Happy Trails

Happy Trails Dear Theo, until we meet again!

All our love! Video suggestion by the ever-thoughtful Nicole K.



  1. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    …..um…..assuming that Miss Piggy is an….(ahem) APPROVED FOT?

    (aka Mrs. Theo does NOT have small fuzzy
    pink pointy ears or a high, shrill shouting voice? What about the jewelry??? )


    (PS: FOT….as in FOB….”Friend of Theo”)

  2. Thanks a million for posting this, Meg. 🙂

  3. Way out west there was this fella… fella I wanna tell ya about. Fella by the name of Jeff Lebowski. At least that was the handle his loving parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. Mr. Lebowski, he called himself “The Dude”.

  4. Bookworm says:

    Fair winds and following seas, Theo. Stay safe, and thank you so, so much for making this brave choice. Hoo-ah!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    I wish you all the best, Theo. 🙂

  6. Andi from NC says:

    *hug* *sniff* Stay safe and please keep in touch with your CO fans!

  7. Madame X says:

    Thank you, Theo, for the laughs and thoughtful (and snarky, and geeky, and mischievous, but always brilliant) eds you’ve given cuteologists and cuteoverloaders the world over, and the service you will now give to our Nation. Happy trails indeed, until we meet again.

    May the Force be with you.

  8. Theo, please do us all a favor and stay deep inside the pentagon bowels or way-y-y-y behind the front!

    Stay safe please!!

    *fighting sniffs*

  9. mervtheflamingo says:

    Bye Theo! Thanks for all of the brilliant commentary! Good luck on the new job! You will be missed!

  10. *Snif* End of an era…. But beginning of a whole new adventure for Theo!

    Thanks for being there for us, dude. Anytime you need us, we gotch’ur back. We’ll miss you, until we see you again here as an ordinary mortal (i.e. not Ed).

    And to whoever will be the new Ed — you’ve got some big shoes to fill.


  11. Happy Trails indeed, Theo. It’s been a real pleasure knowing you and I wish you only the best in the years ahead. Our loss is the country’s gain and you will be missed more than you know.

  12. 2600akley says:

    Kermit me to say, it’s not easy being bleen.

    This pun’s for you, Theo. Wishing you safe (and snarky) travels.

  13. Lovingly bye bye, Theo!
    Nice video, too.

  14. Au revoir, Theo… Please stay safe, and keep in touch with us. We’ll all be thinking of you!

  15. Y’know, Theo *does* have a really convincing Kermit voice. Coincidence?

  16. Safe travels, Teho. We will miss you.

  17. We’ll be looking forward to hearing of your safe return home. In the meantime, thank you so much for brightening our lives and now, for helping to protect them. God Bless!

  18. Teho and Jaye – Blessings to you and teh fambily! We will Miss Teho!
    Jaye – Where will you be posting updates for us? As much as I’d like to, I can’t read ALL the wonderful comments here, but I don’t want to miss anything important, you know… 😦

  19. LOL @ Jaye.

    and Happy trails Theo. Thanks for your service in the Military of course, but especially for your cuteoverload tour of duty.. Good thing I came on here before I went to work.. Wahhhh! Sniff! yOU WILL BE MISSED

  20. Hon Glad says:

    We’ll bleen again, don’t know where don’t know when
    But I know we’ll bleen again some sunny day.
    Keep snarking through, just like you always do
    till the marmies drive the dark clouds far away.

    Bin Laden and Hadmedinneryet, might as well pack up and go to the
    “I coulda ruled the world” Retirement home for the delusional and Bewildered.

    Thanks a million Theo.
    From David the alter ego of Hon Glad

  21. Dawnieangel76 says:

    We’ll miss you, Theo. It’s sad we can’t keep your amazing intelligence to ourselves, but the world can use you more than we can.

    Thanks for going to do what you’ll do, and we’ll be waiting with open arms when you return to us. Godspeed!

