Gee, Why Don’t You Tell Us How You Really Feel, Bernice?

Bernice is sooooooo cold….

How do you deal with such a nasty cat, Tiffini and Adam H.?



  1. Hey, she’s waving at us!

  2. Air biscuits!!

  3. Rule #29, engage!

    Love the chest heart. Hard to believe it’s natural.

  4. Awww, what a sweetie! To be fair, thought, I have never had a “cool and aloof” kitty. They’ve all been smooshes.

  5. HEART CHEST! *kisses awesome caliconess which is the bestest cat colour in the world!*

  6. Oh no! It’s a calico MIME! Let her out of the box!

  7. Talk to the paw not to the smoochie face! HEhehehe ♥♥♥

  8. Ooooh, just imagine if those air biscuits had been in 3D!!! Such a little love.

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  10. A cat named Bernice! Loooooove!

  11. Steppy wants to bury her face in kittys pretty little chest. Such a love.

  12. revolution724 says:

    D’awww. Sweetie. She’s gorgeous, too.

  13. snorgler says:

    I [heart] Bernice!

  14. crackjob says:

    HOW can you not love a cat. How, I ask?

  15. Paunchie says:

    naawwwwwwww such a leetle love bug smoochie smooch!!

    Rub my tummeeee!

  16. I call photoshop. Where’s the heart on the kitteh in the video???

  17. That’s how I wake up just about every morning ! With at least one of my 6 “kids” on top of me & at least one or two snuggled up around me ! I’m not quite sure if it’s me or the heating blanket they love most but as long as they keep snuggling I really don’t care !

  18. I couldn’t see the heart on the kitteh in the video? I got to wondering if these were the same cat, in part because I could’t match up the markings. Am I going crazy?

  19. I have a cat who can be pissy and angry one moment and then purring and kneading and drooling on you the next. She’s so weird. O_o

  20. Is the chest heart ‘shopped? It’s not on her in the video. Even so, who cares!! so sweet!! we you, Bernice!

  21. @Violet – you can see a black marking on her chest fur at one point – around like 0:41, 0:42. Air biscuits! good one, Fluffy!

  22. fly'n bye says:

    What a love she is, heart on chest, purrrringks and air-kneadingks! Barfing rainbows here!

  23. Aww… such a cuddle monster! What a sweetheart.

  24. also around 0:19 (best), and 0:21

    No one has said yet what a swell name Bernice is! What a sweet puddens.

  25. She’s got my grandmother’s name. O_O

  26. I ❤ Bernice!

  27. awwwww…. what a sweetie! alot of times calicos can be, shall we say, a bit snippy… obviously sweet bernice did not get that part of the calico genes…

  28. Bless her little kitty heart! 😉 hee hee

  29. Catheroo says:

    OH, I love air biscuits! What a cutie!

  30. N. Fritz says:

    Her heart is two sizes too… SQUEE!!!!

  31. This video was torture to watch. PET THE KITTY!! I was dying to pet/snorgle the sweetestcutestsmushiest kitty and it seemed to take forever for her mama to pet her. I love her name. It totally suits her. And the heart is gloriously overkill.

  32. I don’t know what you all are getting on about, that is one viscous cat! The Craw!!!!

  33. wuyizidi says:

    Love the single fang-like markings on the right side of the mouth. So emo.

  34. Is her heart real? It doesn’t match up w. the spot on her neck in the video.

  35. LovesDogs says:

    Kitty paw splayage extraordinaire.

  36. DreamspinnerCheryl says:

    Emo Bernice wears her heart on her……uhm, chest.

  37. DreamspinnerCheryl says:

    Mod, is post #9 really appropriate?

  38. Cholmondeley says:

    Ha, Katrina, viscous! Yeah, she’s melted into gooey-ness.

    In our house we call that a paw-on, as in, Bernice has a paw-on for her human. {snerk}

  39. Air biscuits + bald belly = WIN.
    @Cholmondeley, also {snerk} at paw-on 🙂
    Bernice is all “hey mama, I love bein’ in yer lap here, but could you skwatch my belleh for a min? *purr* sweet, thanks” *snuggle*

  40. Awww; my blood pressure plummeted, I lost my gravity, and I floated away happily as I watched this.

  41. that heart!! geez. she has your heart.

  42. I agree with Dreamspinner, is post #9 appropriate. When did this become a singles dating site?

  43. Well, that cat is OB-viously pure EVIL!! “I’ll bring you over to the Dark Side with my sweetness/cuteness/floofyness! This heart-shaped mark will pull you over the edge!!” tee hee!! 😉

    I’m sure comment #9 will find itself relocated to the trash file ASAP.

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    I also have never had a “cool and aloof” kitty, every cat I’ve ever had has been a cuddlebug. None have had a heart blazoned in their chest fur though. Very sweet!!

  45. Feelin’ the wuv, with air-kneads, purrrumbles, and kitteh hug for finale. Precious.

  46. Kitteh sez: “I ♥ you: as you can see on my white bib……” 🙂

  47. Oh how sweet!!! Purrrrrr.


  49. Things I must have now:
    Sproingy lambkin
    Finger monkey
    A Bernice

  50. AIR BISCUITS!!!!! She’s all, “I knead (need) you, but I no can reach you!” Stho prosh!

  51. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh sweet Bernice – you can cuddle on my lap (when Yitzy is hiding from the grandkids).

