I have been… and always shall be… YOUR FRIEND

[Say in Spock-in-Star-Trek-II voice]

There are way too many Khaaaaaan! jokes on this site, Amanda S.



  1. “Highfive!” yess!

  2. ho ho ho hoohhhhh!
    Cute long and prosper little friend!

  3. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Ship… (pause) out of danger?

  4. Birdcage says:

    I feel nothing but wrath about the coon that tore up my front lawn last night. Dang good thing they are cute lil’ buggers because I am one angry lawnowner!!!!!!

  5. I think I have a little dust in my eye…

  6. Birdcage, they had me screaming, “Coooooon!” when one fell in my sump pump well and destroyed my sump pump in its attempts to get out.

  7. victoreia says:

    Don’t. . . grieve. . . Admiral.

    [cue Scotty’s bagpipes, playing “Amazing Grace”] (Which is apropos of Teho’s last day 😦 *sniff*)

  8. The cuteness of the many… outweigh…

  9. OMG. Come inside little fellow. You look like you’re going to cry! OK, wait. No, don’t come inside. You’ll just tear up my house. We shall keep looking at you through the glass. Gulp!

  10. what a rascal

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Of my friend, I will only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most … (quivering lip) … raccoon.

  12. I will take the adorable raccoon (I can’t resist) and the pretty ring in the pic!

  13. Funny – I have a photo identical to that – I had to check the ring to make sure it wasn’t MY hand!…one evening I opened the back door to call the cat inside for dinner, and “Bandit” came galloping up, looked up expectantly, “did you call ME?”…she shows up several times a week…the other raccoons run & hide when I open the back door, but this one comes right up, pats my foot, my knee, anything she (I think) can reach…food?food?food? 🙂

  14. 😥

  15. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    ET phone home?

    (runs away, bravely like Sir Robin)

    (“I NEVAH DID!!”)
    (run away, that is)

  16. cheesedog says:

    Sooo cute! Until he chomps you with rabies; or makes your garden/attic his toilet, and the poop aerosolizes and gets breathed in by the poor soul who decides to clean it up. Then =<a href="http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/eid/vol8no4/01-0273.htm&quot; little wormies hatch in the human body and migrate to the brain. YAY!

  17. This is quite possibly the only thing in the world that could make me like raccoons. *sniff* The needs of the many and all that…

  18. Not Penny’s Boat!

  19. awwwwww. when I was little – back in the 1960’s, a nearby farmer accidentally ran over a mama raccoon. So he took in the babies and we took one. We raised Rocky and I have fond memories of him sitting on the pool table and grabbing the balls as they dropped into the pockets.

  20. Star Trek 2! 2!!! Not 3! You doth offend my nerd sensibilities!

    [Yes! Yes! Fixed! – Ed.]

  21. Birdcage says:

    [hailing Coon] This is Admiral Birdcage. We tried it once your way, Coon, are you game for a rematch? Coon, I’m laughing at the “superior intellect”.

  22. danielie says:

    This is so cute it nearly made me cry. 😥

  23. @Lindie (comment #13) you are so lucky!!!
    @Anne: same for you! ^^

    I haven’t been raised to hate Racoons, so… *shrugs* I only see the Qte ;-p.
    Anyway: it’s so cuuuuuuuuuuute! “Well yahaah, you’re on Cute Overload!” Ha well, can’t help it, it screams inside of me :-D.

    *joins the fun and puts hand on screen* 😀

  24. Umpteen points to Meg for Star Trek humor! …..Remember…..

    Another umpteen points to Liza for Lost humor!

    High five paw to both of you!

  25. Yay! Ricky is internet famous!

    He actually showed up again today. Apparently he has put Monday down as his day to hang out at our work 🙂

  26. Look at the ones that are real angels.

  27. Walking E says:

    That’s Star Trek II, not III. [True enough. Fixed. – Ed.] Glad to see I’m not the only one who gets broken up during this scene (despite my best attempts at imitating a Vulcan and remaining stoic). 😉

  28. CatViccer says:

    @Liza – LOSTie!!

