of the pooter after first looking at each other with that WAS THAT YOU??? look.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Tickle torture = Laughing gas

    It’s OK Petunia, soon it will all be gone with the wind.

  7. Michele says:

    Do you have any idea how dirty “Fanny Halitosis” sounds if you’re British? Hahahahahaha.

    Fanny means something completely different in Britain FYI. You can all look it up yourselves *snerk*.

  8. thelibrarianne says:

    Petunia is adorable. My god, adorable.

  9. Zaferina says:

    Yes, that refers to the “front” area rather than the “behind” in the UK!

  10. The pupster’s expression in the second photo is absolutely priceless. What a little cutie!

  11. hirish says:

    Come back, Teho, we miss you!

  12. Or should I say that Petunia a “cutie paTOOTie?!”

  13. Felicityanne says:

    I was just about to say, do you realise how much worse this is in UK English…when I saw three others have got there before me ALREADY!

  14. Melissa says:


  15. Imogen says:

    I don’t mind how many people have said this already, cos seriously, consider us Brits! That title totally destroyed the cuteness for me! 🙂

  16. biscuithead says:

    In Britain, the ‘fanny’ refers to Petunia’s lady parts.

  17. um yep – same meaning in Australia … but I didn’t even take that in, until I read the comments, as Petunia is such a cutie

  18. violet says:

    Awww. Adora-belly.

  19. It looks like she’s committed doggie murder and failed to wash her claws…

  20. Oops – it means something quite shocking in Australia too!!!

  21. fly'n bye says:

    Leave it to us Yanks to offend! Also, my grandmother’s name was Frances and she was called Fanny as a nickname. I think that’s fairly common here or was at one time. Learn sump’n new every day!

  22. (Gasp!) Oh no you di-unt!

  23. nail polish??? at least a good manicure!

  24. N. Fritz says:

    But then the Brits also say “rubber” when they mean “eraser” (snigger, snigger)

  25. (Stampede to the Snickering Lounge!)

  26. Yes, yes, and let’s ask the British what they call their cigarettes…

  27. Slycat says:

    Yes, and God forbid you should ask for a napkin in a restaurant…

    Didn’t know that about “fannies” though.

    No wonder the pup looks abashed.

  28. kibblenibble says:

    ROFLMAO at the inadvertent double meaning. I needed this today, CO pals. Thanks! This puppy has two of my favorite features: Triangular, perky earses and puppy teef! Hooray!

  29. Alex C. says:

    I grew up in the UK, so the title made me gasp as well. I thought my time in the US had inured me to such things, but… no.

    P.S. the pup is super-cute.

  30. Puppy belly! I totally petted the screen.

  31. Noelegy says:

    And don’t you Brits refer to car horns as “hooters”?? 😉

  32. This post is hilarious! First of all Petunia is ADORABLE!!! And secondly, the double meanings are just cracking me up. Theresa, I’ll join you in the Snickering Lounge, unless, of course “Snickering” has a completely different meaning… 🙂

  33. ShinyBlueSpaz says:

    Wait…cigarettes? What is dirty about a cigarette? (other than being horridly disgusting, apologies to any smokers) and…wow…it sounds like i should never go to Britain. Absolutely everything here sounds dirty in England and everything in England sounds dirty here. Also…. *POKE* to the puppeh belleh!!!! (Also I’m actually going there in a few months…so why shouldn’t I ask for a napkin?)

  34. Felicityanne says:

    @ShinyBlueSpaz: Originally (I think) London slang: a teenage smoker might refer to ‘having a fag round the back of the bike sheds’ …but the napkin thing, well you’d have to be VERY posh…it’s long been infantilised to ‘nappies’, and you call those ‘diapers’!

  35. It looks like she’s committed doggie murder and failed to wash her claws…Download the wire episodes online

  36. Hon Glad says:

    ShinyBlueSpaz: Don’t worry, your waiter will almost certainly be Polish/Spanish/
    Italian/Bulgarian and possibly English. Nancy Mitford wrote a book about words being U and Non/U, use of them marked out your class. Napkin U-Upper class, Serviette
    non U- middle/lower class. I use serviette to denote paper napkins and Napkin for cloth
    napkin. |But really who gives a f**k. Also don’t worry about our class system people aren’t that bothered, unless there snobs, in which case they’re not worth knowing

  37. Petunia is precious!

    As for the double meanings… I used to work at a store in the US that sold those pouches that strap around your waist like a belt. We had a sign over them that said “Fanny Packs – $5”. Until a girl from Australia came to work for us, took one look at the sign and burst into hysterics. When she finally composed herself enough to tell us what was so funny, we changed the sign to “Belt Packs – $5”.