  22. Evangeline's Upstairs Maid says:

    Yes, Theo – what THEY said! I’m one of those who will miss you but will carry you proudly in my heart. I DO hope you can keep in touch with your many friends here….

  23. Hon Glad says:

    “and so it is written, that a darkness decended across the face of the Cute.
    there was wailing and a gnashing of teeth, garments were rent assunder.
    Happiness could not smite the gloom for that day.”

  24. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    hey there Hon Glad: I almost can’t bear to ask the nature of your comments to get SUPREME MODERATION by the Cuteness Forces???

    I”VE NEVER seen anything from you that even COULD be misunderstood to the negative.


    “Eeez a Puzzlemet”

    (Bonus Platinum BLINGY computer Mouse, to first person,
    who knows which actor in which film said that line)

    PS: JK about the Platinum Blingy Mouse, ‘course….
    (wicked, mischevious *snerk*)

  25. Hon Glad says:

    O NO,
    Hey there you with the tears in your eyes
    Theo will soon return to us
    With snarkiness whoots and surprise.

  26. Yul Brynner, “The King and I”

  27. LOL @Jaye – Kermit always was my favorite – must be why we all love Teho so much. He will be greatly missed. keep yourself safe Teho and keep in touch

  28. Heather and the Boston Terriers says:

    Godspeed, Theo.

    All the best to you and your family. We’ll miss you. Thanks for your contributions to CO.
    **sadness all around**
    Heather and BTs Tess & Harpo

  29. Marianne in GA says:

    What is this!??!!! I’m away for a few days, and come back to find out that Teho is LEAVING US???!!! He’ll be in the Army now!?! That’s just terrible for us, but good for you (hopefully) and the Army (definitely.)
    Maybe they will let you continue to edit Qte, once the FBI and the CIA investigate all of us Overload terrorists & give us Top Secret Clearance. We really are rather harmless, I think.
    My dad was one of the first few CSMs in the Army, & he often said that it could use all the intelligence it could get. I’m sure you will be a fine asset in your new job, Theo. Be careful, keep your head down, and make sure you get boots that fit properly.
    “Git along, Ole Paint, I’m a’leavin’ CO” Good Luck, Theo!

  30. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    (sigh of a Martyr. An ex-Catholic Martyr.
    I’m a Professional, ya know)

    — in my Comment # 24– SHOULD HAVE READ

    “Eeeeeez a Puzzlement”.

    (Professional non-multitasker, but a Professional, nonetheless )

    Peace Out & all that 😉

  31. Oh,m for crying out loud people, he has all of our e-mails! (snark)

    Theo, we hardly knew ye.

    I bet the computers are really different- different keyboards, different codes, different, oh, I don’t know, colors, maybe… but with “OUR” Theo aboard, well I for on welcome our new Overloards! BLEEN– there I said it HAha I said it BLEEN with a side dish of butterscotch and rum pudding! with a smiley-face I can’t remember how to type in!!!1!!! HA!

    I’ll go a very long way not to show my tears….I’ve grown t’ luv ya, ya mutt…

  32. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    AND JUNO (theo- retically. See what I did there? 😉 ) WINS OUR TOP-QUALITY,
    PREMIUM Platinum Blingy-computer mouse!!!!

    (JK unfortunately it was a tricky promotion. But if Used Car Salespersons can do it……………..)

    Anyway, THANKS JUNO for playing “What’s my Motion Picture” today !!!

  33. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ Hon Glad: very NICE!!

    But I’m gonna press my luck. So far, they haven’t put any of my bleening comments on Moderation (yet???) I hope it’s just the computers moderating just now, cuz otherwise they’re gonna never let me on here again due to the length of my fun? today….We shall see. Last thing from me on this thread, today I Promise.