  29. Were I to invoke logic, however, logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

  30. Logic? Feh.

  31. victoreia says:

    I’m rather embarrassed….I didn’t even see the mistake in film numbering. (Of course, my brain knew what it was, so maybe my eye just ignored the extra “I”……)

  32. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    reminds me of this funny commercial that I LMAO at EVERY time 🙂

  33. omg! That is soooo funny and cute!

  34. Tivaleela says:

    Maybe he was going for a fist bump but wasn’t sure how that worked..He is cute but I see them and recall that my mom’s bagel “bassett plus beagle” named Elvis died from complications from coonhound paralysis. The vet said the raccoon’s saliva had something to do with it and may have been drinking out of the doggie bowls bc Elvis wasn’t bitten. Rest in Peace, Elvis dog who called Arkansas home..

  35. Totally awwwww moment!

  36. Awwww. My family calls this the mind meld. The raccoons will look at you through the window and their eyes get really soft and sorrowful and we say, “Look away! Look away!” It’s bad to feed them but they can break you! My dad would go outside and “accidentally drop” some sunflower seeds.

  37. Ha! Ha! @Liza I finally got the Lost reference and what’s really sad is, I JUST FINISHED WATCHING THAT EPISODE before I came to check out the cute!! That was awesome funniness there with the raccoon and the hand and the window…..

  38. Birdcage…I have a feeling that may have been an armidillo????? Coons will usually only start digging around if there is food put out.

    I LOVE raccoons. I back up to woods and the mama’s always bring their babies thru my yard. LOVE IT! I have had similar encounters but mine was double pawed/handed. We placed BOTH our hands against each others. I think they are adorable, and no…they aren’t all rabie infested. I remember looking up in my tree once and was confused for one millisecond…wondering why that raccoon was holding a kitten. I quickly realized it was her BABY!!!! 🙂 [heart melts]

  39. I am ded from the QTE and the AWWW.

  40. Trez4400 says:

    I loooooove Rocky Racoons! I know they are rodents and all but their widdle faces are so cute!

  41. Hon Glad says:

    Female “Live long and prosper”
    Racoon “Whatever, just give us the food, lady”

  42. andi in NC says:

    @victoreia – you just had to bring up the bagpipes, didn’t you ??! Now I’m a puddle of Trek nostalgia goo…

  43. I wish we had racoons in Scotland, they are just so cute. North Americans – Are they soft? What sort of noise do they make? I imagine a sort of snuffling sound like badgers, punctuated by the occasional ‘Que’…

  44. Birdcage says:

    @ KK3: I live in Canada, so there aren’t a lot of armidillos running around!!!! Though your post gave me a chuckle and an amusing image of armidillos in little red RCMP uniforms strolling through my neighbourhood at night. In my neck of the woods, raccoons and skunks will roll back large sections of sod on our lawns to get at the grubs of certain insects that are hatching beneath the surface during the spring. They kill the grass in the process and leave a big mess – you have to get up at the crack of dawn to go roll your sod back into place if you want to save your lawn. We have a huge raccoon population here and it’s illegal to trap / relocate / kill them in urban areas, so it’s not unusual to see several every night (especially on nights when neighbours have their garbage at the curbside for pick up). Cute yes; pesky lawn destroyers too.

  45. Awwwww! I wouldn’t be able to resist – until I picked him up and he scratched my face off!

  46. Hon Glad says:

    As I am sure most Trekie fans know, Scotty was played by a Canadian, with the most
    APPALLING Scots accent. I am half Scots on my Mothers side.

  47. The look on that raccoon’s face is so sweet! He’s all like, “You lets me in?” Pwease?”

  48. Ishi they make chattering noises much like a squirrel and they growl like a dog.. and their coat is more rough than soft but they aren’t going to let you touch them ususally. But they are very cute unless they are digging up your lawn or trashing your garbage cans or stealing your food when you are camping. They are very very clever.