  52. psychethos says:

    My demands are 1) a helicopter that I can fly to go over to wherever they live and shmoosh my face into that kittehs belleh and 2) Permission to enter their house so I do not get arrested for breaking and entering. Immediately!
    I will eat one cookie each hour on the hour until my demands are met.

    P.S. “air biscuits” is hilarious.

  53. She is so sweet! It looks like she is reaching out to you with little love touchies!

  54. Kittytoes says:

    What a lucky human! Between the black nosie, the air biscuits, purring, heart on chest. I’m jealous.

  55. @Katrina, not Craw, Craw!

  56. Bernice has lucky humans. Such a sweet girl!

  57. Wow! Mid air faux happy paws, what a talented kitteh!

  58. whiskers says:

    The purrink! The air-biscuits! The splayed toes! *hed splodes from teh cyoot!*

  59. Do we *heart* Bernice or does she *heart* us?
    Sometimes looks are everything.

  60. Fuzzbutt says:

    Awesome cat!

    And for post 9…. he’s not even clever enough to give a working link. What do you expect?

  61. Dustbunny says:

    Cute kitteh, but I was LOLing at the amount of cat hair on that woman’s black pants.

  62. Yeah, I meant Craw! with the italics, but I don’t know how to make italics in CO. Thanks Theresa, you always have my back!

    What a sweetheart! Or furheart, or something like that…

  63. Bernice? Doesn’t look like a Burmese.

  64. Bunkeh Rabbets says:

    Is it just me or was Miss Bernice thinking “Get the camera out of mah face, i’m napping. Be gone human. OK then…” *knead knead* *stretch stretch* *knead knead* “…Now can I get back to my maus-dreams?”

  65. That is one super gorgeous and sweet kitty.

  66. I hope post #9 gets to stay. It adds a nice little surreal touch, don’t you think? 😉

    And Bernice! What can I say that hasn’t been said? Gorgeous calico, loud purr, air kneading, great name, AND a HEART??!! Total redonkulous-ness!

  67. Space Cowgirl says:

    Angels do exist!

  68. THE HEART! What a lovebug of a cat.

  69. i am looking to pet some kitten here i just came from spain and i am looking for a cat to make some biscuits thank you all

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    Juno: Yeah. #9 was delightfully random and strange…

  71. We call the ‘i’m trying to get you with my paw but you’re really far away’ “fat paws”….Love it!! 🙂

  72. Jazz paws!

  73. Ladybird says:

    LOL @ Patito Gigante – you’re the funniest! And Bernice is the business – what a lovely kitteh.

  74. LOVED that!! I shall sleep very well tonight! 🙂

  75. kibblenibble says:

    I had an Aunt Bernice! *scrolls up to watch sweet kitty again*

  76. aquasaline says:

    this is a good place. Bernice makes it better.

  77. EHN! HAPPY PAWS! 😀

    Like many of you did, I couldn´t see the heart in the video either, but it does look real in the photo! Cudos to whoever photoshopped it (*if* it is photoshopped).

  78. Noodles says:

    What a sweet, affectionate kitteh! When she leaned against the girl and stretched her paw like she wanted to cuddle, I just melted. (I can’t describe it as well, but I felt what vengeanceandvanity felt.)

  79. “I make biscuits in your general direction. You may continue admiring me.”

  80. Bernice is absolutely gorgeous!

  81. rebaschneider says:

    The cat in the video doesn’t have the same markings as the cat in the pic, never mind the heart. And to another commenter, viscous means thick or sticky, I think you meant vicious?

  82. senorflufflebutt says:

    how do we know that there wasn’t a sharpie involved?

  83. You cannot escape the pawspread of love. It will eat your brain.

  84. Tiffani H. says:

    The heart is real…ish. We did manipulate her fur a little bit to make it a heart…naturally its a bit more like an upside down triangle 🙂

    Yay Bernice, we’re so proud!

  85. Not shopped. We wouldn’t even know where to start on how to do it. But we do admit to “cheating” a little to get it to look that way.

    But how can you be mad at such a cuddle monster like B?

  86. Jorden says:

    Sweet is right! What a beautiful cat.

  87. ‘Tis best that teh pointy enz are kneading the air. As cute as it is, making biscuits on teh hooman makes for ow.

    Such a lover!

  88. Teresa says:

    AWW 😀 I would just LOVE to cuddle and snorgle dear sweet Bernice 😀 Those air biscuits Bernice makes are her way to show her love to her mommy 😀

  89. What beautiful looking cat. Very unique and seems so sweet.

  90. Oh, what a sweet cackle-o! They’re usually such feisty ladies!

  91. she has a heart on her chest!!

  92. Tamara says:

    Is that the same cat in the pic and the video? The one in the video doesn’t have the heart shaped black patch but other than that they look the same…?

  93. Bernice wears her heart on her … chest! How cute is that?