  38. good lord that means something VERY different in Australia lolol

  39. Londoner says:

    Some years ago (i.e. back in the early 80’s) I was told a British actor was on tour in the US and, having got back from rehearsals, asked the receptionist “Where can I get some fags at this time of night?”
    “Well how many do you want?” says receptionist.
    “Well, you know, about 20,” says bemused Brit.
    To which the receptionist apparently replied; “That’s what I love about you English, you’re so greedy!
    Two countries divided by a common language, all right…
    (PS – cute dog.)

  40. Londoner says:

    Oh, poop, I didn’t close the italics properly. Sorry. Techno-idiocy.

  41. heleen says:


  42. N. Fritz says:

    Male British tour guide to members of a U.S. girls’ school staying overnight at a hotel: “Have a good sleep and I’ll knock you up in the morning!”

  43. Puppy belly!!!!!!

    Yeah, toot in the UK *does* mean something completely different. Makes sense then that she’s covering her nose.

  44. MandyMo says:

    I think it’s hilarious when my dogs toot and then look at their behinds. They also attempt to look at their bellies if they grumble. Both of them perk up when they hear my husband toot, and then must investigate.

    I lurve Petunia’s leetle French Mani. So sweet!

  45. Rachael says:

    I could devote the rest of my life to snorgling that belleh and it still wouldn’t be enuff.

    I’ve often scared my chihuahua out of a deep slumber with my tummy rumbles. ROFL

  46. heh heh Hiney Halitosis.

  47. meoowmom says:

    photo 1
    pup looking Fierce!

    photo 2
    pup thining OMG, OMG, did I do that?

    too cute rub that belly for me!

  48. meoowmom says:

    oops meant “thinking”

    laughing too much as I typed in….

  49. ShinyBlueSpaz says:

    Thank you Hon Glad, I feel much less worried now, lol.

  50. A little gross AND very cute! Great!

  51. Pic 1: [Boops nose]
    Pic 2: [Pokes belly]

  52. Elisa Wolfe says:

    What kind of pup is Petunia? I had a similar looking one, who I believe
    was a Chihuahua, and his ears flopped down like hers. I thought all
    CheeWaaWaa’s ears stood up straight. Could you let me know if she’s
    a mix? Thanks!

  53. @weez: I went on a trip with a bunch of Aussies to Europe and one day on a crowded bus I shoved my friend and went “FANNY COMIN’ THROUGH!” I meant my butt. I was quoting Scary Movie… and she kindly explained that fanny meant something very different to her. bahaha.

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought I was somewhat versed in “Brit” vs. “Amurrican” but some of these I did not know.. “fanny” being one.. And N. Fritz (@42) totally cracked me up.
    Wait ..does “cracked me up” mean something else somewhere else?
    Yikes. I might as well join everyone in the snickering lounge and we can exchange terminology warnings.

  55. Daphne Moss says:

    Ah, yes… America and Great Britain…two nations separated by a common language.
    I learned the hard way that, after a satisfying meal, it is absolutely the wrong thing — when offered a second piece of dessert — to reply with “No thanks … I’m stuffed.”

  56. I noticed the word “fanny” too (I’m Swedish, not Brittish, though). I don’t think it’s offensive, it just means different things in diffeernt parts of the world and the authors of the blog can’t be expected to know everything. Besides, anyone working on cuteoverlaod must be walking around in a blissful haze of cuteness most of the time (I would, if I watched adorable pictures all day) so just putting down readable sentences is an achievement!

  57. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    The variation that gets me is Americans talking about “fanny packs” with a totally straight face. When I was little, I always thought “bum bag” was rude enough!

  58. Petunia is my cousin’s new puppy. She’s 16, and she painted the toenails. I’m sure she’ll be carrying her around in her faux Coach purse soon enough, hehe.

    She is the cutest, smallest pup I have ever seen. She is a Chihuahua mix, but I’m not sure what she’s mixed with.

    I enjoy the title the Cute Overload people came up with. I didn’t think it would spark such a conversation, haha! I have enjoyed the comments, though.

  59. Is the puppy from Iowa? I know where you can adopt Petunia’s look alike possible sisters! They are at They are chihuahua and pomeranian mixes – they live in Iowa. I saw the picture and thought they might be related when I saw the look and the nail polish. All the pups came with nail polish. The other two are named Peaches and Peeko – all P puppies. Too cute!


    Sorry, got it off slightly.

  61. What kind of pooch is she? She’s adorable!
    x x x

  62. What kind of dog is this? It’s super cute!!!!

  63. Doglover says:

    Why on earth would anyone put nail polish on a dog?? Poor puppy 😦