“Holy Beejebus, Aunt Edna’s Scary!”

All it took was a little humidity and Aunt Edna transformed into an unrecognizable beast – one that poor little Sally would never forget.

Why so mysterious, Anonymous?



  1. Luv that kitten’s expression!!!!

  2. O.O

  3. Poor bebeh kitteh is having a hissy fit!

  4. AH hahhh hhaaaa hhaaaaaah ha. I do believe everyone has experienced a relative like this. Good one, Prongs.

  5. lexipuppymommy says:

    It seems that the kitty had a hair raising experience!

  6. LOL! poor wittle kitteh, he doesn’t know what to make of “the other white pet”. he he.

  7. they look like they both got put on tumble dry low. 😦

    no bounce sheet either from the way the key-key looks. my sweater does that when i dry it, we don’t use fabric softener because it interferes with our smartwool and capilene.

    the key-key says: “reewrrrrrr pfft pfftttt!”

  8. Laughing and crying @ the hovertext because it is OH so true. (crying because I was forced to be a constant example of this growing up…Mom & Grandma thought it was “cute” 🙄 )

  9. victoreia says:

    @Metz: you poor child! {{hug}}

    Didn’t think I’d ever see that particular expression on a kitteh! They usually so unflappable…..so inscrutable…….

  10. victoreia says:

    They are! They are! (Stupid fingers getting ahead of the brain again!)

  11. nelladarren says:

    Best Firefly re-enactment EVER!

  12. This is pretty much what happens to my hair in humidity. *sigh*

  13. Wow. “Le Roi Soleil,” aka my nephew (yes, QoD, the one who doesn’t want me to sing about broccoli) is coming up this weekend. I hope I don’t look like this to him, although I probably do. 😆

  14. That’s pretty much the reaction I got at school after my mom decided to perm my hair with a home kit…and just before the school photo too!

  15. A hair don’t indeed.

  16. I love the “WTF” expression on the kitteh’s face!

  17. workinggal says:

    @nelladarren: Thank you for the Firefly reference! It made my day! 🙂

  18. I keep looking at kitty’s feet. We ain’t going to be petit.

  19. And now they’re probably best friends! 🙂

  20. BStrange says:

    Horrified kitty is horrified. I can’t tell if that expression is about to lead to sidewise archboings, or a dead faint, but Prongs nailed it. That is a cat with a shiny new mental scar!

  21. Theresa-that is the all time best nick name ever!

  22. Ummmm, am I missing something? Where’s the rack for the Cats ‘n Racks tag? They are matchings, though — in color at least!

    [Good question. I think the (oh-so-scary) rack is implied. – Ed.]

  23. “Is that you, mommy?” 😯

  24. bookmonstercats says:

    My sympathies lie with Aunt Edna. I don’t need a perm to look like that, just humidity…. or too dry…. or just anything , really (but not white, yet anyway).

    Kitteh has big feets.

  25. Hon Glad says:

    Well if you will use an old packet of ‘Toni’ wave treatment you found in the back
    of a cupboard, what do you expect!

  26. Sidewise-archboings! That made my day because that’s exactly what kitteh would do! Archboings!b nh gvg hn(head on keyboard)

  27. LindsayDear says:

    @ BStrange:
    “sidewise archboings” Bahahaha!!!!

  28. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    All kitty knows is that is definitely not his momma. What a scaredy cat. And the dog is all “what’d I do?”

  29. Bstrange: Sidewise archboings! AKA “The Kitty Haka”!

    AKA How Conan Enters a Room:

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    If I didn’t wear my hair in dreadlocks, it would most certainly look quite like Aunt Edna’s after every single shower…except dark brown instead of white. And not so much covering my eyes as I’ll bet Aunt Edna’s hair/fur probably does. (Although, my hair covering my eyes might be a good idea as this way, nobody would be able to see me). 🙂

  31. BStrange says:

    Archboings. *nodnodnodnod* 😀 Of which Conan is a master; that, and the one of him swarming up his owner, are two of my favorite kittenvids ever.

    QoD, you reminded me: I knew someone with a mane-over-the-eyes Lhasa mix, Ernie, and she’d play “where’d you go?” with the hair that hung over his eyes. Fur down, “I can’t see youuu, where’s Ernie?” (Baroo, baroo? You’re right there, lady.) Fur up, “There’s Ernie! Hi Ernie!” (Um yeah, still right here, baroo?) Eventually Ernie figured out the game; when he’d get caught with contraband he’d stick just his head behind the nearest opaque object to “hide”. And then peek to see if he was still in trouble. 😆

  32. BStrange says:

    Theresa: I had to go look up Haka. I sat here after reading, listing various versions of Animal Haka: Kitten Haka, Chicken Haka (aka the Rooster Shuffle), Doggie Haka (aka OMG You’re Home You’re Home, There’s Interesting Stuff Outside, We Go Walkies Now, I See Treats, etc etc…), Baby Goat Haka (complete with strange head movements and rolling eyes), Horse Haka (aka The Baby Mini Pony Hopskitter), even Guinea Pig Haka (Hop Hop Show Eyewhites Quiver Ears Sidehop and SQUEEAK)…. I now have a baaaad case of the giggles, thank you! 😆

  33. The descriptions make me laugh!

  34. GIGGLE 😆 That little white kitty looks like he/she does not know which way to jump 😆

  35. Poor kitty 🙂