Synchronized Leecking

“… aaaaand one, two, three, leeck, two three, roll, two, three, leeck, two, three… C’mon, kid, keep up with me or you’ll never make the Olympic team!”

“Baby Pheebee says she can do the same thing as Big Brother Chandler, only better,” says Vickie T.



  1. Paunchie says:

    Oh my gawww…….. matchingks!

  2. Gaaaaaaaaa……

  3. O NO He/she/it DI-unt!!! says:




    (winky winky)

  4. What pretty kitties! I believe I need to see more of this duo, particularly of little Miss Pheebee’s tiny striped nose. I love Mr. Chandler’s subtle orange cheek highlights, too.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Next event: synchronized hairballs. You’ll never hork alone.

  6. Creampuff says:

    Hold on! Pheebee has a much smaller tongue…

  7. metsakins says:

    Parallel kittehs. My favorite.

  8. Snowpea says:

    ooo we got at least one Rule of Cuteness happening in there. (singsong) Can you name it, boys and girls?

  9. BabyOpossum says:

    “Hey, you! I know you! I know you!”

  10. skippymom says:

    @Snowpea, we got yer Rule # 7 right here.

  11. Michelle says:

    Are they really named Phoebe and Chandler, because that is awesome!!

    …could they BE any cuter?!?!

  12. tiny tabby/tubby tabby
    tiny tabby/tubby tabby
    tiny tabby/tubby tabby
    tiny tabby/tubby tabby

  13. metsakins says:

    I just noticed, Pheebee’s paws are bent and Chandler’s aren’t. They are going to loose points for that.

  14. skippymom says:

    Living with four cats, I have learned another “rule”. In our house, at least, if two cats are in the same room and one begins washing, the other will begin to wash as well, within seconds. The rule does not seem to extend beyond two cats, though. There can be a third cat in the room and he/she will not start to wash. Has anyone else witnessed this phenomenon?

  15. @ Skippymom… I had noticed this with our barn cats (I grew up on a farm),but had forgotten it till you mentioned it… especially the bit about two, but not necessarily more.
    Yikes… the wind just hit here… we have been under a wind warning for most of the day,but it wasn’t bad till just now (hiding under bed).

  16. Phoebe sings… I can do anything you can do better ♪ì♫♪♫
    I can do anything better than you♪♫♪

  17. skippymom says:

    Kittyadventures, my lilacs are in bloom! Here comes the whiff I promised you: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhppppppppppssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know if you get it.

  18. edmundh says:

    Let’s just hope they will not be training for synchro-shredding.

  19. Smelly cat, smelly cat. What are they feeding youuu?

  20. becx07 says:

    Adorable crescent kitties AND Friends references, my day is now complete.

  21. Are you SERIOUS!!! Soo freaking precious!! How amazing that you captured this on camera!! Good job Vickie!!

  22. Hon Glad says:

    Silver lickers, city slickers.

  23. chanpon says:

    Pheebee needs a couple more beers to get to Chandler’s level of gutulence.

  24. domanato says:

    haha…look like the backup dancers on pop stars’ shows….

  25. victoreia says:

    [thud] *ded*

  26. Snowpea says:

    Yes! Someone give Skippymom the Copper Cuteness Cup! (and a chocolate cee-gahr!)

  27. The Shazinator says:

    My girls are still working on their synchro routine. Here’s a video I took of them a year ago, you can see they haven’t quite perfected it yet, but they’re getting there!!

    New Olympic Sport


  28. Shaz, they just need to keep practicing, because practice makes purrrrfect!! (*groan)

  29. Oooh! I thought of another! They haven’t quite purrrrfected it yet!!

    (I’m hear all week, folks! Try the veal and tip your waitress!)

  30. DreamspinnerCheryl says:

    The Evil Twins (aka Stoner and Tubby) often clean each other while cuddling. However, what starts out sweet and heartwarming inevitably ends in a hissy fit. I suppose this is some sort of dominance thing? (See attached photo of Stoner-Tubby is identical, although fluffed out by a porky five extra pounds or so. Stoner’s name comes from his propensity to loll about all summer in the ‘nip patch. Slacker!)

  31. Perpetual Cat Grooming- Death Battle Cycle:

    Groom groom groom
    lick lick lick
    groom groom groom


    Groom groom groom
    Lick lick lick . . .

  32. Way back when Oberon was adopted as a kitten into a family with two older females, he would take turns following them around imitating whatever they were doing. Invariably, the older girls would get annoyed with this little “copycat” (hrmm… never thought about that word before) and slap him in the face. Whap!

    Eventually, Peaseblossom (still happy and healthy at +21 years old! she had special treats for dinner tonight!) seemed to say, “Alright, you can copy me, kid. But no touching!” Oberon then followed her around and copied her for the next 18 years. I miss my little copycat.

    /* stares at bubbles in third cocktail — “Did I ever tell you about Oberon’s first Halloween?” — sloppy weeping */

    (Sorry if I brought the Sad into the Cute. I can has melancholy?)

  33. @HP, Brilliant Shakespearean names! I miss my Stinky so, I kn ow how you feel.

  34. Who do you snorgle first?

  35. @Skippymom, I think we’ve gotten up to 3 synchronized washings, but I’m not sure. I’ve got 7 furry children, but they’re rarely all in the same room together.

  36. KatieZ says:

    Cutest. Kitten. Ever.

  37. @Theresa: Peaseblossom’s sister and Oberon’s aunt was Puck, who, following post-restoration Shakespearean tradition, was played by a female. Baby, on the other hand, would never respond to Bottom, but preferred to think of himself as a character in a zany 1930s screwball comedy.

  38. Everything is more fun when you do it with a friend !

  39. Shazinator, they may not have the moves down perfectly, but they get points for their glamorous, frilly costumes!

  40. MandyMo says:

    260Oakley: You’ll never hork alone…I nearly spit out my PB&J onto my keyboard. Thanks for the laugh!

    The world would be a much better place if we weren’t alll solitary horkers. 🙂

  41. MandyMo, I thought the same thing! That was fantastic! Mine was coffee tho’!

  42. are all these people who responded at work right now?

  43. Awwww! Somehow I missed this adorable post yesterday.

    Something else must have been Jammin my brain. Heh.

  44. 😀 AWW 😀 I would just love to cuddle little Pheebee and Chandler 😀

  45. I really like the pictures you’ve drawn

  46. @260Oakley: Gee thanks. Now I have “Walk On” stuck in my head, only now it’s “Hork On.” 😛

  47. Robin: Either that or they’re in a different timezone.

    Also: Awwwwwwww, synchronized kittehs. They’re gonna win gold somewhere.

  48. Not everyone works during the day. Or even works these days. HA !
    Love the picture.