    (Headed to a Confession Booth)

    I gotcher “hey there!”,, RIGHT HERE!!! (BAM)

    Hey There
    Words and Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross from the Broadway musical ´Pajama Game´
    Peak Position: #1 Year: 54

    [words in brackets are SPOKEN]

    Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes
    Love never made a fool of you, you used to be too wise
    Hey there, you on that high-flyin´ cloud
    Though he won´t throw a crumb to you, you think some day he´ll come to you

    Better forget him, him with his nose in the air
    He has you dancin´ on a string, break it and he won´t care

    Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes [Are you talking to me?]
    Love never made a fool of you [Not until now]
    You used to be too wise [Yes, I was once]

    Will you take this advice I hand you like a mother
    Or am I not seein´ things too clear
    Are you just too far gone to hear
    Is it all goin´ in one ear and out the other

  34. gloom raider says:

    Love the video! Bye, Theo! We’ll miss you…

  35. Happy tails… er, I mean trails to you Theo! Please take good care and stay safe! Teh Qte will be with you. Always.

  36. holligans says:

    Wailing and gnashing of teefs, indeed
    *gnash, gnash*
    Take care, thank you for your good work here (and greater works in the future)
    Cheers to you, Theo!

  37. Our loss is the Army’s gain – I hope they appreciate you!!

    Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

  38. I gotta get offline & go for a run now, but I’ll check in after, promise! Love y’all. 🙂

  39. Martha in Washington says:

    @Jaye–as the wife of a Sailor and mother of a Marine, I say Hang Tough, don’t forget to enjoy all the benefits, memorize your ombudsman’s phone number and never forget–You Are Not Alone!

    @Theo–Don’t worry about your family–the other military families will take good care of yours while you are busy!

  40. O/NO-I don’t comment much but have had two posts “moderated”, they never were shown/posted. One was in agreement with another poster’s comment who subsequently was removed.

    No nasty words were involved, just my opinion where I thought the photo’s were inappropriate to post. Garnering laughter and foolish comments at some poor animals expense apparently took precedence over the subject matter’s situation.

  41. ihatemondays says:

    *sniff* So long, Teho! Thanks for every laugh and smile. It’s going to be quiet without you around. Stay safe out there! *hug*

  42. Hon Glad says:

    So Theo goes running, that’s how he stays slim. I guess I could, erm, wear are my
    trainers. Nah, my high blood pressure, bunion and general lack of interest in anything sporty, won’t allow it.
    Theo, you know the guy that first advocated jogging, kicked the bucket early?

  43. Theo, et famille, we LOVE YOU SO MOSCHE!!!

    For You, a Very Special WTF: A little girl being chased by a vicious gang of baby raccoons, while her mother listens to Bad Company (cheesy 70s rock anybody?)

  44. fly'n bye says:

    Bye bye for now Teho. God bless and stay safe. See ya on the flip side (happy side, when you return)!

  45. Hon Glad says:

    Katrina, Dolphin versus boy.
    “That’s for the cheap tuna, ya bum”.

  46. fly'n bye says:

    @Theresa: BONUS video for Teho! What a riot!

  47. so long, fare well, alvedersein, good bye…*do-dodle-do-do-dodododo, do-dodle-do-do-do*

    Theo, I will personally miss the snarky comments from Ed. I know you’ll be around as one of us regular denizens, but still *sniff*…

    And was I the only one who spent the whole video trying to figure out how the muppiteer managed to make Miss Piggy talk while on the back of a live, moving horse?

  48. I’ve decided to refuse to believe Theo is “Leaving”. (stomping my foot)
    That would mean he’s never going to post here again.
    I prefer to believe he’s going away on very important business for a while (sniff sniff)
    and will be back when it’s possible! (YEA!!!)
    ( I’m in my own little fantasy world here, PLEASE don’t inflict reality into it. I’ve never known C.O. without Theo)

  49. @ Corianne, that is so funny–no, you were not the only one! Last night, when I was hunting for the perfect Muppety Sendoff Video for Theo, I found this one and watched it about a dozen times looking for the puppeteer before I sent it in to Meg. At one point, I thought I saw a head, but then realized that it was just the other horse’s tail! LOL. I personally love how sincere John Denver is while he sings to Miss Piggy…

    Theo, after this past week, I’d say it’s a safe bet that no man or woman in the History of Time has ever been sent off to the military in such a cute-fluffy-pygmy-goat-marmoset-bunny-marmalade-kitty-full manner!! Hope this keeps you cheery during the next few weeks of training.

    Smooch, Nikki and Pallina

  50. @Nikki – I too was wondering how John Denver kept a straight face while doing that.

  51. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Good fortune and success in all you do, Theo. It’s been great to work with you, and I’m confident that the Army will see it the same way.


  52. Stay safe, Theo! *wibble*

  53. A song for you

  54. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ mudbug:

    Did you know, that De Nile is a river in Egypt????

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww….Just Kidding. here. (pat. pat. on your shoulder)

    There there, lil’ un……

  55. And now, we will all be on alert for Teho fly-bys after which we will all yell YAY!

    @Theresa, that video is freakin’ funneh!!

    Reminds me of a post here long ago, where there’s little girls outside playing ~ caption read Dad come outside and look at all the kittys!!~ and the kitties were actually not kitties at all, but adorable widdle skunkies!!

    Can we get Mrs. Schmoop as a part-time moderator???

    Well Theo, you’re on your way to a great new adventure. I hope you learn a lot, and make some friends too. Onwards and Upwards! Good luck. We’ll miss yez of course.

    [“Mrs. Schmoop” says she already has a full-time job, but thanks. 😉 – Ed.]

  56. good old whatshername says:

    On the day of Theo’s departure, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. And if you have no teeth, some will be provided for you. 😉

    [ 😆 😀 – Ed.]

  57. My contribution to the cheesy 70s rock

    Actually it’s a kick a** song if you can get over the 70s fabulousness of it. Love the guy in the back whose job it is, apparently, to jump around flailing and clap his hands.

  58. CO moderator is a fine job but I already have a fulltime web gig. 🙂 I will pop in with Theo news when I can though. And after boot camp he’ll be communicado again himself.

  59. Corianne-the horse is hollow.

  60. YAY!

  61. So I had a good run, hosed off, and went for a walk with me Schmoop (see above) and Sophie the Very Good Dog. We grabbed some fast food and had a picnic in a nearby park. Sophie had a small burger (no onion) and ate it very politely. She may have also had some bits of my chicken.

    If y’all really want to follow along with my Army updates & stuff, and you have a FaceBook account, I’m on FaceBook too, now. Just search for “Theodore Earl Durbin”.

    Do bear a few things in mind, though: 1) I won’t have much time to post updates myself, and I won’t have ANY time online during Basic (9 weeks plus). 2) I’ll be in Military Intelligence (insert every last contradiction-in-terms joke here) so there will be things I won’t talk about, even when I can, of course. And 3) The Army is emphatically NOT Cute Overload, so let’s be honest, most of y’all just plain won’t be interested. This is perfectly fine & understandable.

    All that being said: My mailing address will be in FaceBook, as soon as I know it & can post it. No packages, but letters will be good. (Yep, good old-fashioned snail mail, on paper, with envelopes & stamps.) 🙂

    Cheers, y’all!

  62. @ Pauchie thanks I gave myself an earworm with the song I posted LOL I have been whislting it incessantly all morning since I found it

    so now I have yours as an earworm.. Bring on the cheesy 70’s music. LOL

  63. Well, KittyAdventures and Paunchie, if we’re talking cheesy rock, then all I have to say is “I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell…”

  64. Oops! Would have been much more effective if I had included the link to the video! Here’s a link to that redonk and classic skit:


  65. Theo, al this time we thought it was your name, when your really T.E.D.

    [Clever parents, eh? 🙄 – Ed.]

  66. Bugger ,all this time. Are saucy seaside post cards allowed, ala Donald McGill.

  67. @Theo – nope, not too much cute about the Army. Overload, OTOH, they can do.

  68. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Elvis has left the building. Or maybe it was Johnny Cash? Or Joaquin Phoenix doing Johnny Cash? Anyway, let the unmoderated puddin’ fights commmence!!!!!!!! WOO HOO !!!!!!! The cat is away and the kittehs shall play!!!!

  69. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ Birdcage:


    2: “Thanye. Thanyeverrmuch”

    Not that Elvis, OR the other Elvis !! Not Mike, Either!!!

    PS: “Hi. I’m Larry. This is my brudder Darryl. And this is, my OTHER brudder Darryl”.

  70. caligirl says:

    Good luck Teho! Stay strong in Basic! HOOAH!

  71. Hon Glad says:

    O NO, First frist firstly bleen bleenicity Bleener.

  72. Evil Roy Slade says:

    I have dreams of Miss Piggy on the bbq. Never could stand “her”

    [You know she’s made of foam rubber, right? – Ed.]

  73. PS, Theo, before you ride off into the sunset, do you have a link to explain how you do all of your fancy schmancy emoticons?

    [It’s all in the WordPress Codex… but here’s a shortcut. 😉 – Ed.]

  74. Farewell, Theo! (Literally!) Best wishes in your new adventure.

  75. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ Nikki: I think that the code for the Emoticons (which originate? maybe? in WordPress)….MIGHT be shown somewhere up in the CO Glossary at the headline of every CO screen– instead of clicking on the word “HOME” click on the word Glossary

    I HOPE I”m remembering correctly seeing the whole set of codes maybe under the term “WordPress” or “Emoticons” in the Glossary. It’s been a long time since I saw the spot in the Glossary tho……

    Good Luck

    [I never had to put all of that into the Glossary, because it was already in the Codex. 🙂 (link above) – Ed.]

  76. victoreia says:

    Good luck, Theo! (And, what they said!)

    *sniff* [heading back to the Snickering Sniffling lounge]

  77. Lerrinus says:

    *sniffle* I know we otter be happy but…!
    Aw, heck, here’s one for the road: (everyone’s fave)

    *heads over to Sniffling Lounge to cry into a beer or three*

  78. @O NO (he/she/or it) DI’UNT!!!!! you are bringing a shrill crazy vibe. Please go back to your old user name and calm down. I almost never post but I have been reading this blog since like 2007ish and you are getting crazy for real.

    [Lurk more. In fact, drop the “almost” and we’re good. – Ed.]

  79. Thanks Theo!! 🙂 Dismissed Soldier!! 😆

    Safe travels Srsly.

  80. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Bye, Theo. :,(

    Good ridda..I mean luck!!

    [ 😛 😉 – Ed.]

  81. @Micsix, if you’ve been posting since 2007, you know we have a kind of take each other as they come vibe here. Leslie’s not hurting anybody. Chill.

  82. @ O No….: Not only do I know it’s a river, I bought my first piece of property on the banks when I turned 30 & have been buying more every 10 years since ! (snerk)

  83. Hon Glad says:

    Now, Now girls, Marchioness of Queensbury rules “No punching below the handbag”.

  84. bookmonstercats says:

    Bye again, Theo, and Godspeed.

  85. Miss Tara says:

    Be safe, Theo, and thank you for all the joy you’ve given us!

    [ 🙂 – Ed.]

  86. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    um wow er

    (thanks, Theresa. that helped some)

    @ micsix:

    1) Who asked for your approval?
    2) This is NOT MY website and the moderators can remove any comment they think inappropriate, even yours whose ONLY intent was to make me feel like pondscum. Thanks. I felt like that for 40 years until a therapist told me I WAS a decent human. I was JUST beginning to think I might be not pond scum the past 4 years or so. thanks for your useful feedback.

