I Am Stuck on Band-Aids…

… because Band-Aids can be turned into cute animal finger puppets, with teensy little earses! (Gee, now I want to hit my finger with a hammer so I can try this.)

Says Lisa C.: “Today I learned that those H-shaped Band-Aids are to put on your fingertips…and they look like Scottish fold kitty ears!”



  1. Plaster folds which look like Scottish folds!

  2. All of these years pounding, screwing, sanding, cutting, and burning my fingers and
    I had never thought of this.Quite clever.

  3. 260Oakley says:


  4. Why didn’t the band-aid manufacturers think of it? That is for sure the brand I would buy! Well they probably have them in Japan and in cute colors too! 🙂

  5. Awwwww very cute and why did I never think of this when my kids were little and had to wear bandaids… They would have loved having their own personal finger puppet bandaid

  6. No. Just no.

  7. jussylee says:

    Ebber so clebber. Patent!

  8. marthava says:

    She’s cute, but this is dumb.

  9. Quiet all! If you observe carefully, you will notice in the foliage up ahead one of the rare “asians with glasses”, belonging to the species “Fingerae Crippledae”. Observe the curious markings on the first digit of her forelimb – it is believed these markings are used as a form of status and hierarchy in the group unit.

  10. Nice, Lisa C! I love your glasses too, BTW.

    I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how I could translate this to the bandaid on my leg, then I realized that the bandaid is spread out, and doesn’t have cute earsies.

    I was more disappointed than when I found out my sister/nephew was out of the Scooby Doo bandaids, and I had to have one of the boring plain ones.

  11. I love creativity!
    I miss Theo. Not to knock you, NOMTOM, I just need a hug. Not that Theo ever
    hugged me, oh, you know what I mean…..Nice find, NOMTOM.

  12. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Katrina: Thank you, and thanks to Lisa C. for sharing her clever idea with us.

    We’re all going to miss Theo. He starts his new life today, and I know he felt honored by the send-off he received here.

  13. Cute kitteh-bandaid:
    but can it Meeeoooooaaarrr or Purrrrrr-Purrrrr-Purrrrrr?
    (If it does not, then back to the drawing-board for further analysis and development)

  14. Actually, the H-shaped ones are for your knuckles. The bow tie shaped ones are for your fingertips…..

    Nonetheless, pretty creative.

  15. And you know, I bet Theo is going to miss us, too. Boot Camp is not a walk in the park and I’m sure there will be times he’ll have an overwhelming urge to view the Qte and moderate and comment, but alas, his DI would frown. 😉

    But at least he’ll know CO goes on and we’re all sending loads of love and support his way…..

    We’ll all adjust to the new normal….eventually. (Just in time for the next change, no doubt!)

    [DS, not DI. As in, Army, not Marines. 😉 HOOAH! – Ed.]

  16. Is band-aid kitty friends with butter duck, toast ghost, and smiley Danish electrical outlets?

  17. best band-aid related idea ever!

  18. I’m always drawing kittens on all sorts of stuff, i’ve kept it a secret, but i’m so happy to see someone else does it too!

  19. Hon Glad says:

    I am a trained First Aider for the office, I have to re-train every 3 years. Infact my re-training comes up in October and I have been a First Aider for 12 years.
    But when it comes to treating myself, cuts usually get a lick, if it won’t stop bleeding
    I wrap apiece of paper towel round it, once the blood has sarted to coagulate I
    might put some antiseptic ointment on it or surgical spirit.

  20. @ Hon Glad is surgical spirit the same as rubbing alcool? That’s the only thing my mom used on us when we were little, she used to say it burns because it’s killing the bad stuff.
    I didn’t know you coud put anything else on a cut before I left home at 18!.

  21. Gigi, Yes and she was right. When I was a nipper most medicines were a bottle of jollop and tasted foul.

  22. So who’s doing the editing now?

  23. Mew mew mew I has a cute says:

    Oh you guys stop being a nuffer and look how much the band-aid looks like a scottish fold!!! ykwim

  24. Of course it *had* to be a Japanese girl showing us lowly mortals the Path towardsTeh Qte.

  25. BStrange says:

    What Oakley said. Man, I wish I’d thought of this back when I was semi-regularly getting the ends of my fingers lightly mangled on fencing wire.

  26. victoreia says:

    Great, another earworm.

  27. RicaLynn says:

    Victoreia, I’m sooo with you — oh well, at least it got the Haggard tune out of my head for the evening (and no I’m not telling!)

  28. The glasses are from zennioptical-only $10!!

  29. Nuri, why are you assuming that LisaC is Japanese? Based on her name and the fact that she used the word “Band Aid” I’m guessing she from the US or Canada (where the brand name has been genericized).

  30. Oops, forgot to say, CUTE idea LisaC! Now I can’t wait to get a papercut.

  31. cherrydumpling says:

    I ONLY buy Hello Kitty band-aids. Teh Qte heals the hurt.

  32. I did this a while ago but less successfully and more smooshy: