THIS JUST IN: Hamster molecule

What do you mean ‘H’ on the Periodic Table is TAKEN? What are we going to call the HAMSTER MOLECULE!?

Halp, Shelley T.!



  1. mintyheart says:

    zomg popcorn hamster *squeeeee* ^____^

  2. AAAHHHHH! so teeny 😀

  3. The hamster is so cute it is neither a particle nor a wave but a squeee that collapses only when observed or nommed

  4. fly'n bye says:

    So teeeny! Such a cute little morsel, kinda like those new candies that are just little bites… so easy to nom!

  5. ❤ Mel!
    (a degree in Physics helps enjoy your comment)

  6. *Puts on lab coat and reading glasses*

    In perusing the periodic table, it seems that “H” has indeed been taken, however, my research indicates that SQE² is available….

  7. 260Oakley says:


  8. I say that we hijack the H molecule and use it to serve our own ends.

  9. says:

    How about element “Q” for qte?

  10. Madame X says:

    Or element Bb, for “beautiful blobbular bebeh”?

  11. earlybird1 says:

    Nikki (#6), you are awesome! ROTFL!!! XD

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    Nikki: That’s awesome!
    *pops hamster morsel into mouf.* (just kidding)

  13. kibblenibble says:

    *gently, carefully noms wee hammy earlets, so as not to disturb the sleeping molecule*

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    kibblenibble: You have such better table manners than I. I just stuffed the whole dang thing in my mouth. *sigh* Martha Stewart would probably frown at my behavior.

  15. That’s not a molecule. It’s a molecute!

  16. *keeses tiny white splotch on delicate little earsie that is probably the size of a pinkie nail*

  17. I think Hm, for HaMster or also just hmmmm….. hm!

  18. Lerrinus says:

    *hyperventilates* (and can’t spell…!) 😀

  19. Malle Babbe says:

    I see that those folks at the LHC in Switzerland have isolated the Squee Particle…

  20. Sweeda88 says:

    This has just booted the Pygmy Marmoset off my screen as the background! Bye, bye, primate! Helloooo, morsel! =D

  21. Little Hamster Collider.

  22. If not QT, I vote for element MS (sorta kinda ‘Ams)

  23. Lifecoach says:

    Hamster Boson?

  24. well…

    the hedge was called wibley…

    how about…featherstoneham?

    or fansham for short?

  25. Oh my, someone left a dust bunny here. Let me get that. *takes out vacuum hose*

  26. The periodic table isn’t for molecules! You can call it a positively charged Hamatom.

  27. The element Hamsternium has an atomic weight of ‘squee’, with an atomic mass of ‘omg’, a density of ‘poof’ and a melting point of….. wait for it…… ‘your heart’. awww

  28. Hamster molecule abbreviated as “HAM” :3

  29. I would be afraid to breathe around this little ham for fear of inhaling it. It’s so small.

  30. I don’t think mammals can be that small. There oughta be a law…

  31. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    now folks, while these are all excellent Points to Ponder, I think
    that perhaps we have, thus far, missed The Really Interesting Detail.

    How floofy is the floof, upon which said ham is circularly slumbering?
    Is that sheepskin floof? or manmade floof? Which brand?

    What is the airspeed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow?
    and, OF COURSE, the age-old philosophical conundrum,

    “How much is That Doggie in the Window? The One with the Waggily Tail?”

    I think you all, for your consideration of these urgent issues.

  32. -What could be happier than heliums in gerbils? They make happy, furry gerbiloons!
    -Crikey! It’s a dirigible gerbil!
    -Yes, it’s a dirigiberbil!

  33. p.s. the floof looks like fluffy popcorn. Happy, furry party food to go with the gerbiloons.

  34. I’ll just carry him around in my mouf until he awakens.

  35. And here I thought that little thing was just a fluff ball from my sock! Cute!

  36. Pat Trenner says:

    Higg’s Hamsterboson, a.k.a. The Dog/God Particle

    The Qte has found it! Eureka!

  37. The White SPOT on his widdle ears is killing me.

  38. Awwww…… Hamstericus Qteicus…. (as observed in captivity……
    you should see them in the wild, as in ‘runnin arownd the back yard’)…….! 😉

  39. A serious point we should all remember is “It’s only the hairs on a Gooseberry
    that stop it from being a grape”.

  40. Methinks moderating monty the over zealous soft wear, cannae read Captain.

  41. {ahem}

    “Molecules” don’t go on the Periodic Table of the ELEMENTS.

  42. Bettymouse says:

    To O NO (he/she/or it) DI’UNT!!!!!:
    That sure looks like Carefresh Ultra pet bedding (a.k.a. fluff) to me. It’s what all the highest class rodents sleep/poop upon.
    I do not, however, know the price of that doggie in the window. Sorry.

  43. aquasaline says:

    Bh is taken too, woulda been ‘Baby_ham’
    dang that Bohrium…

  44. BStrange says:


  45. seriously, look at this link: this hamlet looks just like a dirigiberbil. inflated by ‘heliums’ – which, my dear readers, IS an element way at the tippy top of the periodic table. nothing but the best for our hams and berbils.
    “Mark Llama, Gerbil Farmer”

  46. This is a beautiful thing.

  47. i think you mean elements

  48. Hon Glad says:

    paulina- Well your certainly in your element 🙂

  49. Lula Mae says:

    A new partikuhl brought to you by the resoichers at the Large Hamster Collider!

  50. wannadance says:

    okay, get ready:

  51. Do ham hams carry a charge? My hair is standing on end from all the cute!

  52. I believe “Ha” is available.


  54. Love the periodic table song!!!!! Wish I had known of it in High School!!