Everyone has Memorial Day Plans

What do you wanna do first? Eat? Nap? Pee on ol’ lady McCracken’s hedges?

All of the above, Jamie I.


Sleeping—with both ears open

Don’t take any chances—you can’t miss any fox secrets [like when the meerkats are throwing parties, etc.]

Fennec fox by floridapfe.

Q: Why is Gary so disgusted?

A: Oh.

Vanina W. says: “Pedro has no manners and Gary is outraged… always.”

Check out mah Pythons


1. Cat pees on beanbag

2. Beanbag needs a washing.

3. Beanbag filling is placed in bathtub.


Another Quality Foraged Link from Ant.

Tired of Being Upstaged by the Energizer Bunny, Borris Needed a Better Gig

Listen Mr. Oats, I don’t know how tied in you are, but I’m a way better spokesman than that fella who looks like a mustachioed walrus.

Rorschach has the worst table manners, Nicole P.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of “Cat Fancy” Fancy 100

Sweetie, I’ll do what you ask because I’m a professional; but the next time you tell me to “show my inner tiger”? I’ll claw your shins clean off.

Jeesh. Shin pads, Brendan M.

Chop Phooey

Hungry for an enchanting culinary journey to a far-away exotic mealtime adventure? Then why not visit Harry and Heidi Ho’s Hunan House of Hamsters?

Our chefs will prepare your hamsters fresh at your table. One bite, and you’ll say: It’s a globally exotic flavor-bration!

Chinese Dwarf Hamster Take Out by House of Sims.

Wonder Nap Powers, Activate!

Form of a Frisbee! No, wait — a spare tire! Um, a nice cheese danish, maybe?

Photo by Gloson, spotted by Phillip P.

Talk About Being Scared of Your Own Shadow.

Look bub, not all baby animals get to look like fluffy otters or Golden Retrievers when they’re born. Some, like us groundhogs, grow into our looks.

Kathleen L. says that these baby groundhogs were brought into her Foothill Animal Clinic after a construction crew found them while bulldozing a site. I’m not sure they have names, but I humbly suggest Hans Moleman & Gollum.