    3) if you’ve been reading for since 2007, you’ve NO DOUBT noticed that there are about six regulars who direct fun punchlines TO ME and who seem to enjoy my CRAZY SHRILL VIBE (gee THAT was surely objective & constructive wording you chose)….several of whom requested specifically whether they could have my email address and I’ve done so.

    You MIGHT not represent as many people as you think you do.
    So thanks for crapping on my cheerios unnecessarily. Off I go to the therapist.
    Wanna pay for it? I”M ON A FULL DISABILITY CONFIRMED BY FEDERAL/ state govt.

    What’s YOUR excuse for making me feel the worst I’ve felt in 3 years?

    maybe YOU need anger mgmt and hostility counseling, ya think?
    The site is CALLED CUTE overload not


    [Eeeasy there. The internet is full of trolls. Don’t feed ’em. – Ed.]

  87. cellarmouse says:

    oh dear … ON(HSOI)D’!!!! …is a fave of mine … reminds me of the aflac duck … makes me smile

    this going-away party has got too many tears in its beers
    its time to raise some suds to laghter and to cheers
    to memories old and futures gold
    to army warriors brave and bold
    to our companion Theo –
    a hero for reoh (that’s “real” so it rhymes with Theo)

  88. Bye Theo: Good luck and stay well; you are in our hearts always……….! 😥

  89. Mr. Teho,
    I thank you for your wonderful contributions to CuteOverload and making me smile and LOL everyday. I pray for your safe travels and return. I hope you can remember the fun and great times you’ve shared here when you need a pick-me-up!

    You will be missed. Take good care of yourself as we carry on your great work!

  90. 😳 Doan know haow CC got added to CKK……???
    Mebbe snuck in there on its own…….. 😯

  91. Till we Bleen again… Bye Teho take care… see you on the flip side
    and of course
    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    The rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

  92. at Leslie no worries… we loves you!

  93. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ kittya: THANKS. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s told me in quite awhile.
    Appreciate your encouragement. Hope that YOU”re having
    a “Ruby Tuesday”!!


  94. 😉 Yep it is a beautiful rainy day here in The middle of California.

    I hope you too are having a tiiptop day!
    andhmmm We need to make a marching song for Teho

  95. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    oooo oooooo KA — “I KNOW; I KNOW!!!!

    hang on — DO I HAVE THAT ONE. Lemme grab it from another site…BRB, K?

  96. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    ….evidently there are two items whose lyrics are nearly identical but 2 different stories/ singers….ANYWAY here’s the item I had in mind for Theo’s Army Marching Song:

    Original Lyrics:

    Walk right in, sit right down.
    Daddy let your hair hang down …… (etc., etc.)

  97. Hon Glad says:

    ONO, I may not have requested your email address but I heart you. {l}Mwah

  98. Hon Glad says:

    I know one but it’s rude so here come the asterisks

    Did you ever catch your Bo**ocks in a mouse trap
    in a mouse trap, cause it hurts

    It’s to a Souza march

  99. *** ZOOM ***

  100. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    @ HonGlad:

    Thanks & MWAH rightbackatcha!!

    (kicks dirt cloud with toe to hide embarrassment)
    (but secretly grinnin’ like a fox. A Fennec Fox, ‘course!!)

  101. lady jilian says:

    Dear Teho, thank you for all the hilarity you’ve brought to us. Wishing you can keep your wonderful sense of the absurd while you are serving us in your new position. I’m sure you will find lots of absurdity in the military… You will be missed so much. Good luck and take care.
    p.s. I actually sobbed when I read you were leaving 😦 So sad!

  102. BStrange says:

    “Theo: *** ZOOM ***”

    Words fail me. 😦 So:


  103. Catsquatch says:






  104. See ya, Theo. Maybe you can come by and visit us once in awhile?

  105. Hon Glad says:

    Theo- I saw you did as promised 🙂