  49. starling says:

    @ Ishi The occasional “que”? Are they from Barcelona?

  50. Maybe should add ‘cute or sad?’ tag… the cooners face is prosh but I am SO distracted by how filthy the windowsill is! I long for the pristine cleanliness of Maru’s house.

  51. Wutta aminolol: Totally Qte and Totally Naughty; a true contradiction in terms 🙄
    (Hmmm: upon reconsideration Totally Qte and Somewhat Naughty:
    he’s just being himself & true to his nature……!)

  52. HAH!! Excellent Trek reference, Meg!!

  53. There can *never* be too many Khaaaaaan! jokes. Anywhere. Everz.

    Also: http://www.flickr.com/photos/squidnews/3200285750/

  54. Sugiebear says:

    This is the most adorable and touching photos I have seen in a very long time. SNIFFLE!!!! It somehow shows that despite the fact that we are a different species, we both understand love.

  55. Cooooooooonnnnn!

  56. JohnnieCanuck says:

    @54 Yup, that’s love all right. Cupboard love.

    I’ve had them sublet the attic or the crawl space under various houses I’ve lived in several times, now. They have quite a range of vocalisations, from chirrups and chirrs, all the way to screams during a domestic violence incident. I suppose it might have been a home invasion, but more likely just a family misunderstanding of some kind.

    One once woke us up after it got stuck halfway through the rocks that had been piled up in front of the water shut-off access in the crawl space. Couldn’t get any traction with its paws because its belly was holding it off the ground. Funny to see gray pantaloons with striped tail and black paws waving in the air.

    Extraction involved judicious pulling and then stepping back just before it could free its head.

  57. Ishi, raccoon fur is relatively soft. They don’t make cute sounds at all; raccoon vocalizations are raspy and alarming. But they’re bright and curious, if not a tad destructive in their endless search for food.

  58. Best Picture on here today! I love Coons. I live in downtown Toronto and they are everywhere. For those of you who hate them, tough cookies, they were here first. YOU are the visitor.

  59. Birdcage says:

    It’s not entirely true that they were here first and we are the visitors, though as a concerned wildlife conservationist, I still take your point to heart, Marcy: we owe these animals some measure of respect. But the sad reality is that urbanization of certain areas by humans creates artificial environments in which various kinds of wildlife thrive. Cities (like Toronto) are ripe with unnnatural food sources (like garbage) and unnatural den locations (like attics, garages, chimneys) for our local population of raccoons. What we create is an environment that attracts wildlife away from its usual territories, and allows for huge population explosions that greatly exceed normal (or historical) expectations. If you were to read the accounts of settlers and early pioneers in southern Ontario, you’d rarely come across a reference to raccoons.

  60. Debbieln60 says:

    The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, or one.
    (his ears are not quite as pointy)

  61. makes me miss the racoon I rescued and set free in the National Forrest in WA State. 😥

  62. Oh just come inside and snuggle with Mama!!

    Their fur is a little rough, like a Husky perhaps. And outercoat to keep the rain/snow off and and under coat to help them stay warm.

  63. Paunchie says:


  64. My mind to your mind…our minds are merging…our minds are one.

  65. I guess I mean more ‘Kweh’ like a chocobo, in my head it is the default cute noise for curious animals…. *cocked head* ‘Kweh?’

  66. Rusticular says:

    mmm, nice hat

  67. LadyDarya says:

    The other night I went to get the bowl of outdoor kitty food from right in front of my door only it wasn’t there….looked to the right and started to snicker…racoon looking at me with horror in its eyes holding the bowl with both little hands….looks at me looks at bowl and releases bowl and backs away….since this is probably the same one that stole my bird feeder I hope that he got scared enough to stay away…but probably not…